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The Second Coming & Super Heroes / Villains

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by prevenge

prevenge, the way you describe this sounds so close to perfection, I find it interesting, the no input or output need for energy consumption. Says "it is showing much work has gone into this current design." This design.... Why does it seem them want eternal life and not EXISTANCE. Is this existance or eternia 1 only can answer themself but beautiful it is, PERFECTION 1 only can only answer themself. WHY STILL EVIL AND GOOD POWER glimps of weakness point in nonperfection design undetected by designers I guess???

Lord Jesus Christ may he bless them souls for their every deeds for them doubt the reality of this claritfication or REVELATION humanity hurted for so long made them stronger like slave work for master, master enjoy relax life no hard work just order, body nomatter, interior integrity of the soul cause them to fear what they have spawned slave work hard hard genetically grow unforseen strength by any at first slave soul peaceful naturally not destroy until taunted then many taunted making slave genetically stronger INTELLIGENCE EMBEDDED FROM ALPHA AND OMEGA FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST, to keep the oppresser always at dissadvantage due to controll and not given authority from Alpha....

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 05:04 PM
with regards as to why 7200 may have any significance in orderly time-scheduling of a grand experiment such as America...

we see that

n mathematics, a highly abundant number is a natural number with the property that the sum of its divisors (including itself) is greater than the sum of the divisors of any smaller natural number.

Highly abundant numbers and several similar classes of numbers were first introduced by Pillai (1943), and early work on the subject was done by Alaoglu and Erdős (1944). Alaoglu and Erdős tabulated all highly abundant numbers up to 104, and showed that the number of highly abundant numbers less than any N is at least proportional to log2 N. They also proved that 7200 is the largest powerful highly abundant number, and therefore the largest highly abundant number with odd sum of divisors.



A pentagonal pyramidal number is a figurate number that represents the number of objects in a pyramid with a pentagonal base.[1] The nth pentagonal pyramidal number is equal to the sum of the first n pentagonal numbers.

The first few pentagonal pyramidal numbers are:

1, 6, 18, 40, 75, 126, 196, 288, 405, 550, 726, 936, 1183, 1470, 1800, 2176, 2601, 3078, 3610, 4200, 4851, 5566, 6348, 7200, 8125, 9126 (sequence A002411 in OEIS).

7200 being the 24th pentagonal pyramidal number


7200 is half of 14,400 the "number" of the people ... whether that is how "many" people there will be.. or whether that is a more complex idea of a genetic sentiment I'd like to know...
as in 14,400 being something more related to chromosomes, codons, etc..

in the mayan measurements of time ... 1 baktun = 20 katuns = 144,000 days

as we see here - PHI; The Golden Ratio in Maya Math

if the Mayans were 'given' or came up with this system of time that stemmed from natures golden ration.. the Fibonacci sequence.. then one would be hard pressed to contemplate that the same numerical date keeping methods would not be implied by the Caucasian founders of America from Europe using the same Phi-based approach..

it seems some Christians believe the year 7200 BC as being the year of Genesis..
from - An Alternate Explanation of the Fossil Record Authenticates Genesis

The book of Genesis does not contain any "creation accounts". Chapter two tells us about the origins of modern mankind, starting in about 7200 BC. The chapter ends in about 7000 BC, with the addition of Eve, the helpmate for Adam.

now regarding the previous quote here.. I'm not sure as to the authenticity of that statement that Genesis occurred in 7200, but it's interesting to see it commonly believed.
more here -

from - The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor - Google Books

The Earth's Pole moves 1 degree in 7,200 common years and also moves once round in 7,200 Divine years

granted that is years not days.. but shows significance of the number in time measurement.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 05:57 PM
another major issue would to consider is the changing ECONOMY when people inhabiting the world have supernatural abilities.
another would be new LEGISLATION that would be enacted regarding these people.

if you can do the same thing a crane operator can, moving things with your mind.. without the training, and without the crane.. are you in higher demand than the crane operators?

