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How many have felt the calling?

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
I am curious how many of you in the past few months or within the next few months has or is planning to stand apart from the old and expose corruption and lies within any facet of your lives?

Recently, I have had a sort of convergence of everything I have learned in life about corruption and lies, come to me in a nice little package. I feel like there was an opportunity presented to me that I could not look away, that I felt compelled to act, as if I were supposed to--as if I had been trained to. What happens next is unknown, but I have firmly stepped out onto a limb that in previous times I would have been hesitant about doing through fear of my own failure.

While I won't get into what I feel my particular mission or quest is, I do feel that this package of circumstances was my mission at this time on earth. How many others are being presented with packages of circumstances that require you to act on, that validate all your life circumstances and experiences? Please share.

Pardner, I've been on this trip since Ruby Ridge,Waco, and OKC back in the 90's. Thats what woke me up out of a sleep.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by ATC_GOD

Originally posted by agentofchaos
reply to post by ATC_GOD

Awwww, what's the matter? Feeling left out, because you don't hear a calling? So, it's time to hate on people that have had similar feelings to the OP? I think someone has some growing up to do...

I would love to be selected by the divine to spread this love and happiness and even pass out flowers at the airport in a little orange toga!

In fact....Im on my way there now.

ATC_GOD begins his quest to awesomeness!!!

There is no selection, everyone is the selection - everyone and everything is the divine.

Each path is unique to each individual but all paths eventually lead to the same.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:38 PM
This post is eery, to me. Just a few comments.

AwareOne, your story could have been mine, over the last 2 weeks, 20 years, and all sorts of other stuff. My whole life led here ... way wierd. I've got an online account of it, pm me.

ProtoPlasmicTraveller, good luck sir, and i think lord bottom is about to have a bad day
May God be with you.

ExPostFacto, thank you for sharing this. I concur with your observations about, hmmmm, destiny? Common destiny? Maybe a jungian subconscious thing going down?

I have come to the conclusion that the bible is accurate. PT will disagree, but i think the universe is actually bizarre enough for it to be so. 2 things i have become absolutely sure of: God exists, Jesus is His Son, and love makes the world go round *grin*.

I hope you don't write me off, because of either of the above, but there is a spiritual awakening that is happening now, read these comments before me for confirmation, peope KNOW. Right wrong they know. There is a climax building around us, and i cannot even tell how far up the slope we are yet, but "Big Darkness, soon come. " (Hunter S Thompson)

PT: Jesus kept saying: "Let no man decieve you", "take care that no man deceive you" ... all their works, all deception. And we poor sods are the deceiveded (ees?) The serpent deceived the woman. And the woman deceived the man. And the man deceives everyone, including himself.

I have firmly given my life to God, and i know it's going to be fun, we are all souls who chose to come witness these days, and influence them too. The goal is souls, each and every one of us is infinitely beautiful, if we choose to be.

peace and love

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:40 PM
On Thursday - this last Thursday - I finished the first full draft of a book that presents a very new way of approaching the elemental aspects of existence and how these aspects define our relationship with a creator being that did bring all of what we know into physical existence. 117,497 words, with no filler, and nothing like it has ever been published before. Within a month's time, it will be available for scrutiny.

It's something that's been hammering me for 12 years, and in the conscious areas of my mind for over 30 years. I don't think there is a "calling", but I think that some people are interested in the kinds of things that profoundly affect a large amount of people, and thereby affect how those people impact the world around them. If that deep and abiding interest in impacting issues is what this calling is, then there seems to be a heck of a lot of people who are now being called.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:40 PM
double post - sorry

[edit on 10-7-2010 by NorEaster]

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

Yep that is what a calling is. Like you are led to that point. Where you get it, and understand why.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by killuminati88

I'm as law abiding as they come. One day, I was going to get donuts, an agent approached my parked private property. I would not speak to him. My windows were up the doors were locked and I would not speak or acknowledge him.

Hours later, many agents later, an ambulance, a fire truck and firefighters later, they decided to bust the window and remove me from my private property. They did. Called it a Class B, and labeled it 'interfering with the obligations of a public servant'.

Detained me for hours. Never offered a phone call, never offered anything. I sat and stared at the wall for hours and when I spoke I said "I do not understand why you've trespassed against me, I've done nothing wrong".

I became missing to family and friends, police said they did not have me, hospitals said they did not have me. Late that night, after an officer came out to the home, he disclosed that they had me. My family was mad.

meanwhile, I'm sitting there, not speaking, not laying down, not talking to anyone, not contracting. If they want me to move, they have to come get me, handcuff me, and move me. I never answered to the name they called me.

