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The New Great Game

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:03 PM
Great thread Slayer. I think it's important for Americans to better educate themselves on the vast amount of resources that are being fought over, bought and sold, attempted to be secured and got to market in this region of the world.

Most people here in America simply see this as a War on Terrorism with a religious aspect to it, and I see it in a much greater context than that where some potentially huge things are at stake behind the scenes that has nothing to do with the War on Terror, or religious politics.

Soldiers of all stripes and backgrounds fight harder and are more willing to lay down their lives for causes they believe in.

If people are fighting and risking their lives in a war, they really should know exactly what is really being fought for, who really benefits the most, to what extent and why before committing them selves to that potential risk and sacrifice.

When the real objectives are laid out it gets a lot easier for more great minds to lay out a great strategy to reach those objectives.

After 8 years and too many lives and trillions of dollars American's especially ought to know what this fight is really about, and make some decisions on their own as citizens just what ought to really be committed and what price is reasonable and what price is just too high.

Thanks for the great research. It's truly an awsome effort.

Star and Flag

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:06 PM

Originally posted by Ben Niceknowinya

I think it's why there's mostly SF units to monitor, occupy,and neutralize the area. Better intelligence gathering will (also) give major advantage.

I'm not exactly sure how good that Intel is. No as spec_ops_wannabe just pointed out we have evidence that Pakistan is expanding it's Nuclear abilities and also trying to place nice with Tehran.

US now rely on Pakistan intelligence to interrogate detainees: report

WASHINGTON: Acting on US tips, foreign intelligence services currently capture, interrogate and detain for the United States most terrorism suspects found outside the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, The New York Times reported on its website late Saturday.

Citing unnamed current and former US government officials, the newspaper said only the highest-level suspects represent an exception. In the past 10 months, about a half-dozen mid-level financiers and logistics experts working with the Al-Qaeda terror network have been captured and are being held by intelligence services in four Mid

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by spec_ops_wannabe

Meanwhile with American foreign policy being to send overseas funding to other nations like Pakistan, H. Clinton is claiming that the funding we send them will not go towards expanding Pakistan's arsenal of nuclear weapons.

There is no way on Gods good earth we can be sure where exactly that money is going. Sometimes I question her perception of her fellow countrymen. Does she really think that we are that dense?

I'll just stop there.

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

After 8 years and too many lives and trillions of dollars American's especially ought to know what this fight is really about, and make some decisions on their own as citizens just what ought to really be committed and what price is reasonable and what price is just too high.

Well if we are not careful we will go bankrupt long before we can see any possible benefit from our incursion into this region. Obama will have to do something here that I'm pretty sure he had no intention of doing before he took office and that is to carry the same flag Bush planted there under the same guise.

Our reserves are about spent.
We will end up bankrupt AND IN the Dark.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by spec_ops_wannabe

This is from 5 days ago??

Mullen Pinky-Swears: We Don’t Bankroll Pakistan’s Nukes

Is Pakistan bankrolling its nuclear expansion with American cash? Official Washington says no - but in a way that’s not particularly reassuring.

Last week, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made an alarming disclosure: Pakistan, he said, was building up its nuclear arsenal, even as the nation slides toward internal war.

That little snippet of intelligence could far-reaching implications. Since 9/11, the United States has provided around $10 billion in assistance to Pakistan; that figure includes around $80 million to $120 million per month in “coalition support funds,” which are supposed pay for keeping Pakistani troops on the frontier with Afghanistan

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by tristar

As i am not able to know if and when you viewed the video i provided. It shows the fundamentals of how society was formed to embody an ideology of when it was only at an infant stage. If we fast forward into time we now see the results of what was sculptured and injected into every aspect of society.

Thanks for posting it I had to stop watching and attend to my female half she wanted BBQ and then I quickly mowed the lawn and now I'm back with a hot cup of coffee and I'm resuming the video as I type.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by GAOTU789

I would like to know Iran's role as well. SHould not be overlooked here at all.

I'm almost certain all the talks with Israel and Iran lately is (really) more to do with this whole affair, than just nuclear testing and capabilities in Iran.
Israel will be focused to maim Iran.

As for Iran supplying Taliban. I wouldn't be certain on that. If they have weapons, they need those weapons themselves, to defend themselves.
Iran has many enemies, especially in their borders.
It's important to follow the money, imo.
I am however concerned with Taliban's arming. And more importantly financing. If it's not the US, it will be either CHina or Russia.
Or both. Yikes!

