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Castro to appear on TV Monday, government says

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 05:04 PM
What of the comments made months ago from either the US or Israel that Iranian nuclear facilities would be impossible to be destroyed with "conventional" weapons?

Could this not mean most likely the bunker busting bombs and even the tactical nuclear bunker busters?

What if these get used?

I agree that America isn't going to just start dropping 50 megaton H-Bombs all over Iran, of course not.

But whats going to happen when the attack comes and oil shoots through to 200/300 dollars a barrel and maybe even higher if Iran successfully destroys or blocks the Straight Of Hormuz?

What's going to happen on the Korean peninsula, which would more than likely erupt into war also with a nuclear armed madhouse N. Korea?

What of India and Pakistan, could it spill over into these nations one way or another? What will Russia and China's response be?

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 05:18 PM

Venezuela: Opposition politician arrested on explosives charge
(CNN) -- Venezuelan authorities arrested an opposition politician and former presidential candidate on explosives charges Monday night, the government news agency reported.

Alejandro Pena Esclusa, a 1998 presidential candidate and political opponent of leftist Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, was arrested at home by agents from the nation's intelligence service, the official ABN news service reported Monday. Pena was taken to the intelligence service headquarters for interrogation, ABN said.

Opposition groups say Pena was arrested for political reasons. Unoamerica, a group headed by Pena, said Tuesday his arrest "is part of a Cuban operation that looks to link opposition leaders with terrorist acts."

Chavez critics have said Cubans are heavily involved in the Venezuelan military and also are playing a key role in intelligence, communications and other areas.

Authorities say they found material of "an explosive nature" when they searched Pena's home in Caracas, Venezuela.

"We have obtained ... some small capsules, more than 100 capsules, which are presumed detonators, some thermal, some electric," ABN quoted counterintelligence director David Colmenares as saying.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

lol we do have some similarities
i like debating with you

you are correct that a massive air strike will cripple Iran and the war will be over to let place to a certain occupation on the ground
but the outcomes of that strike would open the pandora box
usa and israel think they can again destroy another country
the world after this will rise (WW3)
many country will join in on both side
but at the end its the usa who will be crippled
because of that war ...the war itself will come into america soil
even in Canada ...
wouldnt surprise me if a see chinese/russian tanks one day on my street

if they start killing everybody near me i will join the fight to save live
if not i will invite them in to eat sushi

2 reasons on why would they enter the north america continent

A) to put a peacekeeping mission force on americans soil so that america doesnt use anymore nukes and have a new governement (democratic regime) like the usa did in irak with their puppet regime
B) to wipe out the north american continent like usa did in hiroshima or the futur mess in Iran

im betting more on option A ...
but we will probably fight them the same way the iraki resistance fight the occupying force
and guess what all the american resistance fighters will be labelled as terrorist like the usa did in irak

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 07:19 PM
It's possible Castro is being used as a mouthpiece for TPTB. I didn't have the patience to watch the entire thing, but spent some time listening to him, trying to get a general read. Translations also seemed to be missing what I saw coming out as a critical emphasis on Israel, which for some reason I didn't entirely expect.

I notice other posts, lots of possible WW3 scenarios being considered. And invasion of America...well, it's nice that some are at least thinking about it. But what's missing from the reasonable scenarios is the most important element of all. That is, if our masters have determined that it IS the proper time, that Iran IS to be the catalyst for a larger conflict, then it will happen that way, whether it "makes sense" or not.

Looking back, isn't that what we find, time and tie again? How about World War I? Europe is fairly settled politically, and over all military strategies have already been preliminarily laid out, alliances formed. Everyone already knew who would invade who, and if there was any surprise, it was how fast it happened. But there was one more surprise. The tiny match that lit what was to be a huge blaze, we are told was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Hmmm. Made sense to them!

