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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 08:43 PM
So will it all be going down this year ET_MAN?

My gut says yes.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 08:48 PM

Meditations To Heal Earth!

All these James Gilliland meditations, are wonderful. They are amongst the best I 've ever encountered. You feel Spirit immediately and experience this healing. They're interfaith. So, you call upon, Father God, Mother God, Christ, Buddha, Gaia/Sophia, your Higher Self, all those who serve the Highest Love and Goodness in existence in the reality and in the truth beyond your programs instilled. You do it your way.

Then, you cleanse and clean up all hooks and negatives, ie. greys or reptilians or entities that are in your aura or affecting you, in a very kind and loving way you surround them with Christ consciousness and ask that they be taken to the proper places for them at their level and to leave you and your family/space/home.

You heal all your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, you activate your new body, you reach to the Higher levels to Higher Self and you ask for this light to be sent back down to earth and heal all the world, all the oceans, the core, the planet, see dolphins and whales healing, see everyone waking up, see politicians and people who are working bad jobs and doing bad things, waking up, etc etc. change of heart, bigger lights, more love, time to get with joining with the people.

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 08:48 PM
There are a few things he says that I just resonate with. That the benevolents have warned TPTB over and over again, about the "karma" and consequences to their harming people and this world.

They, who so strongly support karma, may have a little coming to them, since they believe in it.

Its like a school, with a board of directors. They were given good tools, upgraded equipment to pass all the students, to the next level in equality. They maintain they're the managers of the vineyard, they're the board of directors of the school, but they think they have no consequence, that they own what was given for the school.

They will inherit a de-evolution, worlds and incarnations with less love, less freedom, less wisdom if they don't make those U-Turns and help the students and use the technology as it was given. Ets did entrapment, huge huge test on them.

And the karma is not going to the students, they're going to be loved, healed and helped. But that board of directors who truly maintains beliefs in karma and abused everything and everyone and the gifts given, the upgrade, that is another matter indeed.

These are general statements, its not saying that ordinary people never willfully harm others, in serious ways especially or don't feel horrible and go through some of this ,is not easy to face what we do and even the lesser things weigh very heavy. So this is really a serious matter, harming at all, and while I do belive in forgiveness and healing there is still a lot that this entails, one can't just assume and should really start to work with Family, God/Goodness/Spirit/Higher Self, to overcome ourselves and this world and to make ammends often. This isn't endorsing anyone doing wrong.
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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 09:51 AM
Anoher point. Discernment. If one knows what Love is, they can explore and read and understand, the traps and corruptions, they can see, the world.

Its so simple, so very basic.

Apply this to all things. Religions. Scriptures. Government. Laws. They all are incredibly corrupt and not only lie but are crimes often.


Anything that does not resonate 100% with this is NOT LOVE and NOT GOD. PERIOD.

Love is not a fair weather friend, nor does it control others in any way. Love frees and empowers others always, and is there to help people who are going through hard times.

The posts yesterday where inspired by Magecian's Apprentice who wrote insisting I should belive in karma and law of attraction. I said to him, why, if you believe in Law of Attraction, would you think I must support karma and revelations or earth changes. He also speaks of codes. Sure there is codes. But is that EQUALITY! If not, I don't care one bit about what is coded. As I am not into inequality, thus the codes are dark side.

I will keep them all in my heart and pray for them, for my love for everyone is unconditional, and know that all the things people do to each other or say, and the agenda's mean nothing on the other side.

Though I find it really odd that people put me down, say they'll pray for me for being Loving, positive, and rejecting all negative lies. Of the devil for being Positive!
So much programming!

My prayers are with everyone.

They're not going to get through me. They shouldn't get through you. I mean, lower your frequency to accomplish their goals.

When in doubt, go back to What Love Is List, with equality and freedom at the forefront then the rest, and it all becomes clear again.

These are High Frequency things, which is the Field of Unity and Goodness above that the Good Family in the Spirit of God/Goodness/Love, live.

God/Goodness is High Frequency and is ONLY LOVE.
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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 09:53 AM
The bible.

Mauro Biglino: Unexpected Bible - Translating it literally (1 of 6) - Eng. subs

Vatican Translator of Ancient Hebrew, a Whistleblower and yes, Fired!

