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Web Bot Project-Clif High

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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:13 AM
Ok this is my first post here on ATS. I want to say I exclusivly use ATS as one of my "feelers" to have out ther in the world to be one step ahead of current events and the movements of the TPTB around us.

First of all I would like to give as quick a backround as I can without leaving out important details. I have been on here several years...I am a Cop 2 years (a good one), served in the U.S. Marines as a platoon Sergeant, and worked in a jail for about 2 years...currently serving in the U.S. Navy reserves as a Master-At-Arms E-6. Just to give a quick backround. Thanks for sticking with me...I dislike arrogance so I dont want to come off that way. Just wanted to let you know I have a fair bit of experience with the world and humanity's struggles.

So...I grew up pretty tough with domestic violence and drugs around me. There has been a wicked high amount of ignorance since I was in the cradle (or lack thereof) lol. I have always been a dreamer and had a massive thirst for "Knowing Why." I felt empowered by actually figuring things out on my own because from an early age no one would give me an answer that sat right with my spirit or intuition...sort of like "Yeah...that makes sense (feeling good in your stomach about the answer)" I didnt have that..answers always left a feeling of something more needing to be understood or found out...about (Pick literally any subject).

So I grew up learing on my own about this world and wondering why these things were going on around me and why I was put here. I studied a lot about linear sciences and the earth but not to the extent I have the last 5 years. Basically the first part of my life I had the burdan of wondering why humans were so mean to one another...why were we fighting and what was the crap around me "for." I wondered why am I forced to pay for this pain and hurt I feel caused by my own family...they were supposed to take care of me but they were more worried about their relationships and doing this or that.

Trust me..I know every family is disfunctional in some way. I read the bible when I had no where to turn...mostly revelations. I would do pushups and situps when I was grounded for no reason while my mom would go get drunk and leave me with a unknown (also intoxicated) babysitter. I always felt the need to train different area of my 'Self' I felt the urge to quench my mind, my spirit, and my physical body. I never had a weight bench but I alway prayed I would have one. Point being I felt insecure with the bull crap I was born into...I felt at anytime something bad was either about to happen or would happen. As a young adult I hit the gym and became very social to figure out humanity...all the different variations of why people were the way they were. I felt a "distinct other" outside myself that gave me the feeling I was part of a plan...part of a mission to fufill a task. I always knew I was put here for some divine reason but I take everyday as a step closer not knowing what I was intended for here on this crappy planet. Sounds crazy but I really do love humanity, but I feel so much responsibility to make the change..change matter what race or what culture. Like I want shut the planet down for a few minutes and use a bull horn to "tell everyone how to be."

I have grown into a protector...lifting weights, martial arts, and consistantly being involved with my environment experience to look for clues and answers to life. I resource non stop outside my personal life of wife, kids, and profession...and also learn from them as well.'s whats up. I have searched the bible in depth, Damapada, Vedas, (not to much the Koran but some) and looked through archeology, ancient history with human civilization and development, the histories of religions and what the first humans believed. I meditate and pray to a source...and with a source.

Next post...........

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:21 AM
Awaiting more!

This have anything to do with saturday?

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:37 AM
OK , come on, we're waiting, finish your thoughts

How come we're left hanging? I want to know more, I didn't decide to put the book down yet.

Speak up! We are impatiently waiting.......

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:39 AM
You sir sound like a "Wanderer"! See "RA The Law of One". Also check out "Hidden hand" posts here on ATS.

You have been sent on a mission. The military and the cop stuff was to really show you the negative side close up and after seeing it you ask...WTF? You are a Wanderer sir. Remember who you are.

Light & Love to you and yours.


posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:43 AM
Im not one to tell personal things online, so didnt enjoy too much of the beginning.

I will say Im glad you did though, I may see police officers as a little more human.

I am intrigued to read more of your studies though.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:49 AM
So here it searching for the answers after my brother told me about 2012 and how he was learning it in school. I was blindsided by this whole 2012 deal. I thought "How the hech does he know about this and I dont." That was 2 1/2 years ago...deep into the rabbit hole I went and cant return from now. Into the "WOOO WOOO WORLD." I serched almost everything and continued to be amazed...MSM, NWO, Secret Societies, TPTB, Ancient Aliens (I think something is there for sure) name it I have at least touched on it at some point in my bombardment with things being shown to me that I was asleep to.