By the next day while in the psych ward, I started saying, 'release me. I've been kidnapped'.
Long story, but when I finally spoke, i told them, I was a traveler doing the work of the Creator, and I did not recognize their agent and I had a right to remain silent. They asked why I would not eat their dinner and breakfast, i told them, I didn't want it and I belong there.

They rushed to release me, but had to account for the 26+ hours they had me undocumented. Wanted to book and release. When I refused, they wanted to commit me to a mental hospital.

I agreed to sign, from then on, I struck through Defendant where ever it was written and put 'non-resident alien' and then before I signed, I wrote 'at arm's length', and signed.
Every Inmate or Defendant word was changed to non-resident alien before signature.

I got a PR bond where the fee was waived. I signed booking and release papers in one sitting. I'm sure I messed them up by not belonging to them as a non-resident alien, and they held me that long.

Get to court and the judge tries to create the contract. I made sure I didn't understand. I changed things to non-resident alien and wrote 'at arm's length' and then signed. No I'm not a US citizen. (I know what that means)

Since they could not get me to contract, they told me I didn't understand and at no cost to me they'd 'give' me a court appointed attorney and rescheduled the court date.

So the 'court appointed attorney' they gave me never contacted me, and I don't plan to give them in personam jurisdiction by communicating with 'their' attorney.

On the return date, I can remain silent, since there is no dispute.
Someone has to pay for all the resources used to take my liberties.
I'm not going to argue about the destroyed property or the illegal detention of a real woman who does not belong to their jurisdiction nor their system.

Let their agent or their court appointed attorney do the jail time.

I am free, have always been free, and was not free when I was kidnapped and told I would be committed to a mental hospital if I didn't agree to sign their documents.

Corruption at its worst. But it opened the eyes of many who 'trusted' the legal system and never thought it was corrupt.

They threw out a big net and caught a 'christ conscious'.
I will NEVER be the enemy, ever.

I spread so much love up and down the floors of that prison, sending love energy on every person on every floor, for hours and hours and hours. I know they was trying to figure out what changed in their prison and get me out of there as soon as possible.

I forgive them for not knowing what they were doing, as they 'just did their job'. But I have a calling and I can conquer their hearts with Love

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:48 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
reply to post by MilzGatez

Thank you for sharing this. That is right they make the rule book we play by, but who ever consented to that rule book. They break the rules constantly and nobody holds them up for two years.

No problem...

As they violating my rights, we shall violate their rights in due time, this entire system will fall like Rome did and once that happens and it will happen, We will change those same corrupted rules to our inalienable rights and change how the legal rights and laws for the better for man-kind.

Independence is within us

When will we have a new Independence Day? Soon I hope

and since on the subject.. 4th Of July was a big joke here in the city, Cops on every corner doing the norm in the urban areas, Big Brother was watching all of us, from the sky, from the camera's, to the street cops to undercovers (which one was right in front of me, They arent good masking themselves as a normal civilian on the streets) and their car units (marked and unmarked).

I said to myself and to others that night.... " Wasnt today we fought for our freedom? the day we became free men with equal rights? then why does it seem like we still arent free and force quietly as modern-slaves? Do we really need to be watched?"

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:50 PM
I have been "christian" practicing growing learning since early 2004. Last year I was in the shower where I have my time alone with God and I felt a smack in the back of my head. Man it smarted. Seriously, and I knew exactly what it was but not to the extent that I could have imagined on that day would be happening within me now.
It was my awakening. It has been a quick path that seems unstoppable. Although I knew much before the puzzle just didn't fit together. I was more of a voyeur collecting information. I saw the towers fall on 9/11. I saw NO military response for almost 12 hours. When I questioned about it, it was always, there weren't any orders.
I have the luxury of being in contact with many people from many walks of life. We do need to fear the muslims, not all but the extreme. I have been within the community on two separate spans with two totally different people. Both wonderful caring individuals. One raised and one converted too. But there is another side to it. The one we are forced to deny. The angry barbaric side. The one who will kill in the name a Jihad. That is the one that I am knowing more and more now. Not here in America yet, but from my friends and family throughout the corners of the world. In the Phillipines, in England, in Canada, in South America and especially in the Middle East.
There is a war raging on and most of us are sitting comfortably in our chairs watching silently as the sheeple are lead to the slaughter.
I am of average intelligence, I drank some Kool-aid for most of my life. I am only starting to be more aware and scared. Not for myself but for others who are helpless victims to this slaughter.
Obama is setting us up as a country. Please follow this domino fall of thought. He honors the Islamic community and muslims. He is even now wanting them to be put into history books for all the good they have done for the world. He is taking away from the true heroes and giving this to Islam. (The bible told about Ishmal and his descendants being as wild as donkeys) America is under the umbrella of Obama. What he says the world believes WE say. We are standing by as WATCHERS because too many have drank too much Kool aid from the government from religious institutions from educational propaganda and so on and so forth. What can we do? What should we do? When do we sell our coats for a sword?
I am physically disabled, seriously with a back injury. That prevents me from standing at tea parties and what nots asking the hard questions in front of everyone. But that also opens the door for me to give out information freely to anyone who cares to listen. Here on this site, I tend to gather information at this point making little tidbits here and there. I am a newbee here, just lost my cherry yesterday. But I am impressed. Thank you all for your civilized debates... 8)