From the Video:

"--Torah's words can be given till 70 different meanings....but there is one that they surely have which is their literal meaning.” (Rashi de Troyes – Jewish exegete 10t/11th century A.D.)

--Mauro biglino He says, despite what you're about to hear, I have to say I'm not a ufologist....I have never studied UFO in my life. Neither I ever saw an orb......

But I'm a translator of ancient Hebrew, that is, a translator of masoretic Hebrew. For about 10 years I've been translating it for the “San Paolo” publisher (a Vatican's publishing house – t.n.) that published 17 volumes of literal translations from the Old Testament.

---I have to split the Jewish words into their single components translate them literally, that is without interpreting. I have to control that the Jewish text is correctly written and I have to make and publish the philological analysis of all verbal forms

Philology is the study of language in written historical sources; it is a combination of literary studies, history and linguistics.

--So, everything you're about to hear comes from that."
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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 10:50 AM
From part one video above.

By the way, the Sun is pumping out energy and there are cycles, cycles which only affect people in harsh ways if they havn't grown up in the time being, if they havn't learn how to love others, equality, freedom and the rest. The cycles are highly interactive and relate to us.

But the school is only as good as the teachers, and board of directors.

You see the problem.

And Revelations in some negative punishing dark side terminology is not the reason there may be cycles. I don't have to support that stuff at all. And leading people astray? Into truth???? Truth is astray???

What God are people serving? WOW.

What I believe is there is a middle managemetn group of ETs some who think they're just and benevolent who are allowing, even managing some harsh earth events, and think they are doing so for Family above, or they don't know Family. Infinite Progression means the Learning Curve is Steep All The Way Up, so if that is true, they're making some mistakes, because Love still has the definition defined above. Maybe this is why they say we will be judging angels even. The lowest levels will be bringing up cases against the mismanagement on higher levels. Quite possible.



"--the Bible we own, which we work on and which I'm about to tell you something about, is a Bible that was fixed between the 7th and the 9th century A.D. That is to say, in the years 600-800 A.D., in short, it's when the Merovigs first and then the Carolings ruled over Europe.

I mean that while Charlemagne was building his Holy Roman Empire.

By the lake of Galilee, one family, wich was Moshhez ben Aaron ben Asher's family, defined the Bible as we know it.

--This family was in conflict with other families: they represented the Tiberias school . There was the Palestinian school, the Samaritan one, the Babylonian one. They won....

If someone else would have won, we now would have a potentially different Bible

---Why? Because the first Bible was written as a sequence of consonants. That means that the work made by those guys named Masorets - “the Keepers of the tradition” - was in first place to determine the words, that is, splitting the row of consonants and determining the words, that can be split and established in many different ways.

--The second work they made was inserting the vowels, that were not there.

And inserting the vowels actually means inserting the meaning of the words.

--One problem those gentlemen didn't have was the linguistic question, they never asked themselves. They were interested in inserting their theological thought.

--That's what they made.

--So, one thing we should know is that the only certainty we have is that we know that we don't know.

--At the time when most of the Bible's events happened, above all the fundamental ones, Hebrew didn't even exist as a language.

When many names were pronounced, Hebrew didn't exist, Moses didn't speak Hebrew.

In the desert, they didn't speak Jewish during the Exodus. If we like, if we want to believe they spoke some sort of semitic language, but I doubt it, they spoke some kind of Amorite, then maybe they began to speak some form of Aramaic.

The only certainty the vatican and its translators can say, is WE KNOW WE DON'T KNOW. Very interesting indeed.

Now, you'll never guess where their idea of burnt offerings comes from, god, who is mortal, ie Et, likes food cooked I gathered, and servants prepare the meat just the way he likes it.

Now, do we worship history, or do we look back and shudder at it. Then look around cautiously and take out our big umbrella, to duck from the negative controllers, ie. the two Reptilian or Predator types from Sumar on that are warring amongst themselves, also mentioned by the Hopi. I mean really, LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

Originally posted by Greenize
reply to post by ET_MAN

I am interested in what you have to say. We here are NOT an ignorant lot, we have just been here before. Ok, question... How soon are these catastrophies going to begin?