The US's main focus (imo) is Pakistan right now. They need to play ball, or else.......
Our administration has been pretty clear about it, I think.

What makes this playing field so intricate and DANGEROUS are that there are 3 superpowers invloved, and the tables could switch real fast, and in any direction for that matter.
Weapons end up in wrong hands, wrong groups, and well that changes the dynamics of everything.

There are so many things I want to pick apart intricate.

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by tristar

That was a very interesting perspective. Lots of great information. It does show another view of the growing global issue of our times.

Thanks for the contribution. I'm getting ready to shut down for the night and spend the evening with my fiance. I'll check back in the morning to pick up where we left off.

I thank everybody for their input this has been very educational.
As always I get so much more out of a subject if I keep an open mind.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Your most welcome as i welcomed your invitation, it is post like these that i seek out to interact with.


posted on May, 25 2009 @ 12:48 AM
In the meantime I would like for some sort of final product to come from this thread and the information gathered here. I was thinking for some sort of ATS documentary with everything here organized and made available for general public consumption so that way anyone wishing to see this information does not need to go through pages and pages of extra things to get what they want.
This is some good stuff and I don't think it should go by quietly.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by spec_ops_wannabe


posted on May, 25 2009 @ 10:30 AM
Good post Slayer69. I'm curious as to where North Korea stands at present. They have tested a nuclear weapon which just received strong Western condemnation. I hope no country underestimates North Korea's capabilities....

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 10:57 AM
Good Morning.

First I must comment upon the basis of the thread as I believe we all see this as a pivotal point in the end game so far as the Age of Oil is concerned.

Secondly a thank you is in order as I am humbled to have been invited into the company of some great thinkers here on ATS which I believe is the place to be for the new emerging Alternative News Sites appearing as we watch the old paradigm main stream media continue its implosion.

I will try to add a perspective toward the landscape of the idea of this thread as well as some interesting details I gather as I speak to persons involved in this theatre.

Having spoken to a returning Canadian oil worker from the Caspian area I was told that the Chinese are quitely dominating much of the landscape.

I have read that last week both the Chinese as well as the Russians are slowly and steady in release of US currency in favour of Euro's.

U.S. recovery gets setback as countries dump dollar reserves

Many Americans have been led to believe that the worst of the financial crisis is over, but last week the U.S. economy was dealt another heavy blow that may signal further disaster is still to come.

The Financial Post reported last Wednesday that "...the U.S. dollar slid against most major currencies... hitting a five-month low of US $1.3775 against the euro..." The day after, Florida's BankUnited FSB was seized by Federal regulators in the largest U.S. bank failure so far this year.

The sudden dollar decline and seizure of Bank United is a flashback to the U.S. economic turmoil of late 2008, and a brutal reality check for many who thought the worst was over.

The US dollar may be the new front in the theatre.

Another danger lurks in the idea that the Petro Dollar may be on its last legs. That is the method in which Oil is tied to the US Dollar.

What does this have to do with the Caspian Basin?

US influence is perceived as being on the downturn with Chinese influence now being perceived as the future world superpower by many with the result of new partnerships being formed without any US input.

I believe the Chinese are educating Pelosi as we speak, although she will soon forget the whole briefing, notes will be taken by her excellent staff as they will be fully educated by the Chinese as well.

What we may see very shortly is the creeping realization that we may have been checkmated by the Chinese and Russians as another front is opened in Korea as I mentioned a few days ago on an ATS thread.

posted on 23-5-2009 @ 19:19

I just heard this on the radio.

This is not very good news as things often happen like this before a engagement.

Remember the assination in Viet Nam that took JFK by surprise according to McNamara.

Reminds me of this. The Korean front if opened would drain the US of its resources and the draft would open.

Remember we are still at war with Korea...North

And today....we have a North Korea situation again.

If this front heats up as well as the Swat/Afghan Theatre certain powers will then scoop up the Caspian Basin Energy reserves and WW#$% is on like King Kong.

This is just my opinion.

I will work on developing the Caspian/Chinese connection allowing the historical perspective to be viewed as it is very enlightening.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 11:12 AM
Do not forget that weakening of USD is not caused by the genuine initiative of Russia, China and other countries - it is a reaction to weaknesses which America has developed due to its own misguided and feeble minded actions and loss of confidentiality.

