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Harriet Tubman, This Underground Railroad Will Carry Free Men, Trying Not To Become Slaves

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 03:14 PM
For any history fanatic the Underground Railroad was about slaves escaping the South during the “War of Northern Aggression” as the Confederates so eloquently named the Civil War since they wanted to secede from the Union and Abraham Lincoln tried to stop that from happening. This time however the Underground Railroad may have a slightly more significant meaning to freedom loving people being from all races, ethnicities, and ages trying to escape from the Swine Flu inoculation and the Verichip/Digital Angel, the two-headed hydra biochip slave collar as so many people here on ATS think of it once Martial Law is declared under the Second Civil War. What most people do not realize though is that first and foremost this will not be a conventional war in any way whatsoever of brother joining against brother in the blue or grey of North verses South, it will be mother against son, daughter against father, next door neighbor against next door neighbor in that there are no Northern and Southern boundaries, except for the militarized Mexican border and the Canadian border where you cannot pass through without showing your passport with picture identification whereas you used to be able to just pass showing your driver’s license.

Another thing most people do not realize is that this will not spark off with a call to war on American soil like the previously mentioned Civil War, or even like the Blitzkrieg by Germany of Poland, it already started on the day that four jets hit three buildings, The Pentagon, and World Trade Tower one and World Trade Tower Two, and the mysterious felling of World Trade Tower Seven. This was the alleged attack of Osama bin Laden, where not one piece of evidence was ever shown to the public (9/11 Commission was a Warren Commission, cover-up and move on, never meant to place blame but paper trail to make the appearance seem as if they did something), no trial was held whether with the man present like the O.J. trial, or in absentia without him being paraded out on a perp-walk, and that the revolution as it were will never be televised, at least not the way you might expect it, since it is instead being syndicated and shown to you with either you being perceptive enough to know the signs and symbology of what is going on, or whether you are one of the sheeple bleating their complaints about those “New World Order” (this term is a verbal trap for you to discredit yourself) conspiracy theorists who are anti-Government. For those of you who might be lost let me point out a few things to you, and you might be able to catch up with the rest of the class of people already way ahead of you.

This war is about the usage of our nations laws against the citizens themselves, and it started the day Bush called it the War on Terror, a seemingly vague moniker of “war” against an ideology of “terror” where even your next door neighbor may be in fact a “terrorist”, because the Government says so, without even having a trial, because as anyone who has followed the laws progressions since September 11th will know, they do not have to have evidence that will be shown in court, but secret evidence instead which will be held in absentia so you cannot defend yourself against the false accusations of the henchmen of the Fourth Reich, whether they realize they are the henchmen or not, or whether they have read the bulletins where anyone speaking of the “New World Order”, or anyone who knows their Constitutional Rights is deemed a threat to society by organizations like []M.I.A.C.[/url] (perfect division line in Missouri?), or any of the other assorted memos and documents that Dick Cheney and the patsyGeorge W Bush had put out after the “terror attacks” that initiated this “war” against American citizens. You have to know that this was all pre-planned with careful thought and consideration in how to manipulate the laws into the favor of the Government in order to screw the public, and when, not if, Martial Law is declared under the false claim of pandemic of Swine Flu where this sickness has spread or been spread intentionally across the Mexican and American border, where W.H.O., or the World Health Organization, a United Nations reflex which means those people speaking about the U.S. troops marching on our soil were right, just not under the original thought of being active war, instead passive war, through the Emergency Planning Procedures of the Federal Emergency Management Agency who is marching lockstep under orders from Homeland Security, all following the orders of the President of America Barack Obama. What if all this nonsense about his birth certificate is just that, nonsense, that was spread by the very man in question just to sow more confusion among the citizens who are fighting and feuding over whether he is the rightful man in the Oval Office, which would be a nice diversionary tactic just to make the confusion set in even more because you are now fighting with your best friend on a message board, utilizing Divide and Conquer, division against each other, instead on unity of the citizens, and preaching peace while war is what is really wanted?