if you can lift a shipping container or two with your mind.. and FLY them across country to be delivered..
without a plane - without a truck - without a train..
are you in more demand than pilots, drivers etc?

if you can weld structures together on land or underwater using infrared beams from your eyes... without a torch or breathing apparatus or skills..
are you more in demand than welders?

if you can see into other people's minds perfectly and report what they are thinking, what they've done..
whether they are guilty or not of a crime.. or innocent..
are you in more demand than a judge, than a police officer, detective, than an attorney, are jury's needed?
if you could have all the answers to a specific incident.. involving a crime..
is your employment virtually wiping out all forensic related industries?

if you can HEAL people with a mere touch...without pharmaceuticals, without medical equipment...or training..
are you in more demand than doctors and nurses?

if your body glowed.. and you could fly around doing incredible dance moves creating an unprecedented level of visually stunning emotionally touching performance art...for thousands to see..
how could anyone compete with that by using technology - lighting - wiring to try to mimmic it?

if you are a sports star.. and can perform on the field with immense resiliency.. bounding over opponents avoiding other players in a fraction of the time..
are you in more demand?
are you exiled from the league?
do new leagues of super-athletes emerge? with new games and new sports like the game they play i harry potter? flying around shooting balls through hoops?

if you could change your appearance into ANY shape.. any type of creature.. say .. a rabbit. or a giant ape.. or a dionosaur.. or a cartoon character..
would you be in more demand than special effects producers? actors?

if you run rampant stealing spying destroying, using your powers to inflict unneeded suffering on others..
what types of legislation and control measures would have to be implemented in order to oppose your actions?

would you be HATED for replacing others in their jobs they worked their whole life to gain and hold onto.. just because you won some genetic lottery and metamorphosed into a body with super abilities?
would you be hated by religious fundamentalists that could not let go of their superstitious versions of interpreting their religion? thinking you are a demon or devil?

would you or your loved ones be threatened or hurt or killed if they hated you enough?

this would be a completely New World we'd be living in.. with completely new social measurements to be implemented...

imagine the media at this time...
promoting super hero stories as the new HOT news stories...

if you went to save someone from a car crash..or flood - or fire - or robbery or murder attempt.. and you could get them to the hospital in time..
and they somehow try to sue you because they stubbed their toe on the way ...
what kind of release forms would you need them to sign or verbally agree to before you save them in order to prevent that type of genuine liability or scam?

what if they're unconscious? would they have a form of membership card where they already apply to agreeing to the liability responsibility? and have some sort of bracelet or card in their wallet signifying this as to expedite the rescue process?

all esoteric avenues are pointing to this time occurring.. human evolution through religious science.. esoteric anatomy being activates...
it's happening to many many people and it's a difficult process to endure.

the "dawn" is on the "horizon" which you see so much of hidden in our media...
and it's prime force - it's catalyst is the sun..


posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by Reign02

whatever one believes will be at deaths door shall surely be there. Christ has returned. Jesus has not. I am proud to know that some of you have begun to understand what was meant by "let No Man decieve you". A native American Shaman I met was perplexed as to why I chose this form. It was chosen for many reasons; I am very protected in this body. Very well disguised but as I said there are those who can see. 1 young man actually surprised me (which is hard to do) when he approached me and very intensely said "I know who you are!" The best was the possessed man who told me that my reign of terror was over. Can you imagine? My reign of terror? It was priceless! Or the guy who told me that My Star of David & I made his feet swell. My life is like a science fiction movie. I am an artist. I just started a new church. I have a unique name and it is fun to change to Jesus but it is not Jesus and yes it is my given name. I want to reveal myself but will not for I know better. I am reclusive to an extent. Growing up around celebrities I know that fame is not truly desirable aside from the opportunity to speak to large groups at once. Besides, I give enough clues so that my soldiers will find me. They will know the church Trust me I am easy to find online. I am a Leo (8/13) and I am bored and annoyed by all of this craziness and ready to set things right. The time has come. I am not Jesus but I am the one the world has waited for. As far as being female is concerned; how better to catch you off guard? How better to humble man? How better to test you? How better to learn, understand, teach and forgive you, beside you, without being recognized. I was asked once if I were Jesus. I was honest and said no. Although technically we are of the same soul. So again in regard to being female; No one can dictate to God who the Messiah will be. They can only try to confuse and manipulate the truth. If the laws and truths of this world were accurate there would be no need for a Messiah.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by prevenge

