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Full Dash cam video of West Memphis Shootings

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:05 AM
Why do we not have audio? Where is the dash video from the "backup" officer?

What i see is a "freeman" that is not doing it for the right reasons. He is doing it to avoid law, not to enforce his freedom.

And i see a child who has not been taught right. It was far to easy for him to pull that trigger. Even for an impulsive kid. I can only presume he is either an excellent and skilled marksman at his young age, or that his dad was far enough from the officers that he didn't get shot, too.

It did appear that the cop was being a jerk. But that is no reason to struggle, fight, or kill.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by ThaLoccster

This boy and Dad didn't shoot anyone at the alleged traffic stop! This was a staged reenactment. How do we know this? Jerry Kane had lost 60-70 pounds. The ones covering this up didn't investigate that.

These fools used either old video of 1 to 3 years ago or they used doubles. If they used doubles they forgot to use people the same size as Jerry and Joe. They are showing Jerry MUCH heavier than what he weighed as evidenced by the recent photos and Joseph was heavier than they're showing him to be, and his hair is lighter. If the camera adds pounds it doesn't add 60 - 70 pounds and it doesn't make someone else in the photo look skinnier and blonder like they portrayed Joseph.

It's very interesting how in the video they don't have the man stand at the center of the hood but have him off to the side so you can't see his FACE. And it's also interesting how the man who pulled the guy over is a SRT Special Response Team which is SWAT which is clearly evidenced by his
COBRA hat.

I'm building a site called   It will be up very shortly with all the photoshopped evidence, etc they put in there simply to pull the wool over our eyes. Jerry and Joe were never at the traffic stop, plain and simple. I'll try to copy in my statement too. They HAD to do a reenactment of the first scene, here's why:

Imagine you're at a Walmart almost 90 minutes after some police are killed, you're one exit from the shooting. You're only 10 miles from the Tennessee border. 90 minutes later you're at Walmart with your family, you're done shopping and you go to leave: A blue car pulls up to the front of your vehicle blocking you from leaving Walmart, the people inside are not in uniform, they have no markings on the side saying TO PROTECT AND SERVE, no lights flashing, no light at all, no uniforms on and the occupants of the UNMARKED car open their car doors and start to get out of their car FIRST, one with a gun. Tell me, how would you know they were police? How would Jerry know these people were not CARJACKERS OR ASSASSINS? You wouldn't! Jerry even backs up to go the other way and a wildlife truck shoots 30 rounds down at your van then rams your van. How can it possibly be misconstrued as those cops acted in SELF DEFENSE when Jerry was going the other way? Now they HAVE to come up with a plausible reason why you, your family and beloved pets were killed in cold blood. What do you think the police would do? Admit they got the wrong people? NO WAY. They'd demonize you. They'd wait 41 days to spring their garbage faked reenacted video on you after they assassinated you, then character assassinated you multiple times. They wouldn't release the audio. The Kanes were not the shooters. It still says on the cops memorial pages that 2 men exited their vehicle with AK-47's. What men? What AK-47's? More to come!

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 09:25 PM
Here's my statement. Please read it and put this out to everyone, thank you.

Jerry and Joe Kane were Sovereigns. Not that moron Mark Potok from the SLPC version of a Sovereign Citizen, those don't exist, it's a stupid made up label. Like calling yourself a free slave. Jerry had served in the Military and he and Joseph have been called everything but white! Jerry and Joe Kane loved people of all colors. What kind of an Aryan Nation member or a White Supremacist would complain about the Nazi checkpoint in New Mexico? They wouldn't! They were both Sovereigns, very similar to a Diplomat. Jerry had what is called an A-1 Priority Notice, notarized, recorded, certified and Apostilled by the Secretary of State over 7 years prior to this unlawful stop. He was firmly and unequivocally in Common Law. Jerry was pulled over by City cops. It is not only illegal for City cops to be on the Interstate, it is unlawful. That is State Trooper domain. Jerry was profiled simply because he had an out of state tag. That's it and that's all. The stop was on May 20th, 2010. The registration on the van did not expire until June 30th, 2010. There was no probable cause, there was no reasonable suspicion, there was nothing. Jerry was unlawfully pulled over, unlawfully detained, unlawfully frisked, I believe he was being unlawfully arrested. He may have been unlawfully tasered too. See Hale v Henkel, that says it all.

