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FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs and Doritos Are Heart Healthy

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 06:30 PM
This is more of the same. I work in Botanical medicine on the research and manufacturing side. This is all part of the ongoing 30 year or more battle we have been fighting against the regulation of herbs and other phyto-nutrients.

Our primary defense has been via "indeginous foods" and herbs as medicine have fortunately been able to be catagorized as such. However with the improvements in HPLC (high pressure liquid chromotography) Dart analysis etc...the world is finding just how right Hippocrates was (insert famous quote here) Every single dark red to black berry, fruit, vegetable or seed has concentrations of proanthocyanadins, anthocyanidins etc... found to keep the genome from mutating allowing for the development of many cancers. Deep green leafy veggies are quite high in chlorophyll (alterative/blood cleanser in lay terms) and their obvious host of vitamin and mineral nutrients all of which hinder the development of many chronic disease.

With the advent of this more indepth information, the powers that be are at a loss of control over their subject population. We cant have people thinking for themselves and able to medicate themselves successfully from a readily available cheap source. This is a huge part of the Monsanto GMO/GEO foods. In time all food will be derived from 3-4 patented hybridized sources, diminishing both nutrient value and availability.

I think this over reaction to the lowly walnut is the only avenue available to hindering peoples freedom when it comes to the huge population of other nutrient sources that fall outside of the commonly understood food crops. It would take an insane effort to genetically engineer the better then 36000 wild species available as food and lets get into the government stable and trot out the old nag FDA to throw a few legal knots into supplying people with their inalienable right to information.


posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by Blanca Rose

Ugh! once again the nuances of my sarcasm are lost in type. Oh well.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 06:47 PM
Eh, bit alarmist. Tell me when they are actually banning all walnuts, then I will care. When I see those little heart healthy things on junk food I always laugh to myself anyways. It's hilarious. It's true, the snack food industry has more lobbying power than the health food industry. But that is changing, slowly. When the people want something, they get it. And we are winning the war on crappy food!

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by Northwarden
Now for researching the Codex, this is what I've been concerning about surfacing. I've mentioned it a few times, Obamacare, and now Bill C-6 in Canada link us to it & the nwo.

Codex allows Deadly Pesticides

[edit on 15-4-2010 by Northwarden]

You can probably get better information from the actual Codex, than from sites writing about the Codex

W2: Shouldn't the residue limits of all dangerous substances and contaminants in foods be zero? Why does Codex allow more than zero?
In an ideal world food should be free of all dangerous substances. Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world and we still have to eat. Even products that have been produced without use of pesticides can contain residues of banned substances due to their previous use in the environment. Even organically grown products may contain hazardous (naturally occurring) contaminants such as aflatoxins. If we wanted to ban all foods that have residues of one or the other substance our tables could be rather empty.

Codex follows an approach called "risk analysis". First, the risk of an identified hazard to humans is assessed by independent scientific expert bodies ("risk assessment"). A hazard may be any physical, chemical or microbiological agent. Then, on the basis of the outcome of risk assessment, the relevant Codex committee discusses what action should be taken to keep the risk below an acceptable level ("risk management"). Whereas risk assessment looks, for example, at the toxicity of and probable exposure to pesticides or contaminants, risk management looks at the big picture which also includes the diet of different population, the feasibility and costs of different risk management options, while keeping in mid the need to make safe food available to all at affordable prices.

Governments in each country are responsible for the risk management in many different areas and may decide on differently: well known non-food-related risk management examples that affect all of us are e.g. the amount of alcohol allowed in the blood when driving or the speed limit on motorways.
W3: Why does Codex list some substances that are banned by the Stockholm Convention?
The Stockholm Convention deals with Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). POPs are organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological, and photolytic processes. These substances also bioaccumulate in human and animal tissue and biomagnify in food chains, and thus can have a significant impact on human health and the environment. Many of the first generation organochlorine insecticides such as DDT had these characteristics.

