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God Hates You.

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

I would have to agree with the points you made. That's why I don't believe in an interventionist GOD. There is no proof whatsoever that GOD intervenes in human affairs. There may be some illusionary spiritual connection, but that's as far as it goes. If you want God to fix your life, then you'll be waiting for all of eternity.

Has anyone tried "The God hotline".

Hello, epicenter of the Universe, God speaking. If you leave your name, number, and prayer after the tone, I will call you back as soon as I can. Please note that I answer all prayers, but sometimes the answer is NO. Bless you, my child, and have a nice day.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 04:42 PM
"So therefore that must mean God hates you just as much as he loves you."

Probably more accurate to say he judges as much as he is merciful. What's the intention? That's what you have to ask. If it is to provide pleasure to his creatures, then the outcome we see isn't ever bad.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 01:59 AM

Originally posted by GypsK

Have you ever heard of the theory of 'the dark night of the soul'? I think almost everyone goes through that before awaking, and maybe that's what the OP is going through.
He's asking quesions, questioning things, seeking answers...that's good. Eventually his own experiences will bring him to better places and better thoughts.

I really like your post

Thank you for your kind words I appreciate it very much.

Yes I am very aware of the Dark Night of the Soul. Its a little misleading that title isnt it!! Its not one night usually, its often weeks, months even years for some. Your right the OP most probably is going through this. Hopefully his questions and experiences will see him well and through this.

I like Jacobs threads, I like Jacob but this thread I find not only hard to read but even harder to post on. Its title does not resonate with me in any way and I find my self staying away from this thread on many levels. Just reading the title I find is not good for balancing the energy within.

However I wanted to come back to thank you and also to wish Jacob good luck on his journey. It is a journey only he can find himself but yes I agree with you that seeking and asking questions does help.

Best of luck Jacob, and at the end of your search you will see that the Source is total love, its love is of such an unconditional nature we often find it hard to understand but I say now to you in all honesty and faith.

The Source LOVES you.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by mavman

God is man's invention

i'm stunned to see that someone has it completly backwards.
can people get any farther down the road than this?

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by JacobNH

God as the source, does NOT contain both hate and love. We as his creations bear the weight of both of those. God as the source contains us and everything we know as the Universe including all it's governing laws. We as the creations contain the hate and love.

He made us out of love, not out of hate. Humanity bred hatred in IT's own image. God did not.

You're confusing the Creator with his Creator-Creations.


posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 02:23 AM
Have you ever watched a movie? You love and hate alot of characters in the plot, but in the end you are glad for the experience and the thought provocation of possibilities in drama that arise through hardship, choices, and achievement.

Have you ever gone through a hardship then you find happiness in the most unexpected of places or predicament, then when you reflect upon your experiences you find what truly makes you happy?

When you have everything you have everything, but then there is nothing else left.
life is beautiful. experience it, find your happiness and you will find the truth of god.

Good and bad are symbolized emotions based on our perceptions of life

Do you wanna see the glass half full? or half empty?
Your choice.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 02:55 AM
unfortunately , GOD, and mankind had a
'difference"of opinion, some time ago.
and GOD was told to butt-out
but GOD never gives up,he will occasionally
intervene, but not many people are aware of this.
remember, GOD hates the sin, not the sinner.
And the reason people sin?
satan was cast to the earth
and his influence is powerful.

jesus will return
he knows where the throne of satan is...
..and how to destroy it.

p.s GOD hates satan,not you.....

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by BridgETeyes
Namaste is considered a greeting of deep respect with deep spiritual connotations, I would say a little more than polite. Some view it as their highest respect that can be payed to another, as it is in recognition of their divine spark.

"The light within me honors the light within you."

Thanks for the additional background on the term (always new things to learn). I'd considered it as such which is why I'm so perplexed when people who are being the least respectful are using it.

Originally posted by BridgETeyes
I would say it is over used would you not.

Although I would say it is, I'm more concerned about it being used insincerely than frequently.

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 05:44 PM
God, love and hate are all Human concepts. They are elements of control in a world governed by Humans.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by JacobNH

Ok. There is so much about quantum physics we don`t understand but an interesting read of Neale Donald Walsch`s -Conversations with God -all 3 books- can answer most questions.They are mindblowing because they totally changed the way I perceived God. God doesn`t hate- not because he can`t-he has experienced hate through us- and he simply chooses not to do so. We can possibly live in our own created reality but may be limited by the collective consciousness which has more power that we do as one individual. Or does it? at least until we reach our best potential . Quantum jumping comes to mind. So...Did it ever occur to you that Earth is created by a lesser God and that we live in this God`s dream until we know better and go home or stay using the newly found skills? or did you ever think that once you unite with you Higher Self after `death` you have come so far that you are able to create a world similar to this one? Then YOU would be that lesser God who can make mistakes because you don`t know all the rules. I hope you understand what i am trying to say ....I practice Shamanic journeying and i can tell thru 1st hand experience that we can travel thru `time` , speak with spiritual guides and access higher knowledge. It only takes practice and challenging yourself like you are already doing. Choose wisely. Love and blessings !

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 08:15 AM
Very nice philosophical thoughts in here. I love takes up more of my reading time than it should because it interupts my educational reading on science, history, physics and things of the practical and tangible world...but I find it fascinating nonetheless.

I am an agnostic that leans toward a universal mind involved. I don't think this mind is anything like what theology tells us...that is man trying to describe something that is beyond his comprehension so he makes it "holy" or makes it a "boogie man". I think this mind might have been the was maybe bored or lonely and said..."I need to create someone to talk to". Now if "IT" would have perfectly intervened...IT would have made sock puppets and that would be horrible conversation...if however...IT started a process of creation that was self actualizing...then it (the creation) could grow to equal or surpass the creator...

I don't think the Universal mind is as involved in our day to day goings on as we would like to think and sometimes hope it is...that would not make for good conversation down the road....that would make a bunch of servants afraid to speak their minds... the case I am wrong...I have never viewed the textbook "God" as a lover or hater of men...He loves compassion and sacrifice and hates sin...but not the sinner....If anything...I would view him as the perfectly neutral judge...unfortunately for you, you will be judged on the rules the judge wrote...

But as I started with...I think there is a Universal mind out there...but I don't think it is anything we can possibly comprehend or describe...and I especially dislike people that think they can speak on the behalf of such a being...with authority no less...
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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by JacobNH

Do i need to fear him then? Because he is almighty. So, when he hates me he will wipe me out!!! Do not buy your thoughts!!!

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