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What kind of positive change in our reality are you asking for?

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 03:32 PM
I‘ve noticed lately that there has been much discussion about a needed change
in our world because things could be so much better than they currently are.

But I’m not asking for changes myself. I believe they will arrive eventually.

Groups of people are meditating at certain hours to have experiences of oneness
and look for their positive reality that they may have in common and seek to achieve.

I am here because I‘d like to share with you a glimpse of a vision of mine.
This was a vivid experience for me and not just a picture but a whole reality.

Picture this if you can ; Shimmering silver and golden leaves on some of the trees ,
translucent gemstones growing on them as well as normal trees with juicy fruits.
Clean air and water ,green grass ,clear sunny sky with fluffy white clouds.

Houses on the ground looking like huge shiny water droplets in between the trees.
Golden structures floating in midair with waterfalls flowing from them.

The free people caring for the nature and helping each other out to constantly improve.

This is my vision of the Utopia. Gold doesn’t deteriorate easily and thus would be good
for constructing purposes if harnessed correctly. Here’s a little illustration of mine ;

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 03:37 PM
I'm asking for the downfall of monotheistic religion. Humanity unifying as one and establishing universal truths. Additionally, the concept of self-reliance, instead of dependence on some unknown shadowy figure in the sky.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 03:47 PM
Beautiful I'd say. Thanks for sharing.

I want harmony and a society that is geared towards service to others. it is coming for some.

I made an important blog post with a secret here that i will share:

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by GrandKitaro777

Yes ,I agree that people need to become more self reliant.

reply to post by sequoyah

And thank you for replying. I read through your blog post ,its interesting.

Feel free to save the image ,its for everyone.

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 07:48 PM
Many people are awakening to the endless possibilities of this world. Some will remain asleep to those possibilities. At the end of the day though i believe we can create a world that is where there is more equality, instead of the system we have now. I believe that the way to do this is through critical mass awareness and growth.

This is my opinion.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by Mystic Technician

Thanks for sharing your vision.

Something about it reminds me of the Amida Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism. For example: that Land of Utmost Bliss there are seven rows of balustrades, seven rows of decorative nets, and seven rows of trees. They are all made of four kinds of jewels and extend over the whole land, encompassing everything. For this reason, that land is called 'Utmost Bliss.' Again, Shariputra, in the Land of Utmost Bliss there are seven-jewelled ponds, filled with water of the eight excellent qualities. The beds of the ponds are covered solely with gold sand, and from the four sides of each pond rise stairs of gold, silver, beryl and crystal. Above these stand pavilions adorned with gold, silver, beryl, crystal, sapphire, rosy pearls, and carnelian. In the ponds are lotuses as large as chariot-wheels -- the blue ones radiating a blue light, the yellow a yellow light, the red a red light and the white ones a white light. They are marvelous and beautiful, fragrant and pure. Shariputra, the Land of Utmost Bliss is filled with such splendid adornments.

...In that Buddha-land, Shariputra, when soft breezes waft through the rows of jewelled trees and jewelled nets, they produce subtle, wonderful sounds. It is as if a hundred thousand musical instruments were playing together. Everyone who hears the sounds spontaneously becomes mindful of the Buddha, the Dharma and Sangha. Shariputra, that Buddha-land is filled with such splendid adornments.

And another quote from the Contemplation Sutra (see link below):

The Buddha said to Ananda and Vaidehi, "When you have accomplished visualization of the ground, next contemplate the jewelled trees. This is how to do so. Visualize each one and then form an image of seven rows of trees, each being eight thousand yojanas high and adorned with seven-jewelled blossoms and leaves. Each blossom and leaf has the colors of various jewels. From the beryl-colored blossoms and leaves issues forth a golden light. From the crystal-colored issues forth a crimson light. From the agate-colored issues forth a sapphire light. From the sapphire-colored issues forth a green pearl light. Coral, amber and all the other jewels serve as illuminating ornaments. Splendid nets of pearls cover the trees. Between these seven rows of nets covering each tree there are five hundred kotis of palaces adorned with exquisite flowers, like the palace of King Brahma, where celestial children naturally dwell. Each of these children wears ornaments made of five hundred kotis of Shakra-abhilagna-mani-gems, which light up a hundred yojanas in all directions, like a hundred kotis of suns and moons shining together, and so it is impossible to describe them in detail. Manifold jewels intermingle, producing the most beautiful colors.
"Rows of these jewelled trees are evenly arranged, and their leaves are equally spaced. From among the leaves appear wonderful blossoms which spontaneously bear fruits of seven jewels. Each leaf is twenty-five yojanas in both length and breadth. Like the celestial ornaments, the leaves are of a thousand colors and a hundred patterns. These trees have marvelous blossoms which are the color of gold from the Jambu River and spin like fire-wheels among the leaves. From these blossoms appear various fruits, as from Shakra's vase, and from the fruits issue forth great floods of light, which transform themselves into banners and innumerable jewelled canopies. Inside the jewelled canopies can be seen reflections of all the activities of the Buddha throughout the universe of a thousand million worlds. The Buddha-lands in the ten quarters are also reflected in them.
"After you have seen these trees, visualize each detail in order: the trunks, branches, leaves, blossoms and fruits, and let your vision of all of them be clear and distinct. This is the visualizing of the trees, and is called the fourth contemplation.

There are actually three major sutras related to Amida Buddha and all of them go on in this vein. Gemstone-laden trees and other similar imagery which sounds very similar to your vision play a big role. Check them out:

The Smaller Amida Sutra
The Larger Amida Sutra (part 1)
The Larger Amida Sutra (part 2)
The Contemplation Sutra

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 07:54 PM
My positive change would be to have people be what they are supposed to be, grow spiritually, try unconditional love of everything, and actually hang out with each other instead of letting stupid little things get in the way..

I bleed all the time because i see that people do very little for themselves or others. it saddens me that we cant be better than what we are supposed to, it pains me that people dont step outside their box and actually look at things..

This is what i think would be a good change.

posted on Mar, 13 2010 @ 01:04 PM
What kind of positive change in our reality are you asking for?

A monetary one, for all of the world. I need to see a world were effort is rewarded, and the basic needs of all humans are met. A world where abundance is the norm, and common sense resonates with everyone. A world were love is the unifying force at every level of society.

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