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The weird happenings and synchronicities thread!!!

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 05:01 AM
Well first, I LOVE the panties story, its events similar to that which makes researching synchronicities a lifelong obsession for some, thanks for sharing. I too have one of them WAY WAY WAY TOO OUT THERE events that I will now share; sadly I wholeheartedly expect that not even a single soul will believe me.

NOW, where to begin? OMG this is TRULY a chicken/egg thing;
a. give you the guts first and you'll walk away saying, "BS man! You’re full of it";
b. give you the background story and most readers will say, "dude, that's too much to read".
Unfortunately, alot of background information is necessary if there is any chance that anyone could even begin to understand the INSANITY that I continue to live through even today as a result of these events. Alas, I've no choice but to hope someone will read it all anyway. (This will take several posts)

Now before I share, I want to say, especially for the non-religious, please don't judge me too early in your read just because I mention things like God and Bible. UNDERSTAND that Today I DO NOT believe in either one, but at the time that these events occurred, to say that I LIVED AND BREATHED this religious stuff is an understatement!

So I'll begin with this: Between 2002 through 2009, I was convinced that "God" was "hand feeding" me the mysteries of the ages; the secrets of the book of Revelation. During that period of time in my life, synchronicities occurred on a regular basis, increasing in their degree of "un-believability" and awe with each new "revelation", almost as if to confirm the theories/interpretations that were forming in my head about "what was to come". Now I've been coming to this forum on and off for greater than 6 years (as JustMy2Cents and Behold777, you'll find a number of posts by me as JustMy2Cents, a few on this very same topic even; the reason for the 2 usernames is that I lost the password to the first and no longer had access to the email address for a password reset).
Every so often I would post some of these "personal revelations", usually being a bit reserved when sharing "the prophecies". Of course, not a single prophecy that I ever made came true, and with each failure I felt like an absolute fool, but there was always an excuse to explain why the prophecy failed, and why the dates needed to be pushed further out. (Classic denial, yeah I know). So, because the dates play a CRITICAL role in these synchronicities, I must now list the dates that I arrived at, through "HIS GUIDANCE!", for the coming of the "Savior":

06/08/2004 during the Venus Transit, I came to believe that during this date the "Savior" would crush the industrialized nations by trampling the G8 Summit.

10/24/2005 when the magical fairies failed to show up, I was decimated and confused (WHAT HAPPENED GOD? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SHARING WITH ME? NAH DUDE, THAT WAS JUST A TEST TO SEE IF YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION! THE REAL DATE OF MY SON'S ARRIVAL IS DURING THE SOLEMN ASSEMBLY IN 2005 AFTER JUPITER IS IN TRANSIT, the star standing in the sun, Revelation 19, is Jupiter stupid, not Venus)

(Very important note here; for those not aware, Jesus Christ super star never showed up on either date)

Ok, enough with the "joke was on me" pity party, there are yet 3 more pieces of information to list before I can talk about the insanity which became my life:


posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 05:01 AM
1. Though I was ready to give up trying to know the secret future which was only for God to know, I eventually became enthralled once again with the idea of finding other secrets of God, this time, through the "Bible Code". I spent the ENTIRE year of 2006 finding more and more details of this one specific "code", an 11 by 11 box found in the book of Ezekiel when the letters of the book are arranged into a grid with 777 columns. Eventually, I became so convinced that the code was the real thing, that I ACTUALLY SENT THE WHITE HOUSE AN EMAIL, because the subject of the code was none other than POTUS (Bush) himself. You can actually read more about this and about me here:
I leave this blog up for one reason ONLY, to serve as a reminder to MYSELF that I really went through all of this! I created 2 videos, a long version, which you can review if you follow the link, and a short version. These 2 videos I posted to YouTube (I removed them January 20th, 2009, when Obama became POTUS and Bush was not killed in office in a fiery blast like I expected)

