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The Case of Gabriela Jiminez. Is this MKULTRA?

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 08:02 PM
First Id like to say that I completely believe that mind control is possible, and rampant in our society in many different ways. From subliminal messages, to music, and even cartoons for younger children.

This is the case Of Gabriela Rico Jimenez. I am going to place a video in this thread that may have some misinformation, not due to what she is saying, but due to who is translating for her at the time. I will post the translation after the video, that is available. And please if anyone can possibly provide a better one, please let me know.

Here is the video.
illuminati Mind Control Victim Gabriela Rico Jimenez Breaks Free (English Subs) translation

Now, though I am aware that there are alot of people out there that think that this woman is crazy, I think otherwise. She is obviously in pain, and wanting someone, anyone to listen to her.

She has mentioned certain names of higher ups in the video, including Queen Elizabeth II and Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim-

Carlos Slim (born January 28, 1940), is a Mexican businessman and the chairman and CEO of Telmex, Telcel and América Móvil [3]. As of April 2010, he is the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of around US$60.6 billion.[4][5] His sons Carlos, Marco Antonio and Patrick Slim Domit run the day-to-day operations of Telmex, Telcel, and América Móvil.

Prince Philip
Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, founder of the World Wildlife Fund.

“Cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation.”
Accuracy in Media.(AIM).

Below is the best translation i can find......the girl is genuinely upset. shes also pretty enough to get to be somewhere to see something she shouldn't. i wish i could understand what she was saying.

Gabriela Rico Jimenez, twenty-one years, lashed out at staff at a luxury hotel in Monterrey, and accuses the Queen of England to practice cannibalism.

It also denounces the murder of a scream that Murillo (seems to be a leader Antinarco who died in a plane crash in Mexico City where she landed five minutes missing).

The girl, who seemed in shock, shouting that she want her freedom and insists on asserting that they ate humans, referring repeatedly to the Queen Elizabeth II of England, among others.

Although the news has been called a crazy and distorted information, it behaves as if it had witnessed something difficult to digest, and hence its status nervous and deeply upset.

Its very rare, that someone would have the guts to speak out against such things, as you can see as she is yelling, people are laughing at her.

This is very real, and very scary. Now a days we can see that almost everything around us is manipulated, and there are some that cannot find a way out, or anyone to help them.

I wanted to share her story, whether you believe her or not is up to you. We cannot keep pushing everyone away, assuming that the things we do not dream are possible cannot happen or are not happening.

I chose her story as it is not as main stream a story as many that have come forward with their stories or documentaries of what they experienced in the hands (or handlers) that control many aspects of their lives, and have broken free (in a sense).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please if you think that this is false search MKULTRA. Its out there , people and children are being taken, and being controlled everyday.

Peace, NRE.


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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 08:24 PM
I would also like to post other pieces of information concerning this method, and their madness.

Here is a quote that will give you the overall on this subject linked to the website.

Mind Control
The Ultimate Terror
The topic of mind control is elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered. For the casual reader, it can quickly become numbing, overwhelming the senses and creating a desire to exit the topic, but avoiding this subject is the most foolish thing you could possibly do since your only chance of surviving this hideous and insidious enslavement agenda, which today threatens virtually all of humanity, is to understand how it functions and take steps to reduce your vulnerability.

There are countless pieces of information available here, with lots of links of various others that have been controlled with the above mentioned methods.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 09:04 PM
I will continue to list as much information as possible, as to get as much of this info out there as I can. This information is no longer hidden, but it is not discussed nearly as much as it should. Please people, realize that this is something that will not go away, but will be perfected, and anyone can fall victim.

Here is some more info.

Mind Control News Stories.
Bio Weapons Spurned by Hitler Were Tested on Adventists
2007-01-31, Bloomberg News

The U.S. program, headquartered at Fort Detrick, Maryland, ... used human subjects, though many were volunteers. Most were Seventh-Day Adventists, who as conscientious objectors refused to bear arms. About 2,200 of them agreed to inhale various non-lethal agents that made them, as one expert says, "pig sick." The idea behind the experiment, the show says, was that a sick soldier in the field creates a much greater strain on an army than a dead one. The government also bombarded several U.S. cities with simulants -- non-infectious bacteria -- to assess how biological agents spread. Targets in that super-secret program included San Francisco, St. Louis and Minneapolis. The end to the U.S. development program may have been partly the result of a 1969 Utah incident in which an "errant cloud" of nerve gas was held responsible for killing some 6,000 sheep

Army Drops 'Psy Ops' Name For Influence Operations
2010-07-02, CBS News/Associated Press