So, the question put to you, is how would you form an Underground Railroad in order to assist other people escape America, or would you even bother to do so, and instead just take your bug-out bag and make good your escape singly like in the movie The Great Escape, is it going to be an organized escape like Harriet Tubman tried to do for the slaves to escape the South, or will you try to slink off like the Nazi’s in a last ditch measure of a Rat-Line? What is so inescapingly obvious this time is that there are no Nazi flags flying over occupied soil this time, and no glaringly obvious hints that the aggression will from the helmed soldiers with Swastika’s on their shoulder just like in Terminator Salvation (there was a homage to the Great Escape) where the Resistance soldiers had the red armband of “resistance”(is this a transference reference, “resistance” will be deemed Nazi’s?), this time it is hidden in plain sight with bits and pieces of the puzzle missing, that way it will be easier to hide the atrocities, because this time it will fall under Emergency Disaster Relief instead of searching for the Jews, this time they are searching for Government dissenters and rabble-rousers who will pick up their guns to fight giving them the deniability because they only stepped towards you and you became aggressive, and oh yes, you were babbling nonsensically about something called the New World Order and your Constitutional Rights guaranteed to you by your Founding Fathers.

How will you form an Underground Railroad when your picture is plastered all over the television on America’s Most Wanted and they are using your very last picture from Facebook or your Myspace, and your blog or ATS account will be the very incriminating evidence they point to as a madman (incrimination by association), or in this politically correct world, madwoman, who spoke on the evils of Government and how you planned on building a bunker and told the world of your online friends about your guns and how they could take them from your cold dead hands, and imagine that it sounds just like the Virginia Tech shooter, or those mischievous boys of Columbine or even Timothy McVeigh? Is it going to be in your best interest to run, thereby making yourself the rabbit in the maze being chased by the hounds of Law Enforcement where the borders are being watched because as anyone knows your passport or Driver’s License is already red-flagged in order to stop you from slinking out if you post on a place like ATS, are verbally aggressive about Government, or known as a “conspiracy nutcase”? How will someone as well known as say ATS’s SkepticOverlord, Springer, Simon Gray, or even Crakeur knowingly get away from these men and women, someone who’s very creation of a public place for people to speak out against the Government? It will have been long known, especially when Bill went to Washington not too long ago and was basically told by the politician’s to go screw himself, not quite in those words of course, because after all it was a politician who will want his support in the next election.

Let us examine the indicators of war on America soil, soldiers overseas fighting on foreign soil while families are left defenseless, civil unrest of those decrying Constitutional Rights, odd behavior of the public, ever tightening laws of restriction, snipers across America (three in how many years now?) school shootings (just how many have there been now?), economy falling down unable to get back up, divide and conquer mentality of “Us verses Them” everywhere you turn, all these are indicators of war, and then there is of course the moniker of the “War on Terror” being dropped not too long ago in order to assuage the public into not panicking anymore, and oh yeas the talk of Guantanamo being closed and “terrorists” being moved into prisons in Michigan.

Did I miss anything in all of that?

Oh sure I did, I forgot to reference the cost of bullets going up as well as them being specially marked, how sill of me to forget this, as well as Arnold Swarzenegger offering to round up the homeless in California and as well his state giving out I.O.U.’s. My how careless of me to forget to bring the potential new Anti-Christ into the picture, a Hollywood magnate who was born Austrian not American (and serving in Government), just like Adolph Hitler was born Austrian and not German (he served in the German Army and became Chancellor of Germany), a man so obsessed with power that his three ambitions (Arnie not Adolph) were to get into Hollywood, marry a Kennedy (Maria Shriver), and run for Government and I have hear Obama alleged to potentially be the Anti-Christ but my money is on Arnold because after all we all know he has been attempting to get the laws changed for becoming the President since he was not born in America and he cannot become our Commander in Chief.

Stop The Stalkers

Read about my fight against stalkers here, since I was six years old.

Left-Wing, Right-Wing, This Turkey, Knows How To Soar Like An Eagle

Become a member of the Bully Pulpit, so you can debate me politically, if you do not choose membership in the Bully Pulpit, you can only read, and not post replies.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

I'll tell you what my friend.....You need to run for office, hell run for President.

