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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 06:29 PM

The Chief immediately set up damage control teams and started assigning locations. He monitored their progress from his station. It quickly became apparent that they were being overwhelmed. More fires started breaking out. The Halon system was down.

The main control panel had been blown out they would have to fight this the old fashion way. He quickly assembled 3 more teams. He spun around in his chair.

Kim, you and Callan take a team and knock down that fire on deck 16 Go!

Aye Chief

Horn I'm sending you a damage repair team to assist you and Martinez down there on deck 15,

Aye Chief

Looking over at the remaining team he said.
You're with me. Lets go. All three teams moved out from their locations. Horn and Martinez started removing the debris from the corridors trying to reach the fire extinguishers. Martinez looked over at Horn and asked. Why hasn't the Halon system activiated? I don't know he replied maybe it got fried when we lost power.

Meanwhile on deck 16. Kim and Callan made their way to the fire. It's a ruptured propane line used for cooking in the mess. Kim said while he surveyed the situation for a few moments. I'm going to circle around through a jeffries tubes. Be ready to do what I say when I do. Kim took off down the corridor alone. He disappeared into the smoky haze.

Kim made his way through the tube only to find that section collapsed and blocked by a support girder. He backed out and made his may back to the group.

It's no good it's blocked.
All we need is to get passed the flames, the manual override is just past it on the far wall. Callan said. Kim looked over and saw what she was talking about. He looked around and said. Grab the solid deck plating over there. They quickly grabbed it and used it as a shield to hold back the flames just long enough for Kim to quickly squeeze by. He was coughing uncontrollably as he made it to the unit he yelled out for every one to put their rebreathers on. He engaged the system. The fire was out in a matter of seconds he quickly found the supply valve and shut it off.

He took off his mask when his indicator said there was enough oxygen. Callan looked at him and started to laugh.

Whats so funny. Kim asked. Your hair, your missing half your hair. It was singed off, you didn't notice?

Apparently not! He said and started to laugh. Well I hear the bald look is in style. I'll just shave the rest later.

Martinez and Horn waited for the damage control team to reach them. Horn looked over at Martinez and said. Man I didn't think we were going to make it earlier. Me neither Martinez replied. Where do you think the Chief came up with that little stunt maneuver. I have no clue Horn said. But I'll tell you what. I'm sticking with him like white on rice.

The damage control team finally arrived they handed Horn and Martinez the proper fire fighting gear and rebrethers. I've been thinking about how to knock this one down. Oh yeah? How are you going to do that hot shot? Asked Martinez.

Well we checked and the line to the Halon system in this area is dead. But we can try this little deal. Horn looked around the room and noticed there was a science laboratory near by so he instructed everybody to go into the labs pressure chamber. Before he joined them he typed in a command for the computer to access the environmental controls and instructed it to remove all the oxygen from that location minus of course the pressure chamber.

The crew watched as the fire slowly starved and finally extinguished itself. Then waited another 2 minutes for the computer to reengage life support. Once that was accomplished Martinez went out and found the shut off valve and closed the supply line.

The Chief and his crew made it to the other fire that was raging on the opposite side of deck 15. He stood there a minute sizing up the situation. He was about to speak when one of the green ensigns spoke up.

Hey Chief, what if I run back to engineering and grab an extinguisher and bring it here? Would that help?

The Chief smiled and said Relax! Then reached up above his head with his right hand to the over head piping and turned a small valve. It squeaked as he turned it. The fired died out instantly.

He walked over to the comm, it was still working in this area.

Captain we are out of danger! The fires have been extinguished. I need to talk to you about a few things! When you get a chance. Of course Sir.
Slayer out!

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 06:42 PM
"Wake up...It's time to go."

Adilaris sprung up, expecting to be within the walls of the Yydryl but he was not. An Astral Walk is exactly what he had hoped for, but this was something different.

As he peered into the darkness, shapes and colors came into focus, Adilaris' eyes widened and pulsated violently as he realized what he was staring at.

Memoirs Of A Renegade

Chapter 1

The Lost System Of Quekzarz

It was truly something beautiful. A tear streamed down his face as the memories of his child hood came rushing back. The days of stargazing and mapping in the obersvatories, the galactic history lessons and the combat training he had enjoyed so much.

It's where he had been given his eyes. A gift he was told, by the high priests of Galactic Ascendance. They gave the ability to see deep within a person, to understand their fears, their hopes and their dreams.

Very few were given this gift, it had usually been reserved stricly for royalty, but Adilaris had been an orphan for as long as he could remember. Even at the young age of 850, his past at that point had always been shrouded in mystery. People simply refused to tell him where he had come from or who his family were.

As his vision continued, Adilaris saw his growing flash rapidly, almost like a slide show. The day he had first been inducted into the Academy, his test scores had been through the roof and the raw talent he showed in combat and Cosmic Energy Manipulation were astounding. Yet people were always indifferent, afraid of him almost.

He saw the death of his teacher, Miquel, who had raised him as his own. A violent attack and a night he would always remember. A group of Black Hole travelers had shot through the system, pillaging and setting fire to all in their wake. Many had been lost during the fight, and Adilaris had been forbidden to partake in the battle. Looking back now, it had been for the best.

Suddenly, someone else was present, in the darkness next to him. A soft voice whispered quietly..

There are forces at work that you must be aware of my child.

Adilaris attempted to speak, but could not.

You are being shown your past, so you may fix the present. Dark times are ahead and a friend you already know will be the key to your journey's success. For a millenia now, you have wondered the cosmos, doing as you please. Only recently have you discovered the value of an honest existance, one filled with emotion and bliss.

As the voice continued to speak, Adilaris had the sensation of being home, for the first time in a long time. This person, this voice, was she his family? Some higher being appointed to show him the way? Or perhaps it was at trick being played on his mind, the nanities over-reacting to his fatigue.

I can assure you this is very real. You're body is dreaming, but your soul is no longer on the Yydryl, you are here, with me. Simply rest, and watch. You're questions will be answered soon.

The visions continued and again the tears came as he was shown his home planet. He couln't remember the name of it, something that made him weep more. Had it truly been a millenia since darkness had over taken his heart and his people?

The scene was one he recognized very well. Standing in the moonlight, cloaked by the shadows, he stalked the streets then, helping which ever way he could.