The Army has dropped the Vietnam-era name "psychological operations" for its branch in charge of trying to change minds behind enemy lines, acknowledging the term can sound ominous. The Defense Department picked a more neutral moniker: "Military Information Support Operations," or MISO. Fort Bragg is home to the 4th Psychological Operations Group, the Army's only active duty psychological operations unit. Psychological operations soldiers are trained at the post. The change was driven from the top, by Pentagon policymakers working for Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

C.I.A. Data Show 14-Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior
1977-07-21, New York Times

The Central Intelligence Agency conducted a 14-year program to find ways to "control human behavior" through the use of chemical, biological and radiological material, according to agency documents made public today by John Marks. The documents ... suggested broader experimentation on unwitting humans by the intelligence agency or its paid researchers than had been publicly known before. Mr. Marks distributed 20 documents that described the following incidents, among others: In 1956, the C.I.A. contracted with a private physician to test "bulbocapnine," a drug that can cause stupor or induce a catatonic state, on monkeys and "convicts incarcerated at" an unnamed state penitentiary. A letter from an unnamed C.I.A. official in 1949 discussed ways of killing people without leaving a trace. "I believe that there are two chemical substances which would be most useful in that they would leave no characteristic pathological findings," the letter said.

If you would like lots and lots of info concerning this subject, and MSM discussing it, in both newspapers and the news please look here.

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 09:36 PM
When it comes to most of the stories concerning victims of mind control, and who is involved become very very hard to believe. The names, places, and techniques, seem to far fetched of a story to possibly be true.

I will begin to add some stories that may be harder to believe. I only ask that you read with an open mind. In no way can I convince anyone to believe any of these stories, as myself, sometimes find them hard to swallow.

But the information is out there, and we all know that sometimes when a story surfaces, that may have names and places, they are immediately attacked.

So with that said, here are some stories about mind control.

Here is a video about Cathy O'Brien, one of the first whistle blowers concerning this subject.
WARNING: May not be suitable for some, due to graphic information.
Mind Control, MKULTRA, Cathy O'Brien

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 09:52 PM
Wow, ... that is one intense video.

I don't really see the presence of mind control, but she is probably suffering from some kind of shock.

That stuff about the Queen of England, and disneyland, is supposedly what the cops asked her, when she went to the police station, .... trying to get a crazy reaction probably, ... so they could lock her up.

She must of worked in , or been part of, some type of Organization, in which Wealthy people take part in rituals, perhaps rape, and ultimately cannibalism. I'm thinking like the movie " Hostel". In fact what she's doing is very smart, .... she's getting her story out there to the media, in hopes the attention will prevent anyone from getting to her.

I dont think she's crazy, she already said she'd been to the police station to report this stuff, .... when they asked her those " crazy" questions then had her committed. Apparently it looks like she recognizes one of the cops too.

It appears something very sinister is going on among Mexico's Elite. I'm usually among the first to dismiss this kind of stuff, .... but something about this makes it seem very legit.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 10:14 PM
Thanks for the time posting this.

On a slightly more mundane (or is it?) level...

Have you noticed the behavior of kids that watch a lot of Disney channel stuff? Shows like

Suite Life of Zach and Cody?

My wife and I have banned Disney from the house (not hard for me...I was always a Warner Bro.'s cartoon guy :lol
when our daughter could hardly be spoken too without her being a smart ass. Her respect for us was showing signs of lessening. It was like someone had REPROGRAMED HER!

Took away Disney channel as well as similiar "programming" (think about that word) and we had our sweet, intelligent, respectful daughter back. Ours isnt the only case. We know other people that have done the same as we have.

We also know people that just dont give a crap and use the tube as a nanny. They figure if the kid isnt in their hair, its all good.

I agree something is up down south. Vastly more than just dope. Things down there have always seemed rather "medieval". Governments have always been rather "flakey". Government "de joure" almost.

The battle for minds (forget the hearts) is in full swing. Even with thinking your awake you cant be too sure.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by felonius

Very , very good point. You may also be interested in one of my past posts, called Subliminal Messages, Can you see it?

This delves into EVERYTHING, from NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming), to Disney, movies, music, and t.v.

I think you might like it.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 11:07 PM
The following video is called Conspiracy of Silence.
Here is some info on the movie.

