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How many have felt the calling?

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 04:53 PM
"Never tell anybody the truth." - George Hamilton.

That's not said lightly. He makes a point invested with wisdom. It still leaves room to make your world what you want it to be.

Maybe a corollary to Mr. Hamilton's injunction would be "Help people to have important realizations". Simply put, let them think it was their idea. Unless of course one's ego is too big for that.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by ipsedixit

What more would you expect from a hollywood phony? What other purpose but deception can automatically not telling the truth have. I'd rather the truth be made obvious so that response could be obvious.
Hollywood has done at least as much damage to the nation in a very short time as dear leader has.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 05:55 PM
I was very surprised to have a coworker start talking about 9/11 being a inside job with me on a lunch break just a few days ago. We have never talked about anything like that before, and I dont know why he decided to risk ridicule by starting to talk about it. This is one of the smartest IT guys in our department. He is in his thirties.

Maybe its just a coincidence, but it feels like ordinary people are realizing what has happened and is happening more than ever before. Lets hope they are. We need a lot of people to change this world for the better.

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by shamus78

The Coming Changes are near and will bring The Golden Age and the more of us that awaken to this will realise that we are never alone and that our Higher Self/The Family of Light are always guiding us into the LIGHT and always PROTECT us.

Love & Light.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:42 PM
Who are you? And, why should I tell you? No offence, I just don't feel like sharing my plans with just anyone who asks. You could be some shmuck from the DOD trolling for suspects as far as any of us know.
My advice to ATSers, keep your cards close to your chest as far as what you plan on doing .
As always, just my opinion that no one asked for.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by wirefly

Well, if you are talking about planning for some type of attack I think you just showed your cards. The point of the thread was about a spiritual calling. In my opinion, a spiritual calling has no violence and was not the intention of the thread. You are operating from an old world viewpoint. Check your premise and try again.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:03 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
reply to post by wirefly

Well, if you are talking about planning for some type of attack I think you just showed your cards. The point of the thread was about a spiritual calling. In my opinion, a spiritual calling has no violence and was not the intention of the thread. You are operating from an old world viewpoint. Check your premise and try again.

Plus its a Spiritual Battelfront that does not require anything of materilistic nature to be used as weapons. Like that of the millitary's who really do not understand that there weapons could be de-materilised in a puff* without even using any technology to dismantle it. A Spiritual Battlefront does not induce violence! Period.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Yes very well said, for this is illusion and testing grounds, and there is nothing worth resorting to the enemies means with. We need to stop being afriad and speak up, work together but see past the battleground.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by misha.baikal
I was just thinking about the same thing today...

I have noticed the new generation is much more aware and open-minded than the ones before. I talk to people a lot and I've noticed young people tend to be just minded and somewhat in the know about corruption and corporations influencing our laws and government decisions.

At the same time, this new generation has become too dependent on junkies like Hip-Hop, Reggaecrap, heavy metal and other music that talks nothing but evilness and corruptions, and then you talk to these same people and they will tell you that everything that is bad is good, and everything that is good is bad. Sounds like opposite minded people too me.

I am not condemning every one that is of the new generation because I am part of that generation being of 27 years of age, it was about 3 years ago that I realized how wrong was to listen to these junk music, and now, I have about 1 year that I dont partake in any world's religions.

Originally posted by misha.baikal
We are depended on this system. If you drive a car or use public transportation, you are contributing to the corporate oil industry, and there's NO WAY AROUND IT.

Ok, I would like to say something about this. You say that there is NO WAY AROUND driving a car in any shape way and form that does not consume OIL. What if I purchase a few sets of wood and construct my own car and then stuff in an efficient electric motor or an highly efficient electromagnetic pulsed motor made by me, followed by brakes and a good motor speed controller to control throttle. So, are you telling me that I wont be able to drive my own custom electic made car on the city of New York just because it does not require oil? I know I speaking in a situational form since I have not undertaken such projects YET, but I am a scientifically oriented person with lots of electronic skills and if I wanted to, I could successfully undertake such a project.

So, yes, I do fee that there IS A WAY AROUND IT.

Originally posted by misha.baikal
I mean, LOOK at what happened at Taco Bell when they ran out of free tacos. AMERICA WENT CRAZY!! It was all over the news... Seems like people really have their priorities straight, huh?