In the dash cam video we see Paudert walking from the left front of the Tahoe across the back corner of the passenger side of the van. We see Jerry putting his A-1 Priority Notice in Pauderts left hand then Paudert points with his right hand for Jerry to put his hands on the hood of the Tahoe. Jerry walks over and does. Then Paudert walks over to the Tahoe by Jerry. You can see a man frisking him while Paudert points at Jerry. Paudert does what looks like a look around, almost looks like he's looking to see if there's any witnesses....meanwhile the guy frisking Jerry is still frisking him. Then frisk cop moves out of view, off of screen out of view to the right. Jerry's hand goes up and his hand moves straight backward (hardly the position to push a cop 30 feet down a slope with your back, also to right of screen and off screen as if he's being tasered. THAT seems to be what set Joe off. Cops are all gung ho about tasering. Cops just tasered an 86 year old bedridden grandma then deliberately stepped on her oxygen tube until she lost consciousness. If I saw my mother or father being tased I'd use any and all force necessary! Very interesting how THERE'S NO AUDIO! We still don't see Joe shooting any cops. Explain when Joe got back in the van, why did only one puff of smoke come with only the first shot? Why wasn't there any puffs of smoke with shot 2, shot 3, shot 4, Why???? Also very interesting how A) When Joe gets back in the van and it looks like he's shooting beteen the 3 - 4 o clock direction but one cop is at 2 o clock in a ditch, the other cop is at 8 o clock! Explain that! I believe either Jerry was tasered and it set Joe off OR the possibility that all 4 were ambushed. That would explain Joe's 3-4 o clock shooting configuration when one cop was at 2 o clock and the other cop was at 8 o clock. Maybe Joe heard a shot and came out to defend his dad. The fact is, we don't see Joe shooting anybody. 41 days we waited for this? To see more of nothing?

Who could have ambushed them? This West Memphis, Arkansas town is a racist hotbed of activity. In a town of only 30,000 population this town has an incredible amount of police brutality cases. Look up West Memphis Three. These West Memphis cops also shot and killed a 12 year old boy playing with a toy gun. In 2007 the cops pulled over a man named Rickard and his girlfriend for a traffic stop. The man drove away and these cops followed the man to a parking lot, pinned his car, and shot the UNARMED man at least 17 times. Shot the mans unarmed girlfriend once. They both died. All on video. Another man named Chatt was in 'Police custody' when the police pepper sprayed him, choked him, beat him and tasered him to death. He hadn't resisted at all. This is on video too. Then they killed the Kanes. 150+ shell casings found at the Walmart parking lot. No calls for surrender. These cops are cowardly cowardly animals. Guess what, all these killings were found justified, cops cleared of any wrongdoing except the Rickard case. Something called deferment. One cop had to stay out of trouble for a set amount of time. That's it. City counsel members and NAACP had called for Chief Pauderts resignation 3 times in public Press Conferences calling for the Police Chiefs immediate resignation citing the Chief as being a hypocrite, racist and brutal policing. The last Public Conference call for the Chiefs resignation was May 6th, 2010, only 14 days before Jerry was pulled over. As despised as the Chief was, what better payback than to target and kill his son and nephew? It could have been someone very upset at the 13-18 kilos of drugs these same 2 cops confiscated less than 6 weeks prior, on April 8th, 2010. It could have been someone very mad that these same 2 cops in March 2010 took 1.8 million dollars at a Drug Interdiction stop. It could have been that the Top US Spy Chief Quits after Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated. It could have been Crittenden county doing payback for the West Memphis Police Department being investigated by the Arkansas State Police for allegation that the West Memphis Police Department has stolen from the Crittenden County drug task force...The fact remains, we don't see Joe shooting anyone!

The Chief said no drugs were found in the van and he made it very clear on video that his son was NOT on the Drug Interdiction unit, that his son was on the Crime Interdiction unit. 41 days later they're saying drugs were found in the van. Now his son is back being on the Drug Interdiction unit? What a surprise. The chief said his son, a sergeant over the criminal interdiction unit, took cover Thursday behind his vehicle as teenager Joseph Kane opened fire with an AK-47. He said bullets pierced the engine and the car and shattered glass. Brandon was riddled with bullets before being shot in the back of the head, Paudert said. Hold up here Chief. First off, no officer worth his salt would turn his back on anybody. Secondly, you don't get the back of your head shot off by being shot in the back of the head. You get the back of your head shot off by being shot in the front of the head. The explosive force of the exiting bullet is what creates the catastrophic exit wound. Why is the Chief lying? Now they're saying there were a dozen guns in the van. That is a bald faced lie! They still can't come up with a decent story as to why the van was pulled over in the first place. They can't. Because profiling is illegal and unlawful. These people have so many stories they can't keep them straight. This will be their undoing.