So, what is the present only superpower going to do? Try to force the rest of the world to retain confidence? That would be the most imprudent thing to do...

America must find a way to improve its own situation, but since what we know about the behavior of the bankers elite - they couldn't care less about America and its people. They are not tied to American soil any more and neither they feel American, as if they ever did!

In my opinion, it is them who are pushing America over the brink, and other powers are fully aware of that and won't let be fooled by the make-ups of the rotten caste of the elitists.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

Do not forget that weakening of USD is not caused by the genuine initiative of Russia, China and other countries - it is a reaction to weaknesses which America has developed due to its own misguided and feeble minded actions and loss of confidentiality.

I agree to a point. Within both Russian. Chinese and US goverments we have many agendas.

The Caspian Basin is the prize for the winner.

Here is a brief of one such agenda.

The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?
Ron Callari, Albion Monitor
February 28, 2002

Viewed on March 4, 2002

Enron is a scandal so enormous that it's hard to wrap your mind around it. Not just a single financial disaster, it's actually a jigsaw of interlocking scandals, each outrageous in its own right.

There's Enron the Wall St. con game, where company bookkeepers used slight of hand to turn four years of steady losses into stunning profits. There's Enron the reverse Robin Hood, which stole from its own employees even as its executives were hauling millions of dollars out the backdoor. There's Enron's Ken Lay the Kingmaker, who used the corporation's fraudulent wealth to broker elections and skew public policy to his liking. And then there are the Enron coverups, as documents are shredded and the White House seeks to conceal details about meetings between Enron and Vice President Cheney.

Could the Big Secret be that the highest levels of the Bush Administration knew during the summer of 2001 that the largest bankruptcy in history was imminent? Or was it that Enron and the White House were working closely with the Taliban -- including Osama bin Laden -- up to weeks before the Sept. 11 attack? Was a deal in Afghanistan part of a desperate last-ditch "end run" to bail out Enron? Here's a tip for Congressional investigators and federal prosecutors: Start by looking at the India deal. Closely.

Enter the Afghanistan connection.

Where the "Great Game" in Afghanistan was once about czars and commissars seeking access to the warm water ports of the Persian Gulf, today it is about laying oil and gas pipelines via the untapped petroleum reserves of Central Asia, a region previously dominated by the former Soviet Union, with strong influence from Iran and Pakistan. Studies have placed the total worth of oil and gas reserves in the Central Asian republics at between $3 and $6 trillion.

Who has access to that vast sea of oil? Right now the only existing export routes from the Caspian Basin lead through Russia. U.S. oil companies have longed dreamed of their own pipeline routes that will give them control of the oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea. Likewise, the U.S. government also wants to dominate Central Asian oil in order to reduce dependency on resources from the Persian/Arabian Gulf, which it cannot control. Thus the U.S. is poised to challenge Russian hegemony in a new version of the "Great Game."

Construction of oil and natural gas export pipelines through Afghanistan was under serious consideration during the Clinton years. In 1996, Unocal -- one of the world's leading energy resource and project development companies -- won a contract to build a 1,005-mile oil pipeline in order to exploit the vast Turkmenistan natural gas fields in Duletabad. The pipeline would extend through Afghanistan and Pakistan, terminating in Multan, near the India border.

Enter the Taliban.

From 1997 to as late as August 2001, the U.S. government continued to negotiate with the Taliban, trying to find a stabilizing factor that would allow American oil ventures to proceed with this project without interference. To this end, in December 1997, Unocal invited the Taliban contingency to Texas to negotiate protection while the pipeline was under construction. At the end of their stay, the Afghan visitors were invited to Washington to meet with the government officials of the Clinton Administration.

But in August, 1998, terrorists linked to Osama bin Laden bombed two U.S. embassies in East Africa. After a few cruise missiles were fired into Afghanistan and the Pentagon boasted that we had disabled bin Laden's "terrorist network," Unocal said they were abandoning plans for a route through the country. But was such a potentially lucrative deal really dead?

Not hardly. Although Unocal had the largest share, the "Central Asian Gas Pipeline" (CentGas) consortium had six other partners, including companies in Saudi Arabia's Delta Oil Company -- the next largest shareholder with 15 percent -- and groups in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan. They vowed to continue the project, and had strong national interests in seeing the Afghanistan pipeline built.

