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*UPDATE* BP has NEVER shown us the main leak! Until now...

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by Izarith

NO you were clear, I just hadnot seen the BOP video. All I had seen prior was the live feed of the end of the riser pipe. Seeing the BOP they are showing on the live feed right now, it looked like formed concrete in the view I saw tonight.

I was confused, and the vid link you posted cleared it up for me.

The angle and perspective they are showing on the live feed right now, to me earlier, it looked like concrete had been blown into some kind of form, but I realized seeing your vid that is is the pipe. It was my error not yours

Is why I thank you heheh. I have been working, so was not able to go view a lot of vids, so I had never seen anything except the riser end they usually had.

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

I sure hope they are monitoring this carefully or else were in for a bigger hurt.
The entire pipe/chamber might be compromised - if not already.

I hope not.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Izarith

I misunderstood an earlier post of yours about the 2 leaks. That's why I repeated my self a few posts up.

Now they are showing the BOP main well flow on live feed. But they have not hidden this flow from people at all, there are numerous videos that are not live feed that have been showing the main well flow for as long as they have had the pipe end flow on live feed.

I do remember seeing that video of that huge flow now but only briefly and only right at the start when they started showing underground images.
Even the media has not shown the main riser leak from the BOP.

They might have have blatantly hid that video, but they did intentionally show the smaller leak in my opinion to confuse viewers about what they were seeing.

They actually didn't even have a blowout scenario in place for this operation.

I have posted this before too HERE, but BP also claimed they had the capacity to handle the worst case scenario which in their opinion was 12.6 million gallons of oil per day, a number way higher than it is admitting to even spilling currently

In associated documents filed with the U.S. Minerals Management Service, the company says that it would be able to skim 17.6 million gallons of oil a day from the Gulf in the event of a spill.

Partial PDF of BP's drilling plan

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by webpirate

Sorry apparently i'm not being clear.

You and your thread are correct in the fact that BP was showing a second flow of oil off the end of the broken raiser. On this flow they connected a 4 inch pipe to suck oil from. this is what has been on live feed.

Now they have switched to the main well flow off the BOP.

Two different flows, two totally different feeds.

Where i disagree with your OP is in the fact that the Main well flow was a secret of hidden. This is not true as there are numerous videos showing it from well into a week ago.

And for a long time BP has reported about three flows, one from the BOP main Well another from about the middle of the pipe and the last at the end of the broken pipe of the raiser. The middle one was capped.

The largest flow was coming from the end of the pipe and is the one they had on live feed. Now that they are attempting the Mud kill stuff they have turned the live feed to the BOP and it's flow.

I am in disagreement in the fact that the flow of the BOP main well was not mad pubic information by BP.

Now I'm not saying BP is not a dirty filthy liar and needs to be put down like a rabid dog, i'm just saying that pertaining to the OP's claim that the Main well was not known of is wrong.

It's till a good thread and a lot of people have brought forth a lot of good info thanks to it, but just that one piece of info is wrong.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:19 PM
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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by Izarith

Yeah. I agree now that I remember seeing the BOP leak earlier on. But I haven't seen it for days until after I posted this thread this morning and before they started the top kill.
I still think they were misleading. Maybe not outright lying about that being the main spill, but I do think they misrepresented themselves or the spill.

I do not think they should be put down either. Unfortunately now, we still need big oil. I think we still need to find alternative power sources that do not involve hydrocarbons, but we are way too reliant on them still.

I do think they are at least in the majority of responsibility for this mess and should be held fully accountable. They also are being far from transparent on this matter too.

I sent you a U2U too on this btw.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by AndersonLee

I'm sorry. What does that have to do with this thread?
I must have missed something...

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:26 PM
Nothing at all ..Sorry ill go erase it..I should think before I talk on here

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by webpirate

In associated documents filed with the U.S. Minerals Management Service, the company says that it would be able to skim 17.6 million gallons of oil a day from the Gulf in the event of a spill.

Partial PDF of BP's drilling plan

I could claim that I'm able to handle 20 million gallons a day, but then there's reality ...

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by AndersonLee

It's all good. Was just thinking I had missed something you had said earlier...