WW2. There was a "plan", already there, patiently working, that had as it's centerpiece, something that wasn't supposed to be! American involvement. Remember, not so long ago, Americans opposed "foreign wars". Today, historians largely agree that President Roosevelt was well aware of what it would take to get Americans to "play their role". And play we did! Was it right to kill all those sailors at Pearl Harbor to keep the play on track? Of course not, but it would make about the same sense as using Iran today to ignite WW3 (If that was the "Plan".)

So, all scenarios aside, it really is important to ask what "They" are up to. We fail to ask that critical question, at our own peril.

Such was, and is, the case with 9/11. Our masters had a plan. It didn't matter if thousands of innocents died! (It's a "war" after all...)

In another thread, it's hotly debated whether Iran has nukes, or not. Again, who cares? It doesn't really matter. TPTB have taken the time to write a "play", and each has been assigned a role to play. Iran gets to wear the Black Hat. Beyond that, well, you would have to really look at a bigger picture, of what's been going on (for a very long time), where we're all headed.

Since everyone likes scenarios, how about this one. A nuke goes off! Where exactly doesn't matter so much, but the world will be told that it was IRAN. They will deny, but then they'll fry! It will all happen so fast, some might wonder if it had been "planned" that way. Some will recall the legislation already prepared in advance of 9/11 (as if "they" had planned it!) But no matter. We will all dutifully report to our computers, and TV's, and we will be told a "story". And this "story" will simply become hiSTORY, in short order. As always, the victors get to say how that goes.

How about...Invasion? When the time comes for that, it will happen, just the way our masters have planned. Yes, they do have that kind of power! How it will go down? Well, we could speculate. Some of us believe that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate, he will play his role. Factor in something like the Gulf oil disaster, and we might even imagine a "kinder, gentler" invasion. If this is the plan, the the Gulf situation (or whatever they end up using, in their time) will get very bad. Perhaps we will need "help"?

Already, I have heard many complain about how so many ships were turned away. An international effort, all willing to help, but turned away! I can see it now, the sheeple, always willing to get overly "patriotic" whenever Massa waves a flag, will suddenly go crazy, demanding that a million Chinese (and other) "helpers" come help us, NOW, damn it! Perhaps many will have died already, there might be a genuinely desperate situation. But who will come to the rescue? Will they even need a Trojan Horse to hide within?

There are so many ways to bring a kind of end-game, but first we should realize how far along we already are. For example, back in the 1960's, immigration laws were drastically changed, and as a result, today we live in a very different America. Has the "invasion" already begun? How long ago?

It's been a real long time since I read about the supposedly top secret Chinese project that they began in the early 1970's. Someone will probably say it's all been proven to be horsecrap, but I literally have seen nothing about it for a couple of decades.

In this secret project, the Chinese plan was to create "Latin Americans"! It was quite amazing, but apparently in China, Tibet, Southeast Asia, etc., there are many different racial groups, and several were noted for a distinct similarity in appearance to what the typical American would lump together as "Mexican". Deep within China, a Spanish-speaking "nation" of several "villages" was created, using these various peoples as a starting point.

While the Khmer Rouge was killing off the older generation by the millions, to completely remold the youth, something similar was going on in China. Small children were put in these "Mexican" villages, and get this, CUBANS were said to be the back-bone of the project, providing the capability for total Spanish language immersion.

Of course, this is ATS, someone will jump in and say "fear-mongering"! But if this is true, we actually have more to fear than a nuke over Iran. The project (which would now be forty years in the making), could have resulted in tens-of-thousands (more perhaps?) of people who actually thought they were Mexican, or Guatemalan, etc. But, with a "twist". Indoctrinated from infancy, they would be the door into Fortress America.

Every wonder why Shining Path (Maoist) is so popular in South America? Look into it. A guy named Guzman started it in Peru. Have you ever compared a native Peruvian, to a person from Tibet? No? I'll bet some of us would need other clues, like what kind of hat they wore, to even tell the difference. And my gosh, if they spoke Spanish too? Slam dunk.

Far fetched? I don't know. I do know that if these people literally believed themselves to be a "Peruvian", or "Mexican", we could be in a LOT of trouble, thanks to our unwise immigration policies...

