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Obama at the Pyramids: "No evidence aliens actually built this"

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by 2Faced

Wow! Thanks for the pics 2faced. That is very creepy how much that looks like him, but could be a coincidence. Who knows?

What I do find strange about this whole thing is that the Yahoo! article's headline is "Obama at the Pyramids: 'No evidence aliens actually built this'". I would think that with a headline like that they would have had the focus on the idea that some people have that it was, but it's not. The article is only about what he did while there and they highlight the part about the look-alike hieroglyph.

So why not a headline: "Obama sees look alike image at the pyramids" (which is way more interesting and makes a lot more sense) or just "Obama at the pyramids"?

Just seems like the intention was only to get that headline out there for all to see then build a short, fairly mundane article around it that had nothing to do with the headline.

I'm just sayin is all

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 05:35 PM
I always figured that building the pyramids was what the miilitary did when not at war - and they divided them into teams, and so they whole thing was sorta like an ongoing sports event.

I don't think slaves did it, or aliens.
IT is only what I think though, an opinion. I have no evidence to offer.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Maybe this is further proof he is from that Continent?

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by Under_Contact

hi, just out of interest, where did you get that (source) infomation about them using laser technology and anti gravity? or was it just a speculative guess so to speak. I mean i ask because I heard something about things being hidden beneath the sphinx but its being kept from the public eye and maybe it was that kind of secretive tech lol.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 05:51 PM
There is no proof at all that aliens built or help build the pyramids.
It just shows that a civilization can overcome anything with determination.
With enough man power and a few very innovative people anything could
be done.

If for some odd reason we are wiped out and start rebuilding again would we
think that aliens built the Large Atom Smasher? or the Eiffel tower?

They probably had a way to move large boulders in those times. The way they built it was lost overtime because using big stones is futile now. We have no need for the blueprints because our structure is all built with steel and iron.
Just like we have ways to build skyscrapers, they must of had a way to carry
massive boulders.

Just so we are clear, I do believe in UFO's but it is hard to believe they helped
build the pyramids. People ask how a lot of nations knew to build pyramids. Well I say every nation was connected in some way. Maybe through trading goods, exploring or wars.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 06:24 PM
who cares what obama says. what does he know anyway?

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 06:47 PM
Thousands of workers slaved over moving these hugh slabs of rocks over periods of decades. Or...were able to. Human beings can cut and move rock.

Now, if they had left a time-travel machine...or even a tv or a cell phone.
Now that would be believeable!

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 07:17 PM
I do think it is VERY odd that a culture that wrote hieroglyphics about virtually everything they did in their lives - including bathroom habits! - never wrote one word about building the pyramids!

I mean, one would

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 07:32 PM
To claim humans were "to stupid or lazy" to build such structures is of course an insult. Many people fail to realize just how bright certain ancient cultures were. If any thing were are less intelligent today because our technology can do so much. A few guys with spears taking down a wooly mammoth 10,000 years ago, or construction of ancient buildings several thousand years ago required supreme conceptionalization and organizational skills. More on this later.

New evidence, a few years old seems to strongly suggest the workers lived near the work sites of the many ancient sites in Egypt. For a number of reasons, slaves are discarded, not given state resources because you would have a limited number of those with medical, very practical knowledge available to people. Sure, relatives would do what they could, but in alone they would not be able to see what we excavated

what is telling is remains located showed signs of complex medicine. Remains with healed broken bones for example. That implies the desire to help wounded or ill people, and the infrastructure to do so. That shows value many cultures placed on helping others. If it was just the inlaws, medicine was as much a skill as was building design/construction/with advanced civil engineering, surveying, hydrology ( using water as a power sourse, working carving of stone, not to mention "floating really big stones") from the area where there was the Giza region. I mean 120plus miles from where the stones were taken and moved by river a very decent distance. Co-ordination of this would be like building the Hoover dam, with not so much as steam power (as far as we know).