2. Before I became "born again" in 2002, I had my first child August 1998. Now, an absolutely AWESOME thing occurred on 11/12/1997. I FELT MY DAUGHTER COME INTO EXISTENSE!!! Say whatever the heck you want; I know exactly how this sounds, but it is what it is, I was there, and you were not. I have never had a feeling like that before or after that date, and I have 2 other children that were born after my daughter. There is NO WAY to describe it other than to say that on that day, DURING love making with the woman that is now, but was not then, my wife, I SAW FLAMES IN HER EYES, AND I FELT A LONGING TO JUMP INTO THE FLAMES. I knew at that moment I would do ANYTHING for my wife. I attributed the feeling at first to an inexpressible all encompassing love toward my wife. It wasn't till my daughter was born 9 months later that I did the math and came to realize that what had actually happened was that I felt the very conception of my first born. (Laugh all you want, 99.99% of all humanity could only wish to feel what I felt on that day)

3. Two more dates, I was born 4/14/1971 and my wife was born 1044 days after me on 2/21/1974.

OK, so enough background, now for the actual "INSANITY", and remember, this comes as a climax on top of ever increasing synchronicities during those years!

It started when the market closed on Friday, August 22, 2008. The NASDAQ read 5414.71 and the difference from the previous day was 3.43 . I could "see" that my birthday was "perhaps symbolically contained" within (see the 414.71?), as well, 777 was "perhaps symbolically alluded to; 343 is 7*7*7); now this WAS NOT a really big deal at all (I'm not so dull as to make a big deal of something this trivial).
However, because of the number of other "coincidences" that had occurred, I had an open mind to the possibility that something additional might happen that weekend to tie in with the NASDAQ coincidence; so it was simply a "hmmm, I wonder what else the weekend might bring" moment on that Friday.

Then it happened, on August 24th, 2008, a "thing" occurred that simply CANNOT OCCUR! I still revisit this subject every so often because I CANNOT get it out of my head. (In fact, in the last 12 months I've confessed to my wife that I have wanted to seek therapy; what I have not confessed to her is that sometimes while driving home from work at 1am I think about crashing my car into a pole at 100 miles per hour to wake up from this "reality", which I am NOT 100 percent convinced is not some grand dream I am having while in some sought of comatose state, and the only exit from the dream would be death.)


posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 05:01 AM
That Saturday morning, EARLY sometime after midnight, the statistics for the 2 videos I had posted on YouTube were 1044 views for the 8 minute video and 1859 views for the condensed version. To all of you, those numbers are meaningless. But to me, well, CHECK IT OUT as I bring back the dates mentioned earlier in the post:

1044 is the number of days between my DOB, 4/14/1971 and my wife's DOB, 2/21/1974. (Till THIS DAY I tell my wife that our coming together was PLANNED by some conscious force that still eludes me till today.)
1044 IS ALSO 414 in hexadecimal (check out the video to see why hexadecimal plays a role in my "coincidences")

1859 MEANS NOTHING WHATSOEVER, but add it to 1044 and you get 2903, which again is another number that means zippo to you, but to me:

2903 / 7 = 414.714285... (do you see my birthday AGAIN?) Now why divide by 7, because
2903 IS THE NUMBER OF DAYS BETWEEN 11/12/1997, the date my first born was conceived, AND 10/24/2005, my second prediction for the return of Jesus. IN OTHER WORDS, 414.71 WEEKS would pass between the MOST significant date of my entire life and the date I thought Christ would come back, OH AND BY THE WAY, JUST TO FREAK ME OUT EVEN FURTHER, BETWEEN 11/12/1997 AND 6/8/2004, my first prediction, IS 343 WEEKS!!! In the first few days of October 2005 I became aware of this by some "force" telling me to do the calculation. This is one reason why I JUST KNEW JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR WAS ABSOLUTELY COMING BACK ON 10/24/2005, cause God gave me a sign back in 11/12/97. It was all "predestined" (NOT)

Well, as if that were not enough, my inquisitive, calculating self, performed another calculation on 8/24/2008 when I saw the YouTube numbers and the NASDAQ numbers, I subtracted 414 days from 8/24/2008. You know what I got? Go ahead, do the numbers yourself, SUBTRACT 414 DAYS FROM 8/24/2008, YOU GET 7/7/2007 !!!!!!!!

