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Starting a New Thread ?... Look Here First. ***ALL Members Read!***

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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 02:02 PM
After noticing an increase, in instances of members starting threads, with nothing
more than a link, a quote or a one line comment, I've reposted the guidelines below,
in an effort to shine some light on this problem. (and it's simple solution)

The following paragraph, (which I've separated and highlighted for easy viewing)

Appears immediately above the text box, in every 'New Thread' composition window. takes pride in making every post count.
Please do not create minimal posts to start your new thread.
If you feel inclined to make the board aware of news, current events,
or important information from other sites;
*please post one or two paragraphs,
*a link to the entire story,
*AND your opinion, twist or take on the news item,
as a means to inspire discussion or collaborative research on your subject.

These guidelines are even more important, when Starting threads in the News Forums.

On a similar note,

even when just posting a reply, remember this

'sister quote' ...which appears directly above the text box, in the 'Post Reply' composition window. takes pride in making every post count. Please do not create minimal posts or simple "I agree" posts when replying to threads. If you need to quote a member's post in your reply, please ensure you edit down the quoted amount to the minimum needed to make your point. Overly large quotes or minimal replies are subject to warnings or deletion.

Everyone has an opinion...

So Please, put forth a little time and effort to include Yours,

with your thread starts.



Although the wording has been revised , the message remains unchanged .

Be Descriptive: Please do not create minimal thread-starters that simply ask people to check out a link or video.

Respect Content: Please refrain from pasting very-large portions of content from other sites, simply paste a relevant snippet and link.

No Shorthand: Please do not use "txting" shorthand in your posts, this is an international site and many people may not understand your post.

Proper Title: Make sure your title properly describes your new thread, and please do not use ALL-CAPS.

Your attention to these details will be appreciated.


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