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The End of America, “Gone Without a Whimper”

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 05:57 PM
While having no illusions as to the current brand of ‘freedom loving peoples’ in charge of the Russian government, having just gotten back from Russia last July after having lived and traveled around the former USSR for almost three years, or having any delusions about the miraculous conversion of Pravda to an independent search for truth, I have some small idea as to the opinions of the Russian people as to Stalin: he was a murdering, lying tyrant; only the old and wounded military veterans long for the days of Russian Communism under Stalin, due in no small part to their having to live on pensions of under 100.00 a month no doubt. If you want a GOOD idea of a Russian’s opinion of Stalin, just ask my mother in law; be prepared for an hour and a half lecture delivered as only a Russian can do so.

My point in sighting Pravda as a more judicious source of insight as concerns our current American situation is based on the idiom, “never interrupt your enemy when he is busy destroying himself”; the fact that Pravda is gleefully pointing out what any non Obama zombie or state run news agency in America can plainly see is acceptance of the facts: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 06:15 PM
This continuing argument of the dependency of the American people on the conveniences of modern society sound as almost a whining plea to remember “how we ate onions and leeks and flesh from the flesh pots to the full BACK IN EGYPT”; the cry of slaves demanding the stability and the normalcy of servitude. Perhaps the wishful thinking of those too comfortable with the status quo, even if it means chains and bondage?

While some might be comfortable with the ever encroaching progressive nanny state, perhaps comforted with delusions of freedom and actually believing in our political system, this old soldier and a growing majority of Americans are not and we still remember what the Second Amendment is really for.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

In no way do I support what is happening. I'm simply stating what I see. At this point I've given up hope. I want to reserve my right to say "see, told ya" the last day the internet is free and limitless. I know what is happening and really don't care any more. These ignorant people need to be stung before they realize that the wasps are a threat.

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 07:18 PM
well preaching to the quior is useless. usually whenever i inititayte a duiscussion or conversation such as look at those chemtrails or a few choice observations on the origins of federal reserve and or other introductory topics, I get either a not interested or blow off, so thats what we . of coiurse we under massive mind controil information control. and microwave control. so we be in trouble control.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

A program of apathy or sticking one's head in the sand is in many ways worse than being blissfully unaware.

I mean, come on man (or woman, I've seen people corrected)... You KNOW what's going on. Can you seriously rationalize yourself into a FEMA camp?

Not this guy. When I got my tattoo, I knew it was either my own declaration of independence, or a death sentance.

Either way, I'll never give up... Give me liberty, or give me death!

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by mikerussellus
reply to post by SGTChas

I saw this on the Drudge Report, you beat me to it. And glad you did, well thought out and articulate.
I don't mean to sound defeatist but my wife and I are already making plans.
Is it too late?
We think so.
Would love to hear solutions (another thread p'raps?) on how to stop this nose dive.

Don't give up hope. Read Matthew 24. Yes, things will get worse before they get better, but they will get better.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by cbianchi513

I'm more concerned with doing good with my life so that at the very least bit of hope, I'll have connections. I've always loved the Oskar Schindler role in life. I'm never going to be a rebel, but if it's something I will defend to my death, is the upholding of justice. If ever the worst case scenario occurs and a Nazi-like government rises, I will be the Oskar Schindler, the Stauffenberg. If ever we meet in that most undesirable scenario, consider me a friend in the hierarchy. The lone upholder of good and justice amidst a sea of evil and infestation of dictatorship. And if ever I find others like me in that hell of a world, I will launch Valkyrie 2.0.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by Gorman91

While I feel your heart is in the right place, I likewise feel your mind needs a good swift kick in the cortex...

It is ALWAYS a good idea to "do good"... It's the Golden Rule, something I swear by. Kudos for trying to walk the noble path!

It's the "I don't care anymore" statement that I take issue with. This defeatist attitude is something that I have seen as a dangerous and pervasive element in many posts through the weeks. (So you know I am not simply singling you out).

When we stop caring, we are doing so at the cost of our free will. Yes, we still have free will, regardless of the limitations to our personal liberty. When we consign our free will to TPTB, they have already won the hardest victory.... It seems they have your "mind"... It's only a matter of time before they also have your "heart", and then your noble intent is out the window.

Am I wrong?

It could be argued that any conquering force throughout history aimed to achieve the "hearts and minds" (where have we heard that phrase before) of the very people under their control. It is only then that resistance and dissent can be adequetly controlled.

My advice: Take back your mind, stop being such a quitter. The whole "Schindler" idea, while noble, is a pipe dream. Your very presence on this board has marked you as a potential domestic threat.