You consistently bring your beautiful vision of a proper Democracy to us all here at ATS in well presented threads. What a true patriot, I am not much into politics, especially on ATS, but your threads my friend are ALWAYS a pleasure to read. I hope one day your visions are realized, it will be better for ALL OF US.Keep up the great work, and seriously you should run for office for something.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Amazing OP and documentation! S&F!

SKL, you are consistent for sure, with the most educational posts and information! I will take time and read though everything you have posted here!

I agree with jkrog 08, you should run for office, but wait I am afraid they will corrupt you! Keep it up!

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 08:15 AM
Thanks for the high praise, jkrog08, but in order to get to that high position it will take more than your thoughts on my position, as well as my thoughts and actions, it will take hard work, nothing I believe either of us are afraid of but at the same time organizations within Government will attempt to stop something where they cannot buy someone off, pull them within their already ordered “societies” condoning certain actions which I will never support.


I see no way to support the fictitious ploys where the Government robs Peter to pay Paul through political corruption with kickbacks, double-dealing on the publics dime, and collecting graft through political appointments via support from organizations who purchase a politicians guarantee of voting one way without the consent of their constituents. It sure looks to me that it is an un-guaranteed turkey-shoot to get a politician to cooperate for the people who elected them and you can either bitch about it here, or run for their office with your own elected official. My biggest problem I see for myself is I will not play the game, at least not the way that they want you as a future politician to go along with the corruption through the political sex-fest of blackmailing each of to get ahead in order to set an agenda, which when this happens it only cheapens the actual message and cheapens as well the meaning behind the actions because once you allow one corrupt group in you either have to fend off all the others or get into bed with them which as I see it only makes you just as much a corrupt person as the bastards you are in bed with, because if you get into bed with a whore you’re only guaranteed to get syphilis and politically speaking if you get into bed with corrupt politics then your platform is infected with political syphilis in that you are from then on just as dirty as those you want to stand against because you sold out your constituents. To me this is the same as the constituents representing your wife and you’ve just in essence cheated on her by banging some low-class hooker.

I guess in the scheme of things politicians cheating on their constituents through getting paid by lobbying firms to represent some major conglomerate is kind of akin to being a sleazy husband, and from what I have seen their political track records have the need of Lysol and or the visit to a venereal disease clinic if the analogy is equivalent and apropos and fits like the used condom left on the bedside stand containing the semen and whatever diseases. Does it really surprise anyone to know that politicians cheat on their constituents in a spousal manner? I guess not really since as much as I have heard the gripes, complaints, and sheer disgust from people in my lifetime who see politician as nothing better than blood-sucking and trash eating maggots. The thing about that particular analogy is that I have heard that from men and women of all walks of life in that is their opinion, and I have heard that now for thirty years on this Earth from various sources in each and every year of my life and of course I am paraphrasing with calling them blood-sucking, trash eating maggots because the foul language that was share with me would have an entire paragraph or two censored by ATS’s language filter, and that’s just from one or two well known individuals who I know hate Government more than I do.

After having read the 2009 M.I.A.C. report seeing that militia groups were calling Barack Obama illegitimate well before his birth certificate story was released on here, it mentioned right-wing white supremacist groups which I have to wonder about being a legitimate claim or whether it is propaganda to make certain the “hate crime” mentality is attached to these groups as a stigmata in order to discredit them immediately or whether the legitimacy of the mans birth certificate is really all that certain, but this does not make me a “birther” so to speak, it just means I question the veracity of those in power with their background checks because if half the stories we are to believe happen the way they present them to us then our Government is nothing more than certifiable Keystone Cops running around with their thumbs up their backside, not that this is what I necessarily believe mind you, but if that is what is really happening it is scary to think what would happen if a real revolution movement were to happen without the stupidity of “hate” and “bigotry” were tied to them, propaganda or not.