The Stockholm Convention entered into force on 17 May 2004 with ratification by an initial 128 parties and 151 signatories. Parties to the convention committed themselves to outlaw nine chemicals, to limit the use of DDT to malaria control and to curtail inadvertent production of dioxins and furans.
Banning the use of POPs does not automatically and immediately remove their residues from the environment, agricultural commodity, animal feed or food (because they are persistent and still present due to previous use). It will take some time until they will degrade to undetectable levels in the environment.
As many POPs were used as pesticides, the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues has dealt with them. There are two kinds of maximum residue limits that the committee may set:

* maximum residue limits (MRLs) are established for pesticides which are currently intentionally used to protect agricultural crops; and
* extraneous maximum residue limits (EMRLs) are established for compounds that are no longer used as pesticides but residues are arising from environmental sources as a result of previous use.

Codex has established safe EMRLs for some POPs and future sessions of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues will consider this matter further and eventually decide if these EMRLS are still needed.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by Jenna
That article left out an entire paragraph explaining the "your walnuts are drugs" line.

Diamond Food Inc. 2/22/10

Because of these intended uses, your walnut products are drugs within the meaning of section 201 (g)(1)(B) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(B)]. Your walnut products are also new drugs under section 201(p) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 321(p)] because they are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced conditions. Therefore, under section 505(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 355(a)], they may not be legally marketed with the above claims in the United States without an approved new drug application. Additionally, your walnut products are offered for conditions that are not amenable to self-diagnosis and treatment by individuals who are not medical practitioners; therefore, adequate directions for use cannot be written so that a layperson can use these drugs safely for their intended purposes. Thus, your walnut products are also misbranded under section 502(f)(1) of the Act, in that the labeling for these drugs fails to bear adequate directions for use [21 U.S.C. § 352(f)(1)].

21 U.S.C. § 321
21 U.S.C. § 352
21 U.S.C. § 355

If they're advertising their walnuts as being able to lower chances of heart attacks, cancer and help cure depression, then I'd have to agree with the FDA on this one.

As much as I hate to say it, I think I agree with the FDA also. There are way too many food companies making ridiculous claims about the health benefits of their foods. Claims that are misleading, patently false, or somewhere in between.

Diamond simply needs to say that their products are high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and leave it at that. Most people will connect the dots. Perhaps they have high 90% market share of educated people and they are going for the idiots who need everything explained to them just to increase market share.

Relax, Diamond. I love your smoked almonds. Now where can I find a doctor to write me a prescription for some?

Edit: Oops, how did I go from Walnuts to Almonds? I hate Walnuts.

[edit on 15-4-2010 by AwakeinNM]

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 07:52 PM
I have about 20 black walnut trees on the property where I'm renting now. My dogs like to crack open the shells and then spit them out, lol. You have to plan for yourself and plan ahead. I recommend the book: Square Foot Gardening for growing veggies in small places and intensively and a Homestead Book that lays out how to become self sufficent from small to large areas of land: The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It, John Seymour.

Here's an urban homestead that harvests like 5000 lbs of food per year:

No matter how little land you have even an apartment, you can grow your own food, sprouts, etc. here's some more urban farming:

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 08:08 PM
You have to admit that the website is biased. That website does not promote the "freedom" to eat whatever you want. It's about being "healthy."

You also can't trust the FDA which is another branch of the corporate industrial complex.

Who can you trust nowadays?

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 08:15 PM
I alway knew NUTS where EVIL!!!!

Ever since I saw those nuts on the table those years ago...

"they" said nots were good with helping the stuff in the body things, deep down I knew those evil nuts were bad, still I kept my mouth shut.

DOWN WITH THE, nm I almost made a typeo.

One visit and life would be the ssame, instead I loath Bill Clinton for not pass healthcare in the 90's.

All thanks to the Group thinking, thinking as idiots the way they always have through out history yet we all just watch as they delay the good part of history that already happened!!!


Just so you all know I am currently drunk. but it is true what I am talking about the hive mind that doesn't want anything but death and gosh darn destruction.

cept for the few that stays as themselves in a group, they are the true angels of humanity whilst the devil are doing foreplay with the group mind. puke galore,.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 08:32 PM
The FDA also let a drug go on the market that which no one even knows how it works.

It clearly says on the commercial "... Pristiq is thought to work by ...".

I guess no one really knows? They can't tell you how it works. They can only tell you how they think it works?