(Sorry for the terrible quality)Conspiracy of Silence is a 56 minute documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from Nebraska institution, Boys Town and Lawrence King, or Lawrence "Larry" King. The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s. King was the ringleader of the sex ring which had links to other fellow political conservatives in Washington D.C. including Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence, Sen. Elizabeth Dole's staff, along with members of the financial elite of Nebraska.Larry King was judged to have been responsible for curtailing Paul Bonacci's civil rights and was ordered to pay him $1 million as compensation. The documentary was produced over the course of ten months by British corporation Yorkshire Television for broadcast in the US on May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel.However, the documentary was never aired.[/quote/

This is a very sad movie, with lots of information, of what happens with the young children that are abandoned, or left to the system, and can easily be manipulated, and mind controlled.

Conspiracy of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Doc) 1/6

Conspiracy of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Doc) 2/6

Conspiracy of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Doc) 3/6

Conspiracy of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Doc) 4/6

The rest can be found on YT. BTW the Larry King they are talking about is NOT the news figure on CNN.

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 11:39 PM
I know that this may be a scary subject, but I know that as long as I have a platform to discuss and make others aware of the situation, I will do so, with all of my heart.

I will continue to bump this thread, so that I know that people have seen it. I am not looking for responses, only views. There is alot of info to take in, so I am not expecting anyone to really get into this, but the info is there, and I hope that you guys have a heads up at least to the situation at hand.

BTW, I will also be posting more info.

Thank you so much.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:06 AM
As stated I would provide further information as to get information out.

This is an actual police report from the year 1987. The information provided is details of a case that was reported about 2 men and 6 minor children. Also the I would assume that the cult "The Finders", was introduced. While investigating they found that the children as well as many others were involved with ritual and sexual abuse at the hands of person all over the world, and later was closed.

Peace, NRE.

More info concerning this group and the findings is to come.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:09 AM
Also here is some information concerning "The Finders" the CIA and the FBI.

On February 7th of 1987, the Washington Post ran an interesting story that did not at first seem to have any particularly national significance. The article concerned a case of possible kidnapping and child abuse, and material discovered in the Washington area that they say points to a 1960s style commune called the Finders, described in a court document as a "cult" that conducted "brainwashing" and used children "in rituals."

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:53 AM
..God Bless this Child .
and I feel her pain as I look to the video ... and I watch and wish to reach out to give her comfort .. to let her know all shall be alright .. time heals all wounds .. Glory Be To God .. ..Bless You and Yours .. and Everyone

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 03:04 AM
reply to post by Vonour

Yes, this is a very hurtful video, and to hear the laughter in the back is heart breaking. There are thousands of people like this, all over the world, and if people are unaware, this will continue.

Thank you for your post.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

This is the case Of Gabriela Rico Jimenez. I am going to place a video in this thread that may have some misinformation, not due to what she is saying, but due to who is translating for her at the time. I will post the translation after the video, that is available. And please if anyone can possibly provide a better one, please let me know

Star and flag for a great find buddy,i dont really know much about the subject,but from what i remember hearing about the programming!! she sounds like the girl is telling the truth and has just went over the edge with it all.
I wonder whats up with her now?.
thanks man

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:29 AM
disturbing but enlightening thread. are you guys familiar with the Cathy O'Brien story? she claims to be a government sex slave here in the US for years. she wrote a book "tranceformation of america". it's quite a troubling story.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:20 PM
Rather amazing that this post is getting such a small audience.

Hey parents!!!!! is your kid watching disney?

get off your collective butts and parent sometime!!!!

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:29 PM
I haven't seen the video; will later when I have an opportunity, but some of her statements which I saw in the modified transcript are similar to other experiences I have heard. Her accusations towards the Queen (I have even thought about the Queen in some of my more diluted states which I haven't communicated) and the abject accusations (cannibalism) are fairly consistent with an attempt to rationalize a world and physiological impositions...irrationality can be induced for lack of credibility.

I am not certain if this is MK ULTRA but I am damn certain there is a possibility...and if those bastards are smug enough to think they can use similar programming rhetoric for every individual than there is at least a few people who aren't fooled by such...

Thank you for posting some point soon I am going to read this thread and view the videos in depth and provide a more comprehensive impression.

-ATS' Resident MK Subject

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 03:33 PM
Thought I might revive this subject, as I would like for others to be aware of the subject at hand. I will later today be posting further evidence and information on this subject, as it doesn't just end here.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by johnny c

I am still in the process of trying to find out what is happening with her now, but I fear that it may not be good. I think that the implications that she made, and the people that she outed may have silenced her. I will post as soon as I find anything out.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by tonypazzo

Actually hearing the Cathy O'Brien story is what started me into looking into this. I have also posted her 94 min speech concerning what had happened to her.

Check it out.

Peace, NRE.

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