I still have to laugh when I see the words “New World Order” because it took me so long to realize this was in essence a verbal trap (electronic trap as well in keyword searches, especially in the telecommunications industry) which automatically set the person speaking on “Government corruption” up as an automatic “lunatic” in that they immediately discredit themselves not by action because they could be perceived as the “lone nut type” of personality because of the “conspiracy theorist” moniker and in essence this is used as a double-blind, because once someone was to “strike” verbally the automatic “foil” and “riposte” would be coming from the regular “sheeple” type person ”Oh you’re into that kind of thing with the automatic pre-programmed reaction of the person thinking about circling their ear with their extended index finger in the ”this guy or gal is crazy and I want nothing to do with them” and it would almost be worth examining an analogy of the cult-classic sci-fi oriented movie The Matrix with the scene with “The Lady in the Red Dress” as a prime example because if you have watched the movie Neo is distracted by “the beauty” who was in actually containing “the beast” because if you are distracted for one moment and let your guard down you might have mis-spoken and instead of gaining an ally you have instead gained an enemy who will be your Judas Iscariot.

The M.I.A.C. report mentions specifically the usage of the words “New World Order” and the Verichip program, the North American Union, Federal Reserve System and a host of other nasty things that are real, and place the mental state of those claiming anything about them as a lunatic in need of assistance if they are a part of a militia group.

As well the Gadsen Flag (Don’t Tread On Me), Zeitgeist, America : Freedom to Fascism, and the Turner Diaries are all listed as anti-Government and militia movement propaganda. I can understand the Turner Diaries since it is seen as an anarchist’s wet dream from what I have heard from someone I used to work with (he disappeared all of a sudden), but this is where this gets me a little of kilter in that the Gadsen Flag is a historical flag when America was just colonies of British tyranny and I can see the linking of the mentality where militia’s might tie it to a symbology of the overthrow of tyranny and I can as well see how the Government sees this as a threat, but I am at a loss as to how anyone can be so ignorant as to speak on violent overthrow when you can do it quite legally through intelligence without the necessity of a single gun raised in violence.

This is one of the very reasons I have never joined a militia nor will I try to not because I am afraid of doing my duty in standing up to tyranny nor would I be afraid of the Government, but instead my main concern would instead be for infiltration of the militia by agent provocateurs who willing spread hate, violence, and initiate the lower IQ individuals to strike out in violence when violence is not necessary in any way whatsoever. It just does not take violence to initiate a positive change in the system; it takes instead a dedication and discipline that I have yet to seen to be matched, knowledge of the system, how to bypass their corruption altogether by creating businesses which can fund those you want in power, and utilizing your own think-tanks to guide the policy direction of that individual who is placed there not to guarantee big business money, but instead the American people who he or she is supposed to represent.

This is not difficult to imagine let alone do, at least I do not think so, and it is not the rather and and colloquial ”if you can’t beat them, join them” either because that is just silly, it is instead utilize the template they have so willingly shown to the people and do something better with it for the benefit of the people instead of feeding the greed, corruption, and power of Washington D.C., you will be able to break the back of the mass graft happening on a second by second basis within Government on Capitol Hill. I have often joked on the phone and in person that if I had one thousand well-trained individuals, I could take over the entire Government in one fell swoop, and people look at me as if I am out of my mind, not about the overthrowing part because those people are ones who agree that it may be necessary, but instead it is because they do not understand how I see that as something easy to do and easily accomplished, because to them they always think first of violence, guns, and C-4 instead of doing it intelligently.

Without giving too much away here there are fifty states with fifty Governors and each state has all the infrastructure all set up and instead of using weapons to overpower those people, just run their butts out of office collectively all simultaneously, as well as a few other key positions and this is not something difficult to do in the least, I am of course keeping the details within my head so as to not give away vital details. I would not and will not do it for someone else either, say for instance if someone were to approach me because my first thought is just who do these people represent and what mischief are they up to and why are they approaching me in the deniability factor (without identity and without affiliation they are terrorists to me), because this tells me that they will not put their name to documentation and I will be the only one putting my balls on the dotted line, meaning I would be the person who would be set up as a patsy with the firing squad for what would be painted out as treason through negative propaganda instead of it being something done through legally binding and contractual obligation.

Sorry fellows but my balls are mine and mine alone unless I share them with a wife some day and I will not place them on the chopping block for someone else not willingly to do the hard work with me because I lead from the front not like some pansy standing behind a podium but instead with a sword and shield, Democracy and the Republic both are interchangeable in that they are dual use weapons these ideals and they are as old as Rome and Greece which our nation was founded upon and while I favor Greece more so than Rome I know both just as well and can recite the pros and cons of both those ancient nations just as well as the pro and cons of our nation because as the saying goes, united we stand and divided we fall which is the doctrine of divide and conquer, something I know oh so well that I can both recite it as doctrine and as a belief because I am someone united in the cause of stopping corruption not becoming a part of it which I see as making me a divided individual because everyone knows no man can serve two masters, and as for me I serve no master because serving the public is not serving a master, it is instead serving mankind.