Anyone else ever hear of this?


posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by Ben81
so dont come here telling cuba have problems ...
yes they have but many place elsewhere have unimaginable problems

"Don't come here telling Cuba have problems?"...

Yes i will come in any and every thread, and every time some ignorant people want to claim lies and exagerations about Cuba and the living conditions of people living there...

Yes there are some African nations that have it as bad and in many cases worse than in Cuba because they are being exterminated...but there are many African countries that have it better than Cuba also...

You think people in Cuba don't go hungry?... yes they do. i know personally some friends who escaped from Cuba who had been without eating for days and even a couple of weeks either because they didn't have enough money to buy food, or because there was nothing to buy and since they didn't have family outside of Cuba they were not recieving any monetary help...

In Cuba a regular Cuban might earn about 100-129 Cuban pesos which is $1 U.S. dollar A MONTH... and for example one bottle of cooking oil in Cuba costs 50 Cuban pesos which is about half of what a person earns a month, and that's IF they can find it...

In Cuba people get sent to prisons, and dissapear, and some even are made examples and the Cuban government affirms to have executed such people JUST FOR WANTING FREEDOM and for speaking against the atrocities of the Socialist/Communist regime...

Others are beaten constantly even for just trying to form a meeting.

Journalists, Cuban Human Right activists, and writers get sent to prison for writting about freedom and for trying to tell the world about the atrocities the Socialist/Communist regime has done, and keeps doing to the Cuban people.

Many Cubans, and more so outside of Havana live in shacks made of plastic, and every scrap they can find. Even in La Havana which is the capital of Cuba most houses are in bad need of repairs, but people can't afford to repair them..

BTW, in Cuba people DO pay taxes which also pays for the "so free and wonderful healthcare system" whihc is not wonderful AT ALL...

Children from 11-12 years old are taken by the state, and I remember well how my sisters would beg crying at my parents not to let the state take them to work in the hard labor camps, but there was nothing my parents could do.

If they didn't allow my sisters to be taken to the child labor work camps, or Forced Community Service for children, the state would take them away and put them in re-education camps and we would have never seen them again. They would probably have taken me also away from my parents.

The places where my sisters would stay to sleep consisted of wooden posts and CLOTH WALLS.. No AC, no good drinking water, and barely any food. My sisters wold always come back much thinner, full of fleas, and with intestinal problems because of the bad water and lack of food...

So if it hurts your feelings to know the truth from a Cuban who can speak for those Cubans who can't that's too bad, but neither you, nor any other Socialist/Communist will every shut me up.

So don't tell me to not respond to the lies about Cuba which people like yourself seem to prefer to "believe" rather than learn the truth...

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:21 PM
it seems all the anti American people want a nuke war more then the so called war mongers invade America? even if Obama(spell check dosnen't correct obama?) dosen't decide to drop nukes some one some where will start lobbing them we have nuke subs that on there own can destroy the world im not exactly anti war im defiantly not anti American but a nuke war kills US ALL and no matter how good any ones military is you cant find them all or get them all and that goes for ANY nation not just ours so lets just hope all this blows over like it usually does and that NO one ANY where starts lobbing nukes heck for all we know some crazy sub commander will just say screw this and nuke the ice caps and im pretty sure that would be bad for all of us either way so again lets hope there is no nuke war or else all our kids gonna be glowing like the toys in cereal boxes,as for Castro we have picked on him entirely too much let the commie have his little island long as he aint pointing nukes at us or any one i don't really care

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

I don't believe I was referring to you, rather I was referring to at least more than one poster who had used the term "senile" as a way to dismiss Castro's letters and interview earlier in the thread.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

i didnt say this litteraly
it was more like a expression .. so dont get to much excited

i was telling you that yes i know Cuba have some real grave internal problem...mexico to have that same problems ....
by the way... USA officials lie 100x more than the cuban official
but its not africa where millions are suffering from illness
famine...they only have disgusting water...
you cant say the poverty in Cuba to be the worst in human kind history ...