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 12:17 AM
Amazing stuff right here!! Star and flag for this one! I was watching the live feed myself a day or two ago and was thinking not only does it look quite small and how can this be the main leak, but also...seriously? What are those two little robotic arms even doing? Granted, I didn't see that specific video here, but god knows how many bs vids they've shown us already. I could tell rather quickly that not only what I was seeing wasn't the real main leak, but had obvious looping. I think the biggest moral lesson than anyone can draw from our history as we know it, is how important accountability is. Just admit when you're wrong. Everyone fu**s up from time to time. What makes one a truly righteous person is when they can admit they are wrong or made a mistake and actually grow from that. We have clearly not seen that for a while...if ever...and are definitely not seeing that now. I only hope that the right heads will roll for this. Once again, great thread!

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 01:32 AM
Just took a look at the news and now the BP has stated that it looks like it's not oil what's coming out of that big leak, but MUD!?!?!?
How convenient. Worlds worst oil spill is only a worlds biggest underwater mud-fountain.

Here's a link


posted on May, 27 2010 @ 01:48 AM
I call BS on this Suttles...when it's grey, it's mud. This is clearly NO CHANGE in what I have been seeing...PS, you can't trust ANYTHING you see or hear...this is a huge DECEPTION, from START to ....

"What you've been observing coming out of the top of that riser is most likely mud," Suttles said at a news conference broadcast from a Louisiana command center. "We can't fully confirm that because we can't sample it. And the way we know we've been successful is it stops flowing."

The TOP KILL will prepared for this to go VIRAL on the MSM starting this weekend. But be the other hand...not the TV screen.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 03:36 AM
I agree. They sure are keeping everyone busy with this mess.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 04:04 AM
You know folks i'm going to have to take back what I said about what's coming out of the BOP is MUD.

After looking at this week old YouTube video of the very same flow, same spot same everything, I have to say i don't see a damn change in the color of the flow. There is still the very same brown plum in the middle and a light brown plum to the left side in the week old video.

The only change i see is now it's bigger, badder and much worse if you ask me. this might be to the added pressure of the Mud but still the plum flow colors are the same, this must mean that the oil and gas is still coming out just the same.

This is not working at all, they are going to have to try the junk kill tomorrow Is my estimation and if that does not work. They are going to have to blow the damn well up some how.

Here is the week old video at 2:20 in the video you can clearly see the color of the oil and gas flowing out. If you go to the live stream you will see the same color plums only a much bigger mess.

BP really truly is a sock full of week old hobo poo.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 04:54 AM
I'm pretty sure mud is heavier than water and would sink back to the ocean floor pretty quickly. That whole area would be all silted up with the mud settling back down, instead of the clear water we can plainly see around the well head. This is not mud.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 05:01 AM

Live BP Video Looped

For the last near 8 hours, this "live" video feed by BP has been repeating a loop of less than 15 seconds. I document this in the following video:

And I've posted a story about it at

Gulf oil gusher conspiracy cover-up - Was this disaster just an accident, or were other more sinister forces at play in order to further cripple society toward a more manageable population size? BP's "live" feed caught in an obvious short loop shows further evidence of cover-up. (PESN; May 27, 2010)

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by sterlingda


I'm going to do you a favor tho and give you this link because you either need to get yourself a tripod or a screen capture software.

This is a free open source software for screen capturing, you can also record from your mic while capturing your screen.


posted on May, 27 2010 @ 05:32 AM

Originally posted by ShaneCMuir
But I think we all need to allow for the possibility that it is not as bad as what the media is portraying it as.

You're kidding, right? Of course it's not "as" bad as what the MSM portrays. It's obviously FAR worse. Please do not insult the intelligence of thousands of professionals because you're too lazy to research the actual evidence. It's everywhere, you just have to look for it.

I suggest starting at GCaptain. (Forums -> Offshore Drilling) THESE are the professionals, and THEY aren't on the same side as the MSM. Trust me.


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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 06:12 AM
This is what else we have to look forward to.

There is no two ways about it that this oil will get inot the Gulf Stream.

Everyone in the Atlantic Ocean area should be aware of this.

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