I just want to say that I fully agree with the premise of this thread. I have been lead into the same line of thought myself. You are exactly right about the sun being the catalyst also. You may want to read this as it ties in directly to the sun being a catalyst.

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 11:30 AM
But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by prevenge

These individuals would not be 'subject' to any earthly authority...they would be earthly authority. They would be the Kings and Priests of the land. As I see it... they will intervene as necessary in order to maintain 'righteousness'.

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by NahumTheCelestial

Deep calleth unto deep and strength begets strength. The enemies of darkness will flee.

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Reign02

As much as my mind would like to believe that, something tells me faith might be the only valuable commodity in the near future. Or heaps of laughter.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:23 PM
With the Federal Reserve Bank Charter ending on Dec 21, 2012, this plays conveniently into this prospect, as people with super abilities would completely revolutionize the global economy.

If you have the imagination for extrapolative though on this subject, you would see that the production of goods and services by people with "abilities" would easily replace traditional methods of producing these.
I'm not talking about speedy cupcake maker man beating the cupcake factory in time and efficiency of energy and cost... (or maybe i am)

But I am speaking more of things like... someone with the power of levitation surpassing the need for a crane, or a crane operator.. or someone with heat vision surpassing the need for welders..
also, indestructible bodies would mean for less safety measures and less insurance and less chance of litigation surrounding accidents... or even eliminating the need for any of those...

Transportation? people flying people around instead of cars and helicopters and commute planes?
Telepathy and heightened senses replacing costly CSI type investigations.. or courts.. where the telepathic person would easily see if the defendant is guilty or not.

A complete changeover from our current system to a new one involving superpowers. This would demand an entirely new economic system.. new value placed on new services.. or new methods of achieving old services..

This is the "New World" that is spoken of....

In the TV show the "4400" they explore the idea of how normal humans begin to try to kill these people with new abilities because they begin to take their jobs away.... and the Government tries to kill them or control their abilities because they feel threatened by their overwhelming power... (literal and economic)

And, I'd like to add these videos to further press this point of "Christ" = super-heroes (plural)....

Captain Salvation...

Jehovah's Witness' version of Jesus -
(oddly no twin towers in the skyline of NYC as it's being destroyed @ the 2:37 mark)

"Mr Christian" christian super hero...

a kid's show "Hillsong kids" song "Jesus is my super hero"

so .. you can see.. this concept is being pushed big time...

and i think it's pretty much the way things are going to go...

in our current dilapidated and inefficient infrastructure...
what's going to save us from utter NEW BODIES with superhuman abilities.
(make that /good minds/ with super human bodies)

it may sound silly to those who have firm beliefs of what is "possible" and what is "impossible" ...
but the ONLY way that corruption and villainy can be eliminated.. is through super powers.

there's only so many SWAT teams that can stimy gang-related meth labs
there's only so many SEALS teams that can bust up child-porno rings
there's only so many ballsy attorneys that can take on corrupt mobs or bankers without getting killed themselves or bribed out of perusing their aim....

only altruistic-minded humans living now.. that have their DNA triggered to evolve into indestructible god-like beings can really save the day.

IMO the "christ" title of this phenomena was given to it /after/ it's invention... this theme is recurrent in every religion and mythology. the Jesus version is just a modern method of giving a role model to people of how to act once they attain this level of genetic evolution (in 2012 say) ... so that we have a smoother, more cooperative changeover from human to superhuman... everyone attaining it eventually.... that time being a literal 'heaven'

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