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Always drawn back to ATS... This time its serious.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 07:04 PM
Hello all. Ive been coming to this site for years now. I love reading all the topics being discussed from all different views. Everything from 2012, UFO's, politics, history, religion. I love reading all of it and devloping my own view of how it all plays together to effect us all.

And thats why Im here now. It seems as if in the past two weeks things have changed. People are now discussing more important info and it seems that there is way too much "distraction" going on from the most important topics. I believe the MSM knows what they are doing and have done it all before. I dont know how everyone else cant see that TV, movies, even music is used to push the ideas of the rich people in control.

Im just a 22 year old college student from Ohio. But even I can now see that there is reason behind everything we are seeing happen. I can see it and I hope I can help others to see it too and make the decisions that will be the best for everyone in not only the US but the world.

I hope to have many spirited debates here for as long as I can and hopefully make a few likeminded friends along the way. Anyone with questions or just wants to chat dont be afraid to say hi. I dont follow any political party or religion even though I do believe in a higher power. Hopefully my time here will help expose some truth to the world.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 07:33 PM
We need as many people as we can get to expose TPTB and their agenda. I'm sure you know that most of the time you mention this to people you will be met with a glassy eyed stare but if you can wake up just a few people its worth it. Good to have you around.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by tford06

I can see it and I hope I can help others to see it too and make the decisions that will be the best for everyone in not only the US but the world.

Yes, some in the world do see, and more are seeing everyday!

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by tford06

Hi tford06, and welcome to the ATS community. For now, you can reply to any thread in any member forum you wish, as well as send & receive U2U's (messages) to Staff only.
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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 01:39 AM

I'm back too.

How about that.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 09:42 AM
Thanks for the warm welcomes. It's so easy to see who is and isn't on your side once you accept the truth! I'm glad I have, and I'm glad I'm here.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 03:34 AM
Im just abit older than yourself and use to live in the BuckEye state... God, that state is an armpit, but where Im at now, is no better, its worse really.

Good luck in you searches

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 10:39 PM

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