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 02:53 PM
I do not feel the drive or compulsion that you describe in the OP. I have felt a kind of "ultimate purpose" from time to time, but I have experienced that since birth. Nothing special in the last few months.

It's probably easy to feel that something in your life is culminating. Everyone is constantly growing and changing. And most people can look back a few months, then look at where they are now, and realize that there is indeed a path that has been followed which continues into your future.

Or maybe you guys are just more sensitive than me =)

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by ATC_GOD
Hey everybody guess what? Im awesome!

Post 2.
O cool your awesome and I am awesome 2

Post 3.
Well you guys sure are awesome! Me too wonder how many others are as awesome as us?


I am amazed at the amount of awesomeness resounding through the membership here.

So folks... Where is this calling comming from hmm? Is some entity asking you to start standing up for all that is good and right? You have been called!

Just Awesome.

so, whats your point? Do you think everyone feels the same way. Do you think people sit there and watch x factor, or the daily soaps or the popular celeb mags, and after, think they same way as some people on here do?

So, what do you really think?

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by Jay-morris

Originally posted by ATC_GOD
So, what do you really think?

I think that we are on the brink of understanding that we are not alone, it isn't in the vastness of space but of different dimensions of time and space. I think that as the secrets from behind the scene come into light and as the poor many sheeple are lead to the slaughter that we are going to have bigger and bigger questions. We are going to DEMAND answers. I find it ironic how far we have come forward but how easily we are loosing our civil liberties. I really believe that things are coming into light that even my grandparents wouldn't have imagined would be the truth. Like Kennedy. Oh, my grandparents loved that man. Little did they really know about him or his ties with the cartel and up until their death, wouldn't hear of such things. I would be told I was back sassing if I brought it up.

I truly believe that there is more at work here than we realize. I believe in One True God, the Mighty I am. The same yesterday today and tomorrow. I hold tight to that knowledge even as fear strikes heart at my heart.

I think things are going to be changing quickly in what we know today compared to what life will be like tomorrow. Private Prisons are popping up all over america. WHY? The UN wanting to strip us of our rights to bare arms. Outside police patrolling our streets. Other government police, like Russia was with Germany. Following behind so non of the germans would back down. We have them here on U.S. Soil. So what I believe is we should be aware, use the fear to motivate us. Do our part!!!

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

This is an awesome showing of our personal power. Thank you for your service in challenging those things we have been in fear to challenge. I have no idea if your plan will work, but enough restless people looking for a way out of this hellhole might insert awaken someone. More power to you and I hope things work out for you and us as a whole.

I think your point that you are going to do something nobody else has tried is what this "calling" is all about. We are the ones we have waited for. We will succeed it is just a matter of time.

I am actually going to send out Press Release Notifications to the street mags and the Miami Herald and CNN promising them a spectacle that is news worthy.

Some of my friends have already stated they want to be there to see it.

I am looking to turn this into an event, that won't be limited to just those in the Court Room.

I am hoping a publication like New Times will come and do a lengthy article on it, examining all these things I am going to speak about.

I am in fact pretty excited to have this opportunity.

Time tells all, thanks for your well wishes and positive reinforcement!

If only we could all learn to support and encourage each other, in our own individual quests for freedom and understanding.


posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

.....and the 'I's have it.
May there be Truth and Light in all you do.
"I" salute you.

More importantly, 'U' will salute you.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:56 PM
I for one have always known what was coming and have tried to tell people this for years. I tried to disprove this, but have been unsuccessful
Cost me plenty, Been laughed at a lot and called all sorts of names over the years, those that did, dont anymore and instead wonder how I knew.
To some degree details and small eddys can be made to vary but the current is unstoppable. And no a better secular time is not coming, and yes the living will envy the dead soon enough.
Cheers, y'all

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 03:57 PM
As per the question posted here:

After having spent the first 40 years of my life being led down a pathway of religiondom or churchianity I have in the last couple of years slowly broken "out of her" as we are told we must do.