BOMBSHELL: In viewing the dashcam at the stop we can see why they waited 41 days to release it, WITHOUT audio. The cops were looking for a 3rd suspect, remember? The audio is the key here! I'll walk you through this. Let's agree that the video starts when Paudert initially comes on the scene and into our view. And remember, Pauderts dashcam AND audio was on because you can hear Rush Limbaugh in Pauderts cruiser in the background as he's pulling up to the scene, We also hear a woman talking about someone with a Felony warrant. The Felony warrant wasn't about Jerry. So it is clear that Pauderts dashcam video and audio was working just fine thank you...

0:00 Paudert walks into view from left of Tahoe and crosses over to the right rear of the minivan. 5:28. 0:03 Paudert looks down the off ramp 5:31 0:06 Paudert points to the hood of the Tahoe with his left hand directing Jerry to the Tahoe hood 5:34 0:08 Paudert snatches papers from Jerry 5:36 0:09 Jerry complies while Brandon is walking over to the hood of the Tahoe. 5:39 0:14 We see Evans start frisking Jerry and Paudert points at Jerry or Evans 5:42 0:17 We see Paudert turn and look in the back window of Jerry's van 5:45 0:20 Jerry is showing Paudert and Evans something. 5:49 0:31 One of the dogs in the front seat pushes the already ajar door more ajar, you can see his snout poke out then back in, he's reacting to something he either sees or hears. 0:32 Jerry's hand pulls straight up and back, quickly, not a turning around going to push someone down a hill movement, Jerry's hand went straight back. Note: Jerry had an armed man in front of him and an armed man in back of him or to the side of him. You don't 'Push' someone down a hill 30 feet with your back to the cop behind you that you're alleging pushing down a slope with the back of your back! What a stupid story. 0:33 Paudert is running to our 3 o clock position, he's almost off screen, Joe's passenger door is open. 0:34 Joe is out of the van facing us at 6 o clock, he first quickly looked to his left, our 3 o clock position and you can see the dogs head moving back from the passenger window 0:35 Paudert has been off screen running quickly from our view in our 3 o clock vantage point for 2 seconds from our view. 0:35 Joe appears to fire a shot or two at our 6 o clock position. Ok Let's stop right here. How far can you run in 2 seconds when there's danger and you already have a running start? 10 feet? 12 feet? Joe would never have fired anywhere near the direction of his father, ever! Paudert had obviously cleared the 6 o clock position that Joe appears to have fired at, within the 2 seconds. The police were looking for a THIRD suspect remember? This is what makes me believe that when we get the audio, we will hear a gunshot or gunshots which made the dog react due to his or her superior hearing then it made everybody else react. If you had a cop right behind you armed with a gun, taser and nightstick and you heard a gunshot, wouldn't you flinch? Hell yeah you would. Jerry's arm came straight up, not in a curve. A curved arc would indicate Jerry turned , but his arm didn't turn or curve. Again, you don't 'push' someone down a slope when you're back is to them, that is physically impossible. The cover story is completely bogus. There were shots fired before Joe got out of the van, hence the third suspect cops put out on the APB. Someone who despised the Chief, a victim of the Chiefs hypocrisy, racism and brutal vicious policing that City Counsel members and NAACP kept complaining about in 3 different Public Press Conferences , the drug cartel where Brandon and Bill confiscated 13-18 Kilos of drugs, someone mad that they got ripped off for 1.5 million to 1.8 million, it could have been someone in a Dodge Caravan with an orange roof that appeared to be mexican as described in their APB that hated cops. it could have been anybody. But it wasn't Jerry or Joe. I belive Joe was trying to protect all of them when he got out of the van, when all 4 of them were ambushed. I believe this is why the FBI wanted all the ammo for the 2 weapons (Not the dozen weapons they now allege after 41 days, they only had 2 weapons, that is ridiculous) because the ammo in the cops didn't match the ammo Joe and Jerry had! Remember, Bill Sadler the Public Information Officer from the Arkansas State Police said they had a long gun and a handgun. Now they're alleging the Kanes had a dozen weapons in their van? What BS! Maybe they are now alleging a dozen weapons so it would explain why the Kanes ammo wasn't the same ammo in the cops bodies. Further, the first cop Evans would have seen the weapons. He obviously didn't. Also, the video tapes have already been altered twice. Let me explain: The video is obviously spliced already as it cuts over from the initial Evans stop over to the dashcam view of Pauderts approaching from Pauders dashcam then they spliced it back over to the initial stop by Evans. How can you trust a video that's already been altered and spliced twice? The integrity of the video is lost because once they cut it once, or twice as they did in this situation already, how can it be trusted? It can't! All we see is that Joe and Jerry were there then 2 cops are dead. What happened in between? Joe and his father ended up dead for that DUE TO the Chiefs hypocrisy, racism and brutal vicious policing that City Counsel members and NAACP kept complaining about in 3 different Public Press Conferences. Stating they were just following orders didn't cut it at the Nuremburg trials. No, that didn't cut it at all. Police are paid to take people into CUSTODY, not murder them outright. You can see the van at Walmart was trying to go the other way to AVOID problems. How can that possibly be misconstrued as self-defense to pump out over 150 shell casings and ram a vehicle when the people are trying to go the other way? It can't. Again, it's called LIABILITY. Now cops are trying to say that Joes hand was on the trigger. How is that humanly possible when we can clearly see his right hand resting and SPLAYED on the dashboard? You can clearly see that nothing is in Joe's hand and you cannot have splayed fingers WITH your finger on the trigger of a weapon, get real! The Belvedere apartment witness Teresa Davis says the boy never took his eyes off of her. Well, how would she know that unless she never took her eyes off of him?