Yes, this illustrate the current state of most people, depending on junkies like Fast Food Restaurants, if McDonalds were to either remove one of their major items from their menus such as the Big Mac or the Cheese burger, of if they were to raise up their prices, the same exact thing would occur as well. People are willing to hammer up their minds with junk food just because they taste good. I am tired of seeing and hearing commercials of fast food restaurant telling people to "nourish their Passion" - the passion of the "good Taste" and people actually choosing good delicious tastes over their health. That's why there are too many cases of Diabetes, amongst other illness, I am sure that if people that actually have diabetes submit themselves to a Raw diet for 30 days, they can actually reverse diabetes, contrary to popular beliefs, "non curable" illness such as Diabetes, and other do have a definite cure, people just need to wise up on what they eat and choose a diet that wont jeopardize them.

Originally posted by misha.baikal
Meditation of 3500 people lowered violent crime in Washington DC by 25%?

THIS is the "weapon" they can never take from us.
And why isn't everyone talking about this and organizing MORE of these???

To get that much people to meditate would be a great challenge to all of use, enlightened beings, beings that actually knows what is going around them. Its almost an impossibility to get a hip-hop oriented youth to the good track and teach them to meditate, just think and daydream about that for a moment and you will understand, its almost impossible, its like teaching an animal good moral, or how to speak.

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:21 PM
In responce to harryhaller,

I thank you for the kind words and I would certainly pm you or U2U you, but I have not yet made enough posts (according to the ATS 20 posts policy rule) to be eligble to do that yet. I will be watching this thread if you wish to communicate here, or if you are aware of another method of private communication in ATS somehow, please let me know. I do apologize for this, I am rather new to the membership side of ATS. I thank you for your patience.

God bless & namaste

So it shall be.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:22 PM

I too "feel the call" which I guess is one of the main reasons I find myself on this site.
I have a very strong, insistant feeling that "something" is happening, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and things that seemed unrelated merely months ago, now seem to form a part of the larger puzzle.

I've had a feeling for years now that my reason for being here is to witness or take part in something huge. I've had no idea up to now what that might be but after a lot of soul-searching and book reading, asking profound questions and reading through the threads on this site the answer is slowly becomming clearer.

For now though I believe my main purpose in life is to spread love and happiness where I can and to ease the mental suffering of those around me, to meet and communicate with others and to do my little part to make the world a better place.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:52 PM
Since I ran up of characters available, I will amplify on some subjects I talked on my last post and those that I couldn't elaborate more or cover due to insufficient space.

One poster here mentioned that 3,500 people meditating in Washington, DC helped lower crimes by up to 25% (I haven't confirmed or validated that, but I would love to believe that). Here, where I live, most people are near to or on the poverty line, their kids -- you would imagine their current state of beings, living on the "ghetto", they have been exposed to too much junkies like Hip-hop music and its evil variations, and if that weren't enough, they have been exposed to violent video games, violent movies and TV shows, mind numbing home domestic TV programs like George lopez, iCarly, the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, and others. I can't blame these youths too harshly because I remember a couple of years back when I used to watch these shows, hear these musics, and made Chinese food and Mc Donalds one of my principal food of choice when I used to work in Brooklyn, NY about 6 years ago also at the same time, I used to go to Sunday church every week at my local catholic parish to sit down in a bench for an hour and a half to basically day dream and not pay attention to what the priest had to say, the reason why I used to attend mass was because a) my parents told me that I supposed to, and b) every one in my house was doing it, but it was always too boring for me to pay total attention, and then at home, when my parents would tell me what I learned today at church, I would be like "Umm, i forgot..." and then it would be like a comical moment.

I know what it is to be in the dark, mind dumbed side. I am 110% glad and happy that I have "found the light" and that I think outside the box, I have questioned everything, I started leaving these things like 1 by 1, it didn't all happen in 24 hours day/night situation, I think that what I first decided to leave was violent TV programming because I heard about they having subliminal messages, then that expanded to hip-hop music after I learned that they too had subliminal messages, and after questioning their lyrics and their purpose, I decided to make a stance against hip-hop and leave it completely, I completely deleted all of my MP3's collection I used to have on my PSP, and on my cell phone's memory stick.

Then, that expanded to the religion side, I began studying about Catholicism, and how it all began, then I stumbled on the fact that Rome Catholic had a schism with the Orthodox church some where on year 1020 (estimation), because of the "filioque" clause, how the Roman Catholic church added "and In the holy spirit" clause a few years after the bible scriptures were declared "Unchangeable", so at that time I decided that I was going to be orthodox since they were more inline with the scripture than the Roman catholics (but was never baptized, and in fact never attended an orthodox mass service, but stopped attending church). Then I began researching the bible, and found many contradictions there, the bible actually made no sense for me, it portrayed a God that had no problems with slave trade, most of the chapters were written by Kings (King Solomon, etc),I researched and made notice to serious flaws in the bible, and then the Jesus Story > when Poncious Pilate presented Jesus to the Jews and told them which you want to have free, Jesus the Savior, or Jesus Barabbas (in the original text, Barabbas's full name was Jesus Barabbas), the public chosed Jesus Barabbas. The problem was that Barabba was one of the many words that were never translated from its original Greek to English. The Word Bar means Son, or Son of the, and the word abba means Father, so Barabbas is greek for "Son of the Father", so this would means, that Pilate liberated Jesus Son of the Father and at the same time condemned Jesus the Savior (which is understood to be Son of the Father as well). This made absolute no sense to me (continued)

