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A Strange Feeling as of Late...

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posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by truthseeker1984
A Strange Feeling as of Late...

Then go to the toilet, Sonny!

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 11:03 AM
Just to add to the spider thread...I used to wake up in the middle of the night with a giant shadow hovering over my head in the shape of a spider. Soon it would fade out of view. Later it became shadow beings. These things scared me at first, but they only hovered. I had explained it recently to myself as sleep paralysis. Lately I've taken to sleeping with a mask on, so I haven't had these experiences since. Now I tend to hear sounds and words as I am waking....a telephone ringing, someone calling my name, my alarm going off, even though it isn't, and the other day the word Thelemious. When I researched Thelemious...I reasoned with myself that I must have meant Thelema and discovering it has connections to Aleister Crowley, which sort of freaked me out a little.

Last night I dreamt I was on a scavenger hunt. In the end it led me to a necklace that was wrapped in paper. On the paper it read do not open until 3:15 (for some reason the number 377 is also clinging in my head). As I opened the paper around the necklace, which held the next clue I felt the earth shake below me and I went outside, where I found myself standing on the beach in front of a large body of water. I saw the moon covered (like a total eclipse), and then the blackness move away.

Upon waking, I looked at the calendar to see that March 15th is a new moon. The darkened in symbol reminded me of what I saw with the moon in my dream. I'll be watching for earthquakes or something else to happen on that day.

My headaches have been gone since the pentagon transit shooting, although I still am getting brief bouts of dizziness every once in a while.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by tk2dsky

I wonder what it is with these one word clues as it seems... The Aleister Crowley connection is spooky as maybe it was HIM coming back to tell you something? He was one heck of a medium not matter what anyone says. His power here on earth was so great the CIA and NSA used him a lot for remote viewing etc... I would not discount it is him. Whether he is evil I do not know or what these messages are is up for debate. I know I am scared now knowing others are experiencing the same thing and it is not just in my imagination or that I am going mad...

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by tk2dsky

I can see that you are very concerned with your dreams and dizzy spells. I wish I could help but this is something beyond me, to explain it in scientific terms so as not to be dismissively regarded as looney info.

What caught me in your post is your association to a tragic event with headaches. There might be something to it.

I can only suggest that you be patient, take your time, with an open mind, record down your observations and see if it does has an co-relation to actual events, espacially with the crucial event timings with your headaches.

Once you have the records avaliable, you will understand what exactly you are sensing, a 6th sense that is a reality with a few in mankind that is gifted in, and thoroughly debunked due to lack of substantative scientific evidence, of which in truth is something mankind had yet to embark upon.

Don't stress yourself too much, and always keep yourself happy with those whom you love and care about. That is more important than anything else, for it is them that you live with the gift of live and love, and them in you through it.

Nothing can harm you unless you allow yourself to be harmed. Your mind belongs to you alone and no one, nothing can ever take that from you unless you allow it. You and what you believe and love are your mental strength.

Take care, and good luck!


posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by truthseeker1984

I too have been felling what I would term as "a great disturbance in the force," as it were. I feel something big coming that will effect every soul on this planet, and those on other planets also, for we are all connected to the Source, whether you happen to be a human or not. My wife has experienced similar things as you have, the headaches that have no explanation and strange pains with no injuries. I have been having strange dreams, like I am running from some unknown thing, and have in my charge a female who is hurt, and I must see to her injuries, and get her to safety. I do not know what this means.
In another recurring dream, I seem to have many machines and computer to get running again, I am covered up with this work, and upon waking, i am really tired, like I did not sleep at all.

something will happen, no matter hew hard we try to believe it will not, and it will effect every person alive.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 10:00 PM
For some time now i have had a feeling of negativity, about the way the world seems to be not such a nice place anymore,like i remember much better times and things seemed to be more enjoyable.

something is wrong with the world! it just is not a place i enjoy or even remember any more. so many people feel "off" too! so yes something is amiss.

is this what you kind of feel?

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 04:11 AM
O.K. it is now 2:30am, so, PLEASE forgive mis-spellings and grammar!

I was so happy to see this post and read through it!

For the last several months I have felt very alone and confused by the strangeness of my reality.
It began in November: Insomnia, either falling asleep or waking up and not being able to go back to sleep; then passing out episodes and sleeping for 12-13hrs.
Even after sleeping, feeling as though I was not really within myself. The intense feelings of being beyond lethargic. Moodiness, feeling like I wanted to run and hide, mediation interruption from outside static, which for me has NEVER been an issue, in fact I teach mediation!

Then the illnesses, flu like symptoms lasting weeks.

I have worked with the dead my entire life and am an investigator/researcher; have worked from universities and been tested myself, as well as tested many others. I was absolutely befuddled by what was happening to my physical/emotional and spiritual self.