I ask you: Will you choose Liberty, or Death?

It IS black or white. It IS that simple.

Not all of us are going "without a whimper", as the article in the OP implies. By your words, it seems almost as if this article were written about you, and like minded individuals. Please take this as motivational, and in no way as a slight to your character.

You see, I try to do good things and treat others how I would be treated also...

That's what I would want others to do to me if I felt as hopeless as you obviously do.

EDIT: spelling

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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by SGTChas

In order to show a little more hope. Here's a video I was tasked to do by one of our ATS members (No, I am not the original author) Hopefully it can help inspire our present generation to actually do something about our problems, instead of worrying over what Britney Spears is doing or whatever it is that people watch these days.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by cbianchi513

Well you're certainly inspirational, that's for sure. You should definably go into radio/blogging/Youtube directing, etc.

But I'm simply worried about getting involved with the front lines operation to reclaim liberty. The source of my cowardice and fear is from God actually. I had a death in my family years ago and it made me worried if I was leading a life that would be worth something and be remembered. So the only solution for such a young kid worried about my future was to pray. A simple prayer asking God to tell me what to do that would help me to be something. The dream that night was frightening and disturbing to me. I was fighting my fellow Americans with a group of other Americans. We were both flying flags that were not familiar. The whole sky was orange and bombers were over me. After I and some other soldiers had taken the location we were attacking and the other Americans were retreating, I rested and decided to look at the source of this orange sky and where the bombers were going. It was New York, from a view in Brooklyn. The whole city was burning and the Freedom Tower, still under construction, was being hit. The bombers were bombing the city and the entirety of lower Manhattan was ablaze with carpet bombings.

Now I'm a realist. I take that as nothing more than a creation of my mind in a worried state. But it has lead me to conclude that there is no way I want to see such a reality. I would much rather desire being someone inside the enemy, but working to bring it down. There are soldiers and there are spies. I am the spy.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

Valkrie 2.0 may be important and necessary in the future. Hopefully it will be absolutely unecessary. Carry on and continue to network. Everyone has a purpose.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 04:26 PM
FREEDOM always comes at a price. Yet it seems most Americans seem to think they can ride around on the bus ticket that was purchased in blood for them more than 200 hundred years ago, with the unrealistic belief it will never expire. Meanwhile the redcoats (a very apt term) have infiltrated and taken over every nook and cranny of their parliament.

Your previous Presidents warned you about complacency. Many have been murdered for daring to stand up against those that would once again enslave America - Presidents that were democratically elected by once FREE Americans because they cared about your country. Yet you lied down and accepted the lies told to you by those that serve the king - and did nothing.

Time to wake up. The monster is at the door.

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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 06:06 PM
One thing about history, is we can see time and again how control works where a free market exists.

In the times of kings and lords, once tradesmen and craftsmen began having their "fairs" they began accumulating capital. The power shifted. No matter how badly the kings and lords wanted to retain power, they couldn't stop it.

Same thing will happen in China. There are men accumulating capital. They will be the kingmakers and policy makers.

There will be a constant erosion of the Marxist-dominated grip on power.

That's why years ago, the fastest way to turn Cuba around was to open trade with Cuba. The people would have eroded Castro's power in no time.

And we're reversing everything holy. The Congress and President are engaged in a great power grab - nothing more - nothing less. Obama and the liberal Congress are on a power-grabbing trip.

They took an oath to defend the Constitution and obey its laws. They are gutting the Constitution. And we're letting them.

Obama is unlike any President before him.

We still know nothing about him. We can verify - nothing.

We don't know how he paid for his expensive education, we don't have any idea how he suddenly came into his upscale lifestyle without any visible means of support.

We find him strange because he did not spend his formative years as an American, and culturally, he isn't American.

He's never had military experience and doesn't understand the basics.

He is always, ALWAYS blaming others.

His previous life was spent with radicals, political and political, and thus his inability to denounce radicals.

He has embraced a "blame America" stance, counterproductive, and this is the first time in history we are apologizing for helping others in the best ways we can.

He wants to change America to a European style of political core and socialist values.

He is killing the capitalist goose that's been laying the golden eggs since our founding.

He's resorting to extortion in compelling our banks, financial institutions, our automobile industry, and other corporations.

He's given a free pass by our media because they believe him to be omnipotent and omniscient.

He wants to silence critics.

He wants to control rather than to lead and govern.

One more term, and sites such as ATS will likely be shut down in the US and I'll be in a concentration and re-education camp as you'll likely have your way on what constitutes a "terrorist."

Combat veterans.