Ok, let's take a scenario relying on the dashcam video. You can see Paudert coming upon the scene, turning wide so you get a view of everything in back (oncoming vehicles from the 275 off ramp). We see no oncoming Fedex semi truck. We do see a small truck which passes the vehicles shortly. But no Fedex semi truck at all. Vincent Brown is the Fedex semi truck driver who purports to see the goings on at the offramp scene. It was reported that: from the cab of his Fedex truck, Vincent Brown had a birds eye view of the shooting that killed 2 West Memphis police officers on May 20th. The front cab of the Fedex truck was at least 150-160 feet away, over half a football field away, in back of the 3 vehicles. There's no way he'd have a birds eye view that he is alleging of anything unless he was sitting in a tree looking at a bird. Secondly, he would obviously be sitting in the drivers seat of the Fedex semi truck, further obstructing his 'birds eye view' that he didn't have. Police state the traffic stop is at 11:36am and the call for 'Officer down' comes at 11:50am. Ok. So does anybody care to explain how an alleged witness would watch the 39 seconds of Joe allegedly shooting cops, then this alleged witness would wait another 2 minutes and 39 seconds BEFORE CALLING 911? 911 answers immediately! Imagine sitting there watching a scene like this for 39 seconds then sitting there for almost another 3 minutes before you call to report officer down. What did he do, read his morning paper and finish his coffee before calling the scene in? This is a crock, it's a planted witness. Remember on Chief Pauderts May 25th, 2010 Commercial Appeal video Interview Part 2 when:

0:58 Reporter says: Mr Sadler says they pushed Bill Evans down (intelligable).

01:02 Chief Paudert says: Well, uh there's some indication and I don't know how they know but he did say that that, they uh, Bill was on his left and he uh Bill was on his left or right. Anyway they he pushed Bill and there's a slope and he pushed Bill down the hill and he threw him off balance. And when he when he got him away that's when that young man opened fire.

Jerry didn't push anybody! Also, what's up with 'Well, uh there's some indication and I don't know how they know but he did say that'....If they had an eyewitness AT THAT POINT, they would have said so! This alleged witness is a FAKE. The Fedex driver is supposedly on the scene and 5 days later they say 'Well, uh there's some indication and I don't know how they know but he did say that'. That's a lie. If a witness had seen this, they would have come out and said we have an eyewitness. They didn't! 'Oh...and incidentally the fake witness claims his engine was on so lo and behold he couldn't hear any gunshots....same as we can't because they didn't provide the AUDIO! How utterly convenient. No wonder the cops said they pieced together a chilling scene. They pieced one together alright, complete with a plant. I wonder if this Fedex semi driver has a criminal background or pending court cases. I wonder if this Fedex semi driver came into some money very recently...I wonder what this drivers cell phone records show and where his cell phone will ping from. I wonder what the GPS in his Fedex truck would show...I wonder what the motivation was for an african-american man would give a story like this to an obviously in your face racist against african-americans police department. I find it interesting that the african-american cops go to the scene and they don't appear to be upset at all, just the white cops seem distraught. And the Chief said where Brandon was, the pavement was full of blood. Where?? The Chief also said that police were holding Evans face out of the water in the ditch that was filled with blood. We can clearly see on the RAW video, first responders that they don't hold Evans face out of anything, they don't touch him at all for more than a minute and 19 seconds and we still don't see them touching him or holding his face out of anything. Then there's the Stacey Gilchrist video interview where she talks on how the Chiefs wife drives up behind her, gets out. Says her son and nephew is out there on the road. Stacey makes it clear it was the Chiefs wife. Stacey and her try to go to the bodies on the road and they're blocked by a fence so they go back to the car and Stacey says her and a fireman didn't want her to drive so the fireman drives the Chiefs wife to the hospital. But Chief Paudert said in his interview that HE WAS DRIVING his wife to another state. There's more holes in this story than a swiss cheese factory.