You may rest now my child, you have much to learn and understand in this journey

He did not want to rest, he wanted to know it all, but the powers at work here were far greater than his own, and as much as he strained to keep everything in focus, it eventually dissapated, and he fell into another deep sleep.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:54 PM
Myth could here the faint voice of Delia. He tried to wake up, but the light engulfed him. Myth appeared on the ground, he looked to his sides and saw a nothing on each side of him. He got his legs under him and stood up. He looked to his sides again and was wondering what had happened to him. Myth looked up into the sky and just as quickly, he was falling straight up!

"What the hell!?" Myth exclaimed, as he continued to fall.

After about what seemed like hours of falling he hit the ground, or what he hoped was the ground very hard. Myth moved, slowly. Trying to figure out what was happening.

"Myth." A voice spoke.

"Whos there?" Myth asked, as he reached for his weapon. Nothing was there, the judge was gone, the sword, his diary, his phone. He was still dressed in his clothes.

"I am here to help you, my friend. Stay strong and be aware!" The voice stated, as the ground opened up.

"Bloody hell." Myth said, as he began to fall again. But this time and hand grabbed him, before he fell through.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:48 PM
Adilaris did not know whose hand he hand grabbed, or why he had grabbed it. It sounded like somebody in distress, and he simply acted.

As the a beam of light rushed through the darkness, there stood Myth, suspended by nothing. Something was familiar about him this time, almost like he'd known him his whole life. As he continued to examine his surroundings and wonder where Myth came from, the voice began to speak once again...

Memoirs Of A Renegade

Chapter 2

Soul Fragments

It is time you know the truth young one. Funny how the universe attempts to fix mistakes is it not?

Perplexed by this phrase, Adilaris thought this would not help him figure out his purpose or the answers to the dangers that lie ahead.

A soul divided into equal halves, one left to wander the cosmos, the other destined to live life after life, until the two are reunited.

Adilaris felt a cold chill as he began to understand what the voice was telling him. He needed to ask questions, but his the words would not come.

You're questions will all be answered, I will do so through Myth, and show you you're true path

As the light changed from a soft yellow to a crimson red, Myth's body floated down to stand direcly next to Adilaris. The voice continued, but this time it came from Myth's mouth. His tone and inflection were greatly changed.

Miquel had planned this all along for you. For you both. The originator, you're teacher, these things are familiar to you. The galactic alignment fragmented your soul into two parts child. The one known as Adilaris was forever changed, left without emotion, and with memories of pain. The one known as Myth, destined forever to re-incarnate and go through the troubles of your past.

He could not believe what he was hearing, how could it be that he and Myth be the same person? They were fundementally different, in age, demeanor and thought. Yet the thing that made them alike eluded him.

As the voice continued to speak through Myth, the visions continued. Scenes of that dark day flooded back within his memory as the events of the past flashed before his eyes.

You are not the same person anymore my sweet child, the lives he has lived since the events of your past have molded a new persona and a new soul, but you two will forever be connected. You are more alike than you would like to admit however.

There is not much time, they know I am here. You must rest again, I shall return

As the blinding light subsided and the voice was gone once again, Myth was left standing there as Adilaris once again fell into his slumber.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:45 AM

“So, what would you take back to Ship with you if you could only take three things?” Cim asked around a mouthful of popcorn her head bent over my foot in her lap.

“If this is your way to get me to do ‘one-potato-two-potato’ again it aint working.“ I joked. “I’d take your cake, your Ipod and your convertible” I answered her question and dove for the popcorn bowl trying not to wiggle as Cim moved on to my next toe.

The movie was over hours ago and it was “way past our bedtime" but Cim explained we were engaging in a long standing Earth ritual of female bonding - the Slumber Party.
Applying another coat of *Plum Passion* to one of my 'little pigs' Cim laughed and promised another cake before we went back to the Yydryl.
The Yydryl. Light years away she seemed when here on Earth surrounded by pillows, popcorn, cotton balls and toe nail polish.

“Back to work young lady!” Cim hooted and replaced a cotton ball between my toes.

“How in the heck am I supposed to paint your toes and practice the 'Eensy Beensy Spider' at the same time?” I deadpanned, taking another swipe at a nail with her favorite polish, *Midnight Revenge*.
“I dunno but it’s funny as hell to watch. Oh, and it's 'Itsy Bitsy', get it right Silo” Cim fell back on the pillows laughing so hard I was worried she'd choke on her popcorn.
Giving up on the finger tangling nursery rhyme I went on painting her toes and asking questions, I so wanted to learn all I could of Earth customs, from childhood rhymes on up.

Somewhere between wondering if I should take poppies back to plant on Ship, if munchkins were really that short in real life and if she thought I was wicked because I’d melt just like the wicked witch if I got dunked in water Cim waved away my questions crying ‘Uncle’.

“Seriously though Silo, what happens with you and water?“ She asked after a last burst of giggles.

“I’d go nutty as your cat there.” Motioning to Fernando who’d been “spazzing out” over a stray cotton ball for the last 20 minutes.

Cim cut her laugh short when I didn’t join in. “Wait, you’re serious?” She sat up on her elbows to look me in the eyes. “You mean I could a killed you taking you to the beach?” Her face whitened as she sobered.

“Yeah I’m serious, serious as a heart attack" It hadn’t taken me long to learn Earth lingo which Cim was full of.

“Bummer.” She replied her eyes growing soft the jovial mood in our evening broken.

With a big yawn I tossed my last kernel of corn into the air and caught it deftly in my mouth, another Earth tradition I’d learned from watching Cim.

“Well, you’re tired, I’m tired and tomorrow is a big day. Time to hit the hay... Er, go to bed.” She winked and jumped to her feet gracefully from our nest of pillows. Reaching down to give me a hand up Cim and yawned herself.

Suddenly I felt shy and looked and my feet while thanking Cindy for sharing herself, her life and her laughter.
“A day like this is something I always dreamed of Cim, kind'a like in the movie, ya know, over the rainbow..." I smiled up at her reading pain and something else in her eyes that desperately made me want to make her laugh again.
"Well, accept for the feet thing.” I cocked my head and pointed to our feet with cotton balls popping out of every toe crevice and was rewarded with another one of Cim's gentle laughs.

“No problem Silo. You’ve been fun to have around.” With a quick hug she sent me off to bed.

