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The 13 Satanic Bloodlines of the Illuminati

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 04:43 AM
S+F for this.

Even though I would normally say not to trust stuff on the internet automatically, a lot of this information can be backed up by research.
The amazing thing for me on my personal discovery is that somewhere in my heritage there is a possible relation to the Freeman Bloodline. A while ago I did one of those Genealogy things just out of interest and it turns out that over a 100 years ago there is a Freeman there somewhere
Although I really don't want to know what relation I am to Gaylord

A lot of these people believe in the purity of the bloodlines and so are normally forced to breed within them to preserve that.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 05:07 AM

Originally posted by ItIsMe
reply to post by dreadphil

yawn...this is why I really don't post on this forum....
can you like at least look at the link of Jordan Maxwell's Page before you start spouting a bunch of rubbish....

Dude, he merely expressed some healthy cynicism about the topic, in what way is that "spouting rubbish"? Everything he said was pretty much spot on! Its funny how people who dont believe in these crack-pot theories without question get ridiculed around here.

Oh and btw, spending a few hours on Google is NOT RESEARCH. Im sick of people around here telling people to "do some research before you open your mouth" when all they mean is google a few conspiracy nut job theories on wikipedia. You guys dont know the meaning of the word research and a Phd student would laugh in your faces.

Research doesn't involve search engines or the internet.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 05:19 AM

Well you cant be a Satanist if you dont believe in God. They arent fairy tales. They are alive and well.

Actually you CAN seeing as Satan pre-dates the christian fairy tales by thousands of years by virtue of his earliest incarnation as the Egyptian god Set. What "Satan" represents to many is a symbolic representation of certain principles and I doubt if any brothers or sisters of the Left Hand Path give jesus or the christian god a second thought. "Satan" is merely a hebrew word that litterally means adversary or opposer and has been applied to many deities throughout history, it is not the name of a particular individual... Just a descriptive title.

The gods of the LHP are often misinterpreted as evil purely in a christian sense when in reality they are not. However, I guess that will not suit most people around here who seem to have some inherent need to fear "the devil" and blame all misfortune on him.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 08:36 AM
I find it interesting that "Lucifer" literally means lux fair - "Light Bringer" and that the first sin of Mankind was to eat of the fruit of knowledge. Parallel mythology brings to mind Prometheus, the Titan who brought Fire to us mortals and was cast out because of that.

You have to question "Satanic" as a negative label, since it appears the fallen ones had man's best interest at heart.

Edit: What kind of God is it, that fears his/her creations will learn?

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:03 AM
S&F for the OP. That is some good info to have.

I just wish that I was a member of one of those families. Could you imagine having all of that power?

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 11:40 AM
and these people are somehow satanic? please do not defile the kingdom with these scoundrel.

there is a good reason for the existence of hell. those who commit ruthless acts must be punished and it will be so to our satisfaction. satan do not bother with your earthly business, he will deal with them in their next destination. there is but one cure for evil; a higher level of evil to let them be at the mercy of their own doings, and that is just at the beginning.

how foolish of some to turn a short existence into an eternity of chaos. this corrupted world need to be cleanse and it is a shame we do not have this pleasure. try as you might, there is nothing you can do to stop it. their motives are clear and your survival is not in their list of interest.

its a shame to waste our energy on such an intervention. you will suffer.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by wonderworld

Funny how they are only famous people. And no one ever got kicked out? No conflicts? Every other "family line" has had feuds. Their immune to this?

How about this. What proof beyond the words of a few conspiracy sites?

Also, close blood lines ALWAYS cause genetic problems. Were are the genetic problem filled children?

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by Rockpuck
Heard it all before, even some of these families, and always it's a different story. Different histories. Different everything. Even different description as to what an "illuminati" really is.

In short..

What makes this source so much more credible than the 5000 other sources out there with different angles, stories and beliefs?

I could name numerous families with far more power and money than half those listed.. the evidence is, if anything, paltry.