This won't go on another two years. It can't.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 07:24 PM
While I agree the current direction of the government has 1-3 years left of viability, I don't think Obama is the radical mystery you paint him to be. He is simply the type of character that comes into existence in times like these. Opportunist politicians trying to take a piece for themselves before the whole ship goes down.

I really cannot believe such educated and rich men and woman can do what they do without knowing what the end result is. I have concluded, therefore, they know very well the nation is headed for ruin. They simply want to get something for themselves before the end. like how rich and powerful Romans became the first feudal lords and leaders after the empire fell.

People like you and me are the people who will stop it, however. Rome, unfortunately, fell in such a way so that such people were already doomed by the time it fell apart. America is different, as are the culture and times. We stand in a position where the masses know that siding with us will be sustainable and greater for us all. So if, no matter how much I beg it doesn't happen, this nation falls apart, it will not be another medieval era. It will be a brief event of collapse that will end with most of the nation remaining loyal to truth and justice, and the rest being gobbled up by us.

We will survive, and we will rebuild.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by dooper

One more term, and sites such as ATS will likely be shut down in the US and I'll be in a concentration and re-education camp as you'll likely have your way on what constitutes a "terrorist."

Combat veterans.

I'm going to have to ask permission to speak freely, and in good conscience do so.

Dooper, you can't possibly be pulling that same, cop out crap I am constantly exposing fallacies in?

Do you need the proverbial kick in the cortex?

I take comfort in knowing you're joking.

Carry on...

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

A fine illustration of what I've said in several threads. Indeed, it takes all kinds. No war is won by force of arms alone. There has to be a support structure, resupply if you will, and an intel gathering capability, in order for the armed forces to be appropriately directed and utilized.

You apparently fall into the latter category, but be advised that under the Geneva Conventions, spies and other 'unmarked' combatants are subject to execution. that assumes that we expect the opposition to abide by the Geneva Conventions, by no means a given.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

Yes I know. I'm really REALLY wanting to write a book about all this. I initially wanted to make a video game mod, you know, razzle dazzle the youth with dreams, but this really has the workings of an excellent novel for all.

Again, I had some really odd dreams about all this years ago, for which I really want to write from. I take it as my extremely creative mind designing stuff that is very odd, but relevent to current events.

I really do like the thought of being something equal to a 1760s writer that influences the people to be enlightened and demand respect of their rights.

None the less, the basis of such writings would be to warn against extremes that revolution tempts, as well as set a lesson that not all revolutions need be violent wars. I truly hope that we change the government through force of will alone and through simply overcoming their ignorance by discussing and influencing the people on places like here. I have no desire for war, only to change that which is doomed to fail and make it viable again.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

I have no desire for war, either. Lord knows it's a nasty business. The problem is that 'talking them into submission' hasn't really produced any results. They just ignore the voice of the people.

Should they persist in ignoring the electorate, the blood of any resulting war is squarely on their hands. People will only take so much.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

I know but eventually it comes to a point where the government loses any legitimacy and eventually just sweeps away. This often results in a military coup or a select few politicians declaring the rest illegal. Both have occurred in US history to some extent. I'd rather the either or, because when it comes to the point that the government is THAT unsupported, it's easily pushed aside. It will be like watching a bunch of people with media support claiming illegal action by a group of people, but none of them having any means to reverse it. The media will try, but fail. The army will just deny them the rights to give them orders, and the politicians who join the new gov will simply ignore the older one.

This even recently occurred in New York a few days ago, perhaps you've heard of the coup. Dems were doing a crappy job, so some dems organized against their party and threw their support to the repubs. What's happening here is literally a contained experiment in my first paragraph. If it is successful, it means that it can happen with no blood. If it fails and legality issues get caught up, it means blood is the only way. But here's the thing, how CAN the dems claim it's illegal? several members decided to change parties, changing the minority to the majority. There is no legal way you can force them to go back to their old party.

This event will be a very interesting representation of the nation as a hole. It's success ties the seeds of war or peace in the future. The events going on hear echo throughout this land. The people are watching, and will react accordingly.

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 08:47 AM

Originally posted by ElectricUniverse

Originally posted by Logarock

This is very comical if it were big time wrestling or something. Talk about a man full of sh*t.

Could you care to specify what you are talking about?.... Everything i said is fact, he was named "man of steel" or Stalin by his views and stance....

Wasn't questioning your facts...just pointing out the bombast and ego mania that surrounds some. "Man if Steel" sound like some big time wrestling name. I am sure Lenny took it all very seriously. lol

Mobsters do this. Sammy "The Bull" ect,

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