Lying in the dark with Fernando at my feet my head spun with all the things I’d tell Carpet when I got back to the Yydryl.

“You sleep well Silo, sweet dreams...” Cim called from her room, her voice soft and filled with an emotion I couldn’t name.

“Lions and Tigers and Bears Cim...” I called back smiling.

“Yeah Silo, Lions and Tigers and Bears ...” She called back softly.

The light spilling from her room blinked off and I fell asleep to the music lilting softly down the hall.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 05:43 AM

Luder steadied himself on the edge of a station and watched as the planet grew ever larger in the viewscreens and out the massive portals at the head of the command center. At seemingly the last possible few seconds, the ship started to nose up and literally "bounce" off the atmosphere. A collective cheer went up around the center as the Penelope found herself in a high orbit of the new planet.

"Captain we are out of danger! The fires have been extinguished. I need to talk to you about a few things when you get a chance of course Sir.
Slayer out!"

Slayer I do not know what you did, but bravo. You are due some major recognition for your actions here today. You can come up to my briefing room at any time to speak, of course. Unless you want me to come down there.

Luder looked around and saw that relief was apparent on the majority of the crews' faces.

Oh, and Slayer. Is there a way to determine what caused this?

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:40 AM

Slipping out of the RB without being detected had proven much more challenging than first anticipated. With so much going on in such a short period of time, seemed like everyone on the YYdryl was at full alert.

No mind, it was Skyfloatings whale Saraswathi that held the most significance for the healers attention just now.

The biggest concern was actually not the ships hull, that could be self repaired in a matter of days even without the healers assistance and it was apparent that there were others on board that could more than handle the first stages of correcting what the daft Umans had thought was a great idea to silently enter a living organic intelligent vessel, almost laughing out loud, she dashed to the inner set of tanks hidden behind the sparkling and radiant walls of the Yydryl which beautifully cloaked the advanced navigators.

Winding through the varied ships systems cloaked behind the walls of the Yydryl and finally arriving at the main entry of the tanks themselves, antar popped the water alignment lung pebbles into her mouth and drove in. Sprouting gills actually tickled at first and then soon afterwards she was swimming through the variegated waterways looking for Saraswathi.

Making her way to one of the airportals within the matrix of the AQ she lifted up and onto one of the sitting areas to await Saraswathi.

Kicking back and actually relaxing for the first time since entering the Yydryl, antar looked up from her peaceful state to stare straight into the massive eye of Saraswathi.

"Greetings antar, welcome to Central Navigation Center." "Thank You Saraswathi, it is with great sadness that I come to you to, I will not take much of your time, but as you must know we had Uman board the ship through the hull only after they had injected her with an anesthetic and I have come to insure your health and wellness."

"You are always welcome here antar, and what is more important than the toxic resonance of their ill medicines in my AQ is that you have come." "What Saraswati? What do you mean please clarify."

"We have known of the contamination which is beyond our ability to correct without proper system flushes and that can only be done from the surface. We must be allowed to be released within the earths hidden ocean, to the place where long ago the Pleadians rescued us and saved our species to evolved as God and Nature intended."

"But wait Saraswati, the earth is unsafe, and the Atlantis you knew once so long ago has been taken over by The Dark Lord and his minions, it would be suiside to go back now."

"We will be fine antar, trust."

"We have evolved to become part of the Celestial Amalgam" "I have not heard of it Saraswati, what is the Celestial Amalgam?"

"For a moment antar close your eyes and just feel the connection you have to the divine order within the Universe. Know that we have been evolving from mere space dust for trillions of years and will continue to."

"The time has come for humanity to reach for the stars and to take their rightful place in the Cosmic Alliance."

"Are they ready yet ? Look at what one single act of ignorance has done to you and the AQ Saraswati." "They are dangerous and unpredictable."

"There are factors you will soon discover antar which will lead you and the humans into an alliance of great importance, it is the time when all the galaxy must come together for a common purpose."

"You are speaking of the Great Rip right?"

"That and many more obstacles you will encounter which have not even begun to surface into your reality but which are most certainly on the horizon."

"So please tell me what is the Celestial Amalgam?"

"We are in a sense non existent to your reality yet control all that happens from a much higher state of dimensional frequencies."

"In a sense we live through you, we observe via your senses, your experience." "This physical body you see before you is only a small insignificant part of the whole of my being, like a single strand of hair upon your head is not even the conscious part of you."

"The Celestial Amalgam has evolved to a point where even the disruptive differences which create chaos no longer exists, we are pure energy at its highest peak, and even energy evolves and eventually reaches beyond its dimensional capabilities, even light eventually becomes enlightened."

"So what about the contaminants of the earth? Will that not kill your physical bodies?"

"That leaves to be discovered antar, but without the opportunity to make the needed repairs from the planet, we will not survive. We will travel within our bubble below the surface of the Earths deepest darkest oceans, and there is a good chance that we will not even surface for many centuries, remember you must trust antar, just trust."

"antar place your hands out before me."

"These are the elements of the ultimate healing modality, you are ready and we give this to you as a sign of great trust and honor, use it wisely antar."

And with that Saraswati swam away blissfully.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 12:00 PM

Packed and ready to go, standing in the morning sunlight in the middle of the living room,
Cim reaches down to pick up Nando. “Nando I would take you with me but you might get out and some bear might eat you.” She cuts a sideways glance at Silo.

“Bears! You’re joking right?” Silo ask, knowing what a kidder Cim is.

“Hmm, no…but, don’t worry, you will be protected, I hope. Just stay away from the river.”

Silo looked a little panicked, “Don't worry, I will?”

Cim kisses Nando on top of the head and puts him down, “I will show you it makes a lovely sound. Ok, do you want to hold onto me or you think that you will be ok?”

Silo was standing very close to Cim and all their stuff, “Maybe just hold my hand, this time.”

“Okey dokey, but close your eye’s because I want it to be a surprise.”

The cabin was high in the mountains in Oregon and very remote, so Cim and Silo
could appear from travel unnoticed.

There the stood with all their stuff, Silo opened her eyes and gasp.
“This is truly beautiful even more than the ocean.” She said in awe.

“Let’s get this stuff inside, the view is amazing. We will grab some breakfast and get to sample collecting. Sound good?” Cim picks up the gear and heads for the cabin.

“Yes, sounds good. What’s for breakfast?” Silo laughs as she is always ready to try new Earth food.