im not saying cuba is a peace heaven
india and china with tibet ... some place in russia have ungly place to
that why im telling you not to focus just on one country problems

Castro is the first leader or Ex-leader to give a NOT selfish speech
so everyone can prepare for the worst he is talking about
give a chance to Castro even if you dont like the guy
he did right to make a world speech
to prevent more war crime
it learned from they mistake
dont you see that ?
the speech with the 3 letters ... never a dictator would have take that chance... many will perhaps live more longer and be prepared because of his speech
what im saying Cuba have improved from the past compare to many country in the world
i do beleive NOW its heading to the good side

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 03:21 AM

Originally posted by Ben81
...mexico to have that same problems ....

....No Mexico does not have the problems Cuba has... Many problems in Mexico come from drug cartels... Even economically Mexicans are better off than Cubans..

Originally posted by Ben81

by the way... USA officials lie 100x more than the cuban official

Wrong... castro has been lying for more than 60 years, even before he gained power in Cuba.

People are indoctrinated in Cuba through lies since childhood.

Originally posted by Ben81

you cant say the poverty in Cuba to be the worst in human kind history ...

For crying out is not only the poverty... It is the fact that people are not allowed to have freedom of expression... It is the fact that people are incarcerated, lose their jobs and can never find another job since the STATE owns all jobs, and they are even killed, or dissapear entirely just for speaking or writting about freedom...

Originally posted by Ben81
Castro is the first leader or Ex-leader to give a NOT selfish speech

WRONG again... castro is one of the most selfish people in this world. He has ALWAYS been, and will ALWAYS be until the day he dies one of the most selfish people in this planet...

Again you are talking out of ignorance, even his own daughter shun him because of everything he has done to Cubans, and the country itself...

EVERYTHING castro does is for his hatred against the west, and to TRY to improve his image to foreigners who know not better...

He NEVER does anything out of his good heart. I doubt he even has a heart. (the figurative heart)

Originally posted by Ben81
so everyone can prepare for the worst he is talking about

He never does anything to "help people prepare"....

AGAIN what he is claiming is that the United States will start a war by using nuclear weapons... not even I believe that and I don't like the Obama administration....

Originally posted by Ben81
give a chance to Castro even if you dont like the guy

You are asking to give a chance to a murderous, villanous bastard....
You sir have no idea of what you are talking about...

Originally posted by Ben81
he did right to make a world speech
to prevent more war crime

For crying out loud... He didn't do this for any love of humanity... He did this to try to improve his image and for more people to hate the United States and Israel....

Originally posted by Ben81
it learned from they mistake
dont you see that ?

..... This man has not learned anything and he is not a good man.... Again you are talking out of ignorance.

Originally posted by Ben81
the speech with the 3 letters ... never a dictator would have take that chance... many will perhaps live more longer and be prepared because of his speech

Speech with three letters?... A dictator would have never taken what chance?... You want to claim that castro wouldn't take another chance to bash at the U.S.?.... Obviously you don't know him... he takes EVERY chance he can get to bash at the U.S.

BTW, people ARE NOT going to be any better prepared by his lies...

Originally posted by Ben81
what im saying Cuba have improved from the past compare to many country in the world
i do beleive NOW its heading to the good side

Cuba has not improved...

Any good changes have been superficial, for the world to believe things are better when they aren't.

People still get beaten for trying to form a meeting. They get sent to prison if they keep trying to form a meeting to talk about how can things be improved in Cuba, or for talking/writting about freedom for Cubans...and people still dissapear from time to time if they are too stubborn and if castro or his thugs want someone to disapear.

In fact now it is even harder to find food in Cuba, and I know this because of my family there.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 03:26 AM
Why do you continue to ignore the fact that most of these problems would be solved is the US embargo against Cuba was lifted??

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 03:35 AM

Originally posted by bigbomb456
Why do you continue to ignore the fact that most of these problems would be solved is the US embargo against Cuba was lifted??

