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Racism is for Ignorant Fools, not ATS.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by intrepid

You've never heard the term "the American race" before? I'm suprised that thread is still going!

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by Chovy

Ever heard of the "human race"?

If so, perhaps you should consider joining, membership is free for all who are willing to rise above the ignorance of racism, in ALL forms.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by Chovy
You've never heard the term "the American race" before? I'm suprised that thread is still going!

No, as a matter of fact, I haven't. Is it the same as the Mexican, Columbian, Brazilian, Peruvian or even the Canadian race?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

we ALL get mistreated at times. we ALL have characteristics that don't suit someone. I have received bad service in restaurants, been ignored in stores, not allowed to participate in discussions, not invited to parties, passed over for jobs, cut off in traffic, overcharged for isurance etc. is this because of my race? or because of my gender, religion, too skinny, too fat, too young, too old, wrong social class. I remember one time I was in london and wandered into those very swanky boutiques on some street or another. it was midday. the stores were totally empty except for the doorman/security/bouncer and the clerk, and yet most did not even acknowledge my presence let alone ask if they could help me. was that racist? it happened time after time after time. i suspect they judged me not able to pay their shocking prices therefore not worth the energy spent to speak instead of leaning on the counters waiting for customers they approved of. I have known women to go into computer stores and be blatantly ignored in favor of phone conversations or chats with other sales people, who then went from store to store until someone would wait on them and let them buy the complete system they came for. you are just as likely to be experiencing gender bias or class bias as racism. if a person happens to be fat, it's open season for insults. they are not protected from hate speech.

some people are just rude and obnoxious by nature, and slight people whenever possible. racist? probably not. equal opportunity jerks.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:10 PM
I totally agree, I remember my grandfather telling me how when he was a young man, a pretty fair ball player he was, but he was not allowed to play baseball with the local team because they were the negro league and he was white.

And how one time when he wanted to get a drink of water and his 'peoples' drinking fountain wasn't working, he was not allowed to get a drink out of the colored peoples fountain because he was the wrong color.

You would think things would have changed by now but did you see the way the black people almost universally voted against the white candidate for President, if that's not pure racism I don't know what is.

Now there are affirmative action preferences that completely discriminate against white males as if the government were saying they were born second class, and even government contracts set aside for only non white people.

Yes I agree this institutional racism is horrible, lets just hope that things change for the better in the future where a man can be judged by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:10 PM
I'm referring to the thread calling Americans gutless cowards. I guess that's ok around here?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Chovy
I'm referring to the thread calling Americans gutless cowards. I guess that's ok around here?

What is it about sarcasm that you don't understand?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:23 PM
Chovy did you read even the tiniest part of the thread your complaining about ?

Its not a hate speech thread its just a provocative title, and I imagine it was allowed to stand because of the quality found in the first post.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:27 PM
There is no room for racism or prejudice in this world let alone on ATS . On reading the thread about gays being allowed to marry I could not believe there was so much bigotry. Some seem to dislike Obama because he is not wearing white skin. Another poster dislikes blacks because they or their brother was beaten up by two back people, would he/she hate all whites if the attack had been white on white.

We have enough problems trying to understand others culture, politics or religion without getting hot under the collar because a person has a different colour skin.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by Watcher-In-The-Shadows
When excuses are constantly dug for to dislike someone you can be sure that there is an underlying unspoken reason. Most likely one that the individual would never admit to as it would exhibit motive.

There most likely is an underlying reason.
The problem comes when one assumes the underlying reason is due to race.
Many were constantly looking for 'dirt' about Bush during his presidency. Same with Clinton.
Could the main "underlying reason", perhaps, be due to the "Left vs Right" mentality of American politics?
It's safe to say that such was the case with Bush and Clinton...
Why not Obama?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by TruthParadox

Yet it never hit as fevered a pitch as with Obama. I never saw anyone dig as much as they do to get offended by Bush as they do for Obama.

[edit on 19-9-2009 by Watcher-In-The-Shadows]

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by Chovy

Two words. Attention grabber.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:13 PM
To all of you that have felt the need to articulate about how everyone is discriminated against at some time, or how most Blacks voted for Obama.


Of course we have all been singled out at some time. I bet when it happened, you felt the sting. It's wrong. It's ignorant, and it's inexcusable.