October 2011

oh, really. Nothing happened on the scale you say.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 11:38 AM
From part one of the Video above, and from the word RUACH, which is Sumerian, and refers to something now translated as the Spirit of God,

--Let's do this one, let's freewheel, let's ride the Elohims' RUACH

that is the Elohims' wind, the one that in the Bible is called, is translated as “God's spirit”

But the term RUACH doesn't mean spirit, it means wind, or anything flying in the air quickly and causing wind

The later theological elaboration, when God's figure was created, led to attaching to RUACH the meaning of spirit.

But actually, this is not there.

(he draws a sketch on a piece of paper and passes it around as to how the RUACH was represented in the Sumerian pictograms.)

Roughly 11 11 in the video.

At 11 14, it shows this craft, and wind RU and A. I suppose it could be an acorn wearing a strangely bent streamlined helm or something like that. Hmmmm......

--He says, because the word isn't Jewish, but Sumerian origin.

--That is the pictogram made by those that saw the first RUACH, which is where the RUACH of the Hebrews come from.

So, that is a thing we don't know what it is, let say we don't know it, so we can take it easy, but which decidedly hovers on the water.

These arrogant beings who believe they are above the very karma and law they create, have violated the real laws in our heart of Love, the first two being Freedom and Equality.

They are INSANE. And have murdered countless beautiful innocent wonderful lives, that had so much potential and goodness in them, gifts to give. As Above So Below, well, As Below So Above, and this is foundational.

Its a good thing Goodness above is not without abilities and that they really are the ones in control and have a Perfect Plan. Thats what I believe.

But the way these guys act, I don't think they think that. I think they spin stories up and really think they can get away with this.

The Hologram tells you otherwise and meditation on Love, and Higher Frequencies and Rocks.

--That is the pictogram made by those that saw the first RUACH, which is where the RUACH of the Hebrews come from.

So, that is a thing we don't know what it is, let say we don't know it, so we can take it easy, but which decidedly hovers on the water.

---As we don't know what it is, we'll name it by borrowing the name directly from the Vatica, so that we won't go wrong.

If you read last editions of the “Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis”, published by the “:Liberia Editrice Vatican” where they insert the latin neologisms, you'll find that the Vatican inserted “navis sideralis”, which means “starship”

WHO IS YOUR DADDY? Does he look like Godzilla and slap you silly, or a hybrid of him. MINE DOESNT.

--That is the pictogram made by those that saw the first RUACH, which is where the RUACH of the Hebrews come from.

So, that is a thing we don't know what it is, let say we don't know it, so we can take it easy, but which decidedly hovers on the water.

---As we don't know what it is, we'll name it by borrowing the name directly from the Vatica, so that we won't go wrong.

If you read last editions of the “Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis”, published by the “:Liberia Editrice Vatican” where they insert the latin neologisms, you'll find that the Vatican inserted “navis sideralis”, which means “starship”

They inserted “areia navis”, thus “airship”, they inserted “aireus viator”, that is “astronaut” and they inserted an acronym, “R.I.V” which means: res inexplicatae volantes”, that is UFO's.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 12:48 PM
There is more from that first video, the ending:

---If you remember the beginning of the Bible, where it says, “In the Beginning God created the heaven and the earth”

you remember also that it said that Elohims' RUACH, or God's spirit was hovering on the water.

Only, the RUACH is that stuff.

--for “hovering” was used a participle, which is MERAPHERET.

Which means....and it's used also in other parts of the Bible, which indicates the typical way of flying of rapacious birds, when they let themselves carry by the wind, without moving their wings. That Is, Elohim's RUACH, which Sumerians depicted that way was something that at the beginning of everything hovered on the water without moving it's wings.

That means in Hebrew we have the description of what instead Sumerians had depicted graphically.

No doubt about it, they were talking about the same thing.

So I ask a question. When you start to discover truth, who do you share it with? I have one friend who will gladly receive it and her own spirit and heart within will be activated, she'll take it within and search her heart and recognize.

I think of my mother, aunt, cousins, father, and know none of them will see the truth.