They walk inside “Silo, your room is up the stairs on the right, but before you go up, come here and look at this view.”

She puts her arm across Silo’s shoulder and turns her around to the west window.

“Wow, that is a lot of trees.” Says Silo
“Yep it sure is.” says Cim “Let’s grab a Danish and some coffee or maybe you would like hot chocolate, and we will get started.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 04:43 PM

Studious was out cold. All that he saw was darkness. Then the dark haired man walked out of that blackness.

“Looks like you’ve got some spare time Studious.” He snapped his fingers.

He was on the Bridge of the Halcyon yet again. The Saratoga out the screens opened fire just as it had years before.

Missiles from the Saratoga streaked toward the Syntiro

Captain Takei rose from his chair when he saw other blasts incoming and whispered…

“My God.”

And then realizing the danger he said



The bridge crew was thrown about. One of the crewman’s consoles shorted out and he was blown out of his chair.

Takei clenched his fist in anger.

Studious’ own anger awoke him from his nightmare.

The lights were back on board the Penelope.

Studious ran to a window and found that the ship was still in space.

The darkhaired man appeared next to him saying “Your little stunt nearly destroyed the entire ship.”

Without answering the "Colonel" runs to a screen to check damage and casualty reports.

Darkhaired man: “Oh, don’t worry you didn’t kill anyone……yet.”

The “Colonel” began to walk away without looking or speaking to the darkhaired figure.

Darkhaired man: “Oh come on. Won’t you just talk to me?”

Studious: “To an illusion that decides it’s fun to torture me!”

Darkhaired man: “I’m not an illusion. I assure you I am very real.”

Studious: “Then who are you?”

The man responds “U”

Studious: “So you are part of my mind. I knew it!”

U: “No you simpleton, my name is ‘U’. As in the letter that always follows ‘Q’.

Studious: “Riiiight.”

U: “Why do you consider me an illusion? Is your wife an illusion too?"

Studious: “I don’t know.”

U: “Then why do you keep talking to her like she isn't?”

Studious: “Because I want her to be real.”

U: “Really?”

Studious looks away and says “I do.”

U: “Do you fear she might not be?”

Studious looking back replies annoyed “Guess.”

U: “Every time we speak your angry. Why is that?"

Studious: “Torture! You keep torturing me, you idiot!”

With that the "Colonel" fled the hallway to hide again.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 04:08 AM

Slayer I do not know what you did, but bravo. You are due some major recognition for your actions here today. You can come up to my briefing room at any time to speak, of course. Unless you want me to come down there.

Hearing the Captains voice over the comm the Chief walked into an adjacent room. He flicked the wall switch and of course it sparked then the lights flickered for a few seconds then came on. He stood and looked around for a few seconds at all the damage that was caused by the fire and the violent maneuvering. He took a deep breath and was about ready to thumb the comm.
Oh, and Slayer. Is there a way to determine what caused this?

He dropped his head pausing for a second he was exhausted. He exhaled deeply then pushed the comm
Aye Captain...

I know exactly what caused it... Ensign Callan was able to determine that an escape pod had been jettisoned while we were at light speed. The pod is a standard sub light emergency escape vessel. It was never designed for that type of stress. The pods hull literally ruptured the instant it left the ship. When it went it took half of the pod bay with it!

There is a primary power conduit that runs parallel to the inside of the emergency pod bay that was severed. That's not all Captain... Callan also discovered that internal sensors were shut down in that location prior to the explosion. The Emergency response from the computer didn't trip. It had no idea what was happening until it was too late. Luckily... Somehow and we are not exactly sure how yet but the emergency system came back on just in the nick of time. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on Sabotage.

I also need to inform you that we have no reserve O2 and we have just enough engine plasma to get us home or the nearest station preferably. Oh and one other thing. We will need to conserve on our food rations until we can resupply. I blew the ships stored rations out of the cargo holds. It'll all be in my report. I have repair crews working on restoring the ships engines now...

My best guess would be in about 5 hours.

We have a fair bit of damage down here, we just started picking up the pieces. I'll see to the critical repairs personally and when I have squared that away I'll contact you for that meeting, we have a lot to discuss. Out.

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:18 PM

"Okey dokey, but close your eye’s because I want it to be a surprise."

“Now you're sure there's no bear around here somewhere?” I wondered aloud, reluctantly closing my eyes like she‘d asked.

“No... I mean Yes!" She laughed. "Now keep your eyes closed and stuff your antenna!” She gave me a cursory pat on the head to confirm I wasn’t peaking.

I fought a giddy urge to demand ‘Cross your heart and hope to die’ but she spun me around, draped an arm across my shoulders and I soon forgot all about bears.

Opening my eyes on queue the sight of a whole new world took my breath away.
After a few minutes of stunned silence I tried to tell Cim how beautiful the view was to me but couldn’t come close to describing the majesty of the mountains and forests surrounding Cim‘s cabin.

“After all the pictures in the sporting good store I thought we’d be in a tent, not in, well, a palace! I mean look at this place! And them!“ I hooted pointing at the vast expanse of green before us. “That’s a LOT of trees Cim, it‘s an ocean of them!“ I crowed in delight and more than a little fear.

Cim beamed with pleasure over my first reaction to the place. Obviously as proud of her cabin hideaway it seemed she liked it as much if not more than her in-town condo. The only thing I think that would have made her happier at the moment was if Nando was with us.

Cim offered me a cup of chocolate but my stomach was too nervous from our mode of traveling, my nerves to overwrought to think of eating or drinking.

I'd gotten what I wanted, the Earth Mission, something I’d been yearning for since I first started to memorize Earths bounty of everything living and growing, but now with my task literally staring me in the face my stomach had a gnawing empty feeling that had noting to do with hunger.

“No thanks,“ I replied to her offer of the drink without meeting her gaze. In truth I couldn’t take my eyes off the panorama stretching from where we stood, it’s vast greenness making an infinity of the horizon.
“You have something Cim, I’m...not hungry.”

“You're not What!?” She shrieked incredulously, her voice echoing out over the valley, ringing back in a chorus of laughter.

“My stomach. I’m feeling kind’a...woozy.” I shrugged, it was nothing to worry about.

“What about cake? Could you eat cake.” She demanded, hands on hips looking completely put out but the sly twinkle in her eyes told me she wasn't.