Do I think aliens did and are visiting Earth? For a number of reasons yes. Could they have been involved?, sure any things possible, But consider the great cathedrals, Roman construction and so much more. From the middle ages, the Catholic church kept maticulas records. We know these great church's were built by the local people, costing vast resources in men, money and materials. But the main point is it took military like organizations to do this. Google "Notra-Dame", Roman aquaducts, you have a lot of very detailrd data here.

But there is at least one structure that puzzles me. The sphnix. Geologist Robert Schlock (please forgive spelling, it sucks), has said the geological evidence of weathering is indicitive of water. You have to go back 8-to-10 thousand years to get that in Giza, when the Giza region was a garden, not a desert. It was a desert when these buildings were built, at least most of them. But the inconsistency of what were told happend, and what the evidence says is just not in aggreement.

Regarding why I believe this, I am one of those who listend to Bob Schlock on the history channel, and he was sceptical but open minded. The best combination for a scientist. Being one my self, I strive to follow his example. I am convinced we have lost volumes of information over the centuries, far more then what is commenly known. Just the middle ages in Europe almost had us lose all ancient knowledge. The one group en-mass that helped preserve some priceless information was the Catholic church. Although I have my problems with the Catholic church, one thing preserved was writing and also had a neat network of communication between there monostaries/abbies.

I would welcome your feedback, as this is one of many areas that intrigue me,(along with UFO's, etc) no end. Did I warn you my spelling sucked?. Sorry about that gang...

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 07:35 PM
Ancient Egyptians didn't build them, no drawing, heiroglyphs.
Aliens didn't build them, but they did subcontract the job out and had non-union labor build them.
Also, to feed them, they had it catered. Subway, I think.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by Alxandro

I love your illustration! Official denial even has people accepting such bilge by far to many of our people. My favorite is the so called "atmospheric lensing effect". There are tempeture inversions that can form lenticuar (spell?)clouds, and it does not behave in any way then a cloud, which it is. Lensing effect? Nonsense. But make it sound "scientific", or snow people with such nonsense requires only minimum research on ones part to prove this. Use the internet, read a book, you have numerous avenues open to sort the truth from the crap.

I'm not saying trust no one, but do the research. Trust must be earned. One reason the UFO propaganda machine has been so intense is the lesson of history. Truth is, in history the thing nations fear more then even invasion is social unrest. Perhaps discussion/disclosure would have been a problem in 1947, after the trauma of WW-2. But our people don't as a general rule hide under thier beds (unless theres a tornado coming). Our government should stop treating us like scared children. One reason for not telling the American people the truth about UFO's is what if some/all are hostile? We can be told of contact in a "sanatized" manner. But tell us thier out there. This alone allow our society to evoulve.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 09:11 PM
Im no engineer but.... to build the pyramids, I would think it might have gone something like this:

1. dig a hole in the sand. with a long incline (like a ramp). Put up scaffolding. Then use long logs as runners (wheels). Put ropes around the rock and pull it into place on runners using thousands of slaves (not too hard with that many people) put rock in place to form foundation.

2. once the first row is complete, build up sand to be level with top of first row. repeat process of dragging rocks to form second tier. and so on and so on, until it is finished. Then use those same thousands of slaves to remove the sand from around the structure and voila, 1 pyramid down a few more to go.

as for how the rocks were spit and cut. The Egyptians were not only excellent at mathematics but they were very skilled with rock chiseling etc. One only has to look at their hieroglyphs to see that.

I believe they also used a form of drilling and using wedges and water to split the large rocks into the sizes they needed.

Like I said, I am no engineer but that would be my guess. As for feeding all the slaves...lets not forget that back then Egypt was a very rich and powerful empire. Lots of gold to buy the resources they needed from other places if they didn't have enough of their own.

[edit on 5-6-2009 by QBSneak000]

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 09:36 PM
Aliens didn't create the pyramids, people. Lets look at this from a logical standpoint: People of ancient times were JUST as capable as we are today, they just didn't have the benefit of technology to help them, however they DID have the benefit of hundreds of thousands of slaves of different descent such as Jews that worked on the pyramids ALL their lives, every day, more then full time probably.

