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The End of America, “Gone Without a Whimper”

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by SGTChas
This continuing argument of the dependency of the American people on the conveniences of modern society sound as almost a whining plea to remember “how we ate onions and leeks and flesh from the flesh pots to the full BACK IN EGYPT”; the cry of slaves demanding the stability and the normalcy of servitude. Perhaps the wishful thinking of those too comfortable with the status quo, even if it means chains and bondage?

While some might be comfortable with the ever encroaching progressive nanny state, perhaps comforted with delusions of freedom and actually believing in our political system, this old soldier and a growing majority of Americans are not and we still remember what the Second Amendment is really for.

No wishful thinking here friend. But it needs to be looked at squarely as a mater of incorporation into any responsible long term evaluation of conditions that would be present during a drawn out unrest or flat out war. If bringing it up creates uneasiness for some then I would question the realistic grounding of their entire philosophy and their historical perspective of such conditions present in other conflicts. I personally dont care what others do just so they get out of the way when the stuff hits the fan.

Even during the Revolutionary War there were Tory militias.

When I got out of the service in the 80's I would gear up in light LURP gear and traverse the country side to stay sharp. Some that knew I was doing this were very uncomfortable with it. I moved further out to an isolated area were myself and a few others did a lot of shooting and whatnot. Well we were visited by the law a few times. Locals didn't like it made up stories about drunken shooting, shooting irresponsibly, growing pot to fund a militia, game warden was called to check deer hunting irregularities, we were even threatened by locals as well as the law. None of these accusations were true, but we saw ourselves as patriots staying sharp ect but the locals everywhere had bought into the media lies about militia groups. We were only several men.

I even got a police scanner. One evening were we shooting and sure enough a car was dispatched and the dispatcher warned the officer to be careful and of some weapons we had naming calibers and types. They could have only gotten that info from someone close to us that knew what we used. We were on our own property and were not breaking the law. Once a blow horn blasted through the woods naming us by name and demanding that we put down weapons and come out to the road. Which we did and we given a sobriety test and warned that if we had been drinking we would have went to jail.

Anyway theres what to expect form your onion and garlic loving masses. They are not going to pick up the flag and head out to battle with anyone. At least not in a lot of places. It is a reality that must be factored into any type of capacity to operate under conditions. People are going to blame you and believe the powers that be that you are the reason for their discomfort. Its not a whining plea my friend. I can live off the land but am fully aware that most people in many places will be off the hook in about a week! When they cant get gas, cigarettes, food at Berger King, they are going to be shooting at you.

Many people in rural areas cant even draw water any more! What are farmers going to do when their livestock gets harvested for them? Whats going to happen when authorities arrest non-combatants for supporting? What are you going to do when you have wounded dieing from stupid wounds and worse non combatants lose loved ones for any number of reasons and blame you for it? Its not going to be like the Younger Gang getting fresh mounts in every little town along the way or the Outlaw Josey Wells these days. No the masses are conditioned and addicted and tied to the many luxuries this modern era offers and its going to be a real problem that will be exploited if need be.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by Logarock

That is indeed a possibility. Out of curiosity what part of the country were you in when you shot guns?

Here in Texas I know of people who have full autos stashed at their ranches and practice quite often.

Hell I went to buy my eotech from a friend of mine who lives in a very wealthy neighborhood here in Houston. He was out on his front porch drinking and had 3 or 4 of his guns sitting on the front porch so he could show me. None of the neighbors seemed to care what so ever.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous Avatar
reply to post by Logarock

That is indeed a possibility. Out of curiosity what part of the country were you in when you shot guns?

Here in Texas I know of people who have full autos stashed at their ranches and practice quite often.

That would be Ohio. We can only dream of being like Texas.

There is a guy on You-Tube claiming to be from an Ohio group. Notice he covers his face. That says it all about the conditions in Ohio.

Man around here jezz. During the early 90's I did a lot of 2nd amendment talking, as did many others, on local radio call in. It got to the point were the cops would hassle me and the host used to call me by name even though I never gave my real name. One night I came home and there were 5 cop cars in fount of my house with all their lights out. As I pulled into the driveway they all turned their lights, all their lights, on at once. Got out and hassled me said they were watching me. Thats the way they handle things up here. I was doing nothing illegal.

Here in Ohio the police shot a guy that drove around with cardboard license plates that said "militia chaplain". Police said he got out of the car with a gun witnesses said he didn't and was just cut down as an example. I saw an interview of the officer and he insists that the man came out of the car with a weapon in his belt and shot him when he went for it. Not saying that he had to wait for the guy to pull before defending himself but it was one of the only killings of a known militia member in the US.

