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Clinton Flashed Devil Greeting ( She kinda looks....

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by BLV12
“… I'll question all the other garbage from YouTube you posted.”

Sorry, no garbage.

Reptilian eyes?
What exactly is a reptilian eye? Have you seen one? Do you have one in your fridge?

I tried, but my fridge wasn't big enough.
Why the ridiculing. So "concerned” about the issue?

“… Now onto the other videos, same question...where is the video footage of Bush, Berlusconi, and all the other world leaders in there, flashing that symbol? There is no video footage, it's all just a bunch of photos of them allegedly doing it. In one of those videos there is Berlusconi doing it, it is so obviously a fake ...”

All (or most of) these dozens/hundreds of pictures forged? Ummpfff. But of coursely. And you were the first one to notice. Clever, BLV12.

“.. Connect the dots indeed...*

Yes indeed. Why are some posters so overzealous to deny the issue again and again. Why don't you just leave it aside and post in other threads, if you think this is not real or nonsense? Why are so many so anxious to deny and ridicule all reptilian related issues? Now, about the dots, many agree/know, there is a big Illuminati-, NWO- and, let’s call it “related persons” network (just consider, among else, the billions/trillions $ at stake). These network supporters (in the widest sense) can write - surprise. Hence they – surprise – can post on ATS. So why shouldn't they? See what I mean? And now, is it so excruciatingly outlandish to assume some of these might have some tiny issues to cover up?

Notice how when the video wants to show us her alleged reptilian eyes, it is only images, there is no video footage of her alleged reptilian eyes? No actual moving video footage...just still image captures from the video...which can EASILY be manipulated …

Stills can be altered, but these weren’t. There is no indication of any editing. And there is some moving footage, hence different stills. More isn’t needed for the purpose. Furthermore, there are hundreds of different unedited "moving" videos available on the net. This is just one example. Here’s another one, the notorious “THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT GEORGIE- Watch and Learn” (, from CNN. Or this: including MSNBC links. Are you asserting MSNBC (or CNN, CNBC, etc) cumbersomely edited/altered videos just to make Nancy sweetheart look fashionably reptilian, and then put them on the net...? Now, very simple, anybody can download dozens of original, unedited videos from CNN, MSCNC, CNBC, etc and do a check for themselves (e.g. using "DownloadHelper" for Firefox or "Replay Media Catcher" for all browsers, and "GOM Player" to watch). For instance try videos containing close ups of the Obama team. And you'll learn: Love is in their eyes!

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 02:13 AM
Oh damn, he has caught on slowly, those us who use logical thought to dismiss these ridiculous theories, are reptilians working in disguise.
Look, there are real conspiracy theories out there that deserve peoples attention, this other crap about reptilian beings and other nonsense is just a distraction and tool to discredit the whole notion of conspiracy theories.

The real question is why do a minority continue to push these agendas..

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