It was a harsh existence, and that's why it pisses me the hell off when people say aliens made them, not even giving credit to our poor ancestors who worked their asses off to make these wonderful landmarks. It's such a shame too, give the people of those times some damn credit, they weren't primitive, in fact they were ingenious for their time, you tell me how to light up the inside of the pyramids, go ahead, tell me how they did it, I want to know because as far as I'm concerned, it's LOST TECHNOLOGY.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 09:43 PM

Originally posted by whateverponcho

theres rocks ranging from 10-50 tons

we could not replicate the great pyramid today, with all our technology. theirs many monuments in the world we couldnt build.

it was also underwater at one point, as was the sphinx, provin they were built before the current egypt desert, since if they were formerly underwater, its likely the enviroment was different in that area before, and not a desert.


and for that matter
whos to say aliens built them? i find it much more likely an advanved human civilization built them with their own technology. although aliens givin them technology is also a possibility, i find it less likely than the possibility that people were around a lot longer than we think, civilizations rose, fell collapsed, wiped themselves out and in the past were quite aware of technological matters we havent figured out yet.

[edit on 5-6-2009 by whateverponcho]

Oh come on, don't be ridiculous. Look at our cities, look at our civilization, look at our satellites, look at our rockets, look at our medicine, look at our technology, look at our airplanes, look at our vehicles, look at our landmarks, to say we can't recreate the pyramids is IDIOTIC beyond ALL means.

People need to start giving the human beings of THIS time credit also, there are some fantastic engineers out there who have stated that humanity could replicate the great pyramids of Giza.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 11:06 PM
Egyptians built them. And they had to practice till they got it right.

Development of Pyramids Gallery --a slide show of how pyramid building evolved

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 12:24 AM
Hehe, some comical posts. Are there still people who take this puppet-o-bama seriously? Did this politician on a string ever NOT lie about something since being in office? If HE says aliens didn't build them, then take it as proof they did.

[edit on 6-6-2009 by WonderfulWorld]

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 12:27 AM
Why do people assume that Obama was referring to extraterrestrials when he said "aliens didn't build this"?
Maybe he was actually saying that pure blood Egyptians built the pyramids just to piss off people; not foreigners.
Remember, politicians always say one thing and mean another, or use words to hide what they actually mean.
Maybe we can make a conspiracy that Obama is trying to subtly tell us that we do not need foreigners and illegal immigrants to actually create our own infrastructure?
you know just an idea, aliens can also refer to foreign individuals.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 12:56 AM
There's 2 million blocks of stone in the cheops pyramid. If it took a 100 years to build, working at 12 hours a day, that's a block laid every 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure we can't do that today. Keep in mind, they still had to mine the stones, cut them (with high accuracy), cart them to the site, then lift and lay them. Remember, the wheel was not invented yet either.

Historians say that they would have been built within a Pharaohs life time, on that basis, it's a block every 5 minutes!

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 01:14 AM

Originally posted by heyo
reply to post by Lannock

well, they've recreated those types of machines many times. I don't believe that with the extensive history of scientific discovery at the disposal of todays physicists/hobbyists, that they wouldn't be able to recreate it.
Also, getting it sooo level and soo, today i watched a documentary on the longbow, apparently egypts greatest weapon against the hittites under rhamsese the second. I can't for the life of me believe that if they could build pyramids like that they'd be unable to incorporate that genius into some sort of weapon.

edit: a weapon better than a bow an arrow, which, according to the report, the they the idea of.
[edit on 5-6-2009 by heyo]

I have to wonder how much of the docu you paid attention to? FYI, the longbow RULED. Armor-piercing and a range greater than spears and other lesser weapons. It was almost universally feared by everybody until the advent of heavy armor, and of course, gunpowder.


posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by TheWalkingFoxBut obviously, the Egyptians did, because they're right the hell there.

Well that is a silly argument...

IF someone else built them before the Egyptians, would they still not be right the hell there?


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