Because sir that simply is not true...

Let me show you what I have already stated several times and obviously some people are not aware of...

Doing Business with Cuba

The Government of Canada helps Canadian companies expand and succeed internationally. We provide export assistance, negotiate and administer trade agreements, promote Canada as a dynamic place in which to invest and do business, and enhance Canada's science and technology capacity, competitiveness and prosperity.

Consolidating and Strengthening Cuban Managerial Capabilities
Consolidating and Strengthening Cuban Managerial Capabilities aims to improve the efficiency of the Cuban companies by providing excellent training in the management techniques currently used in Europe. This 42 month project has been made possible by a grant from the European Commission, through the 2009 Annual Action Programme for Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development. The project will be implemented under the leadership of EFMD and in cooperation with ESADE business school as a consortium partner and with the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education. It will be supervised by the European Union Delegation in Cuba.

This project builds on the success of the EC-funded D(E)ADE (Diplomado Europeo en Administración y Dirección de Empresas) programmes that were conducted by a consortium led by ESADE from 1996 to 2006. Managers and directors of Cuban companies recognised in D(E)ADE a unique opportunity to access knowledge which has been successfully used by European companies. In return, the programme made it possible to strengthen ties with economically influential institutions and businesses in Europe.

But also there is the following.

Cuba urges Europe to change 'obsolete' policy
10 June 2010, 14:30 CET
— filed under: diplomacy, rights, Cuba, Headline2, Spain
(PARIS) - Cuba called on the European Union Thursday to drop its "obsolete" stance toward the island-nation, saying it amounted to meddling in its internal affairs.

"The (EU) common position must change because it amounts to interference and is obsolete," said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez following talks in Paris with his Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos.

The Paris talks were held ahead of a meeting Monday in Luxembourg of EU foreign ministers who are to decide whether they want to change their so-called common position toward Cuba.

Havana has long objected to the European Union's insistence that the regime must show progress on human rights and democracy before it can hope to improve relations with the 27-nation bloc.

Spain has argued that the EU position has yielded few results since it was adopted in 1996 and should be abandoned altogether, but it faces opposition from Sweden, the Czech Republic and other EU nations.

France responded to Rodriguez's call by saying it could not step up relations since Cuba had not improved human rights.

ALL of the problems in Cuba are because of the Socialist/Communist regime... nothing more, and nothing less, and unless people like you finally admit to this you won't see the light of day when it comes to what has been happening in Cuba for decades.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:38 AM
Christ Allmighty!

I am so tremendously disappointed with the ATS comunity...

Seriously, the only reason I have not posted on this thread yet is because this thread came out on Monday so I thought Castro would be speaking next Monday lol.

And this whole time not one single Spanish speaking ATSer as even attempted to translate what Castro has said in the interview.....Pathetic...

Fine, I guess I'll have to do it.....

In part one Castro talks about the circunstancias of the sunken South Korean ship and IMO makes some pretty damn intelligent obvious over looked observations.

1.) the South Korean Vessel was state of the Art built with German metals and US Technology.

2.) The missile supposedly used to sink the ship was an old ass 1950's veteran junk out dated piece of crap dating back to the Korean war.

3.) Because of this Castro claims that the ship was not sunk by NK but rather was downed by the US with a mine on the hull of the Ship for the purposes of propagating fuel for a coming war.

4.) He also talk about Japan a bit about the reasons they don't have nukes and how SK and Japan are dependant on US technology for there military technology.

I don't know about you guys, but none of what he has said so fare sounds like the ramblings of a cook. What he is saying sound intelligent for a change. But then again I'm not Cuban so I don't have the luxury of being blinded by hate and rage.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:36 AM
In part II Castro discuses the politics of the SK sunken ship.

1.) South Korea was duped into thinking their ship was sunk by NK and now have no option to continue the farce Because they are not able to fight NK. Sk is not only dependant on the US for their military technology but NK also has nukes. So SK has no option but to go along with the show.