“Cake? As in chocolate cake? Wellll, maybe! If drooling was a good sign I was feeling better already.

“You nut ball!” Cim chuckled and ruffled my hair before pointing to some gear we'd left at our feet that still needed to be brought into the house.

"Where's the droids when we need them?" I grumbled and started packing gear to the house.

"That's better! Now take this stuff up to your room." Cim chuckled following me into the cabin.
"Hey Cim...." I screamed from the top of the stairs trying to stay calm, and failing.

"Yeah, what now!" Her laughter floated up from the kitchen where she was stowing food in the ice box.

"There's a spider up here, and it aint Itsy Bitsy!"

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 12:28 PM

There were always tons of spiders in the woods, so Silo’s news was not new.
“It’s ok just ignore it, it will disappear.” Cim laughed “Let’s go there’s work to be done.”
She shouted up the stairs to Silo.

“Ok I am ready!" Silo appears with her hiking boots, backpack, machete and various other
camping gear.

“I think you had better let me carry the machete.” says Cim reaching out for it.

The path was peaceful with the sounds of birds and the wind blowing through the trees.
They walked silently for awhile. Silo looking as she was shopping, which she was.

“Oh Cim look, I want that flower, it’s so happy, is it a daisy?”

“You did your homework, Silo yes it is. Ok here are the tags.” Cim produced an oval
silver container with colored lights surrounding the perimeter. She opened
a compartment with little blue dots. “You just place one on the daisy and step away, when you hit the blue lighted button it will be sent in time and space to Ship’s center, if you want to get more usage of the tags make a grouping of the things you want sent back, you have been in the capsule so you have an idea of the radius it covers, We will get the daisy on the way back. You know what Silo, I wasn’t thinking we can also order you seeds online and I can send them to you once your back. We will do that later.”

As they continued down the path you could begin to hear the river. Rounding a bend they saw it.

“Oh” says Silo halting her stride. “I….” She stammered.

“It’s ok little friend we do not need to go any closer.” Cim patted her shoulder.
A little bird chirped nearby.

“Follow me there is a very special tree, I want to show you. Her name is Allena and she will allow you a piece of her.” As they climbed up a bit of a steep sloop, the tree emerged. “She is a very conscious tree and she will communicate with you, I believe, go and stand underneath her.” Silo did so and Cim pulls her camera from her pocket. “Put your antenna down so I can take a picture of you.”

“She is lovely.” Silo removed her pocket knife and cutoff a small branch. She said I could.”
Silo looks at Cim. “I am sure, she will enjoy being at part of your creation.” Says Cim thoughtfully. After a few more quiet moments, Silo sighed, “Ok let’s continue, I can’t wait to spend lots of time with her child on Ship.”

After most of the day wondering through the forest, Silo had made many groupings of plants, flowers and cuttings from trees. Walking in a rather dense part of wood Silo stopped stunned and frightened, pointing.

“I am glad that it is not a bear, but what is it?” She whispered barely audibly.
Cim threw up a time dilation field around them.
“No, Silo that is a bobcat, pretty tough kitty.”
“Like Nando?” Silo ask.
“No Silo he is a wild hunter, I will scare him off if you are done observing him?”
“Yes please!” says Silo. Cim disenganged the field and ran screaming toward the cat, which took off at a great pace.

“Ok let’s send your plants to the ship, it’s getting late and we should go inside.” Cim
set the tags on each grouping, just as she pressed the button, a butterfly landed on some purple flowers, and is taken to the Yydryl with the other specimens.

“Well Silo, it looks as though you have a new friend on the Yydryl.” Silo smiled with delight. They walked talking of the day and all they had seen and done. “It’s getting foggy, we had better get back.” They quickened their pace and Cim put her arm around Silo’s shoulders.

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As the blinding light subsided and the voice was gone once again, Myth was left standing there as Adilaris once again fell into his slumber.

Myth gasped for air as he fell to the floor. The voice continued to speak, but it did not come from Adilaris. It came from a smokey object in the distance. It approached Myth. Myth could not move, he was paralyzed. The smoke looked down at him and entered his body. Immediatley Myth began to glow in a yellowish color as he began to scream in pain. Eventually, Myth fell to the floor and the smoke exited through his mouth and circled Adilaris. Myth stood up, yet felt different.

The voice spoke:

I will show you your journies and the life which you both lived, through the same eyes.

Almost immediatley, the past was being shown. The originator was showing them how the soulk was split and how they were reunited.

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Asher stood up straight from his crouched position in the briefing room as the inertial dampeners kicked in. Whatever navigation had done, it had been mighty abrupt, and mighty impressive he admitted to himself.

The NI agents were still in a semi-comatose state, still and silent on their hover gurneys. Shaken marines still stood over them, glancing nervously at each other.

Asher glanced over at the marines and picked out the highest ranking among them.

"Sergeant, as these men live and breathe, they pose a threat to this ship. Take them to the brig. No one gets near them that doesn't have a Lt. Commander pin on their uniform. Even then, I want to know immediately. I want them under full armed guard by an entire squad at ALL times, do I make myself absolutely clear?"

The Sergeant nodded and snapped a crisp salute, which Asher returned. The squad took the hover gurneys and left the briefing room in formation.

Asher opened up coms with Lt. Commander Nenothtu:

[Neno, I've asked your squad to escort our NI friends down to the brig and to make sure they have a pleasant stay with minimal interruptions. I plan to go down there when things are less chaotic and interrogate them with minimal physical injury, unless you are opposed. In which case I suggest we flush them out the nearest airlock. We should make time to figure out what to do with them at your nearest convenience. Asher out.]

Asher ended the text comm and thought about his next move for a moment before opening up coms with Lt. Commander "Badger".

[Badger, I hope you don't mind if I call you by your call sign. If you do mind, let me know and I will be more formal. I think we got off on the wrong foot when you tried to shoot me down. Completely understandable given the circumstances. My apologies for the confusion.

In any case, I believe that the Nyx Class dropship we acquired from the NI infiltrators is still onboard in on of your hangars. If you have any spare repair personelle I would appreciate it if you would have them bring it back up to 100%. I need to datamine it later. Asher out.]

Asher then left the empty briefing room and headed to his quarters. He needed some rest and some time to figure out what was happening to him.

When he glanced at his hands, the veins were still as dark as ever...