Good look'n out, FDA.

[edit on 15-4-2010 by tyranny22]

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:00 PM
What immediately comes to mind is Kevin Trudeau's infomercial saying that it is illegal to say that Vitamin C cures scurvey because only drugs can cure.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by janon

Wow what an amazing expose on Diamond Walnut. Nice job. Made me a bit sick reading that!

Yeah twisted stuff -- walnuts -- but I SIGNED THE PETITION! Anyone else sign the petition? -- It's actually an email form to your congressperson....

Just click on the OP link.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by goobgirl

goobgirl -- that was just the original OP link -- you got that homestead link you mentioned?

Thanks for the gardening links -- I'm clearing 10 acres of buckthorn in Minnesota in an oak forest -- hoping to plant some chestnut trees if I can convince my parents! haha.

Here's the dude selling the new hybrid for cold season American chestnuts!!

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:34 PM
the government. masters of lies and disinformation.

it defies me as well my friend.
being controlled without even knowing it.
we cant do much.
just hope for the best.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by AwakeinNM

So basicly all Dietary Supplments are Drugs ... Just like Codex wants.

Time to Oil the Ropes!

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by drew hempel

Petitons that are sent to any Federal offical all go in the trash. Therefor it is a waste of time to do so.

Invest in Rope ... it may be a commidty in the near future!

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by goobgirl

I moved out into the country side from Nashville a few years ago and planted fruit and nut trees. The Walnuts are the only nut trees that look to be making it. I hope to be eating well enough some day when they mature but at least my kids will have a chance to eat nuts from their own trees one day. The black walnuts are too pungent for me but the English walnut is what you buy at the store and I have those at abou 5 years old now.

Ironically, this global cooling, cause it has not been warming here in TN, has been the worst enemy of my fruit trees. I get blooms but a hard frost has hit in mid to late April the last few years. This year we might get by without a 29 degree morning after the trees have bloomed, but I am not out of danger just yet even though it has been 80 for three days. But if we don't all get to some kind of working agreement with whatever piece of land we can till or put a raised bed garden on, we will surely suffer. So I say try everything and see what your area likes. I can't seem to get tomato's but berries, corn, beans, melons and squash grow well for me. We need vitamins and minerals found in fruits, nuts and vegatables. Now someone appears poised to get between us and good nutrition. Don't let them.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:49 PM
Clearly it is time to stop allowing the FDA to have the last say on anything that enters our bodies. Aspartame and GMO's are allowed and even worse promoted as a safe
food source additives? Coca cola is alright - and is sickeningly used as a product placement in almost every American (and other countries) movie - but there's a move to take Vitamin B6 off the shelves?

These self made special "groups" that run this nation are dangerously and blatantly pulling out all the stops to keep their ridiculous and manipulating mind controlling agendas in motion.

We're too smart for this. We really are.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by WWJFKD
reply to post by pieman

Based on claims made on your firm's website, we have determined that your walnut products are promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease.

You are being promoted

Because of these intended uses, your walnut products are drugs

I think when the FDA calls you a drug, you are a drug.

Yeah, unless you've read the whole letter.

Haven't you learned that yet? I think they teach you to read the whole thing in second grade.

Not only that, but something tells me you've never read at least a few exchanges between the FDA and food manufacturers?

[edit on 15-4-2010 by RestingInPieces]

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 10:07 PM
Of course the FDA is completely unconstitutional. The Fed can not acquire new powers and there's no place for the FDA in the constitution. It exists, most likely, because it's real authority is limited to DC and the territories and has nothing to do with the states.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 10:11 PM
The FDA is all about semantics...nothing more. They don't care about your health, they don't care about your well-being, and they'll gladly let you eat yourself into an obese, high-fat induced coma if they had their way. In that respect, then they could just approve more "drugs" that claim to help you lose weight, just so you can go through the vicious cycle all over again.

When will people wake up from their intellectual comas? Common folks, this is just getting out of hand. Enough is enough already. When will the rest of the world start to see what we at ATS are seeing on an everyday basis?

This is ridiculous, and quite frankly, I fear for the continuation of the human race if we, as a whole, don't start standing up to what is being pushed to us as "scientific fact."



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