So as you read this we see the agenda...the old partners...the outcome.

What we do not yet see clearly are the new partnerships.

Mr Cheney is very nervous concerning these new partners. I wonder if Pelosi knows who they are?

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 12:00 PM
First who is the Taliban, they are the Mujahedeen that the CIA funded and backed in a Proxy War against the Soviet Union.

Now you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. So I have to say I do feel on some upper leadership level the Taliban is under CIA control.

Now History claims that when Ronald Regan unveiled the Star Wars Space Based Defense Initiative at Reykjavik in his first Strategic Arms Reduction Talks with Mikhail Gorbachev it sent the Russians into a panic and spending frenzy to try to start developing similar technology.

Two things subsequently occurred at this time, one is the Russians moved into Afghanistan ostensibly to aide it’s fledgling Communist movement and new Communist Government ensure it’s viability. The more likely scenario though was trying to secure it as a solid base of operations for expansion into the Middle East and an Arabian Sea port, which they probably eyed Iran, Afghanistan’s neighbor as being that target. Iran had just overthrown the American and CIA installed Shah of Iran and was immersed itself in a war with Iraq, that once again the CIA had put Saddam Hussein up to fighting to deplete Iran’s stocks of American weapons and thwart any expansionist ideas oil rich Iran now under antonymous control might have. Of course this would leave Iran open to a Soviet invasion through Afghanistan if the Soviets could secure their supply lines through the mostly wild and rural undeveloped country side.

So the CIA operating out of Pakistan helped recruit, fund, equip the Mujahedeen for this purpose.

Prior to Ronald Regan when U-2 and other Spy Planes flew over the Soviet Union they weren’t looking for missile silos or troop movements or buildups, they were looking at the grain crop and the logistical infrastructure to feed the Soviet People. The Cold War thinking had been Russia invades Europe if Russia can’t feed herself, and the desired outcome of course was for the Soviet State to stay basically solvent enough for it not to need to invade Europe to feed its citizenry.

Regan of course well on his way to flying over the Kukus Nest said “That’s just nuts, let’s bankrupt them and just force them to collapse from within which they will do if the people end up starving.”

Hence the two prong strategy, selling them on Star Wars and that their entire Nuclear Arsenal was obsolete and bogging them down in a long protracted Vietnam guerilla style War in Afghanistan to further bankrupt them and keep them from a presence in the Middle East itself.

Now the old Soviet Union had huge oil reserves and while it wasn’t a major player in the International Spot Market it could easily become one to raise major revenues to fund both the War in Afghanistan and a Space Based Defense Initiative of their own.

So Regan approached the Saudis and Kuwaitis and first asked them to increase their oil production drastically, and to lower the prices of it drastically. This would make it impossible for Russia to raise substantial amounts of hard currency by selling its own oil for a similar pittance on the open spot market. The Kuwaitis and Saudis where promised mutual defense agreements with the United States that if they should be attacked by Iran a long time rival, or Iraq another long time rival born of how the British Colonials had drawn up the maps of the nations after the collapse and withdrawal of the British Empire.
These two nations would also be protected from Israel as long as they didn’t take part in any aggressions against Israel.

Part of successfully employing this strategy was teaching the Saudis and Kuwaitis how to ‘cook the books’. In order for the Soviets to abandon a strategy of funding through oil they had to be convinced that there was so much oil in the ground in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that they could sell vast amounts of oil that cheaply until the cows came home and beyond.

Now there was a downside to this as once we taught them how to cook the books they know how to cook the books, meaning it’s very hard to tell how much oil they really have left in the ground over there.

Now let’s consider this additional bit. I believe it’s all relevant. Long about 1990 Kuwait was diagonally drilling into the Iraqi oil fields. Why? Was their a shortage of oil in oil rich Kuwait? With a wink and a nod, we encouraged Saddam Hussein to believe we would not take exception to the Iraqis invading Kuwait which after all 45 years before had been a part of historical Iraq anyway until the British withdrew the maps when exiting from their rule of the entire region.