How many times have most whites voted for a white person? Does that make them racists? No it does not. Guess what? Most white people voted for Obama in 08.

The thread title says. "Racism is for Ignorant Fools?

It doesn't say "Black Racists" or "White Racists" it's intended for "all" racists.

Here is a "fact" for you. If you are racist, no excuse, or reason, is ever going to justify your position. No matter who you are, or what happened to you, or your little brother, etc..

Racist people need to stop hiding behind rationalizations.

Get a set, admit who you are, and either change it, or embrace it. Don't post explanations, or justifications. That just makes you stupid, on top of ignorant.

We are all members of the human race. Check you facts, we all came from the same stock. No matter how much it bothers you, there are Africans, and before that, primates in your dna. Racism is a waste of time, and a futile ideology. In time, we will all be mixed, there is no stopping it.

Your ideology is doomed, and people like you, are dying off.

By the way ever notice how the fact that Obama is half white seems to be a moot point? You know why that is?

Because to a racist mentality, if you are half white, and half anything else, you are whatever the other half is, never "white".

That my friends is racism for you. It makes no sense at all.


posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:13 PM
I've had interesting issues relating to racism when I'm talking with friends occasionally.
An example being we were talking about forensics, and the identification of bodies came up.
I started talking about how you are able to find the race of a person by their skull.
Ended up in a debate about how we are all the same underneath, or something.
It was actually sort of funny.
Racism is a sword that cuts both ways.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by Watcher-In-The-Shadows

Maybe you're right.
Maybe the criticism of Obama has reached higher levels than Bush.
I'm not sure how one would go about proving this, or the opposite, so you may be right - who knows.
But wouldn't you agree, that at least a good portion of the criticism is based on the "Left vs Right" mentality?
And if such is the case, which appears obvious to me, what percentage of the criticism would you be denouncing as racism when it couldn't be further from the truth?
In a room full of 10 Obama critics, 1 may be racist, the other 9 may be firm believers that conservative values are the only way to keep the country alive and well.
When you label them racist, just because there's an underlying bases or a bias for their views, 9 out of 10 of those individuals are going to be very angry. This is likely to make extremism worse, as many on the right (at this very moment) feel as though their views aren't being looked at seriously due to the 'race card'.

And when enough people feel that their views aren't even being taken seriously, bad things can happen.


posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:34 PM
i tihnk it would be ignorant to deny the fact that differences exist between races.
by definition tahts racist, but its 100% true.
you may not want to think, hear, or talk aobut it, but it doesnt change teh facts.
some groups of people are smarter, stronger, live longer, get certain diseases, are taller, some are shorter, some are faster, some burn int eh sun, some react to certain drugs, some dont do any of the above.
its jsut the way of teh world, denying that fact is jsut as ignorant, if not more.
the problem lies exists only if you treat poeple differently becasue of this, its existence is irrelevant for the most part, but your actions arent.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Watcher-In-The-Shadows

He certainly did die a racist and had plans to send all African Americans back to Africa. I suggest you read a little history about the man who destroyed the Republic before commenting on his racist behalf.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by Monteriano

I did do my research, thank you very much. That plan was discarded by him. He died the day after he called for blacks to vote. He started out a racist but was moving in the opposite direction. Or have you never changed your mind?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:46 PM
What makes us different?
Color, sex, heritage, size, preference, ,religion, intelligence, wealth, etc.....
What makes us the same?
All of us need the same things and we are all the same species.

The simplest answer suits us best.
Over complicate the fact that we are all human, and you do the same to your mind, creating an inability to think clearly.
All that background noise of who is this or that clouds ones judgment.
We are all human, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:48 PM
If we're going to talk about race-bashing (which is far less prevalent on ATS than I've seen on other sites... That doesn't make it okay. I'm just saying, it could be way worse), how about we talking about religious/spiritual belief bashing too? Cause I see a LOT more of that going on.
Is it that different to say "You're dumb because you believe in ____" from saying "You're dumb because you're a ____"?

Maybe no one else understands what I'm trying to say, and that's fine I guess. I'm just saying, racism isn't the only form of ignorance I've seen around the intranetz.

As for the racism, I see a lot more race-baiting (such as, "You don't like Obama, so you must be a racist!" just for an example.) than I see actual racism (an example of which would be "I don't like Obama because he's black!") Which one is more ignorant?

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