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:06 PM
I believe every single person on this earth has a calling, whether it was pre-planned, or made yourself, everyone has a purpose or multiple purposes, and it can be anything!

Ive felt a calling ever since I was very young, and it took alot of time to understand it.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:12 PM

Originally posted by Perseus Apex
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

.....and the 'I's have it.
May there be Truth and Light in all you do.
"I" salute you.

More importantly, 'U' will salute you.

Thank you my friend. Clearly there are few people who don’t know either through effect or instinct that the way our world is being run is fundamentally flawed.

Where so many of us fail, is we tend to point fingers at who is running the system, and blaming them, thinking that voting them out of office, or firing them will result in someone who will run the system so it works.

That left right divide, that never actually permits for the system itself to be questioned as a good one, because we are always told, we have the best system of governance and business in the world! You are freer here than anywhere else.

So if there are problems, it’s not with the system, it’s the people running the system. Pick some new people and the system will work if they are honest and hardworking.

No the system is flawed, and while many of us know the system is flawed, and in fact designed to get bad results for the average person and great results for the people on the top of the pyramid, few of us, are prepared to question the system to the system.

Question it with one another yes, complain about it yes, but when that moment of truth arrives, where we then run face on with the system and are about to be mowed under by it, disenfranchised by it, ill considered by it, and generally harmed by it, we acquiesce and submit and proceed through that whole process obeying and never questioning the system and it’s rules and who it really benefits and why and to what extent.

This will never change until some of us begin to stand up to the system and expose it to its agents and officers and operators and principles for exactly what it is, by speaking honestly to it, in that official environment where the system normally holds sway and imposes it’s will.

Pioneers and revolutionaries, renascence men and avant-garde thinkers who do this normally pay a price, and are often persecuted by the system. Yet as we look back at known history it is their example and sacrifices that often lead to some real attempt to change and come up with a better and more favorable system.

While the system has the physical might to impose it’s will, and employ a might makes right mentality, it can’t actually convince people that is right, when someone has exposed how the wrongness of the system and it’s deficiencies actually lead to the only way it can work is for the people at the top of the pyramid who impose it by force, and telling the masses it’s a great system, and if it isn’t working it’s one politicians fault, or one mangers fault etc., etc.

Once someone honestly exposes, in ways that people can no longer subscribe to that lie, and leads by that example more and more people begin to honestly speak up and out, and act up and out to eventually effect real change.

The people who do that, lead the way, innovate, challenge, expose, are often seen as villains at the time and portrayed as villains at the time, and pay a penalty at the time, as the state seeks to make that part of it’s might makes right system of governance.

Yet in time as people change their perspectives once being exposed to the truth, and instinctively recognizing what it is, and begin to empathize and even feel sympathy with those who dared to defy it and make the world a better place, history makes them heroes.

The truth is we would all like to be heroes, but few are prepared to be first cast a villain and suffer the consequences of that to make the world a better place.

In a world where people are taught to measure risk versus reward in their actions, and to pursue rewards in the form of immediate payment and gratification few are willing to gamble on actions where the risks far outweigh the rewards of taking that path of being portrayed as a villain, insane, and a danger and suffering the State’s ire and displeasure, as their sole reward.

This is why the world is slow to change.

We stand at a rather unique crossroads in time, as humanity is truly split evolving into two different directions, the Powers that Be, and those who seek absolution and protection from the State through compliance to its every demand and action want a New World Order that includes less freedom, less individuality, less personal reward.

While many of us want the world to become a truly more spiritual place where we help and freely share with one other out of love instead of a desire to profit, and evolve and grow along a more universal path by better understanding and defining our place in it and the best of what is inside us. To end the fierce competitions and hording and cruelty to help everyone achieve peace and love and quality of life and to forgive those transgressions of the past, and those who committed them, so we can all finally move forward and enjoy that.

They are two opposite schools of thought, and the Powers that Be have the distinct advantage in that they control and define the system to serve them to realizing that end, and the logistics and resources that make life possible for just about all of us to use as leverage.