This would be obvious banter coming from a Mason. Mislead and all that jazz, truth is, there are plenty of books and other ways to decifer family trees. It is also well documented in the congressional record. Do your own research. To say that it could be BS and is no different is ignorant in and of itself, but that is your duty to the society is it not? 13

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 02:55 PM
Just out of curiosity, do these Satanists control Western society, out of which they seem to be completely based?

Also, are these Satanists evil?

I feel that these are important questions that should be asked.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 03:07 PM
Satanists are a joke.

Satanism was started by Anton LaVey. Look into him. It's all pretty funny.

Yea, Lucifer himself is going to bestow power unto a goofy looking bald man in a childish devil mask or a big black robe he bought at a halloween surplus store.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 04:20 PM
If you can't see then it doesn't matter
If you cant hear you wont mind
If you fail to lead you must follow
If nothing is left then nothing is gained

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by Regensturm
reply to post by DrJay1975

There's a saying that goes something like this:

"Whenever a rich man says he got his money through hard work, ask him, "whose?".

Many a man, woman and indeed child has worked hard in history, does not mean they ever get to amass huge amounts of wealth that the average joe would never earn in a hundred lifetimes or influence the corridors of power.

Your hard work = wealth to influence the powerful theory does not equate.

Hard work = wealth? That would be down to sheer good luck whenever that happens, and that's all too rare.

Wealth these days is about being born or married to the right family name, and profiteering off the backs of others' hard work.

Hard work = wealth would mean a great proportion of the world would be multi-millionaires except for it being the few compared to the overall global population.

And please, enough with telling us you're a 'direct ancestor' to James IV.

A great proportion of people living today are supposedly related to Genghis Khan, but to claim as such invites ridicule at such a blatant attempt to impress people on the internet with your claims of ancestry which are dubious to say the least and at best would be extremely tenous.

[edit on 19-7-2010 by Regensturm]

Please do not pretend you know anything about my family tree. It was James VI that I posted. You seem to have no problem with anyone else who posted relations to royal bloodlines. Most people do. I have no desire to impress anyone. I believe I stated that trees are spread out so far that we all have some form of royal ancestry. What on Earth makes you think I have any desire to impress you, it was simply a statement. The implication of the statement is that not everyone in these bloodlines are wealthy, or bad people or have visions of global domination. Lose your attitude.

As far as hard work and creating wealth being related, I disagree. Wealth is typically built generationally or by virtue of sheer brilliance. Bill Gates's wealth was not built over generations as many of these families were. The kid that started facebook or google. A good friend of mine bought 2 ocean front lots in va beach in 1950 for 5k each that he borrowed from the bank. He later sold them for 50k. Now he's a timeshare and hotel developer with a net worth of over a billion dollars. Al copeland a New Orleans fixture busted his ass and made himself extremely wealthy in one generation. Not everyone makes there money off the hard work of others.

And hard work alone doesn't guarantee success. Luck can be a factor. Intelligent investing. Brilliant ideas. The point is anyone has the potential to become wealthy and powerful. John Rockefeller was originally new money. The Dupont's got really welthy selling gunpowder during the civil war. The Astor's through real estate and hotels. Almost 1% of Americans are millionaires. One in 3 believe they will be. A hardworking firefighter here in new orleans is the 12th highest paid city employee at 140k per year, 70k in overtime. Look at New Jersey's pension plan for unions. Becoming a millionaire isn't hard.

My fmaily hhas been farmers for 250 years. They've amassed money. Not by being brilliant, but by hard work. My father and I worked in a field from dawn until dark growing up. He forced me into college, I had scholarships. He wanted me to become something where I didn't have to bust my butt 15 hours a day doing manual labor. When we built a house growing up we paid for it as we went along. I spent 8 years in college and several years in internships to get where I am. Hard work. And I've done well. Hard work increases your chances of becoming rich, hard work through generations increases your chances of being wealthy to where you don't have to work, where you just have to manage that wealth amassed.