That invasion by Iraq triggered the mutual defense agreement we already had in place as part of the cook the books, bankrupt the Soviets, keep them out of the Middle East deal we had with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

We did not invade Iraq or try to change the regime, we just set up a no fly buffer zone in the South where surprise, the Kuwaitis still to this day drill diagonally into Iraq’s rich southern oil fields. Now supposedly we kept Iraq’s reserves reputed to be the third largest in the world off of the market at this time, in essence ‘preserving’ them in the process.

Yet we really weren’t because the Kuwaitis were still tapping huge amounts of it, and we know that the Oil for Food Program was rife with corruption in its United Nation’s oversight. So how much Oil does Iraq really have, is their anyway that an American installed regime in Iraq could stop the Kuwaitis who are still diagonally drilling into their southern oil fields?

Now what else do we know? That the Saudis have been pumping more and more sea water into their fields to maintain an ever dwindling underground pressure to bring the oil up to the top. The Saudis now have a cost of 35.00 per barrel of oil just to extract a barrel of oil and are finding it harder and harder to pump enough water into the fields to bring oil up.

Let’s further ask ourselves why did the Saudis dump all their U.S. Currency Reserves to buy Gold with it instead last October, two hundred and forty billion dollars worth of Gold.

Many spot traders and analysts believe we have already hit ‘Peak’ oil in the Middle East and production will steadily decrease.

Meanwhile a little further up the sub-Asian continent the Soviet Union has broken up and many of it’s oil rich states have broken away and formed their own republics. Kazakhstan’s are considered the richest, and perhaps the largest single point oil reserves in the world.

How do you get it out of there though past the Ukraine, and over Russian controlled Pipe Lines without the Russians being able to capitalize off of it monetarily and politically since it’s landlocked?

You need a pipeline which when asked by Royal Dutch Shell a Rothschild Company the Taliban said no.

Now that begs the question since the Taliban was already battling the Northern Alliance and other Tribes for it’s continued rule, while keeping in mind this is the Mujahedeen we set up and funded were they saying no we refuse to have it in Afghanistan or were they saying no, we don’t control Afghanistan well enough to secure the country side to guarantee the pipeline’s safety and viability?

So supposedly El Qaeda a loosely ideologically aligned organization with the Taliban pulls off a terrorist attack on the United States that honestly I do not believe they had the sophistication to do, in the way it’s been spun, with the effects that it really had.

So we invade Afghanistan at first with pallets of cash to hand out to the Northern Alliance’s tribal warlords to ostensibly finance their push on the Taliban like we don’t have enough guns and bullets sitting around to just give them those instead.

Then we basically install the Northern Alliance and start building the pipeline which guess what, has to come down from the North! What a coincidence.

Now mean while we twice had major concentrations of the Taliban under our sights and radars and let them once escape by a mass air evacuation to Pakistan the numbers estimated at 30,000 on that one, and once along the back side of Tora Bora after only encircling them on 3 sides so they could go out of the back of the Mountain Range in to Pakistan an other estimate 15,000 Taliban escaped that way.

So we have now moved 45,000 Taliban fighters we could have easily engaged from the air and ground to almost certain annihilation back to where we originally found them, recruited them and put them together in the early 1980’s.

Once again this proves “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

Now what does the Taliban do? Start destabilizing the region the pipeline has to go through next. Pakistan’s President no stranger to the CIA and it’s meddling in Pakistani Politics wastes no time in declaring he’s on board with the war on terror. Sadly as much as he would like to help, even with the billions in fresh U.S. aide now flowing in to the country, he can’t really do anything about the Taliban in a remote lawless region of the country because the few people who live there might revolt? Well, OK if you say so!

So the Taliban does what? Recruits from the refugees of American bombing while it secures hostile wedding parties from the pipelines route of way, now one might say why weren’t more people paying attention to this forgotten war? Well there was a better show on TV called Iraq. An Iraq that reportedly has the third largest oil reserves in the world and for almost two decades has had them being stolen right under their noses thanks to U.S. manipulation, but good news, even though those oil fields are damaged the new Democratic American Republic of Iraq has contracted to have them rebuilt and redeveloped.

Continued below...

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 12:01 PM
Continued from above...

Hey an American firm? No a Chinese firm, a Chinese firm, from China that just happens to coincidentally be loaning the U.S. Government the money to fight the war in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Wow what a coincidence that is. Where did they get the money? Well, because American businesses thought it would be a great idea to manufacture every product not defense or aero-space related in China. Who just happened to make trillions doing it while Americans went broke speculating on Real Estate and the Stock Market since that’s really all that was left in America to do! That and work at Wal-Mart or a consulting firm to teach the Indians how to handle all our former customer service jobs, and the Chinese how to handle all our former manufacturing jobs.