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~~~ For your added enjoyment please scroll down and start video before reading ~~~
The walk back to the cabin was excruciating.
My new boots rubbed raw spots straight to the bone miles ago, my shoulders and legs ached from exertion and after clipping and sending what seemed like half the mountain back to Ship I was near done in.

“Cim, I gotta sit down, pleaseeee.” Only my fear of encountering another wild animal kept me tagging along doggedly behind Cindy.

“Nope, no sitting, you sit now you wont be able to get back up and I‘m not going to carry you home. Plus you never know when another “wild“ frog might jump out at you again.” She’d coughed on the word ‘wild’.

“You’re not going to let me live that one down are you” I sneered and stomped the path behind her my arms flailing all akimbo when I tripped a rock.
“Nope.” She replied nonplused. “Silo, get real! You wanted to ‘pet’ a mountain lynx like it was tame as Nando but came completely unglued over a wee little frog.”

My morphing into a nearby rock after I spied toad hideous was just something Cim wasn’t soon to forget.
“It wasn’t ‘wee’ - it was a dinosaur” I pouted. My feet hurt bad but if she kept up the teasing my feelings would be just as bruised.

"Stop sulking. Here have some more candy.” Cim laughed and handed me another chocolate bar she’d dug from her pocket.
I stopped to unwrap the Mars bar then caught back up to Cim quickly. I’d yet to see a snake and if I did I sure didn’t want it to be when I was alone.

“Ahhhhhh” Cim sighed breathing in a lung full of fresh clean mountain air. “I forgotten just how invigorating hiking is...” She burst out laughing and threatened to wash my mouth out with soap when I grumbled my new favorite expletive under my breath.

“Why not tell me about your necklace hun, I mean, every time we've sent a cutting to Ship that thing reacts.” She was right, it had registered the arrival of each specimen we sent aboard.

“Ship gave it to me when she made me Attendant." I fingered the pendant affectionately. "He tells me things, like when the Penelope crew invaded and now when the specimens we send arrive. I still don't know how the Green Man works really, I just...”

“Green Man?” She interrupted, the interest in her voice goading me on.
“Yeah, that’s what I call him...” Holding out the disc for her to examine it closer I was thrilled to see her eyes blaze with delight.

So that’s how you knew Adilair tried to erase Ships diplo-packet from the Penelope.” Cim replied never one to forget a detail.
Turning she began the trudge home. “By the way,“ she called over her shoulder, “We’ll talk to Captain Scurvy about that first thing when we return to Ship. Between now and then don’t loose your necklace.” She didn't have to tell me but it was nice she recognized the pendants worth.

The welcome sight of the cabin gave us the last spurt of energy we needed to climb a final rise then up the deck before giving out like a pile of melted bones on the top step.
Removing our boots with sighs of relief we peeled back our socks giving our feet over to the cool mountain air as wind chimes strung from the eves welcomed us home.

Leaning back on the step behind us, her elbows tucked in by her side Cim spent a quiet moment enjoying the soft rosy glow of nature as she painted her final touches on the evening.
“Nice work today Silo, Ship will be pleased.“ She spoke after the last rays of the sun sank below the mountains leaving us in the gloaming twilight.
“We make a good team.” I smiled then grimaced, even my grin muscles hurt.

Climbing slowly to my feet I extended a hand to Cim.
She’d been right, if I sat any longer I’d never get up and I wanted to check on Milli before another moment passed.
Cim stood with my help groaning all the way.

“To the hot tub.” She cried with longing as she moved through the door.

Passing the stereo Cim released Debussy, the music curling through the room layering tranquility and peace amongst the candles she lit on her way.

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Slayer was calling it sabotage.

Luder started to mull over times and distances in his head. Studious was carted out of the briefing room moments before the explosion occurred and the ship was thrown out of the wormhole field. But he was heavily sedated and tied to a gurney. The odds he was able to break free and cause such havoc were very slim. Then there was the matter of the escape pod.

Who would have jettisoned themselves into the mix while the ship was going full? It was insanity at its peak, but nonetheless - it had happened.

He walked over to Theresa, who was still doubled over and breathing heavily trying to keep the puke down. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"Go get some rest, I'll take over from here. You need it." Luder smiled and watched as she hurriedly exited the command center.

He sat down in the command station and started chewing the inside of his right cheek.

"Computer. Run full analysis of the jettisoned escape pod and relay to me who was on board at the time it was jettisoned."

"Working...... No life forms detected aboard the escape pod during jettison."

Luder frowned.

"Did it fire on its own?"

"Negative. The pod was manually jettisoned."

"By who?"

"That information is not available."

"Figured as much." Luder looked over at Nenothtu.

"Well, it looks like we got ourselves another spion running about on this ship. Care to do some sweeping?" Luder smirked, "Hey - at least you can't say we don't utilize your abilities here."

He turned back to the overhead viewers that were still functioning and stood up to get a better look. The planet on the screens was a blue and white orb, seemingly not much larger than Earth. There was one central landmass visible in the reflected light from the star, and nothing after the day night terminator was visible.

"Science, run a full scan of the entire planetary surface and get me a readout on what we're facing here."

"Aye Captain."

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Tears flowed freely as the sight of Saraswathi swimming away brought home the realization antar would not be able to learn Navigation after all, at least not from the premiere most advanced Navigators in our Galaxy.

Sitting with this feeling, indulging for just a minute more the awareness which came flooding in from the time spent within the sacred waters and the benevolent whales of yesterday and tomorrow.

Diving in once again to glide quickly to the nearest exit not even bothering to pop a second pebble this time and leaving the serene water to the chaos of the outer world.

Water drying as she stood and changed back into something more fitting for duty antar headed down the corridors for the RB.

Her shimmering opalescence jumpsuit seemed to cling tightly, too tightly after the freedom of nudity during the swim in the AQ.

Arriving at the RB and sensing something or someone inside had her at full attention now, entering slowly and searching the entire room with the training she had acquired at the height of sevice to the Zonyaz.

Revealing now the little shirikens Deason had made especially for her and walking slowly and at ready, it was not Captain Scurvy who first came to her vision, but some form of energy signature.

Following it to the Stasis Chamber she took in a loud gasp as she saw Captain Scurvy fast asleep and healing within Stasis Chamber Number One.

Calling to Ship for Whisper did not bring the results she wanted either as she soon discovered her no longer on board.

