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If the "Nephilim" (Fallen ANGELS) are ET's, then how aren't Angels (and Jehova) ET'S?

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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by prophecy4
You have the wrong idea. Some Christians believe that fallen angels are PRETENDING to be aliens to appearl to people that don't believe in the supernatural anymore.

1st - Angels appear to mankind.
2nd - the gods appear to mankind
3rd - fairies appear to mankind
4th - aliens appear to mankind

It sounds unrelated, but do a side by side comparison and you'll see that they have a lot in common. Pretty much the same exact entity.

1 - fallen angels in the Bible kidnapped women in Noah's day
2 - the gods kidnapped women in legends around the world.
3 - fairies kidnapped people around the middle ages
4 - aliens are said to be kidnapping people now

What is the purpose for this kidnapping?

1 - the fallen angels had offspring called nephilim
2 - the gods had offspring called the demi-gods
3 - the fairs had offspring called changelings
4 - aliens have offspring refered to as hybrids

this is a lot more than coincidence. Whatever is presenting itself as aliens right now is the same thing that has been doing it all through history. All of the above entities have been said to kidnap women, rape them, and produce hybrid offspring. Anyone looking forward to inviting intergalactic, kidnapping, rapists has to be a complete moron.

The connection is that these things are obviously neither angels, gods, fairies or aliens. Jung alludes to what they could be, and people who are educated in mysticism know what they are.

They are what Jung called 'archetypes'. Spiritual forces that manifest in whatever form relevant to the human being. In previous ages, fairies, or goblins, or demons of some sort were relevant images that people could relate to. Still even today the more religiously inclined are encountered by demons as opposed to 'aliens' (to those wsho have such experiences). This is also why the christian mystic who experiences the godhead will actually manifest the marks of christ in the same areas that christ experienced them. These are two obviously different archetypes. One is a metaphor for the 'self' and the other, demon/alien, is a demonic archetype. Im just using these different examples as proof that they manifest physically, as numinous forms which exist within mans unconscious. The 'unconscious' btw is the modern psychoanalysis term for the spiritual worlds. These demonic entities are products of human imagination - of the vitality we invest in them. People who have 'alien experiences' are people who tend to have lots of problems, in a persona sense. They have 'lots of demons'. If this person happens to be a little obsessive, he'll actually believe that his encounter with this spiritual form is a real encounter beteen himself and an extraterrestrial, which will continue the 'encounters'.

If you analyze some specifics of the claims, like "anal probe' you can see that this is a clear demonic manifestation. The anal is associated with the demonic. This is becauase conceptually (spiritual forces relate with man through resemblance, likeness, because the are entities of the intellectual, conceptual world. whereas we live in this world, with only our minds in the 'spiritual realm') the anal is the source of the 'waste' likewise, the waste in a persons personality are his negatvie traits, which ooze you could say out of his anal. These forces depict this 'probing' as a symbol of its relationship with its host. The demon resides within him, has infact invaded his personality, so in a like way, he invades his asshole.

Similar examples can be culled from history with mans interaction with demons, gnomes etc.

Also, the reason why 'aliens' have become a popular image of fantasy is because of certain occultists, no doubt agents of propaganda, who have introduced these fantasy forms, with their own imagination, as they did in times past with fairies, gnomes, trolls, as a new vehicle for our age in which the demonic could interact with man. The more exposed we become to this 'phenomena' of UFO's, Aliens, etc, the more it becomes apart of the fabric of our unconscious reality. So, to those who do experience alien contacts, its a symptom of a demonic attack, in a era of human history where demonic attacks are becoming much more common, because of the overall spiritual frailty and ignorance which we exhibit.
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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 12:01 PM
According to the Bible, Satan was the most beautiful angel of all.....maybe most beautiful "creature" of all...
from what I know Aliens aren't known for their beauty

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