Now of course in the meantime China a mostly rural agrarian society in 1990 where one out of 100 people owned a car just happens to have bought more Cars last year than America did.

Isn’t that special? Now you have a very oil hungry China doing what? Funding its ideological foe’s war for oil, that hey as they win it, China wins the contracts to drill and refine it.

By now you might be seeing why I prefer to keep ideology out of all this.

So now lets look at the picture, we have hit peak oil in the Persian Gulf Middle East States they are running dry.

Once again the Taliban is forcing government restructuring in the regions it moves in and out of, conveniently choosing the location of where the pipeline next has to go to keep being built and wandering in and out of Afghanistan just enough to keep the threat alive for a brand new Administration in Washington that has decided, we are fighting the wrong war in Iraq, let’s forget about that now, since China has the oil contracts they were promised, and let’s concentrate on Afghanistan which is where the whole problem with terrorists originates. Oh and there happens to be a bitsy witsy teenie enie problem with Pakistan too. So now even though we haven’t scarcely put a dent in the Taliban that was already just barely clinging to power regionally before we invaded we are going to ramp up over there and get this job done, but…we might have to clear out this nest of trouble in Pakistan.

Meanwhile we force the President that couldn’t, wouldn’t go after the Taliban to leave office as we promise, and guess what the galvanizing political figure that could unite Pakistan to stabilize it, Mrs Bhuto just happens to hit her head, get blown up, and shot on the way to work one day, which no one is exactly sure in which order or by whom or exactly how, but hey she’s dead who cares?

So now we have another weak President in Pakistan who guess what? Has a little tiny problem of his own because he is facing certain invasion if he can’t clean up the Taliban but…one little problem, it seems some false flag operation in Mumbai carried out by Pakistani Terrorists speaking in British Accents as in the British that own Royal Dutch Shell and the Pipeline, who when not conversing in English were using the wrong dialect from the ethnic region they were supposed to be from, who pressed by reporters and police as to what their demands were really weren’t quite sure at first and had to get back to them, really upset Pakistan’s number one traditional enemy India who now has beefed up their troops on the Pakistani Border where the traditional Pakistani Military and Armed Services sees then times a greater historical threat than in the Taliban that they are pretty darn sure is a U.S. CIA puppet anyway.

In other words somehow every situation has occurred to make it as hard as humanly possible for Pakistan to deal with the Taliban which despite the fact there are only 50,000 some members of, that have no secure or permanent base of operation industry or Science have managed to become enemy number One of the World’s still greatest Military Super Power who can’t seem to defeat them, but got a very important Oil Pipeline built through fiercely independent tribal and rural Afghanistan.

Now I have to tell you when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad shakes CNN’s Talk Show Host Larry King’s hand who is as Jewish as the day is long in greeting in a televised interview where Ahmadinjad uses the Master Mason’s handshake and Larry King shake’s his hand back with a Mason’s return handshake of lesser rank, I really, truly, honestly, don’t think there is a problem between Tel Aviv and Iran especially considering the thousand years old Jewish Community in Iran and the Shah’s Iran role in helping to counter the weight of Arab Oil Embargos over Israel’s right to exist.

What I see is a guy down with the program most people have not gotten a copy of but the world runs off of all the same.

Now here we sit the U.S. if for all intents and purposes bankrupt. We are heavily in debt to China. China is a nation that has rapidly developed because of American Business rapidly developing it. It is the most populated nation on earth; it will have the hungriest appetite for oil on earth. It is a nation devoid of religious ideologies and philosophies where the people see the State as the highest Legal, Moral and Spiritual Authority, where people have been taught to obey the absolute rule of law without question, that is neither Communist, nor Capitalist, but a finely developed and tuned hybrid of both.

In other words, from a managerial authoritarian standpoint, it’s a wet dream come true.

No competing doctrines, no faith based higher moral entities.

Now this is what I see, Israel continuing to put pressure on Iran knowing that Iran’s belligerent stance only increases its appeal to other Muslim Nations. The United States a largely Christian nation fighting two wars in Muslim countries while maintaining a Christian religious moral authority in that quest that further enhances Iran’s stature.
A Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq with rapidly dwindling oil supplies with Iraq who has the most already pledging the vast amount to China, with China funding most of the fighting going on.