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by burntheships

Thanks for the compliments as well and I can see your point and trying not to get corrupted by the system that is corrupt is exactly one of the reasons I have yet to entered into any office.

I included as many references to what is going on right now as well linked back to your Michigan Terrorist Prison's thread and a few other select threads of mine as well.

More On Internment Camps! : burntheships

Reading books like the one titled below which I also happened to have created a thread on outline the entire process of how the power elite get to the point of corruption where it is money chosen by them over human life while utilizing this as a population control method, which I understand and comprehend but do not agree with in any way whatsoever.

The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

While I cannot necessarily agree with or see eye to eye with Alex Jones, I do see that this is becoming something more than just some "conspiracy" so to speak, it has tranformed more from the conspiracy into downright madness and treason against humanity itself if half of these things are true.

Alex Jones Thinks "Swine Flu" Is Mass Conditioning For F.E.M.A. Camps and the United Nations?

I started pointing to the culprits long before Obama actually took office, and it was under the Bush Administration that this plan took off and in effect was initiated and Obama is just the broom man sweeping it all up under the giant rug of the political agenda of the Oval Office in collusion with Congress.

Political Collusion of a President and Congress in Collapsing America, The Fall of the New Rome

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by burntheships

After replying to your reply earlier, burntheships, I replied on this thread.

What Would You Do For A Million Dollars?

Remember your comment about them corrupting me?

You will see my thoughts on that on the thread above with what was asked of me.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Great post and thread.....S&F!!!!

To bad people like you are'nt running the government!!!

We would'nt be in the posistion were in running out of


posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by truth/seeker
Great post and thread.....S&F!!!!

To bad people like you are'nt running the government!!!

We would'nt be in the posistion were in running out of


Thank you.

That's three people just on this thread that mentioned me running Government.

I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

I have been approached 1,001 times now by individuals who tell me to run for President.

My issue with that is the fact that anyone who tries to do it honestly either gets bought, blackmailed, or ends up with a team of assassins at Dealey Plaza, with an Oswald patsy.

I know who, how, and why J.F.K. was killed and they would do the same to me.

The Federal Reserve killed Kennedy, paid through cut-outs, sent information through the Mafia, who contacted the Russian's, who sent Cuban's in to do the dirty deed, and then the damn Warren Commission covered it all up.


Here is my catch-22 of sorts, I want to do it for the people, not for big business.

This means I would have to do a lot of things that big business would attack.

However, everything I would do would be supporting the small businesses, no Wal-Mart's, no Chrysler/GM/Ford Motors, etc ad naseum, so those people would see me as a threat and would do anything, including making crap up just to ruin the opportunity for America to be run by the people, for the people, and of the people.

As it is, the way I understand it is that Obama has the Kennedy family backing him as well as other high-power low-profile people and the power elite do not want their balance to be unsettled in any way, shape, or form.

I'm not saying it is impossible, however I will be in for one Hell of a fight, and I will need help...

[edit on 31-8-2009 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:28 PM
I think this is what it is all boiling down to, by forcing you to submit to the "Swine Flu" shot they might be able to potentially inject you with the Verichip/Digital Angel device.

DHS & WHO push Mandatory Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers

Now, I cannot say for certain whether this is what is going to happen, but this is the same equivalent to getting and receiving a dog collar if you ask me, and I am not some piece of property, cattle, or sheep to be used and bought as a commodity on the Wall Street trading floor to be shipped wherever the Hell these people may want to.

This to me is one of the most irreversible decisions this Administration could have made, because buried deep down in the Healthcare Reform sits this device for the "convenience" of tracking Medical Records, to protect people from "identity theft", and track your every move like a running Census everywhere you go.