Who, on the earth is so absolutely 100% focused and interested in Truth, in Freedom, in Freeing the World, in helping the Poor, Homeless, the Abused and destitute, the ones who are Victims of this minority cakehole (the arrogance of let them eat cake) group that thinks it alone may speak and dictate, and has created this entire world of evil.

who is so dedicated to truth and freedom and equality, and exposing lies, that they want to hear truth?

Very few, sadly enough. Even as a child, I would have said, unbelievable.

Think of the 3 religions based on lies.

Christ told them who their father was and was murdered! If there is an historical Christ. I choose to believe there was.
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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 07:54 AM
Information some are posting has twisted ET_MAN's words around and damaged the truth of the information provided in this thread.

Unity is among those I'm referring to who has twisted words around turning them into something else.

I cannot support most of what's been shared by recent posters because what they have shared is distortions of truth.

What's been shared from the beginning of this thread to present by the op holds truth if people can find it and majority have not clearly seen or found the true meanings of what's been shared. They who find the truth contained herein find much deeper meanings than mankind's definition of words and it's given to those through the spirit of truth to discern. Everything in it's course and time will come to pass and be fulfilled. Much shall befall mankind in the years ahead and I prophecy to you with knowledge of the future knowing that the times are near. Cities shall be left desolate in a day of great war that comes and shall sweep across many lands as a whirlwind. In one day and night shall the world mourn it's loss.

They who lived according to righteousness have nothing to fear for the powers of evil cannot overcome but the unrighteous and wicked who are drenched in error to blame shall be overtaken in fear when they see what awaits in such a day that is coming. For their iniquities hath stained them of their own wrongdoings and there's no justifying reasons or excusing their evil actions which shall bring consequences upon them unless they repent before such a day. The payment of justice for injustices and evil shall fall upon many lands and waters, the sowers shall reap and many shall partake of it. Woe unto those who take advantage of others for their own selfish gain and think not for the less fortunate and those in need. The pride of this generation shall crumble in such a day and woe unto those who turn not from their ways and repent for they shall be overtaken.

Evil shall be swept from the lands and in that day the waters shall sweep across the earth. Come out of her saith a voice in the sky and ye shall know if thou seeth and lives who comes in the sky. For out of the mouth comes great fire and it shall devour unrighteousness but he that seeth not shall know not and he that readeth and understand not shall be left without notice. For out of the mouth of four corners was it declared and who understood the language to listen. The ice melts at thy presence, righteousness is thy name and truth upon thy shoulders. Thou art just and true in all thy ways and who can stand and see their shame before thee and not be shaken at thy presence. I looked at the world of men as it melted with a great heat purified as gold and silver. The world of elements divided and the waters were set loose from under the rift to land.

The eyes were opened and I looked for the great day of destruction had come upon the wicked for they turned not from their evil ways and repented not of their iniquities. For in one day shall they be left with the desolate remains of bones. Woe unto those who remain at that day in their iniquities for in such a day as you least expect destruction shall come. Such a day is coming for the wicked, they will receive of their own doings according to their works. It shall be a day of justice and great rejoicing for the righteous but a day of terror and great horror for those that remained in iniquity and wickedness. Mourning and sorrow shall befall many for their loss of loved ones. Evil shall be taken and cast out.

Now I say this to you and they who read with intention of you avoiding the great tribulation that is about to befall upon mankind. It shall come for all unrighteousness, pray daily with a thankful heart continually grateful for all that you have asking forgiveness of your mistakes with a humble heart. Unless ye all humble yourselves as little children willing to listen with great patience and empty your cups of what you think you know ye shall remain full of pride and uncleanliness. The world is conditioned and has manipulated mankind to think and act the way they think and act, don't be fooled and arise from thy grave for many walk among the living yet remain dead and blind in spirit. It has become a standard and if ye walk not like the others ye shall be cast off and trodden under the feet of men. Woe unto the wicked and selfish of the crooked world, for their hearts are full of pride and greed and all manner of evil ways. They seek wealth and pleasure at the expense of others and shall reap as they have sown at the day of the coming reaper. For they have put money above all other things and the widow and poor are left to starve and mourn. The day shall come horribly upon them and the rocks tear open from the rifts below.