Now when the Saudis can no longer cost effectively extract oil and the Kuwaitis can no longer drill far enough into Iraq’s field to extract oil…before you ever hear about it…

Israel attacks Iran, Iran blocks the Gulf and Western Christian Nations go to all out war against Eastern Muslim Nations over the oil that is surprise, no longer there. The price of Oil sky rockets in the meantime with most of the secure supplies going to China.

The West bankrupts itself into near destruction between the loss of life fighting the war, the cost of fighting the war, and the cost of maintaining its oil based infrastructure.

Most of the Islamic world is laid to ruins in the process, which matters little to the businessmen as its oil is gone anyway.

Meanwhile China the most populated nation on earth has guess what? The largest Army with no allegiance to anyone but the State, and who really owns the State? The American Financial Oligarchs who morphed it into the dominant economic and military force it’s becoming because it has…no ideology other than allegiance to the State.

That huge Military with lots of oil sweeps in and mops up the remnants of the Christian West and Muslim East and what do you have?

You have a New World Order. Now you have a one world government where competing ideologies have wiped themselves out simply by being played and using them against them.

Iran will use its clout to get that pipeline secured to route that oil to China.

Israel and Iran two very ancient peoples the Habiru/Hapiri/Hebrew, and the Persians use their own peoples and terrain as touch stones to the conflagrations that make it all possible. The people at the top of course walk away safe and rich with prominence in the New World Order, the people with the ideologies that were exploited against them get to die.

The world’s population is drastically reduced; resources no longer have to be stretched to the limit and the breaking point in a world where yes you and your wife may have one child to be raised by the state.

The people who have long owned the resources and infrastructure still do.

The winners continue to be winners, the losers continue to be losers but with no one left to pray to, and in no one’s name or morality to rebel.

I am sorry to say I don’t see a darn thing to keep it from going that way, and if I was out to take over the world, this is how I would do it.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by JanusFIN
What will happen in near future, I expect that Georgia will heat up to civil war, Iran will be invited to full SCO membership with Pakistan, and Syria will open common NAVY base with Russia. I think freemasonry will be outlawed in both countries: Russia and China - and all secret societies will be banned in SCO countries under the legistlation of anti-terrorism.

It’s funny that many still do not believe the “NWO” scenario. That’s an interesting perspective. I never thought they would be considered a terrorist organization but if they are maneuvering in the background and are acting contrary to those governments agendas then it would be considered as such. In case some of our readers missed it. I have created a thread devoted to the topic of the NWO here. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order

Originally posted by Ben Niceknowinya
I mean, one thing that keeps bothering me is the simple fact that no other countries (besides) UK are involved here. I think (on our Administration's end) we could've made effort and request to get some help from other nations, afterall crude oil will benefit Eurpoean countires, as well.
Where's the UN nations?

Oh they have tried. I posted a thread a few weeks back didn’t get much attention. I’ll post a link. The jest is that NATO for the most part at this stage of “The Game” doesn’t have the stomach for it and they are focusing on internal organizational restructuring. He tried to get them to commit a smaller amount of troops in my opinion to garner greater support. Which the whole thing tanked when NATO Balked at the idea. Oh they want the benefits alright but appear not to be interested in doing the work.
Just an opinion.

NATO allies offer limp response to U.S. Afghan call

NATO allies offer limp response to U.S. Afghan call

By David Brunnstrom and David Morgan

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he would not seek a specific number of additional NATO troops from a meeting of NATO defense ministers in the Polish city of Krakow.

But he said Washington would like to see a short-term deployment of troops to Afghanistan from the alliance's rapid response force, the NRF, which has never been utilized.

Originally posted by GAOTU789

Somewhere beneath the valley’s floor lies one of the world’s biggest untapped copper deposits, estimated to be worth up to $88_billion (£44 billion) – more than double Afghanistan’s entire gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007. In November, a 30-year lease was sold to the China Metallurgical Group for $3 billion, making it the biggest foreign investment and private business venture in Afghanistan’s history. Last week the Afghan Government approved the contract, clearing the way for the revival of an industry that dates back to Alexander the Great.

Let's not forget that China has interests within the area itself.