The Prosecutor said to let the dash cam speak for itself. Ok. Let it SPEAK then Mike Walden. Where's the Unaltered AUDIO so we can HEAR it? We KNOW it was working. They must think people are stupid sheep to not question their BS cover story. What are you hiding? Why didn't you release the audios? Why did you splice the video, twice? Why didn't you show the time and date stamps? Suddenly your videos don't have time and date stamps? Oh that's right, you spliced the video, twice!! Why are you concealing evidence?

Too many Criminal Investigators have contacted me, telling me that this story stinks, that everything that has been put out thus far is deceptive. Joe was only 16. A teen. What happened to make a boy come out and fire? Something really catastrophic must have been happening to make Joe feel his dad or the cops were in danger of life and limb!We want all the recordings, all the audios. What are you hiding? This is RICO. Release the full story with full audio!

Refresh yourselves on Hale v. Henkel. Due to the Full faith and Credit clause, the cases below apply in ALL STATES!

“ who acts in violation of the Constitution ceases to represent the government.” Brookfield Co. v
Stuart, (1964) 234 F. Supp 94, 99 (U.S.D.C.. Wash. D.C.)

"Courts are not at liberty to extend application of law to subjects not included within it. Spreckeles v. Graham (1924) 194 C. 516, 228P. 1040.

"The freedom to refuse to obey a patently unlawful arrest is essential to the integrity of a government which purports to be one of laws, and not of men. Unless it is desirable to kill the impulse to resist arbitrary authority, the rule that such an arrest is a provocation to resist must remain fundamental." Id. At 1147.

"The RIGHT of the citizen to DRIVE on the public street with freedom from police interference, unless he is engaged in suspicious conduct associated in some manner with criminality is a FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT which must be protected by the courts." People v. Horton 14 Cal, App. 34D 667 (1971)

Smith v. Holeman , 441 S.E.2d 487, 491 (Ga. Ct. App. 1994)(a person has the right to resist unlawful arrest with all force necessary)

White v. Morris , 345 So.2d 461, 465 (La. 1977)(every person has a right use such force as may be necessary under the circumstances to resist unlawful arrest.

Jerry always said to read the white on the page. To read what is not there. He also said to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. Jerry would have never rested had this happened to any of us, he would have asked questions, gotten to the bottom of what happened. That is what we all need to do. For ourselves and for each other.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin "A Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania,"

The blue wall of silence has broken. Youtube NYPD Police Officer Admits to arrest quotas and corruption.

Those who have information that know this is a bad coverup and that the wrong innocent people were killed, please contact me ASAP at 727 449-9419.

Undeniable proof the cops altered the video, no time stamps, no date stamps, no audio and only no audio from the 2 police cars from the traffic stop!

Jerry and Joseph Kane Memorial Page:

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:24 AM
Your alias suggests you are related to the deceased Kanes. Sorry if I missed it the information in your two posts.

If you are related, as a mother and wife, I have no doubt you are grieving a loss no wife or mother should have to endure. If you are related, perhaps it would be informative to understand those who loved the two dead police officers are also suffering a grievous loss.

I come from a police family. I was a cop years ago myself. My son is a patrol officer currently. Frankly, grieving or not, your posts inspired very uncharitable thoughts and feelings. I will leave it at that.

For your information, and for anyone else interested, I will copy the finding of resisting an unlawful arrest. It might be helpful to take note that it is *reasonable force* and *force for force* *proportional force* and other such prevention of *physical mayhem*.

84 Ga. App. 79 (1951)
65 S.E.2d 709

Court of Appeals of Georgia.
Decided June 5, 1951.

81*81 Ralph T. Clark, George L. Goode, for plaintiff in error.

Ollie Mae Stowe, Solicitor, contra.