I have made many threads on this very topic and I am going to link everyone of them here as this is the type of thing I am very passionate about because I am wholeheartedly against this procedure in every way, shape, and form because I zero trust in the Government and big business and corporations having this much information about anyone and everyone in the world.

Is Your Government Stalking You? Stalk Them Back Via Verichip Purchasing...

Owning shares of this company will give you leverage to what happens within the inner workings of the company and supplies you with information, and since I became an owner of the company I received a 300 page prospectus that is buried in technical jargon, medical information, and talk about the aspects and ratios of the company.

Bilderberger : The Global Agenda, Eugenics, Global Warming, And Biochiping Sheeple

Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's started this program with the assistance of I.B.M. and the fascists within Government in America who approached Smedley Butler to overthrow F.D.R. because they intended to match the Concentration Camps in Europe with Fascist Concentration Camps in America.

[edit on 31-8-2009 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 12:43 AM
Excellent read, thank you.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 12:54 AM
Great thread and very well put. You put everything in an easy to read summary style that, I think, everyone here can digest or at least understand. There is much to think on.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by tompumped

Thank you very much.

Originally posted by amazing
Great thread and very well put. You put everything in an easy to read summary style that, I think, everyone here can digest or at least understand. There is much to think on.

Thanks a lot.

I try to talk about things I have an interest in as well as topics I have extensively investigated.

So, your comment about it being summary style is just that, me summarizing on information I know about usually very well.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 09:02 AM
Well that is quite a scenario!

I have to admit, while I don't see the inevitable civil war, your points are well addressed and very realistic. This I appreciate...not the usual we are all going to die nonsense and NWO rhetoric with false arguments...

You make outstanding and excellent arguments for your points...Star and flag and a most excellent informative read...A take on current affairs that should not be pased up...Its a thread I hope all member are priviledged to come across...

Listen UP American ATS members:

Dont pass up your chance to read this!!

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by open_eyeballs

Thank you so much for the compliment.

I was pointing to the fact the historical precendent is there, not that it will necessarily happen.

History, is something that most people do not respect, but I have learned to respect history, whether it is the taught version or the hidden version, because as most people know, history repeats itself.

People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.

I love your signature in that it is something I have learned is true.

I come across so many people searching for something, whether it is to find their meaning in the Universe, to finding the meaning of life, they often and seldom forget to seek what is the most important thing in life, their own self-worth and self-value.

Every time I come across someone I can sense is missing something, I try to point them to their mirror and tell them what they are missing is right in front of their eyes and was there all along.

[edit on 4-9-2009 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 09:41 PM
First off this is a very well-executed chain of information that I believe all ATS'er should read. It's a must! Finally somebody put into writing all the stackes of factoids one runs into on ATS and created a homogenized essay on the state of affairs in the USA.

I think you are point on about asking the question as to whether people would stand up against tyranny or just let it walk all over them. I've been asking my own family and friends the same question. Though I've softened the words from NWO to something they could equate to in their every day lives. Because if I even try to mention anything 'off color' I get this glazed confused conditioned look from them. But I still try, by infiltrating their own perspectives on government and gently challenging their trust in it.

I hope to change their 'knee-jerk' reactions to anything announced on the news that could lead them to take sides. But at the end of the day isn't that what we will need to do? Pick a side that we have been set up to take? Whether some choose not to fight now, one day they will have to ask themselves how long will you let people effect the quality of your life! If not now, then when would be the appropriate time? Are you going to do it when everything has been taken away and you can't even defend yourself from them? What will happen to those who don't want to be chipped, stuck or tracked?


posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by Gala-Kemen

Thank you, Gala-Kemen, for those beautiful words, and thoughts as well.

I learned not quite so long ago, that the "New World Order" was a set of keywords, and that they were a verbal trap, so I quit using them, because like you mentioned, people, friends and family get this glazed over look.

I have instead began pointing at the divisiveness of the two-party system, which to me is nothing more than the people in power manipulating us through the belief of a false dichotomy of only having two choices.

Win or lose?

Good or evil?

Red or blue?

Democrat or Republican?

Freedom or subservience?

There is always a third choice out there.

Peace be with you.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Thank you SpartanKingLeonidas! I haven't posted on ATS in ages, kind of felt rusty.