I looked and there was death all around me on the sea shore and in the sea, the lands shook as the veil was unmasked and more violently at the authors presence. For in that day the world shall tremble and every spirit remaining shall mourn what they witness. Every stone shall be moved and those who remain shall see their nakedness and shame. The world is not what thou knowest it to be, pray for continual forgiveness upon thy doings, give not evil power over thee that thou not be consumed in the day that shall come upon thee. Embrace and accept not the world and works of darkness, for thou hast loved the works of evil and the kingdom of money more than righteousness. Repent and forsake thy evil ways while the day still remains.

A great weeping and mourning shall fall upon the world and the past shall show itself as a witness and mark in the book called life. Hearken to the words of warning that come out of love for you, that ye may abide by them and withstand the presence of evil when the storms come. Use thy freewill for the purpose of doing good that you be not a partaker of evil. Be not of the world, for the world is not as thou knowest it to be and is full of iniquity and abominations more than ye know. It is a thumb print of evil for they who secretly rule it in darkness and shadow. The cunningness of the beast system to condition a child to love sin. Deceptive manipulations designed to entrap the souls according to their own works, to embrace darkness over light, to love evil over good calling good evil and evil good. Woe unto thee for thou shalt taste of thine own cup if thou repent not and turn from thine evil ways.

I declare that a great war and final battle is the opening of the great tribulation prophesied of and is not far distant. Repent of thy evil ways and turn from thy greed and love of money while the day still has light to see with power left to act. Let go of thy pride for a great storm cometh upon thee in a day ye know not and if ye repent not it shall sweep thee off thy feet as a whirlwind and overtake thee. Be ye prepared this day and walk in the light of righteousness with a grateful heart recognising that all that thou hast been given in life was given unto thee and thou of thyself ownest nothing but who thou hast chosen to be and the sins carried with thee. Thy own doings shall bring consequence upon thee, thou canst choose according to thy desires. In time all things prophesied of that were given according to the spirit of truth shall be made manifest more and more and come to pass. Be thou patient and forbearing in all thy doings for the world hates those who choose good over evil and supports and respects the system of evil. Worship not the many idols and envy not the popularity.

This thread has been like a test and not many have truly understood the true meanings of things. I am going to speak more truth which many of you won't like but there is truth to the saying that the truth is never easy and can hurt. Ye are not a Son of God nor a Daughter of God from the day you were born when you became subject unto the evil of this world with an imperfect sinful body. Ye have fallen as all on earth are fallen, ye must repent and make thy path righteousness, for ye cannot enter into the Heavens as thou art now. Look in the mirror of truth and see thyself for who thou really are, if thou dost see the truth of thyself thou seeth evil all around thee on the inner and outer cup in thy hand, it's takes part in thee daily. Be thou clean and come out of the world that the world may come out of thee. Be not attached to the beast system that it be not attached to thee for it takes no place in righteousness and thy spirit must be cleansed.

Mankind is a natural enemy to God in desire of body and action, ye must be as little children and pray continually and daily asking forgiveness for the powers of darkness have more power than you can imagine over your body and mind. It is you that embraces what's being programmed into you and ye have it within your power to reject the suggested programs. Be lowly in heart that ye may be humble in all things, find determination to overcome all evil and be thou clean and righteous. The wicked shall be on one hand and the righteous on the other. Come unto Heaven through the spirit of truth and in truth the way to Heaven is by abiding and living by the teachings of Christ which are pure goodness and righteousness. Loving thy neighbour and helping those in need, doing good that evil not take part in thee.

Ye have been given many chances and opportunities to potentially be adopted as sons and daughters of God. The mark of the beast on thy forehead must be removed through continual repentance, for right now ye are of the world of the beast and are marked as a child of the beasts kingdom unless cleansed of unrighteousness. If ye remain prideful and unwilling to listen to that which is truth then your pride shall be your downfall. Your cup must be emptied or it shall spill and great shall be the overflow in that day. The cup of iniquity of Babylon's cup soon shall overflow. The world remains part of thee and ye are attached and dependant upon it. The world will consume thee as it shall be consumed. Deny not the truth of the situation and open your eyes to see it. Babylon the world of corruption and evil holds a cup in her hand that is soon to overflow. Take no part in it, be not of it and come out of her, the mother of iniquity and abomination shall reap as it has sown.