There are lazy rich people. There are lazy wealthy people. They hit the lotto or inherit a fortune. So those people either get lucky or have a hardworking wealthy family. If you don't pay attention in school, don't study, don't go to college, don't work hard while your there, or don't learn a valuable trade and bust your arse then you'll never amount to anything unless you are lucky. My theory stands. Hard work doesn't guarantee rich and powerful but it greatly increases your chances.

And we aren't wealthy. Royal bloodline and DuPont bloodline or not. We do have some contacts with people of influence that we wouldn't have otherwise had without our families. But I work hard at my practice and my wife stays home with the kids. We aren't wealthy, but we're in the top 2% of American wage earners. We spent many nights at the Dupont mansion in the outer banks of North Carolina. I met many in my wife's family. These people aren't satanic. A couple of em are nuts just like any other family. The only difference between these people and everyone else is the amount of wealth they've amassed and the kids are brought up with more(for the most part) than everyone else. And that wealth gives them more opportunities. Yeah a kid that shouldn't get into harvard can because of a donation. Yeah a kid that couldn't otherwise get funding for a business can get it. Yeah it makes getting legislation passed because yhey can make campaign contributions.

But they are just people. And they use the means at their disposal to live their lives and accomplish the things they desire. I'm sure some people in these families want to rule the world. Hell I know people oon welfare that want to do that. People fear what they don't understand. And because these families are often quite private many people think that there is a conspiracy or some other shinnannigans. SOmetimes there is most of the time there isn't. Folks need to calm down and not rag on these people. They probably do more good in the world than all of their detractors put together.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 07:16 PM

NO MA'AM had all the makings of a secret org.


posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by soul_of_light

Peace and light to you.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 08:31 PM

Originally posted by wonderworld
reply to post by psilo simon

You have a valid point; however if you match up these marriages its not simply a coincidence. I can track them that way, as well.

In 1984, I lived in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. A friend baby sat for one of the DuPonts in an enormous beach house.

She shared with me a strange fact. There was a large room that looked like a school for learning disabled kids.

It was commonly accepted, and she affirmed the news that due to intermarryiage, the family had many retarded kids.

To this day,b it still makes me sad to realize how far some people will go to keep money in the family and preclude mixing with the riff raff.

I have no idea about the satanos skatta but double resessive genes is seriously nothing to encourage.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by KilIuminati
Great thread, its good to know who the satanic bastards are, i doubt the kennedys were a satanic blood line though

Iits possible they might be. I also think its possible they are the ones who killed one of their own for fear he would speak the truth about what he has seen due to being part of their elite family.

Of course i have no proof at all, just throwing out the possibilities.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:16 PM
Look i think there's enough out there to make you realize that there's a secret government from Dwight Eisenhower warnning people about the Military industrial complex to John F Kennedy warnning about secret societies and the secret government its self, to the finding out of MK Ultra to now clues comming out about direct energy weapons being used, to me it's obvious and yes some of these families use there money to support certain things aka special interest the math it adds up more then you think.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by cerberus00
Ugh, being a former JW (happily out since 5 years ago), the stuff on Charles Russell just made me ill. I wish I was never born into that organization. I can definitely attest to the mind control and intimidation. Lost my family and friends due to them, but gained individuality and an open mind.

wow, that's interesting. I'd be curious to hear more. Send me a U2U

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:41 PM

Originally posted by agentofchaos
reply to post by wonderworld

What if those are only the front-people and it goes up higher and even more guarded seceracy and we don't even have the names for those people...I think at any given moment we can beat them without using physical violence, but everyone would have to do the same thing and that would be basically reconnect with nature to make it short...Love is the anwser, but no one seems to know that!

That's a good concept. Many family marriages arent listed. It's hard to trace them all. The ties do go both up and down the ladder. Many more secret than others. It would be likely many use Satanic meetings like a ""

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by Regensturm

I wont go too deep on that theory that many, as you say are not human. I believe that to be true in a Sense but don’t want to reiterate much on that one now. There is a whole group of people that believe this to be true. They have a better spin on that perception than me and know a ton of odd information, that almost makes sense.

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