So in that search I came across a youtube vid of CLIF HIGH...founder of the WEB BOT PROJECT with GEORGE URE and listened...and got friggin blown away. The ultimate edge on TPTB...

So Clif is underground...big time. I havent found anything on the guy but have followed his stuff for over 2 years now and have to say he knows his stuff and is on the ball more than I wish I could be about the moves TPTB are making and such. So he lives in the Pacific Northwest and used to work for a Major computer company as a head software designer...MICROSO#%. You can go to his sight and check it out and you can show yourself what he's all about and what he does. I'll provide the link at the bottom. But he is a must in your arsonal against TPTB.

So he designed a computer program that accesses the internet servers at different places in the world. He uses a template (Lexicon) to filter date (language) he pulls from those servers. He pulls language from forums and other sources on the net...samples it and pulls it back to him and the lexicon by programs called spyders.

So he puts this sample of language through this lexicon and without getting technical shows him the changes in the human language...language equals emotion and emotion equals tention and tention equals things happening...manifesting. So he does these sampling "runs" every few months and he looks and locates the changes in language (what humans are talking about) approxiamtely every 3-4 months on average. Basically humans use a certain number of vocabulary words in their specific language...he finds the changes when you are talking about certain something one month and using different words to describe that certian something the next month...he does that with a sample from all humanity. Then he can find the trends (movements) of emotional values moving around to certain areas like earth changes (quakes, floods other...), economic markets (currency), government politics, population changes (both U.S. and Global), and WOO WOO changes regarding UFO's and unexplained stuff that isnt really "Known" but were still talking about...the languages shift and he can desiminate trends in those areas which predict coming attractions in the future.

Basically this dude figured something out that has blown my mind and the dude is no joke. He originaly designed this trend analisis program to use for stock market predictions and has been doing these reports and language runs since 1993 or around there...if you know certain trends you can know where to invest. Well...this program was showing language trends to terrorist attacks thus it predicted Sep 11th. Tsunamis and you name it to say the least. So he puts out these reports every 3 months or so..they range from 30-60 pages and give a good insight into future events in the above mentioned areas...basically its like reading a future newspaper with language around "Something" that happened...but we dont know that that "Something" is...but can be inferred by reading. They are called ALTA Reports of "The Shape of Things to Come." They are a must read!

The March report had my eyes boggled...I will give a small sample of some of the language he had revolving around this Gulf Oil Spill....

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:09 PM
welcome - i love webbot ... but to get sucked into it You need to know that every prediction that Cliff makes is "worst case scenario" most of the time we get mild hits (he predicts news headlines and similar stuff) .

i learned to listen to him since you need to filter out some stuff - make it not scare the c... out of you.

Im still waiting for "Israeli mistake" and "ill winds" but as You can guess the last one shows up as methane from oil well ... and i bet it will get worse ... here in europe no one talks about it.

and tooday i see how Baiden says Israel will not attack Iran (and i feel its like play for suprise)

good to have You on board
awaiting more ... and speak Your mind.

what do you take from listening to Cliff and reading his stuff?

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:11 PM
This report (Prior to the Gulf Spill) Stated, "The oceans are being described as not being like their former selves" Descriptors as "Oceanic Nightmare" "Shutdown of Oceanic Convection Currents" and "Weather Pattern Changes that will cease (historical) past weather patterns as a result."

Most importantly which I along with other have anticipated was the "Mass Movements of the Population of the northern himesphere." Also ALOT of language around "Massive Naval Operations Multi National" and language pointing to "Population movement to north of 40 degrees North."

The new report says the gusher wont stop for 18 months and it will be stopped by an earthquake...hmmmmmmmmm.?

Biggest thing for us in the US is to prepare for population movements up to "40 Million." So this report is giving huge impact or emotional language around the next week literally "July 8th through the 11th"

Language around "Obama" getting scorned majorily from "Aug 1st through the 12th.