Usually, with episodes like this it can be pin pointed. Working with a network of other sensitives, we can put our heads together and figure it out, but this, well?

Now here is something that could possibly be affecting us?

Before the Haiti earthquake, we hit a low (me and the network of people that I work with), everyone was in a very bad place; absolutely no sleep, anxiety and extreme depression. We figured out that there would be a large earth catastrophe, one week later the earthquake hit.

I felt compelled to reach out to a friend of mine who is a geophysicist.

After speaking at length to her about what had been going on with us and such, she did state this: The earths mantel is shifting. Now this is always the case as the earth sits upon lava and is never truly stable, but always in motion. What is different now? Well, it is shifting rapidly. She said that there have been many earthquakes, at that time, when we spoke: Hawaii 2.5, Greece 2.5, Haiti, Ca, and several other various ones had hit. This was concerning to the researchers as it was all happening within days of each-other and all on different faults. Yes, there is always activity afoot, but this was sending a red flag to them.

After that she contacted me concerning the Chili incident and stated that this had been only the seventh earthquake in recorded history that had severely affected the earths degrees. A shift that would affect the minutes of a day/night.

Now since there have been many more quakes, Turkey, etc.,

What I noticed was that after the Chile incident, many sensitives were/are calling reporting sever headaches. As they state: nothing helps it, no pills, no alternative medicine, it is interrupting their daily functioning capacities. I am talking about MANY people experiencing this issue.

Not only was this reported, but also abnormal behavior of people. Situations such as: friends turning on each-other for no logical reason, work environments that were sound as far as relationships becoming suddenly and without warning hostile environments, people isolating themselves from one another and an overall breakdown in communication.

People also report not feeling comfortable any where, not at home, not outside, not at work, just feeling as if something is waiting?

Also, reports of unusual smells? Or an increase in the persons sense of smell?

Telepathy between people, sensitive or not has increased SUBSTANTIALLY.

And the dead, this is one that is very unusual and if anyone else has had this please discuss it.

There are NEW "ghosts/entities", these people have been dead for a long time, but are suddenly just becoming aware of themselves in this new manner and seem to be very upset about the situation. I am not talking about a few interactions with this people, there are hundreds of them?

I am thinking that obviously the layer shift is upon us full force, perhaps we thought it would just go along as it was before, slow - see next post

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 04:21 AM
Slow and unwinding as it has been for years. Unfortunately, for us and the world around us this is not to be the case.

The Earth is making dramatic changes and my friend that I referred to early stated that they are becoming concerned about volcanic actively and tsunami's that may be triggered by the rapidly shifting mantel.

She stated that there was further concern that a new ice age is in fact beginning to take place and that they are watching glaciers intently right now.

So, perhaps we are all being subject to the Earths changes and within that matter changes, magnetic shifts and apparently it is affecting us physically and emotionally.
Then with the shifts occurring at that same time we are also having to deal with not only picking up intensely on what the Earth is going through, but what the other realms are trying to show us.
Someone stated that they felt as if they were trying to stay awake for fear of missing something. I have felt that I am staying awake to try and avoid something?

Oh and let me not forget the onslaught of nightmares and PK activity.

So, the fact is. Are we being subject to the Earths situation, the shifting of the realms, both, and if so here is the BIG question: WHAT ARE WE ALL GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!

I for onoe always thought, Oh everyone will be able to handle this, well, not so much now

What are we going to do?

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 04:27 AM
Wow its great to see so many people are still talking on this thread.

Im still seeing the seams between matter. When I first compared what I was seeing to a spider, I never though so many people would say they have seen the same thing.

I feel that these "spiders" or flashes of light-matter in our peripheral are happening for a reason. I'm finding it so hard to ignore my gut instincts recently, its like the "space-between-space" is becoming more energized and breaking through into the 3-dimensional world.

I feel like these "spiders" are seams, where 4-dimensional energy is pushing on the 3-dimensional world. What were seeing is this event culminating at the edges of our chakra, It seems. At least by the proximity of where I keep seeing these things, it seems to always be happening at the edges of my perspective(within 2-4 feet).

I'm sorry i can't help with anyones sleep or headache issues. I have the same problems myself sometimes.