Repent while you still can and make your path righteousness. For the time is coming that there shall be darkness found upon the face of the lands and the sun shall withhold it's light that ye receive it not. Evil shall empower to suffocate. What's being shared is more serious than you are aware of and I advise you to pray about it. Most importantly continually ask for guidance and forgiveness of all they doings as mankind does many things that mankind knows not bringing consequence upon them. I say these things with concern for all being led astray. I hope and pray that thou art found on the right hand to be assisted in the coming time that the power of evil hath no power over thee. Search thy inner spirit that ye be no more deceived for this world is a trap and out to condition into embracing and accepting evil. Pray daily and once awakened fall not back under the spell of evil meant to deceive and condition.

There is only one teacher that being the spirit of truth, which is like the Sun which shines upon the worlds, one can be given the gift of the spirit so one may know the truth, for the spirit remaineth with the righteous but withdraws from the unrighteous. How can you pick of the olive trees fruits to have oil for your lamps if you can not recognise the olive tree, How can you be Illuminated in the truth if you can not recognise the light upon the lampstand. If a child had fallen into a pit of venomous serpents would not you make all the efforts you could before that child gets bitten in saving that child and would not then you reach out your arm or offer a rope so that child could climb out. Refuse not the help offered by the hands of Heaven.

These things are said in name of the Father and the Son even Jesus Christ and HolySpirit which is One and the same Spirit of Truth 111. Amen.

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless11

So..ET_man pulled a disappearing act when he realized his prophesy was a washout. Now, you come to slip on his shoes and pick up where he left off, full of anger, and fear mongering.

How original......Channeling ET_man with an angry twist.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by Destinyone
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless11

So..ET_man pulled a disappearing act when he realized his prophesy was a washout. Now, you come to slip on his shoes and pick up where he left off, full of anger, and fear mongering.

How original......Channeling ET_man with an angry twist.

Clearly you have not followed the thread at all as ET_MAN has never channeled and speaks out about channeling. You might want to actually read the thread like others have first before making false statements.The Situation is serious and do not take lightly the posts me and ET_MAN has shared.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless11

I don't twist any words. Unless the speaker is speaking with a forked tongue and says one thing and means something else.

You continually bear false testimony against me, and have a negative platform of God/Goodness that bears false testimony about God, my Father and Mother.

I pray for alot. And will continue, because I love you, and hope to see healing, but even if I don't, and there is too much negativity in this world to facilitate that, I have so much trust in my Loving Family above, that I don't need to see the outcome.

You can go on haranguing me continually, and yet, I smile, and say, Love you brother. May the Spirit of Peace and Love guide you home!

And trust this is so.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless11

I think you need help.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:27 AM
Here is another thing, while I resonate with some of the information ET_MAN brings up, I have my own experiences. I speak my own words, I learn more and can understand infinity and put things into clearer concepts, but its mine, and they interplay on my experiences. In other words, he opened my eyes alot, but I understood it, and also relate it to what I believe. If someone I respect says one thing and totally has a deranged meaning behind the scenes, thats his loss, because he doesnt understand WHAT LOVE IS. I understand. It would mean to me, HE'S IN ERROR. Like your posts. Because they're not LOVE.

For some reason I don't believe your speaking for him however. In our long hours of conversation I stuck to my beliefs and kept on asking over and over again, and was called stubborn a few times. I have a mind of my own, and an inner guidance beacon, with discernment and most importantly know what Love is, and what Love is not. The lower levels ARE NOT IN CHARGE, THEY WILL BE HEALED IN THE END, BECAUSE ANYTHING ELSE IS NOT LOVE. AND LOVE RULES.
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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless11

Unity and I don't always see eye to eye..but, one thing I can tell you is...Unity has a *clean* heart.

Whereas, you have an angry hungry heart. Her message may sometimes get on my nerves, yours outright turns me off.

Stop trying to make Unity comply with your *agenda*. Because that's all I see you agenda.

