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Gravity does not exist. Physicist proposes new theory..

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by Gaussq

Did I say that I only cultivated a little bit here and there? No, I do not believe I was very specific to the length of time or frequency of my exploration. I also was not specific to my level of involvement with the Falun Gong. If you wish to continue this in private, send me a u2u. I don't specifically care about invisibility, weather control, or time travel. I was in it for the supposed health benefits.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:46 AM
This is a worth while post, remember that our current understanding of this force we call gravity is still in it's infancy. We still cannot accurately describe what it is, where it comes from, or how it will act in ALL instances. All we really see is a result of a some mysterious force hiding behind the curtains. This post enlightens us to the possibilaty of gravity not being an independent force, but a simple biproduct of another. At the very least, it is food for thought

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 03:17 AM
Here's how we figure out what gravity is:

1) Assume the Scientific Method is incomplete.
2) Work our way backwards from there.
3) ???
4) Hover boots.

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posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 02:24 PM
Just plain force has to be done right.
Using Newtons forces on the inclined plane, that is for roof specifications,
did not account for all factors and was found 500x in the wrong direction
until roofs started blowing off in lower than expected wind.
Can't recall how long it took to correct all the specification for builders.

posted on Sep, 25 2010 @ 09:53 AM
dynamic theory of gravity

Perhaps Mo Xinhai would like to research that type of gravity.

I think it might have a sort of pressure force and electrical contribution.

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 12:44 AM
Truth is we dont know, for me an idea that gravity is an illusion or whatever is bonkers, clearly its a force we all feel and i aint bonkers, science is all about learning and discovery and thinking the imposible but this theory just seems like a propa joke!...concentrate your mind power on somthing different i say and let Steven Hawkings figure out gravity.

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by Gaussq

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posted on Nov, 2 2011 @ 05:46 PM
Newton's equations simply explain what we observe. Newton had NO idea what was the causal factor when it came to gravity.

Here we have someone trying to explain the "WHY" ... good discussions... but
Einstein has a perfectly acceptable explanation... in his General Theory of Relativity

Someone else is certainly allowed to propose another theory but theories are no good unless they are testable.

Einstein's postulates required that light itself would be effected by gravity... so an experiment was set up to see if that were true. This experiment was performed in 1919. The observations were performed by Arthur Eddington and his collaborators during a total solar eclipse so that the stars near the Sun could be observed. Light bending was observed from stars that were seen as close to the sun. Their apparent positions in space changed when they appeared to be close to the sun.

Two other independent experiments:
The Perihelion precession of Mercury and Gravitational redshift of light have also confirmed that Einstein's postulates were supportable.

If this individual wants to propose an alternative theory, we should expect him to provide ways to test his theory.

By the way, there is NO way to determine whether an object is moving towards you or you are moving towards it without some kind of external frame of reference.

There are so many misconceptions about gravity that still abound. One of my pet peeves is that most people think that astronauts in orbit actually have no gravity. The show an apparent weightlessness because in reality they are free falling around the earth. The same way that sky divers are "weightless" until they pop a chute.

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