I know the direction I want to go, and I like all of us, need to get busy going there.

So once more, I am going to take on the system and risk my status, and position in life to do it.

My only reward for that might just be knowing I did the truly honest thing in doing it.

What a shame we live in a world that employs a system where people have come to believe that the most tangible rewards are those physical and superficial ones, and that acquiring them through less than honest means is a necessity that is justifiable and preferable.

I would like to change all that, to change the system, and I do believe it can be changed, but someone has to try.

I know most people aren’t going to, even though they might love to and even want to, so that does leave it to me, and whether I honestly want to abdicate in that same fashion.

The truth is I don’t so I am going for it. I am going to take on the system, and speak truth to power, and let the chips fall where they may.

Thanks for the well wishes, the truth is I am not going to be doing this just for myself, but for everyone I love and care about, which just so happens to be the entire planet and everyone and everything on it.

There has got to be a better way, but we will never find it or arrive at it, until we are honest with our selves and one other in regards to where we are now.

We can make the world a better place, we have but to try!

Thanks my friend.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:13 PM
(Continued)... So because after decoding the meaning of Barabbas in the bible, thanks to many of my research and re-research to validate those of my previous research because I never like to just go by one source. I decided that the bible were written by mostly early rulers who decided to invent the "God" thing to scare and control their population. It is like me (being a King in this example) I decide to make a new rule that say that people have to give me8% of income tax of what ever they earns, but then I begin thinking of a way to ensure that my rule would be effective the maximum way possible and I invest a way: I decide to invent the God concept and tell people that it was God that said that the people have to pay me 8% of Tax for all of their income, and failing to comply would ensure an eternity of torture in a place call Hell after you die. Then I decide to found a church, to create more rule and laws and say that God created them, I tell people that are members of my new church that they have to pay me 10% of their income every Sunday, so that they can be OK with God, and or course I tell them that they have to confess their sins to me or to an appointed agent (priest) (so I can know who breaks my laws), so now, I am King and I am pope at the same time.

Believe it or not, the Pope is like the world's Kind now, anything that the pope dictate all world wide Catholics will follow, so the pope has billions of people that are willing to obey the Pope's orders unconditionally (for me, that sounds like the one world's government (The Roman Catholic Church) is already implemented and people just don't know about it)

So, after I made lots of discoveries on my own and thanks to many researches online, I have decided that I was not going to follow any religions, that I was going to continue to believe that a higher being does exist, just not the God that the worldly religious portrays it to be, and that I am going to rediscover my self, my mission is finding out who I really am, to awaken spiritually, I try to meditate every single night, to accomplish goals such as Astral Projection, OOBE, and to open up my 3rd eye.

Now, I try to eat only healthy, organic (if possible) meals, my breakfast consists of 1 to 2 apples, amongst other things like bananas.

Recently, I have made another discovery: That pertain to the word Demon, I discovered, thanks to lots of research on the subject that the word Demon comes from the word Daemon in Greek which literally means Genius Beings or short for Genius, so then the Catholics are saying "We are Against all Demons", they, in fact, without they knowing what they are saying, are really saying the following: "We are against all Geniuses/Intelligence", while at the same time the churches try to keep their members as dumb as possible on real subject they should be knowing about. When the original word Daemon was created on Greek, it was created with the intention to say that in the spiritual world there are good Demons and bad Demons, it was only later on, a few maybe thousands of years later, that the word Demon got transformed to a 100% negative connotation. So, if were are suppose to be gathering intelligence from these "Beings of Intelligence" and we cast them out (the good ones), then, that explains why we, as humans are unable to be too intelligence, and the more "religious" a person is, the more dumb you will notice them to be.

My Current stage:
I wish I could find a group of like minded people that shares similar feelings as me, so together, we can better our selves, and perhaps discover new things.

I currently work self employed as a computer technician and a CCTV Installer, so I dont have a "boss" breathing down my neck, and I can set my own schedule.

Ok, going back to Hip-hop, when I used to listen to that junk, I really didn't like it and was only doing it to "fit in" with the "majorities" now, I feel happy being 100% myself

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:12 PM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

There are two kinds of corruption that I seek out. A direct corruption against the interests of Liberty is abhorrent to me, because all corruption robs someone of their rights. The second kind is the MOST abhorrent, the corruption favoring you.

I don't want to benefit from corruption anymore than I want the elite to. I don't want to be made a hypocrite, I don't want to be made a liar. When corruption takes my side I feel more compelled to fight it. Principles and standards are the key essence to any fight against tyranny. If you change your standards and abandon principles then you never really had any to begin with.