We have a citywide semi-auto weapons ban here. But do have a resent conceal and carry. But the authorities in this state do frown on the excessive use of fire arms even on private property and even in rural areas. There are open areas but not like Texas. But this is just a pretext around here as they will hassle any group that publicly operates as a militia with 2nd amendment "extreme" views or even talks about it publicly often.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by Logarock

Wow that is horrible. One of my friends who moved here to Houston from San Jose CA several years ago and is now back in San Jose and hates it. Anyway when he first moved to Houston, he was sleeping when someone broke into his garage. He grabbed a baseball bat and ran down and by the time he got downstairs the robber had made off with 40k of tools. So he called the police... He was more than a little shocked when the police asked my friend what he was going to do with a baseball bat and why didn't he own a gun? Of course 5 years later he competes in National Sniper competitions and owns probably 70 - 80 k worth of guns... haha.

Hell when I bought my first semi-auto handgun I asked several Houston Police Officers what their preferences were. They would get almost excited telling me which one they liked best and why. I ended buying a Springfield XDM, but none the less I am very very grateful to be in Texas when hearing stories like yours.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 11:43 AM

Originally posted by dooper
Obama is unlike any President before him.

We still know nothing about him. We can verify - nothing.

We don't know how he paid for his expensive education, we don't have any idea how he suddenly came into his upscale lifestyle without any visible means of support.

We find him strange because he did not spend his formative years as an American, and culturally, he isn't American.

He's never had military experience and doesn't understand the basics.

He is always, ALWAYS blaming others.

His previous life was spent with radicals, political and political, and thus his inability to denounce radicals.

He has embraced a "blame America" stance, counterproductive, and this is the first time in history we are apologizing for helping others in the best ways we can.

He wants to change America to a European style of political core and socialist values.

He is killing the capitalist goose that's been laying the golden eggs since our founding.

He's resorting to extortion in compelling our banks, financial institutions, our automobile industry, and other corporations.

He's given a free pass by our media because they believe him to be omnipotent and omniscient.

He wants to silence critics.

He wants to control rather than to lead and govern.

One more term, and sites such as ATS will likely be shut down in the US and I'll be in a concentration and re-education camp as you'll likely have your way on what constitutes a "terrorist."

Combat veterans.

This won't go on another two years. It can't.

When you look at many Asian and African nations where the leaders are bleeding the country dry. In North Korea, Zimbabwe, elsewhere, millions are literally dying in the streets.

Your first question is: why do the people put up with it? Why don't they storm the palace?

Either there are brutal regimes that intimidate or eliminate opposition. More insidious is when there is a cult of personality with millions attributing some messianic qualities to a leader who exploits them.

I saw this in the 2008 nominations and election as Obama was positioned as the Golden Boy who would deliver a new America.

I genuinely don't know what he's about still. And no one on the planet gets more coverage of their every word and deed.

He is set to be personally secure financially for the rest of his life. Not even clear is whether he thinks the collapse of America would be a good thing or not. He has little to lose himself, and for all we know may have his own agenda for how he will be recorded in the history books.

Very scary.


posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by Anonymous Avatar

Cops around here are half insane from all the domestic refereeing they do. lol

Its strange. Where I am the cops will tell Pizza Delivery that they wont get to upset if they pack in anther town they take you to jail.

Cops in this town are professional for the most part.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by Logarock

Calculations made to incorporate the reaction of the perennial beer watered couch plants to a break down of social order, to include power, water and food delivery, are based on generalized assumptions. Several instances of just such rude awakenings have produced fierce gorillas (Start shooting at me when I still have a hangover just fresh back from the world, and your going to meet Jesus, quickly), still others will become non-functional walking wounded.

The point being that we cannot accurately predict the reactions of even half the population; thus, we must plan for our core group leaving room for the unpredictable. Once the initial shock of the developing situation has had time to separate the freedom fighters from the victims and potential victims, situational planning for conditions on the ground at that stage will be effective.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by SGTChas
reply to post by Logarock

Calculations made to incorporate the reaction of the perennial beer watered couch plants to a break down of social order, to include power, water and food delivery, are based on generalized assumptions. Several instances of just such rude awakenings have produced fierce gorillas......

Yes, but the conditions present in many of these examples lent themselves to the gorillas in the way of an existing agrarian reality. Life in block after block of city streets and urban sprawl will become complicated rather quickly. The government will have to block the roads and use supplies as a means to insure pacification of these areas if need be. Food for loyalties, conscripts armies to restore order in the country side, put down the hick rebellion, open the roads back up, restore power and water. They are the reason your young and old are starving to death so heres a uniform and a gun. Go out into the country with armor and air support and burn their towns and pillage their food stores.

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