2.) China and Russia should have vetoed the UN resolution against Iran. The US wanted to set the war stage of North Korea but needed the UN sanction on Iran first. This way when the US attacks Iran North Korea will not hesitate to be Next and will through the first punch against South Korea. China and Russia could have bought the world some time if they would have vetoed.

3.) He reads statements from some US guy Chonsky or something like that. The statements say the Iran is a serious threat to the US and Arms, subs, and ships have been shipped to a small Island near Iran. Bunker busters and tomahawks that can be fashioned with nuke war heads. All this was done after the UN resolution and is meant to enforce sanctions.

4.) Castro talks about Ach Madinejad not being a puts and is a calculated veteran and they will not be begging the US for forgiveness.....(I think, can't really follow him and his accent in that part.)

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

You aren't getting it (for the record I'm a free market guy, with no sympathy towards socialism/communism).

Of course its the Cuban Government's fault, I'm not arguing otherwise, but the embargo set against causes a major rise in the average price of basic commodities. With no where near the free flow of trade and commerce as a free nation, products within Cuba are forced to be rationed and sold at incredibly high prices to maintain a decent supply. Thus under the Cuban regime and with the help of the US embargo, the people of Cuba are forced to wallow in filth and always be in need. Of course, as with any economic system that uses coercion, certain businesses are allowed to operate outside the embargo rules, but no where near enough to lower the prices of goods in cuba or foster investment. It's pure economics.

Cato Article

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

if i was listenning to you
i would think that cuba is the most evil and corrupt place on earth

we disagree on many points ... obviously

but its a good discussion/debate nothing more
that will maybe open my eyes or your eyes more on many things

peace bro

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by bigbomb456
Why do you continue to ignore the fact that most of these problems would be solved is the US embargo against Cuba was lifted??

you have pin-point THE problems

thank you

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:54 PM
Here is an even better article.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by bigbomb456
Here is an even better article.

excellent article thanks
people and media are trying to forget this blockade
at the end its not Castro who will suffer
its always the Cuban people who suffer from this

its been 4 decades COME ON
its time to lift it .....
TO OBAMA ; ARE YOU LISTENNING (copy righted from lady gaga

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by bigbomb456

Of course its the Cuban Government's fault, I'm not arguing otherwise, but the embargo set against causes a major rise in the average price of basic commodities. With no where near the free flow of trade and commerce as a free nation, products within Cuba are forced to be rationed and sold at incredibly high prices to maintain a decent supply. Thus under the Cuban regime and with the help of the US embargo, the people of Cuba are forced to wallow in filth and always be in need. Of course, as with any economic system that uses coercion, certain businesses are allowed to operate outside the embargo rules, but no where near enough to lower the prices of goods in cuba or foster investment. It's pure economics.

I am sorry my friend but you are wrong.

First of all, Cuba has enough arable land to plant, and harvest enough food to feed the entire Cuban population, but instead the regime which has owned all land in Cuba since castro took power, forces farmers to plant and harvest products which the Socialist/Communist dictatorship can sell to other countries like Canada, and also to "spread the revolution to other countries" at the cost of the Cuban people.

In fact 70% of all harvest in Cuba are of sugar cane, tobacco and other products which are exported to other countries.

Second of all, the embargo began for two reasons. First castro's regime began to violate human Rights since they took power; and second of all castro took over all international companies, and U.S. companies which were doing business with Cuba, and made Cuba the Jewel of the Caribbean before castro took power.

In fact before castro took power the healthcare system in Cuba was #13 worldwide, which was better than all European countries and even the United States.

Now the Cuban regime claims the healthcare system in Cuba is #44, but they don't allow independent Human Right groups to corroborate this claim, or any other.

Not only that, but it is a fact that every Cuban household had not only food every day, but they all had a tv, when that was not even possible in the U.S. or any other country in Central, Sotuh America or anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Yes, it is true that Batista regime committed attrocities, but it was nothing in comparison to what castro's regime has done.

BTW, you think that the U.S. is taking advantage of Cuba?...