As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 10:59 PM
It does feel like a calling doesn't it? I have been feeling it so strong....its a lonely feeling. I want so much change, so does the earth herself. I think she is projecting that unto her children and we are feeling it.

Since BP blew a hole in the bottom of the Gulf I think mother earth is going into overload and if we don't change I don't think she will put up with us much longer.

98% of all old growth forests are gone
99% of all the prairies are gone
80% of all the rivers cannot support life

All species except man and insects are in decline....we wont decline if we keep up the way we are so out of balance. We will just fall off the cliff.

This calling comes from deep inside and if it spreads far enough we can change. A fair place to balance.

We should except no less.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 12:07 AM
At the risk of sounding trite, Ringo Starr just today asked that all people of the world utter the words PEACE and LOVE at noon time everyday in their respective time zones. At first I thought how corny, then after thinking about it a few moments I realized how powerful that affirmation could be.

Secondly I would recommend you double check with trusted friends or spiritual advisors any so called divine guidance. If you hear voices or are convinced you have a direct line to God well you may want to have that checked out. Afterall Hitler was convinced he was fulfilling his divine destiny etc etc.

I have enjoyed the topic....and ....peace and love to you all!

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 02:40 AM
Well, for what it's worth- I hate my job. Not simply because my labor power is being exploited, but rather, seeing everyday, people cowering under 'managers' and selling their integrity, and pathetically kissing ass for little to nothing for fear of being jobless and going hungry.

Regularly, I witness decent human beings being treated like imaginary, expendable commodities for the sake of the business I work for, as though the business itself is some vampiric entity that feeds off the humiliation and degradation of the human spirit.

This is not to say that I haven't been desperate for cash and willing to reasonably bend for my employers, but it is absolutely sickening to see how the capitalist economic structure in which I live here in the 'States affords the sick pleasure to power-hungry, emotionally unintelligent individuals to prey upon the less fortunate 'inferior' and 'dime-a-dozen' HUMAN BEINGS THAT ARE LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK AND SIMPLY TRYING TO MAKE ENDS MEET.

Recently, one of my co-workers came to my crying, because the CEO had thoroughly chewed him out simply because the CEO wanted to flex for the sake of flexing-probably the coc aine. My coworker told me he would finish his day's work and resign at the end of the day because he simplly wasn't getting paid enough to put up with the CEO's unstable, ego-gratifying and drug-induced emotional spells. I told him that he needed to do what he needed to do and not worry about the repercussions that it may have on the company. Really, why should he care about the stability of our business if the CEO treats him like he is less than sh*t on the carpet?

Being a 'Manager,' (WTF is that supposed to mean, anyway?) I have the uneasy luxury of telling people what to do in my workplace, however, coming to the position which I have currently hold has not been easy; I'm seen by the elder 'managers' as too empathetic to my 'inferiors' and not enough willing to be an 'as*hole' (which is the shining trademark of any 'Superior').

F*ck that, my latest victory was when (during last semester) my 'manager', didn't ask, but TOLD me to come in to work the following day, yet I had classes to attend that particular day and couldn't work. Rude and snide, he raises his eyebrows and remarks in such a 'matter-of-fact' way, 'Well, some of us have been to college and've graduated already...' I retorted, 'Yep, and obviously my ambitions are greater than yours as I'm completing my degree so that I don't have to work with people like you for the rest of my life.' It slipped out...and for some reason I immediately felt guilty, which is another mind-trap that parasitically harbors a space in the current human spirit. I really wanted to say something along the lines that he only holds his position because of a bull-sh*t 2 year associates degree whereas I'm struggling to pay for Grad School for a totally different line of work- but I don't like to fist-fight after an 8 hour shift. Anyway, he is 10 times the jerk to work 'under.' Still, I'm glad to have been real with myself and not sold my integrity to please such a dick of a 'boss.'

Honestly, I don't give a sh*t if I am ever fired for not selling my self-respect to the company; I will, at very least, have afforded myself the honor of not being a boot-licker. In short, yes; I have felt the 'calling' and I shall continue striving to honor it.

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 03:44 AM
On the contrary, I feel lately as though I am blocked at every turn, frustrated, profoundly depressed (don't worry - I am seeing a therapist,) isolated in my beliefs and feelings to a large extent, and impotent to change my circumstances.

Don't get me wrong. I am genuinely happy to know that people are finding what they truly feel resonates with them as their mission and purpose and life at this time, and I believe I will eventually have the same thing happen for me as well. I never give up hope. I just am in a bad place currently and haven't felt this powerless in a long time.

I do believe the time will come, though. Eventually. When it's time.

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