So someone calculate for me PLEASE the odds that:
On 8/24/2008, exactly 414 days after 7/7/07, the viewing statistics of 2 videos that I made about a bible code encoded in 777 columns, would be 1044, a number that already is significant to me, and 1859, a number which when added to the other comes out to EXACTLY 2903, which again is a number that is EXTREMELY significant to me. AND that this would all happen on a weekend where the NASDAQ closed at 5414.71 having a 3.43 percent difference from the prior day.

Oh there’s more, there's SO MUCH MORE !!!

I posted the videos on 6/8/2008 on purpose because that date, June 8th, had some significance to me. Well, guess what, do some more math, 8/24/2008 is the 77th day that the videos were out!!!


On August 29th, 2008, which just so happens to be the first day of the new year in the Jewish calendar, the DOW plummets 777 points! AND THAT WAS 7 PERCENT!!


Add 777 weeks to 11/12/1997, you get 10/3/2012, and that is when I will be 41.471 years old.
Add 777 months, 77 weeks, and 7 days, to GEORGE W BUSH'S BIRTHDAY, 7/6/1946, YOU GET 10/3/2012 !!!!

And I haven't even told you about all the other synchronicities that happened to me between 2002 and 2009.
What am I to make of all this?
What, something predestined my birth, my wife's birth, my daughter's birth, GWB's birth, put a code in the bible, and planned to "guide" me through all these synchronicities when the time was right. For what, nothing came true. The only thing I can make of it all is

This world CANNOT BE REAL !!!

EDITED TO CORRECT THE DATE OF THE 777 POINT PLUMMET IN 2008, it occurred on September 29, which IS YOM KIPPUR! Not August 29.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 05:42 AM
I had been trying to find a copy of a book for some time.

Went to a yard sale just blocks from my home. The guy had a small box of books, just a few and wouldnt you know it there was this book....for .25 cents...

Had to buy some parts for a thing...was going to order the parts that afternoon, had been planing it...just got paid....on the way home stoped at a home auction and low and behold there was a like new thing just like it and saved big money plus it had accessory parts I didnt have. In fact didnt even switch parts just hooked up the whole new unit for under half of what the few new parts would have cost.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 06:00 AM
I hadn't had a synchronicity in a while until I'd read this thread a few days ago. Then two nights ago I watched the sci-fi horror classic 'The Thing' starring Kurt Russell, which reatures a shape-shifting alien located in Antarctica. Last night I picked up a novel I'd been reading and only then had I realised that at that point in the novel, the team of heroes were in the process of heading to Antarctica in order to fight an invasion of shape-shifting aliens. The 'coincidence' was somehow made less startling by the fact that one of the characters in the novel referenced the 'The Thing'.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 07:14 AM
After reading the last 2 posts I felt I had to add a few more minor synchronicities since they relate directly to those experiences.

First with the yard sale - I'm gearing up to have a yard sale here this Saturday, and I just got through organizing the old books I'm selling. I just made $1, $2, and $5 piles (prices are steep here in sydney) and put them in cardboard boxes used to pack vegetables in. Anyway I thought it odd books, boxes and a yard sale was mentioned...

But then in the next post 'The Thing' was mentioned. I also just finished going through some of my DVDs to sell, and the only one I considered selling was The Thing believe it or not. It was the last movie I watched before Alien (mentioned earlier) and I don't think I'll ever have any need to watch it again - the ending just didn't sit well with me...

Anyway, these synchronicities are fairly mundane, but the fact those things were mentioned above and I just had experiences relating to each is pretty neat.

**EDIT** to add this photo just to give my post some needed substance:

I just think maybe I should take a photo of the whole pile and see if any more things 'ring a bell' with any of you.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:32 AM
One day I watched on tv someone who was receiving a cellphone prank from someone who was pretending to be the one she liked.
The same thing happened to me that day, later, when I received the same prank.

Today my mother told me something I didn't heard. The tv was saying the same thing I thought " Sorry I didn't heard you " in that same moment.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 06:39 PM
I, too, have experienced things like this in my life. I will hear a name of a person or a place on television, and then soon after when reading a book, I will come across the same name. Also, it seems like every time I go upstairs in my house, my daughter will call and I'll have to go right back downstairs. It's gotten so bad that before going upstairs now, I will call her first to make sure that she doesn't want anything. We seem to have some sort of psychic thing going on between us.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 07:53 PM
My synchronistic events are usually meaningless and invariably involving automobiles.