And something catastrophic at the beginning of November lasting until January....10 times bigger than Sep 11th.

So check out these dudes...George Ure provided daily info alot on the economics and practical side of current is his web sight.

Here is Clif High's site.

Just a good resource I have found to keep your game ahead of theirs...sorry for the long winded cry story but just wanted you guys to know Im with you all on the bull crap....dealin with it one day at a time. Make sure to take care of each other...sometimes we get to caught up in our own points of veiw.


posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by reassor

I take things like a grain of salt but some of his more recent stuff caught my eye...made me look into him more and trust some of the language pointing to things only speculated outside his reports.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by Myendica

Yeah I agree but hey were not all the same completely. That was a really incomplete idea of "who I am" but heck...its all good some info is better than no info...gotta know who it is thats giving you some info like this stuff plus wanted to introduce myself been waiting.

I really like the fact people on here have alot of that same mindset.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by Klaatumagnum

Will do...I'll check into that. I appriciate it.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by Reconer

I follow Clif and George as well. Clif and Igor have done great work and I have been following their reports a bit. Heck its where I get a bit of my info and understandings from. The downside of their work, is that alot of it IS happening. I am really curious to see where his " alien wars " language takes us...

Thank you for your service to our country by the way....

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by Reconer

Thanks for sharing Reconer. Seems we have similar backgrounds as I've served nearly my entire adult life in the military, some of which was as a military police investigator.

I also see myself as a protector to my family, friends, community and humanity in general.

I too have conducted exhaustive research deep into the rabbit hole and always make it a point to keep up with Clif and George. They have been invaluable in connecting the dots.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few misguided souls on here who will attack you for bringing up the webbot project.

Pay them no mind, as you have clearly found your path to enlightenment. Keep up the good fight!

Stay alert, stay alive!

Nec Aspera Terrent!

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:54 PM

Originally posted by Reconer
reply to post by reassor

I take things like a grain of salt but some of his more recent stuff caught my eye...made me look into him more and trust some of the language pointing to things only speculated outside his reports.

cool i just pointed out that Cliff said himself they make worst case scenarios in thier reports and that why most people dissmis them as crap / w.o even listening and analysing this stuff

im glad to see You are

sometimes Cliff goes overboard with claims that turn off mainstream scientists like eletcric universe (which is a theory i subscribe to) and other stuff especialy "space goat farts" - these can be anomalies or miss read as when Cliff points out that in this substructure he means aliens as from space , yet we see everyday alien wars in context of emigration.

maybe a missread? who knows ... will see sunday - tip of emotional graph.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 01:21 PM
The webbot does put out some interesting stuff, and although it is a worst case scenario usually, it is always good to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

It gives us lots of food for thought.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 02:11 PM
If you check into the gulf oil spill language that was reported in March he hit the nail on the head and its way to accurate...and yeah...the "Ill Winds" are something to be looked for. There was a thread a few days ago talking about the link between uranium radiataion and deep mantle oil reserves. So between the high levels of methane gases and uranium and thorum mixed in the "Ill winds" that are suspected to "circle the world 9 times" looks REAL bad.

Yeah..I agree everyone should be sceptical but if you pay your 10 buck and say the heck with it and read word for word the reports...and listed to him articulate some of it on his radio will have you ahead of the game for sure. Doesnt really matter if all of it it true...its called "The Shape of Things to Come" report for a reason...sorta gives you an outline of the future...not all of it. In the rare case it the gulf spill...and its giving more consequences as a result of the spill that havnt even happened yet...and it gets worse.

So the scientist explinition on "worse case scenarios" we can sugest are more likely to happen if we throw in the bot report to see what the language is pointing at.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 04:12 PM
I'm aware of the Web Bot and what it supposedly does, but I'm not sure how it does what it claims it does.

I could see it tracking trends to be used in the stock market; which is what it was meant to do. If people are all talking about Snickers Bars online, then it's a safe bet to invest in the Mars corporation.

How does this track what will happen?

I could see it predicting some man-made problems. For instance, if everyone were talking about how unhappy they were with Iran, then war might be the outcome.