"Well Ship who is on board?" "And what happened to our crew members?"

Ship simply answered with, "2 new crew members on board at present and ATS Silo as well as CM are incommunicado for the next few minutes."

"OK, well have everyone on board meet me at the Helm as soon as possible!"

"And thank you Ship."

"You are as always welcome antar."

Taking a moment to continue scanning the RB as the feeling of an unknown energy signature was still presenting itself antar looked up to see just what it was, or more like who it was.

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Ensigns Horn and Kim were busy working on bringing the high voltage plasma generator back online. It was severely damaged during the incident. They replaced or replicated some parts, for other parts they were able cannibalized similarly functioning units.

The Chief stood there watching the unit function. There doesn't appear to be any leaks, Kim yelled out from the opposite side of the room. All the power relays are holding Horn yelled back from the other side of the room. That's one down two to go the Chief thought to himself. Very good Horn, I'll be heading to the bridge in about two hours for my meeting with the Captain. That will be another bit of good news for my report.

The Chief excused himself to make the rest of his rounds. He found himself craving white Ghirardelli chip and peanut butter cookies just like the way an old friend use to make for him. He went to the mess hall but the closest thing he could find was some very bland Oatmeal cookies, not exactly the thing to hit the spot.

Yes.. Yes!

The Chief stood there looking at the door to one of the laboratories on deck 12. Thank you, Yeah I see it #126 on today's hit list very good ensign.

Thank you.


Being disgruntled over the whole Cookie debacle the Chief walked to his quarters. His door was stuck half open. #127 He thought to himself as he pushed it all the way open. He walked in looked around all his belongings were strewn about. He sighed and started to pick up the mess. It took him about an hour to square everything away. He walked into the bathroom. He was a mess he thought to himself. I cant go see the Captain looking like this.

He decided to take a hot shower. He stood there as the hot water rained over him it felt great to get rid of all the smoke and dirt. He finished, toweled off and put his pants on then walked over to the mirror. He looked closely at his face. He stuck his tongue out, looked at it closely. He then opened his eyes wide, made a few funny faces. He looked closely at his goatee. There were a few gray hairs. Am I getting old? He asked himself.

He paused and looked at himself. He decided to shave it took him a few minutes. He hadn't been without facial hair for over ten years. The hot water felt good on his newly shaved bare skin. His face felt naked as he washed away the last of the shaving cream. He stood back and as the water dripped from his chin, he looked at his body. He made a few flex poses like he was that old time famous body builder/actor turned politician from Earths past. He didn't think he looked bad. He worked out 3 to 4 times a weeks if his scheduled allowed it.

Would you two like to be alone?... The Chief jumped and spun around it was Ensign Callan standing there in his quarters doorway with a grin on her face. What is it Ensign? The Chief asked as he quickly walked over and grabbed a clean T-Shirt then put it on. Here is the report you requested Chief she said while handing him a data pad. The Chief feeling embarrassed and very self conscious said. Thank you, dismissed.

She walked towards the door, turned around looked at the Chief and said
I'll be back!

Yeah! Very funny ha ha!
The Chief finished getting dressed he continued making his rounds. The Engineering crews went about clearing the debris and running temporary power lines. The Chief walked from location to location checking on the repairs. There was plenty of damage mainly scorched panel covers, blown power relays, ruptured conduits, water and fire damage. Most could easily be repaired or replaced.

The lateral power conduits had to be realigned. The list kept mounting. Nothing new to the Chief. According to the latest damage control reports deck 12 took most of the punishment other than some small structural repairs it would be habitable within a few days. Some members of the crew would have to bunk with others temporarily as they cleaned up the mess. It would be inconvenient but acceptable.

He went to engineering to get caught up on the other tasks that faced the damage control teams. As he entered the flurry of activity was dizzying. Repair crews had all the panels open, Monitors were being replaced. The deck plating were up in certain locations all was a buzz of activity. The Chief grinned. He was proud of his crew. It never ceased to amaze him how efficient they were. The Chief left engineering he took the lift down to deck 12 to see for himself the progress of the repairs being carried out.

The lift door opened he stepped off and he instantly hit his head against the upper bulkhead. He floated there wondering what was going on. He thumbed his badge comm.

Engineering we seem to have a malfunction with one of the gravity plating near the lift on deck 12. Ummm. Sorry Chief. Ensign Jackson's voice came over the comm. Sorry that's me I was running a gravity plating diagnostic. There seemed to be a power fluctuation I was just trying to fix it, give me just a second. The Chief floated there for a few more seconds. Then without warning he found himself kissing the deck plating.

He stood up dusted himself off. Thumbed the comm again uhh thanks Jackson.... I guess. out. He inspected the repairs that had been carried thus far everything was going well. He looked at his watch he had the meeting with the captain in less than an hour he had to finish the report he quickly went back to engineering.

Everything went into his report for the Captain. His station in engineering was being repaired so he sat at another station typing up his report. He linked the data pad and uploaded all the repair logs into his report.

Unknown to them he was going to recommend promotions for two of his crew. Ensigns Horn and Kim also recommend commendations for those two as well as Ensigns Callan and Martinez. For actions well above and beyond their duty.

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Cim sat in the hot tub and Silo many feet away relaxing and looking at the moon which was incredible.

Silo was as fascinated by the moon as she was the sun. “What should we eat as our meal tonight?” Cim asked Silo. “Cake or cake? No, I am joking.” She laughs. “I am going to start a fire in the fireplace behind you over there and we will roast marshmallows, I know that is something you will like. Rigellian’s may eat humans but humans eat many animals. I have on occasion eaten meat of these animals but mostly, I would rather not. I will make you a beautiful salad, this is something you can grow yourself on Ship. When I get out of here, I will go inside go on the computer and order you some seeds and things.”

Silo looked away from the moon at Cim “Thanks!” She said
Silo seemed as if she was lost in the haunting sounds of the music echoing throughout the
woods from the cabin. Cim emerged naked from the water and donned a large terrycloth robe. She walked over to the outdoor fireplace and stacked some logs inside “Silo any issues with fire?” she asked. “Well no more than you.” answered Silo at that Cim grabbed some matches and lights a fire under the wood.