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 05:11 AM
Hi, I am taken with your thread here!
I posted a bit at the very end, so far, about the correlations that I have witnessed among sensitives and non and some information concerning the Earth changes.
Anyways, re-reading the posts, as there are many! I stumbled on the guide issue!
I too have had experiences with my guides being MIA so to speak for a couple of years now. I have always had an intense and close relationship with them and this was odd to me, but when they do come though they stated that things are very difficult and that they are busy with trying to change and or do things to help with the shift. They felt very tense about whatever was going on and would not go into detail about it.
Just recently I did a mediation, which has become difficult, anyway, during this mediation all new guides came through, all of whom I know to be dead individuals from my life?
One relative, one friend and then a rather controversial one, the wife of someone who violated me when I was younger. I have shared this information with only one other person, but felt compelled to share it with you.
Is it possible that with my other guides so immersed within whatever is going on in their reality, friends and family are taking over for the time being? What are your thoughts on this?
Thank you,
O and I forgot to sign my earlier posts
I am amyaaallan

I was trying to U2U, but I am not aloud yet

Oh and concerning the "spiders" check out the most common interaction with those who have had alien interaction, it is one of the most common images.

I am currently writing a book about correlations between those who claim to have had interactions with aliens and interactive hauntings. The repetitive spider posts are very interesting in regards to that!


posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by amyaaallan

Does your geophyscist friend have any idea what is happening to the ice caps with the red iron ore coming out of them?

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 11:31 AM
I know I'm posting late on this thread but I saw the entire world change over night after the earthquake in Chile, The Map is not the same, small things here and there have changed and I have not slept well at all.

I keep waking up many times in the middle of the night for no reason, as if something elusive is on the horizon, I'm having extremely Vivid Dreams that aren't positive, I even feel like something is literaly wrong with the world and that while everyone has seen no difference, I'm stuck knowing something is going to happen.


posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 12:16 PM
Thank you and welcome to the new posters to this thread. Something indeed is going on, and if you look back on page 2 you can look at my theory. Yes, I have observed a recent spike in PK activity from many different groups that I have spoken to, as well as my own clients. Shadowcreatures have been making a huge insurgence, and I have no explanation for those cases. The best I can do to help them is to cleanse the home and hope for the best.

As for my own symptoms, well, they haven't gotten any better the past two weeks. The headache is a constant dull throbbing ache in my head. It has spread to my entire body and has inflamed my rheumatoid arthritis (I'm 27 and have arthritis...runs in my family). I still have the vivid dreams, and I woke up yet again this morning to the feeling of being run over by a freight train. Of course, all of these experiences (as far as what I can tell) cannot be totally determined by scientific methods, but I always knew that there are so many things in this world that cannot be explained by science.

In my 20 years of studying in this field, this is the worst I have ever seen anything. From hauntings to just natural world events (tsunami's, earthquakes, etc.) and I would bet 100 bucks that this is the worst that it has ever been. I fear that these are just the death pangs to something much larger, and I only hope that I am wrong about all of this.

If either of you want to collaborate information or have questions for me, don't hesitate to ask. I feel my purpose is a guide to those that want to help themselves by figuring out the pieces to the puzzle.

Peace be with you, and us all.


posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 03:31 PM
I think another step towards whatever... is going to happen again today. I cannot for the life of me ground myself, and I'm being pulled to nap again, even after 3 cups of coffee. And of course the headache that was gone is back again today.

Need to find my hematite, which usually helps when I am particularly spacey. I feel half out of body today.

**Scratch that thought. The dizziness and headaches are vicarious empathy pains. My mom went to the ER today for some respiratory issues with the same symptoms I described. I guess things are always stronger with personal connections.

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posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by kalenga

(My son sees strange coloured specks, lights, trails, spiders, like you Ellie Sagan. Only his appear to 'work' on him like doing virtual operations as they laser his groin and seem to be doing an operation on him.)

i have to amend this part as that part is not accurate, what really happened was that a 1 1/2 ft transparent white orb with twinkling lights that "scanned" him, there was multi coloured lights running over his bed covers right over where he was and then at the bottom of the bed appeared a curtain of blackness like a very dark shadow 4ft tall and 5ft wide, then at the right of the bed appeared a cone shaped transparent white light which stayed there for say 2-4 mins and then disappeared then the curtain of blackness at the bottom of the bed vanished then the orb ascended through the ceiling?

And the next day for the full day down at the right side in his groinal area he was sore the whole day?

He isn't sure what it was but he has had alot of strange experiences, Ufo's, shadowmen and other stuff like that?

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 11:56 PM
Hey Team!

Great to see us forming bonds here and lending credibility to each others' expereinces. Our networks are growing quickly thanks to those who are strong enough to ground some of the higher energies recuired to initiate the process. This is my opinion with regards to the headaches and unusual body pains. The mother knows who of us can handle the weight and makes adjustments accordingly to maximize efficiency. Its almost as though we are possibly generating the energy required to power each others' progress.

My thought on sleeping troubles is that a lot of the progress we are making is being initiated through our subconscious selves. It makes sense to me then for our dream states to be eratic and disruptive of our conscious experiences as dreams are the communicative link between conscious and subconscious.