I think you have so much animosity towards Unity, because anyone who might resonate with her...doesn't resonate with you. You are sounding more and more like a schoolyard bully, who can't get all the other kids to only play his game.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Destinyone

I've been spotting agenda for a long time. Also a troubled heart.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless11

Originally posted by Destinyone
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless11

So..ET_man pulled a disappearing act when he realized his prophesy was a washout. Now, you come to slip on his shoes and pick up where he left off, full of anger, and fear mongering.

How original......Channeling ET_man with an angry twist.

Clearly you have not followed the thread at all as ET_MAN has never channeled and speaks out about channeling. You might want to actually read the thread like others have first before making false statements.The Situation is serious and do not take lightly the posts me and ET_MAN has shared.

Clearly you can't read my mind. All that power you claim to posses and you can't even read my mind. But I can read your heart, and it's not a nice book. jmoho.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 12:52 AM

Originally posted by polarwarrior
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I think you need help.

This thread has disturbed you and continues to disturb you because the truth has been shared here and it destroys everything you believe in, the false truths and lies. It is you not I that needs help to overcome the lies and false truths you have been conditioned and programmed to believe in. You call things experiences that have led you to where you are and what you believe in but the truth is they are part of the programs and lies that have misled you. Not everyone will make it to a heavenly place and that is the truth, determination of where a soul goes is fairly based on how a soul lived their life and treated others. That is the simple truth that you must never forget and always remember, it's called accountability and you will be accountable for your actions as will the others. Evil shall reap what it has sown and there's no avoiding accountability so who is it that really needs help? I will answer......the souls that are living the lie believing that everyone will make it to a heavenly place and that there is no accountability. That is the lie and they are the souls that need the most help because they have been deceived and are on their way to hell zones deep down under.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 01:34 AM
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I don't twist any words.

Unity, I understand what ET_MAN has shared and in what context, you have taken things out of context and added your own meaning. You keep bringing up higher self as if you are God and your higher self is somehow in control of everything but you seem to not understand that higher self only means future self and there is only a heavenly future for those who live righteously or have a change in heart that brings them to a higher level. You make it sound as if everyone is going home and to the same place even the evildoers, as if everything is perfectly under control up there and it's everyone's higher self in Heaven running the show.

Now I am not posting to put you down but to correct the misinformation that you have been sharing with others so you could really say I am standing up for the truth and correcting your error of not understanding it. You make it sound like Jesus Christ's higher self was the Father in Heaven in which you greatly error for that is not truth so you have taken things out of context and avoid the reality of the situation that not everyone will make it to a heavenly place. It's hard for you to accept the truth that hell zones are real and many will be going there reaping as they have sown. There is far too much evil in this world and the evildoers will reap evil when their time comes.

The sword of justice shall fall down upon the world and it won't be a pretty picture so I won't paint the truth up to sound really nice because much of the truth is not a pretty picture and I feel sorry for those who will be taken to hell zones. That is the truth, I do care and am here replying in hopes that many of you can avoid the hell zones and find something in what I share that you can take with you to help. Many will be taken on the day of the harvest and it's been said half the population won't make it in this thread which is closest to accurate.

Now me correcting you on misinformation has nothing to do with how I feel about you personally but more to do with the truth being shared in proper context for the others reading and following this thread. I know you mean well and try to help people but some of what you write can be damaging and harmful to others more than helping. If this upsets you please understand it's not about me or you being upset but sharing the truth to help others avoid hell zones. Some of what you write is on track and truth but other parts are taken out of context and can be damaging to others if they believe in what you write such as..... everyone will make it to heavenly places and there is no such thing as hell zones or they are not real or...... because their higher self is already in heaven everyone will make it, this is twisting the truth and can be dangerous. This is a dangerous new age belief about evil and good being one and the same both being part of the same coin. Make no mistake when I say evil has a place where it will go and good has a place where it will go, evil is not the same as good and and they don't belong to the same coin, they only coexist in this world but this world will divide asunder and the evil will be taken to hell zones and good to heavenly zones.

If you desire to help people in the world you will share information that can help them not harm them, anyone who believes that they will make it to a heavenly place no matter how they live or what they do is living a lie and is in for a hell ride when they are taken and dragged down under as consequence to their actions. They shall reap as they have sown and evil will reap evil make no mistake.

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