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Prophetic Dream Reports

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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 10:07 AM
It sucks that I can't edit what I wrote. :<

Anyway, to follow up my dream lookie what I found!

Some Texas guy saw a huge spaceship -- the fourth one this month!

posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 05:22 PM
I'll check that thread soon.....I've been editing my next batch of ghost footage for Youtube............

10 October 2010
Burst: Michigan Man 1936........
Main Dream: My dreams seem to be of future times and places......Science and Metaphysics with emphasis on the latter.

posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 04:01 PM
I've have not been posting for a while on this thread because I have more or less confirmed some of my Prophetic Dreams and no longer need to verify it......but I will keep my promise and post at any sign of my darkest future possibilities that may occur. 24 hours before it happens hopefully....... as requested by me after these dark dreams, a pre warning dream about events 24 hour before. I had these dreams on Saturdays and Sundays and superstition prevents me from relaying them until or even IF they come to fruition.
My final Dream burst for this thread: 5th November 2010, Burst: A nuclear blast with the silhouette of a power station in the foreground.
Profound dreams answer the question of everything LIFE (existences)... I no longer have amnesia........ Its up to you to work to get the answer, not for me to relay it. It was a dream of everything in its process...... Some people should never know the truth and it is for a very good reason. I now know why the Maya didn't fear death. I leave you with my signature, the final words of note on this thread. Thank you for everyone's responses............
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posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by DreamerOracle
I now know why the Maya didn't fear death.

Fear is not an option.

Be well, DreamerOracle.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 07:38 PM
I know I said I wouldn't post but.....
Burst:sound of extreme static going through my hair and on everything. Massive electric storms! at a coastal area
not a round bay but 2 straight sides lined with lights....a harbour?

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 11:12 AM
Mine, wasnt really a dream. It was more like, a brief image popped into my head before I went to sleep. It was about in early November 2010, lol. I guess, I saw two ATS threads, I saw two dates. It was with the new layout of ATS...other than that I don't remember anything else.

The first date was "May 14, 2011." I know that there was a thread a while back made with that date in the title. The other one was, "March 15, 2011." lol, Thats tomorrow.

When I saw the dates, I was going to post them in this thread...I mean, I'm not sure if I did. But, I'll post em(again?). lol.

wanted to add: i checked if there was a thread made with the date "May 14, 2011," there wasnt, haha.

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 08:43 AM
The next dream I don't even remember having......infact it was my wife that alerted me to it.
I talk alot in my sleep, more often than not I require answers or responses from my wife before I will settle back down. So on the 19th March 2011, my wife went for a midnight tinkle and returned to the room to find me talking in my sleep, I exclaimed,"Theres another tremor then"?........she knew I wouldn't shut up until I had a reponse and asked me, "Where"? I replied (my subconscious, I don't recall this at all),"I don't know I can't read the dials thingys".......She said I fell back to sleep at that point.
So I'm lead to believe we have not seen the last big tremor of the year yet....................................

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 11:24 AM

I really do not know where to post this so I'll try to post my dream a couple of places. Mods please move the posting to the right forum.

I do have dreams and most of the time they do come true the only problem is that I am unable to interpret them correctly to find out what exactly will happen.

here is my Dream for the night of March 20th , 2011

I wake up on morning of March 21st and come out of my room, Its about 6:30 in the morning. I see that my parents are glued to TV. normally they both leave for work early so I ask them if they are feeling ok? If something is wrong?

They tell me they that when they work up and switched on TV to get whether update all channels were reporting an attack on US and India. They said that Florida, South Florida, California specifically LA & surrounding areas, Washington State and some place in India have been hit by a massive terrorist attack.

There is a huge Mushroom cloud that can bee seen on TV Coverage but no body is confirming a Nuke attack.
Now I start to watch TV & find out that indeed terrorist attacks happened but no one is confirming a Nuke attack and no reports on casualties either.

We decide that even though we live in Toronto, Canada it will be wise to stock up on few items (Fuel, Food & Water). I go back to my room to get ready.

At this very moment my dream breaks I get up and check my clock to find out that its March 21st, 2011 and the time is 5:00 EST and everyone else is still asleep.
Technically the dream should not restart because it has never happened before.

But as I go back to sleep I start to dream again and this time I find myself in a huge convention hall. there are a lots of people there but there is no party or any event being held instead everyone is waiting and there are wall mounted TV's everywhere and the same news is being played (about the terror attacks) but there is new information now all the news channels are reporting that some country in Middle East did this to teach us a lesson.
Soon people start talking that they have to leave. but everyone is afraid to open the doors. and I am wondering that we are all in Canada nothing happened here and we should get back to home but someone does open the door and I see dust all around and then I see a Huge mushroom cloud in the direction of downtown.

At this moment I again wake up and find that time now is 6:30 am March 21st, 2011 I come out of my room to find out that my parents are getting ready to go to work and there is nothing unusual and I go back to sleep (I have my own business so I start my work late)

Now I again start to dream but this time I can see my self sleeping and I can hear someone constantly whisper to me that there have been terror attacks in USA & India and something big will happen in Canada and I should prepare my self. for next 1 hour i constantly go to sleep and come out of it in 5 minutes and each time i close my eyes and I have just fallen sleep the voice starts to whisper again.

I finally get up at 7:30 am March 21st,2011. First thing i do is switch on TV , there is nothing, nothing happened and all is well.

so here is my dream folks.

But I must say one thing whenever I have dreams like this any even that does happen is not exactly in sync with my dreams. for example in December 2004 before the Asian earthquake and Tsunami I dreamed and that large amount of water rushed through my home but damaged my car only requiring extensive repairs two days from that day my Cars transmission & computer failed good thing though I still had warranty coverage but on the fifth day I woke up to learn that there has been an earthquake and tsunami and hundreds are dead.

mostly my dreams relate to my personal life so I do not discuss them or post them but this dream I had is too important to ignore. So I post it here to get an interpretation.

I must admit that for last several days MSM has been filled with japan earthquake and Middle east crisis so it my be my subconscious playing tricks on me but I welcome all your comments and interpretations.


posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:48 PM
Had a doozy last night.....At the start of my dream I'm at a rest area right off Interstate and I'm with three people I don't know, its the evening and the whole sky is a beautiful orange. It seems everyone im with is having a good time and laughing and the rest area is very busy, then my view looks over the trees and I see enormous smoke clouds covering a quarter of the sky (looked almost like volcanic ash). Scores of birds were racing ahead of the clouds and then even the birds nested in the trees near me left en masse.

Me and my group were near the ramp entrance of the rest area when we spotted the massive smoke clouds so we all ran back to the center of the rest area to warn everyone, afterwards my group split up by the twos and ran off in different directions, me and my partner ran off back down the freeway while the other two ran through a field behind the rest area, but halfway down the freeway my partner veers off into another field leaving me alone.

My dream then cuts to me back at my house with my gf and son there. I tell my gf about what happens and while she seems surprised she doesn't seem to be freaking out about it as much as I am, I then look around for my son and see him out on the back porch looking up at the sky.

I run outside to see that the sky here is still clear and blue but there are scores of birds in the trees out back, way way more then normal with almost every branch having numerous birds perched on it, and all these birds were looking in the same direction in the sky seemingly awaiting the black smoke I ran from earlier.

Going back in the house I trip over something only to notice it is another group of birds that are standing in a line in front of my back door, looking at the sky just as the others and not that bothered that I just tripped over some of them, never taking their eyes off the sky...and thats when my dream ended.

I hardly get any flair of emotions from my dreams but this dream literally made me scared, it was very lucid and the feeling of being chased by something massive was prominent.

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