QadUWsha means "Set Apart". If I am understanding your question I have been called out or set apart these last many months. Slowly purifying myself.

As Commanded:

1. Having no other false elohim or gods before Him, realizing what those "false god's" are was the first step for me.

2. Not having idols, images or pagan things in my home. Purifying my entire home from all the filth and utter garbage heaped upon us by the world, music, movies, immoral things, paganistic items etc. Studying to find out what is pagan and what is pure as a follower of YAH.

3. Not making the name of YAHUWAH as worthless or vain. Making sure that I keep His Name as all important and declare it to others.

4 I know keep the Sabbath Day - 7th Day (Sat) as Set Apart for a Day of Rest unto YaHuWah.

5. Honoring our wise ones, our parents and those we should respect in humility.

6. I no longer believe it is right to murder people in the country or outside of this country. However this is different than defending my home or homeland. I believe offensively murdering for financial gain and power is wrong.

7 I do not commit adultery, in the flesh or in my thoughts. I have purified my house of immoral things and have fought to remove the sinful mental thoughts of immorality.

8. Stealing is not an option at any level. No cheating on taxes, No taking of funds from a store that might accidentally give me too much change or not scan an item. etc etc.

9. Big lies or Little Lies are not an option. Learning to not tell even little lies or so called white lies is the thing that I surprisingly was doing a lot more than I realized and that was one of my biggest personal battles.

10. Learning to not covet what I see on T.V. and all the material things I want but being content with what I have and make due with what I have.

11. Loving my YaHuWaH Eloah with all my heart, mind and soul. Learning to fast and pray intensely to Him. (miracles are brought on by this specifically! Matthew 17:21 tells us we MUST do this to cast out all evil that attacks us and those we love! Learning to love others as myself and give others more by giving materially and spiritually what I can.

12. Learning to Love my Brothers and Sisters the way YaHuW did when His Father YaHuWaH sent Him.

For more details on these check out my site. No Donations accepted thank you very much.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 04:07 PM

“...perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.”


posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 04:31 PM
Something has definitely happened to me. Whether or not it's a "calling" is another story. Sometimes I tell myself I'm losing my mind and need to seek help and others, I feel the most sane I've ever felt in my entire life.

My body has stopped being able to tolerate anything "unnatural" being put into it and now I'm obsessed with only consuming natural, healthy foods. Probably doesn't seem all that bizarre and sounds like a normal "phase" most people go through, but it's like a light has been switched on inside me and all of a sudden I REALISE now that we will only prosper in body and soul if we eat what grows naturally on this earth.

I also have this bizarre FORCE inside me that is telling me that "SOMETHING on a grand scale HAS to change" and if that something has to be "apocalyptic" then so be it, it NEEDS to happen. And it will. And it will be for our own good.

I've also had the most vivid dreams about everything being under water. In one of these dreams, I was on a beach with my baby son and the tide went out really far. I walked out to where the ocean used to be and my dead great grandfather was sitting at a table with my grandparents. It was a lucid dream because I thought to myself, "WOW, it's my great grandad! I wonder if I can touch him if I try?" and as I thought it, I reached down and gave him a hug. But he shoved me away and indicated that I should take my son and RUN, as fast as I possibly could and just KEEP RUNNING. SO I did and then I woke up. I felt like he was telling me what I need to do, when the time comes.

Anyway, sounds nuts written down but I guess we all know in ourselves what is normal and what is real etc.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 04:45 PM
Ah! Indeed, this urge to do, is a good first step! the next need is Unity

Unity! my friends,
brothers, and sisters,
fathers, and mothers

We all, as people, have a internal urge and momentum to do justice, when we see a common wrong in society,

but.. we must, as a humanity, must find a common grounds, after all we don't experience this calling the same as everyone els.

you cannot have a common unity without a common grounds..

my 2cents

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by sunaurora

Pretty much, there is pain in knowing, pain in life. Try knowing how your gonna die and it aint nice.
If you arnt already addicted to narcotics I can direct you to safe and inexpensive medical pain control that is easy. That you can research on the net, there's lots of info on it and it's being tested at Stanford and other places with good success for auto immune, fibro and crohns dz as well. Costs about 5 cents a day. Buy it generically from india if you want or get a script if you can find a doc smart enough to prescribe it for you. I take it as I'm very crippled myself and even cured my 12 yr old rottie dogs sarcoma with it after the vets could do no more because he couldnt walk or eat anymore. He's fine now. U2U me for more info if you want.

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