Did you know that in Cuba Cuban cigars sell for $4 U.S. dollars, and Canada sells them back for $20 U.S. dollars?...

Canada and other countries, which Cuba does buisness with, do the same thing. They buy Cuban products very cheap, at the cost of the Cuban people, and sell them much more expensive.

Cuba does business with several nations despite the embrago, and NONE of the products, or money which the Cuban government makes goes to help the Cuban people.

Did you know that it is illegal to sell beef products, and milk if they are not allowed by the rationing system, or "libreta"?...

The Socialist/Communist regime claims that children from 7 years old, and older do not need to drink milk, and the meager amount of milk is not available to any family if their child, or children are 7 years old or older.

The sentences for selling beef, or milk and other products off the "libreta" is up to 8 years in prison, and those who buy such products also get prison sentences if they are caught.

What many Cubans do is to bribe some Cuban police officers giving them a portion of the meat, milk or other food they can buy in the black market, which is not a lot and many times next to nothing can be found.

I know a lot of people, mostly foreigners, think that the problem with Cuba is the U.S. embargo, but that is far from the truth.

The truth is that all of the problems in Cuba begin, and end with the Socialist/Communist regime.

[edit on 15-7-2010 by ElectricUniverse]

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:30 PM
BTW, one more think that many foreigners are not aware of and which is very telling is the fact that Fulgencio Batista was a "Progressive Socialist", and it was the Communist party in Cuba which brought him to power.

The United States under the Eisenhower Administration also began an embrago against the regime of Fulgencio Batista, but this fact is also ignored by many foreigners.

Towards the end of 1958 the United States under the Eisenhower Administration began an arms embargo on the Batista Regime which is interpreted as U.S. support for Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries.

On January 1, 1959 Batista leaves Cuba and Castro takes over Cuba's government. During the next year and a half Fidel Castro consolidates power and seizes properties. Castro allies himself with the Soviet Union. Due to the residual anti-Americanism left over from the Platt-Amendment the Cuban people enthusiastically support Castro's independence from the United States.

In 1961 Cuban exiles trained and armed by the CIA. formed Brigade 2506 which landed at the "Playa de Giron" otherwise known as the Bay of Pigs. Due to leaks within the State Department the Cuban government had for knowledge of the invasion. In addition to preserve "plausible deniability" the Kennedy administration reneged on its pledge of air and naval support. Cuban exile troops were left on the beaches to get shot up and or imprisoned. A number of American pilots refused to abandon them and died in action.

Due to this fiasco and the Kennedy administration's perceived or actual indecisiveness the USSR believed that it could place offensive missiles in Cuba. This would alter the strategic balance of power. In 1962, Soviet nuclear missiles could only reach Western Europe; while the United States had ICBM's capable of targeting Soviet territory in the United States as well medium range weapons in Turkey. Missiles in Cuba would give the USSR the ability to accurately target U.S. assets and population centers.

The result of these developments was the Cuban Missile Crisis and the resulting Kennedy-Kruschev pact which guaranteed Castro's rule for the next thirty years.

In 1966 the Cuban Adjustment Act was signed into law. Over a million and a half Cubans sought political refuge in the United States.

Building an enclave of economic and cultural power in Miami which has changed the face of South Florida. Cuban exiles organized into a huge umbrella of political and paramilitary organizations throughout this period. Groups such as Alpha 66, Commandos L, and Omega 7 targeted Castro agents abroad and military and security targets inside the island.

In the 1970's Cuba embarked on military adventurism in Africa and Latin America. Angola, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and El Salvador just to name a few nations would experience revolutionary "struggles" aided and abetted by Cuban arms and or Cuban troops.

In 1980, Cubans seeking freedom invaded the Peruvian embassy in Havana. The resulting wave of refugees came to be known as the Mariel boatlift. Castro in a cynical attempt to taint the exiles mixed in mental patients, homosexuals, and criminals into the mass of refugees. These elements totaled less than 5% of the over 125,000 Cubans that entered the U.S.A.

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