This is an example that happens often.

I can go months without seeing a 65 Ford Mustang then in one day I will see 10.

And I can guarantee that when I go out tonite, I will see a 65 Ford Mustang.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:04 AM
It has been said that part of the first steps in a major social enlightenment is the mass awareness of the connection we all share, and up to this point known as coincidences. I have always looked at it as the pieces of a puzzle coming to a conclusion. At fist we were all scattered and apart, but nearing the end we are all noticing bigger pictures. As individuals we see this in very small ways, ie seeing someone you thought you would never see again in an unusual place. But the bigger picture we dont see is more like because of something that happened, now we have Obama as president.
The hardest decision for me personally is believing weather or not these happenings were predetermined like fate, or they are just merely random acts of oddness, like the infinite possibility theory would suggest. Maybe our universe, on our plane, in our dimension, thats just something that is increasingly common.
Still ,looking at it, it somehow makes me think of the end of a movie. You know know peoples motives, previously unveiled actions, and intentions. What next? fin... the credits... I guess we'll see

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:09 AM
I was sleeping against the head rest of my bed when in my sleep I saw a black car full of people pull into my driveway..I awoke and looked in my driveway just in time to see them pulling in my driveway..I guess you could say I saw 10 seconds in the future.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 07:08 PM
Haha this thread reminds me that we all have a distant connection.
Anywho onto my own experiences...

The first experience saved my life and made me question much about existence. I was travelling home on my bike from town and stopped at a red light, i always cycle through when the light is on the transition from red to orange to avoid turning traffic. Anyway i noticed the light turn orange and as i went to put my foot on the peddle to cycle through i noticed my shoelace was undone, so i stopped to tie my shoelace and as i was just about to tie about 3 seconds from the light switching from red to orange a car sped through the cross junction and had gone through a red light! If i had cycled through as i normally do and if i had not noticed my shoelace undone i would most certainly have been knocked down!

Another experience happened just today infact! I had just finished doing some gardening and i thought, what a lovely day for a BBQ, and just as i was walking in the house for a drink, the phone rang and it was a friend asking if i wanted to host a BBQ if he paid for the beer!

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 07:39 PM
Me and my mom have that happen to us alot..only dealing with people. Hers happen in dreams. For instance she had a dream about an old friend from highschool and about the girls mother. In the dream she called the girl from school and talked to her. When my mom woke up, she remembered the number and actually talked to the girl. IT WAS THE SAME NUMBER. To find out that the womans mother had just recently passed away.
I for example kept having this guy I used to go to school with, keep popping in my head and i couldnt figure out why because i hadnt thought about him since we graduated. Couple days later I find out randomly that he had died in a boating accident...odd things like that happen ALOT

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 08:08 AM
i too also always see these things happening, nearly once a month i would say, sometimes more regular. For instance, now this sounds a little silly, but i often find myself, at times of extreme boredom, thinking about a funny episode of the simpsons. Dont ask why, i have a strange sense of humour. Thing is, i might be thinkiing of something Homer said, laugh to myself and remind myself to watch the simpsons that day. I usually forget about thinking of the funny thing Homer said till i am watching it that day and its the same episode thats on that i was thinking about. It has got so common for me i dont even consider it odd now.

I also see things happening around me that i feel have happend before. Not exactly deja vu, though i do experince that, its more like i feel things repeat themselves. Its hard to explain as i dont really understand it myself. Its as if things are meant to happen, and there is no chnaging it. Sort of like destiny i suppose, though i like to think myself in charge of my own life. But i am starting to think things do happen for a reason now.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 09:48 AM
This is almost unbelievable, the odds of this happening boggle my mind. My friend gave me some unopened
packets of Star Trek cards from the original series. She was getting ready for a yard sale when she found them.
The next day I had some of them in my pocket to look at when we were slow at work. (I was a cashier).
I knew which card was on top in my pocket because that was the next one I was going to read.
A British family came through my line and I asked them about Dr. Who because I'm a big fan of that show also.
Well the lady said her daughter used to be scared of Dr.Who at times because some of the aliens are pretty scary. Then she said her daughter was even more scared of a Star Trek alien. She described it as "a sort of disembodied head with glowing eyes". I whipped out my next card and said "Was this the dude"? She said "Oh my Lord that's the one"! We all were stunned!