That is a lot of money.

Then there is the possibility that the Taliban may be getting some of there funding and weapons from Russia and China, along with rich Arabs sympathetic to there cause.

That doesn’t surprise me a bit. I think many here would be very surprised to find out that China does have a history of supporting some of these groups in the region. I know it’s Wikipedia but it’s all I could find at such short notice. Notice who were supporting the mujaheddin against the Soviets
Soviet war in Afghanistan

Soviet war in Afganistan

United States
Saudi Arabia
People's Republic of China

A 'Copper Standard' for the world's currency system?

China Dumping Dollars For Copper
China's State Reserves Bureau (SRB) has instead been buying copper and other industrial metals over recent months on a scale that appears to go beyond the usual rebuilding of stocks for commercial reasons.

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 01:16 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler Now I have to tell you when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad shakes CNN’s Talk Show Host Larry King’s hand who is as Jewish as the day is long in greeting in a televised interview where Ahmadinjad uses the Master Mason’s handshake and Larry King shake’s his hand back with a Mason’s return handshake of lesser rank, I really, truly, honestly, don’t think there is a problem between Tel Aviv and Iran especially considering the thousand years old Jewish Community in Iran and the Shah’s Iran role in helping to counter the weight of Arab Oil Embargos over Israel’s right to exist.

Yeah I thought that was rather interesting. I found this it's from another one of my posts that didnt get much attention at the time.
Iran responds to Obama

Here is an interesting video. They talk about the message that Obama sent to the Iranians and the discussion on the Iranian response it covers several issues that are going on presently. Everything from just how much influence does Israel have on the US government.

I say although Obamas message doesn't really have any teeth it does put a foot forward that may open negotiations for furthering of an open relation with Iran.
The Iranians seem to be taking a lets wait and see approach. Well worth a few minutes to view.

More at Obama's unprecedented greeting to Iran is met with an unprecedented response by Grand Ayatollah Khamenei

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
Now here we sit the U.S. if for all intents and purposes bankrupt. We are heavily in debt to China. China is a nation that has rapidly developed because of American Business rapidly developing it. It is the most populated nation on earth; it will have the hungriest appetite for oil on earth. It is a nation devoid of religious ideologies and philosophies where the people see the State as the highest Legal, Moral and Spiritual Authority, where people have been taught to obey the absolute rule of law without question, that is neither Communist, nor Capitalist, but a finely developed and tuned hybrid of both.

I think that's why there has been such heavy investments in INDIA by the US. At first I really didn't grasp the concept but now looking at the bigger picture. It is painfully obvious about why the US and the west have basically pushed INDIA into the forefront of Technology. It appears with her vast population they can become a regional counter weight to China's vast resources in manpower.


Bangalore's rise to a world-recognized high tech center is no accident.

In 1947, after India won independence from Great Britain, the nation's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, designated Bangalore as the "city of the future" and the country's intellectual capital. The government made Bangalore the headquarters for its aerospace company and defense research labs. Engineering companies followed.

In 1984, Texas Instruments Inc. opened a development center in Bangalore, becoming the first multinational firm to enter India.

The turning point for the software industry came in 1992, when the government established a satellite earth station for high-speed communications. Suddenly, engineers in Bangalore could communicate instantaneously with U.S. colleagues and transmit huge computer files within seconds.

By 1998, at least 250 U.S. companies had set up operations in Bangalore. The count now is more than 1,000, including high-tech companies, financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Only a sliver of Bangaloreans are getting in on the action, though.

Just off M G Road, the main business thoroughfare, slums of cardboard shacks line the streets. In the business district, a jewelry store is crowded with customers, but outside, naked children play near trash heaps and beg for coins. The city has 40,000 residents with doctorates, but more than a third of its population is illiterate. Even those riding the tech wave are experiencing the down side of boomtown Bangalore. City services are unable to keep up with demand. Water shortages and power outages are regular occurrences.

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by spec_ops_wannabe
In the meantime I would like for some sort of final product to come from this thread and the information gathered here. I was thinking for some sort of ATS documentary with everything here organized and made available for general public consumption so that way anyone wishing to see this information does not need to go through pages and pages of extra things to get what they want.
This is some good stuff and I don't think it should go by quietly.

I quoted the entire response that is an excellent idea!

Maybe I'll make video for the video competition we have going?

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