As far as natural disasters are concerned, how does it predict them? I could see it tracking events such as earthquakes. People are bound to start talking about them after the fact.

Do people all of a sudden start talking about earthquakes out of the blue and then an earthquake happens?

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by Mayson

Here at Half Past Human we forecast the future.

We are not alone in forecasting the future, all humans do it to some degree. Just a quick search of the internet will provide dozens of forms of future forecasting. Some use astrology, some use other methods.

We employ a technique based on radical linguistics to reduce extracts from readings of dynamic postings on the internet into an archetypical database. With this database of archtypical language, we calculate the rate of change of the language. The forecasts of the future are derived from these calculations. Our calculations are based on a system of associations between words and numeric values for emotional responses from those words. These 'emotional impact indicators' are also of our own devising. They are attached to a data base of over 300/three hundred thousand words. This data base of linked words/phrases and emotions is our lexicon from which the future forecasting is derived.

We call our future viewing the ALTA reports for 'asymetric language trend analysis'. The ALTA reports are available by subscription.

In the beginning.....

The beginning of all of our processing is the word. Or words, rather - actually excessively large amounts of them. Totals of words beyond all reason. These then are distilled down into a thick syrupy mass and placed in an inadequate visual display and from there interpretation proceeds.

Our interpretations of the data sets that we accumulate are presented in the form of a series of reports which detail the interpretations of the changes in language and what we think that they may mean.

Please note that our interpretations are provided as entertainment only. We are to be held harmless for universe placing substance behind our words. Or not, as it so chooses.

The interpretations provide a broad brush view of the future over the next few years. The broad view of the future is based on set theory and provides a collection of linguistic clues which can be used to forecast developing trends.

Some of our subscribers use these forecast interpretations to develop models of their own futures in our collective and changing planetary future. Some use the forecasts for trading purposes. Others for wild entertainment of the mostly implausible and highly improbable kind.

Even by our own rigorous standards, our forecasts are proving out better than mere chance would allow. Our track record is being tested with each new report series. So far, so good. We have a very high rate of returning subscribers (over 90%) which is likely an indication of needs being met.


The changing nature of our lexicon was an unexpected part of our processing. It requires constant tuning as the 'emotional quantifiers' placed on the words change over time, as well as usage. Ever notice how some words and phrases get 'burned out' by excessive popular usage? As though they had no real emotional legs and by the time that the mainstream media grabs hold of them, or now, by the time they have been round the net a few times their emotional 'cache' has diminished and they fade away? Well, Igor and I sure notice such linguistic flows as we have to then adjust whatever emotional values that we had placed on that word or phrase and which has now had its emotional 'tonality' altered. Such tuning of the lexicon is quite tedious and as may be imagined requires a significant level of feedback with testing to even come close to obtaining a decent emotional representation within the confines of numbers.

Speaking of numbers, when the interpretation refers to an entity or lexical structure [note: a lexical structure is a collection of descriptor sets] as being 'fully populated' or 'complete and correct' in being populated, it means that the current data set has a representation within it for a required number of contexts which go into entity definition.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 07:46 PM
Mr. High and his ever so faithful friend Igor seem to sew together a translation of a "high" language that was only approached via what might be termed as ancient Shamanism. The "language" given by the "entity" of cultures and subcultures.

Language is the creative burst of endeavor which pushes forth the inner ideas of mankind.

Language is innate according to Chomsky.

If one is not taught to communicate...for example their are cases of persons being imprisoned and cut off from society altogether because of some ill intent of persons and they will emerge with their own way of communicating.

So of course the womb of language is the structure under which it is forming.

This structure has my interest and I see it reflected in the Shape of Things to Come.

Love and Peace to all.

And that is my uneducated

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 07:48 PM
Yes, I've been familiar with the web bot project for a few years, and I even archived all the interviews for the web bot forum. So you can listen to the older interviews and see how accurate his predictions have been. If you'd like to listen to past interviews you can download them from rapidshare:

or as a torrent files collection:

There's no doubt in my mind that the science is valid, but it works on an archetypal level so interpreting the archetypes is kinda hit or miss..... just my 2¢...

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