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by SomethinHelpUs

These sort of they go beyond what most of us are talking about. Thats a gift of sorts.

They guy that noticed his shoe was untied...thats a gift as well.

Higher powers at work here...or outside powers...outside this realm looking on protecting sometimes communicating.

True story. Hadnt seen an old pal in 25 years. I lived say 35 miles away from the old town, but he had moved anyway.

Saw a man walking at the mall parking lot. Sure it was him. Yelled at him and walked over very fast. But is wasnt him. Looked close enough to be his brother.

Not long after that I ran into the real guy....delivering food to his apartment....that was just across the street and in the same direction the other guy had been walking. I would say about 500yards away.

This reunite did not end well in the days that followed however. It really would have been better, for me anyway, to have not crossed his path again.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 11:35 AM
Yesterday my GF and I were talking about the lack of snakes we had seen this summer, [ We live in a semi rural area] as we pull into a 7/11 to get some coffee. Standing in line to pay, infront of us was a man wearing a Tshirt with a huge graphic of a rattle snake.

Seemingly trivial reminders that the matrix exist; At least on some level and that reality is not just random chaos.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by Logarock

i have a whole list of other things along those lines that happen to me, Iv tried researchin it but never can find anythin remotly close to what happens to me

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by Hatcookie
This thread was a great idea, I can't wait to hear about everyones experiences!

I was randomly thinking about what ever happened to a friend I went to highschool with and hadn't seen for 7 years. I was walking to the mall via a path near my house that same day and of course ran into him coming in the oposite direction. The best part is, when I told him how odd the whole situation was he agreed because apparently he had been thinking about me too!

Kinda makes you wonder about how connected we all really are sometimes.

The same thing happened to me yesterday! I was wondering about a friend of mine from high school with whom I hadn't spoken since then. Next thing I know, there he is as I walk into the supermarket.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by SomethinHelpUs
reply to post by Logarock

i have a whole list of other things along those lines that happen to me, Iv tried researchin it but never can find anythin remotly close to what happens to me

Sounds like a case of very sensitive ESP....anybody remember that term? Its got some baggage attached to it but in its simplist meaning...its just Extra Sensory Perception....not talking about a medium... advanced in some folks as a general or specific receptor.

Like if say you are at the store and someone is hurt at home suddenly you know it and run home. Thats very simple. Maybe to some level this can happen to us all but some have way more than their fair share. Some will say there is no way one could know these things outside of a third party. This may or may not be the case as it has been documented that dogs are sometimes aware of things happening to thier owners miles away...and it is not clear why a third party would be communicating with a dog. It may be closer to the truth that certain emantations of the spirt of a person in troble can be picked up by loved ones or others for that matter miles away.

However in the case of your mother getting a phone number in a dream....well thats very hard to explain with the above. Keeping it simple I would say that someone thought it was very important that your mother call the woman to encourage or whatever. It may have been a gerneral message sent out to a number of folks and your mom picked it up while most disregarded it or didnt get it. It may have been very specific because it was possible your mom is a known strong receptor. But these things rarely work alone and this sounds very personal specific. Can you think of some specific encouragment your mom gave the woman? The dream was facinating but the more important info was in the contact your mother made when see called. I ask this because it is very very rare that a stranger ever gets such message in a dream to tell someone they dont even know...something. And as it was all your mom got was the basic message to call and heres the number. So the rest of the story has to be in the conversation. Did your mom tell her about the dream? The number? This would have confirmed to the woman at the very least, but there was probably more, that someone was trying to tell her that there was life after death. A rare privilege indeed for the living...and rare for the deceased in the level of this case.

Just going by what you have said here. I cannot discern if its a true story.... or not.

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