(After stating the foregoing facts.) 1. Error is assigned on the following charge of the court: "We are not trying the question of resisting an officer. The question for you to determine is whether or not an assault and battery was committed on this occasion." Error is also assigned on the court's refusal, on timely written request, to charge as follows: "I charge you that one upon whom an arrest is unlawfully being made by an officer, that such person sought to be arrested has the right to resist force with force proportionate to that being used in detaining him, and that if such arrest or attempted arrest by such an officer is unlawful, and in the progress of the transaction the officer is about to commit an injury upon the party whom he seeks to unlawfully arrest and so acts and makes a show of violence as to excite in the person sought to be arrested the fears of a reasonable man that an injury is about to be committed upon him, and such person acts under the influence of those fears, and not in a spirit of revenge, he may protect himself, although it may be necessary to injure the officer for that purpose."

The case here was made on the theory that the defendant committed an assault upon the police officer, Rickman. If this attempted arrest was illegal, the defendant had a right to resist the same, using as much force as would be necessary to do so. Mullis v. State, 196 Ga. 569 (27 S. E. 2d, 91). Obviously the defendant used no more force than was necessary to resist the arrest. It appears that he failed to use enough to effectuate this purpose, since the undisputed evidence shows that he was in fact arrested. If the attempted arrest was legal he had no right whatever to resist it; if it was illegal, he had the right to resist with all force necessary for that purpose. Yates v. State, 127 Ga. 813, 820 (56 S. E. 1017). As was held in Jenkins v. State, 3 Ga. App. 146 (1) (59 S. E. 435): "If the force of resistance is not in excess of the force of invasion, and is used solely for the purpose of prevention, no offense is committed." 82*82 It is not contended by the State that the defendant used too much force to resist an illegal arrest, the contention being that he used some force to resist a legal arrest. Therefore, the very gravamen of the offense here charged is an assault upon a police officer engaged in making a legal arrest, since the repulsion by proportionate force of an illegal arrest does not constitute a crime.

Court finding quoted by above poster are based on these:

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by DonnaLeeKane

I'd have to agree that you seem to be related to the Kane's, and have an emotional aspect in the case that keeps you from thinking rationally.

The only part of your story I can seemingly agree with is the cause for the stop. As of yet I have not heard what the actual reason for the stop was, and it is likely they were profiled as I-40 is one of the highest, if not the highest drug trafficing corridor in the US because it runs basically from coast to coast.

West Memphis is not a "racist hotbed". I have heard about some of the stories you've mentioned, but with different circumstances involved.

Rather his dad was being tasered or not, it does not give him the right to open fire, and cold bloodily murder 2 people.

Theres not a doubt in my mind they were killed by the Kanes, and that the police were justified in shooting them per their reluctance to surrender, and opening fire on other officers when confronted.

I can't fathom, or buy your story that the cops were ambushed by someone else at the scene, you seem to ignore the eyewitness accounts. Or assume they are police plants.

Considering your personality (what little I can gather) and what seems to be an involvement with the Kanes, I think you are grasping at straws trying to rationalize the behavior of the Kanes on that day and in general, while painting the police as murdering psychopaths bent on infringing on the Kane's rights, and possibly conspiring to murder the Kane's.

So personally, I won't spread your BS story. I won't justify the behavior of either of these men.

I will be curious about what set them off. I think it was just a case of "the last straw/breaking the camel's back situation", they had their misguided philosophy, felt their rights had been trampled one too many times, and decided enough was enough.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by DonnaLeeKane

I knew Brandon and once dated him. He was a kind person. I'm so sorry for your loss and for the families left behind.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:48 PM
Awesome video, thoroughly enjoyed watching the wussy cop bail out of the pick up truck and run like a little girl! Good for these guys for standing their ground to the soldiers of the elite!

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 07:20 AM
There's certainly two strong side's to this story it seem's....

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by TheRealm
Awesome video, thoroughly enjoyed watching the wussy cop bail out of the pick up truck and run like a little girl! Good for these guys for standing their ground to the soldiers of the elite!

Yeah, totally awesome how all these people end up dead over a traffic stop. They sure are free now, huh?
What is wrong with people?

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:26 PM
After reading Kane's post sounds like we have a conspiracy now.

My opinion with all the police state and police brutality (killings from tazers and beatings) it's very hard for me to feel compassion for the level of corruption and tyranny that comes in the form of server and protect.

That said, I don't condone shooting police officers or anyone for that matter. That said, I am not surprised as per above with people feeling like they are losing America to fascism and tyranny that these events might not increase as a result of cause and effect.

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