In regards to spiders and other visual phenomenon, I think that the changes in the way physical reality appears could definitely be due to friction between the pysical and non physical. ie, a change in dimensionality if you like that word. I personally don't really.

Despite all of the darkness in the world as a result of earth changes etc. I think there is reason for hope. Reading through this thread I can feel us growing. That this thread exists makes me feel much more secure in myself. At times it is easy for me to get dragged into states of mind which are overly critical of my more extraordinary experiences. I want to thank you all for lending my theories, and actions, validation.

Peter Penkala.

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 03:23 PM
I am like so happy to have found this thread and to get validation that others feel the same.
I too had, like many described, a feeling as a young child that one day I would have a important purpose to fulfill. As I got older, I kinda pushed the thought aside as being normal childhood fantasies of wanting to be special

When I was around 14/15 my interest in the metaphysics awoke and has not let go of me ever since. I attended my first spiritual 2 day workshop at 19....needless to say, I was the youngest participant. I've had some freaky, yet amazing, things happening to me at that workshop like f.e. never happened since. At age 20 I really started reading one book (the book "Conversations with God"- really brought me deep into all this) after the next. Now, I DO NOT want to imply that I am special (which I am not more than everyone else), but I do not recall any other 20 year old ones around me being even slightly interested things like this.

Sometimes it was like as waves would hit me. For example, sometimes there might have past 6 months where I didn't touch anything or did anything on the spiritual level, and then from one day to the next I HAD to feed my mind with as much new information as possible.

Last fall I felt a very very strong pull to go to Sedona, AZ. So I did...alone...I am a Mom of two toddlers btw. I knew I had to do this...don't know why, but I had to go. I've had weird stuff happening there, all the way from seeing UFOs, to have a white glow appearing in pictures over one shoulder and being later that day told by a sensitive, that there was a very bright glow around me.

And the reason I am now today finding this thread, is because yesterday something wonderful has happened to me. I have felt the last days the same strong pull I had with Sedona, but this time with the ECETI Ranch in WA. I HAVE to go. I also saw the self mastery training they will have going on, and so I will attend. Ever since it is set in stone that I will go, the yearning...a push to fulfill my purpose has been so so strong, I can barely take it.
I've been struggling the past years thinking of what I want to do career wise once my kids are older, and I could never find anything I truly love. I just don't fit into any conventional jobs. They, to me, don't really serve the purpose my soul is, for some reason after.
Yesterday then it hit. I don't know why, I don't know how, but all of the sudden there was this inner voice that I NEED to get serious with all the awareness stuff...go to as many workshops as possible, learn, learn, learn and then help others on their path. When I was meditating last night one sentence kept repeating in my head over and over and just had a life of its own. And the words were: I am ready to serve!
It is so profound for me, I have my eyes filling up with tears thinking about it. The feeling, the feeling of finally knowing, or better said, accepting what my purpose is, fills me with so so much joy and is beyond!
I am now declaring for the world, that I am ready to serve. Ready to serve to the highest good of humankind. That I will after all my studies, use my acquired knowledge eventually to help others. I don't really mind if these words ring your soul, for if they do, that's good and meant to be, if they don't, that's fine and meant to be to.

Ever since last night, I have this weird feeling in my stomach and like my heart is racing....all of anticipation, all because I know now some big changes are ahead and I now have openly declared that I am willing to fulfill my purpose and follow that pull in my heart.

I hope, together....all of us that feel this way these days, will be able to help steer the wheel around or at least help others as much as we can, when the time comes.

Thanks for letting me share my story...I hope I didn't bore anyone

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by truthseeker1984

"It has spread to my entire body and has inflamed my rheumatoid arthritis (I'm 27 and have arthritis...runs in my family)."
Thats is so coincidental as my family suffers the same getting arthritis early in life amongst other weird symptoms and only in 2004 did they give it a name: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I just wondered if your family had this inherited genetic defect?

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by Serafina
Hi Serafina, I have a strange need to get to Nebraska even though I live in Scotland, UK. Do not know why this is or what it means but each time I hear its name I am dying to go there. I also have an urge to head to the mountains which in Scotland we have loads. In the summer I will solely visit the mountains and feel total peace there. If there was a way for me to live there I would.

posted on Mar, 13 2010 @ 05:40 PM
It has gotten so bad for me that I can't sleep without medication. I also lose my sense of direction quite a bit lately and have memory lapses where I forget what I'm doing or where I'm going.
The paranormal activity in my house is also picking up again to ridiculous levels.
Things move around all the time. If we remember exactly where we put something it will disappear and turn up in places where there's no way we would've or could've put it there.

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