I agree on with you the two party system. I try very hard to let people know that the duality of the parties is only serving to divide our country. As if they were the only choice on how to run a country!

I believe that third choice is usually presented at the cusp of an event. When people get tired of linger for years on the win or lose/good or evil senerios it becomes apparent that they must act but neither can fill that need is when that third opportunity is born. Hopefully not in the form of a violent revolution!

We live in interesting times do we not SKL?


posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by Gala-Kemen

Indeed we do, Gala-Kemen, indeed we do live in interesting times.

To me having only two choices is no choice at all, because this is a limitation of the false "lesser of two evils" as the saying goes, there must always be a third option.

The false dichotomy of Republican or Democrat is a fallacy because it picks two different forms of corruption from the way I see things, which is why I am registered as an Independent.

I have a friend who asked me whether I was going to be a leader or a follower, and I asked why I had to be either, she kept insisting that I had to pick one or the other.

What she did not realize, is that I see this as a dichotomy, like there are only two choices, and thereby by insisting I choose, she in essence was trying to force me to pick sides, will I lead, or will I follow.

Well, being a natural born leader, learning about Rome and Greece as a child, growing up in essence a Spartan by experience, which will eventually guide me to lead "Rome" so to speak, I see that I will only lead the way I want to, from the front.

No one will guide me, because I seek no one's advice, I have lived within policy, procedure, and protocol all of my life, and know when to make the right choices, what the wrong choices are, and when the right time is to countermand my own thoughts and change course due to unforeseen circumstances.

My friend believes in leadership from behind a desk, or podium, I do not.

I believe in leadership from the front, and I only respect leadership from the front, down in the trenches so to speak, with my men, only asking of them to do what I am willing to do, or what I have done before.


As for you feeling rusty, Gala-Kemen, well, you can post in one of my threads anytime, whether you agree or disagree with me, and maybe you and I can have some fun together.

I have already added you as a friend, not knowing you, and already I seem to feel I have known you for a lifetime, and I do hope that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy of a lifelong friendship.

I invite you to read over the thread below, however I must warn you that if you are not a member of the Bully Pulpit (I hate that name, I am a bully buster) you cannot post within it, so become a member if you wish to reply to it.

Left-Wing, Right-Wing, This Turkey, Knows How To Soar Like An Eagle

This is a forum area set up specifically for those who wish to discuss and debate politics without all of the divisiveness and usual political rhetoric, so this is why no one can post there without membership, because there are stricter rules within, not that it is an elitist club, although it does almost seem it in a sense.

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posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 09:54 AM
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I've had the same type of peope, who have been pulled into the same mind set of this left and right, ask of me that same question. And I've found that there is no real answer for me, I will neither Lead nor Follow, but I chose to remind. Get a good hold on them, pop their minds open and let the over due fresh air of common sense rense away the webs of delusion.

I want to stay neutral and away from the fighting, I feel I should keep my distance. But I have the potential to be a leader if I chose to do so. I want to see what other people can do with the tools inherent in all of us. I'm doing my part now by just getting people to stop and question and use that brain!

Nothing could be more important and imperative than to THINK, understand what it is and solve it. And if done reasonably I see no reason why we can't find our age of prosperity.

I always notice that in the last two years it's becoming so much harder just to REACH out to another person. So I have to adapt, be resourceful and succeed. My dad was a Marine and raised us with the philosophy to protect those that can't protect themselves, so my sense of duty is heightend but my moms a nurse and so my compassion doubles.

Thank you for adding me to your friends list! I added you as well. The feelings are mutual, once I saw your post I had no choice but to respond.
It was beyond me.

And I will check out the bully pit if only just to read, it sounds refreshing! And again good topic to bring up I hope people will read and respond.


posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 03:00 PM
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I want to stay neutral and away from the fighting, I feel I should keep my distance. But I have the potential to be a leader if I chose to do so. I want to see what other people can do with the tools inherent in all of us. I'm doing my part now by just getting people to stop and question and use that brain!

This is easier said than done, no matter the topic, and no matter the particular "battle".

I try to walk a path down the middle and I hate when people try to make me choose sides.

I will always choose my side over taking sides and it takes a bit of diplomacy to do that.

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