“Now after dinner we will roast some marsh mellows." Cim went inside to the kitchen and pulled lots of lovely vegetables out and started chopping them for the salad. “Hey Silo, you might want to watch this so you can do it on the Ship, seeing as you will have the vegetables.” Silo shouts from outside “Ok, I am coming.”

“Cim how long will you be here on Earth?” ask Silo.
“I am not sure, I have some this time Earth business to take care of and I have just been playing with you, which is fine. Really I can send you back to the moment after you left and it is as if you weren’t really gone. Whatever you want.” Cim holds up a cherry tomato, “This is a cherry tomato, taste it.” She popped it in Silo’s mouth, as it exploded inside Silo’s mouth her antenna came out, making Cim laugh.

“That’s wild but good.” Says Silo.
“Salad is ready, let’s eat.” Cim drizzles the leafy creation with oil and vinegar.

With her salad finished Cim, runs and puts on jeans and a sweater, then goes over to her computer and starts it up. Silo looks curiously at the sounds it makes, “Is that like the Com on Ship?”
“Yes, sort of, it can provide you with communication and information as well as shopping.” Says Cim with a large smile. She orders some seeds, soil and various gardening equipment for Silo. “I will send these to Ship, when they arrive.”

Still on the computer, Cim is typing away.
“In this time on Earth as I have told you they do not know of the universe and so on but
they do suspect and speculate on the existence of beings such as you and I.” She turns to see Silo still slowly eating her salad. “I get a kick out of telling them the truth on this website called AboveTopSecret, they laugh and call me crazy, some, believe me. It is just funny.”

“Did you tell them about me and carpet?” ask Silo
“Just you.” chuckles Cim “Do you want to try roasted Marshmallows? You might want to put on the cashmere sweater, I gave you to stay warm.”

“Ok”, Silo goes up to get the sweater. Cim grabs the large marshmallows.
Silo comes down with sweater on. They go out to the now roaring fire. Cim grabs a couple of branches kept there and shows Silo how to do it. “Careful, they get molten and sticky, it’s a fun yet hazardous treat.”

With marshmallow everywhere “It’s good but I like cake better and not as dangerous.”
Silo laughs.

Suddenly they hear a loud snapping of tree branches, Silo jumps closer to Cim.
“Don’t worry Silo it’s a big frog or a bear.” Says Cim
“That is exactly what I am worried about.” Says Silo

A loud reverberating scream/howl sounding eerily close comes from the nearby woods.
Now Silo is in Cim’s lap. “What the heck was that?”
Cim sets Silo down and stands up. “Silo can you go inside and watch a movie or something, I will be right back.”
“You are going out there?”
“Silo, its ok just go inside for a bit, I will be fine.” Cim looks at her pleadingly.
“I will but you had better come back.” Says Silo
“Don’t worry its fine.”

When Cim returns she calls out to Silo “Silo, I’m back, come down.”
Silo comes out with a bear skin rug covering her head. “Come down we have to talk."

“Silo, what you heard is some friends of mine. They are called the Rootak, here on Earth, like you and I, they are just thought of as a myth called Sasquatch, in this region.
They are very dear friends and they watch my cabin, when I am away. They had some distressing news however, it seems a group of Draco’s from Orion and a couple of their minions the Grey’s were snooping around the area. They are looking for me, I guess they took notice of the time dilations, I create. I don’t know what they want but it could get dangerous, for you. I think its time you go back to the ship?

“Tell me about the Rootak, what they look like?” ask Silo
Cim goes to her computer and hits one button. “This artist has captured their image well. He too must be a friend of the Rootak.”

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Badger hit the deck of fighter bay five as the ship pitched and shuddered. He managed to get a handhold and kept himself from being thrown around too badly. Other than a bruise here and there he was fine.
As soon as the Penelope was under control again the bay was put back into order quickly and work was resumed.
Most of the equipment in the bay had been secured to the floor as was standard procedure but tools in use and people were tossed around the bay resulting in some damage and injuries. Fortunately only a few people were injured enough to need any time in sick bay beyond a few stitches or a broken bone here and there.

Badger got a short message from Asher asking that the drop ship be brought up to operating condition. Badger issued orders that it be isolated in bay two at one end and ordered that the isolation wall for launches be erected and left in place. He wanted his personnel to be isolated from Asher as much as possible and left orders to that effect.

After checking with the chain of command within the wing and issuing a few orders to fast track the fighter refits, Badger called a meeting in the flight deck three ready room. This involved twenty four fighter pilots with two backups, twenty one weapons officers as well as support officers and NCOs for the dash ten attack fighters.

The group of pilots and officers sat in briefing chairs nearly filling the room. They chattered and laughed. Everybody seemed happy that despite the recent excitement there had been no serious injuries. One warrant in the back of the room told a joke about why you never wear a thong in a zero gravity situation and everybody got a good laugh.

“Group, atten-hut!” called out Petra when Badger entered the room.

Badger walked to the head of the room and turned to look at the standing group of crew members.

The group was mostly late thirties to mid forties aged pilots. Many had grey or thinning hair and had obviously been around the block a few times. About one third of the group was comprised of women and they carried their fair share of combat badges. The most senior person was a tiny little woman in the front row who stared at Badger with an expression of surprise and anger. Actually, outrage might be a better term. Most of the older pilots had expressions ranging from mild amusement to barely concealed glee. They obviously understood her anger. She was the senior warrant officer and had no patience for standing at attention for commissioned officers no matter what their rank.

Badger resisted the urge to smile.

He was pleasantly surprised to see so many familiar faces. He knew many of them personally from his time as a pilot on some of his former duty stations. A few he knew all the way back to his time flying dash tens as a young warrant officer. Most of the pilots and weapons officers were combat veterans. The few younger pilots were obviously recent academy graduates. Badger recognized two that he had personally trained in flight school. Not the cream of the crop, but solid pilots. There were a few that badger didn’t recognize but they had rank and badges which told their own stories. The faces told a lot about their owners as well. It was an embarrassment of riches for someone like Badger to have this group of talent and experience under his command.

He knew he had been dealt a great hand even though he figured the dealer didn’t have a clue. He was sure that fleet felt they had stacked his deck with over the hill has-beens and mediocre academy rejects who hadn’t been qualified for the latest fighters. Badger knew different.

Badger stood at the front of the room for a long minute or two looking at every face. Lastly he looked at the diminutive senior weapons officer on the front row. She stared directly back at him not bothering to conceal any of her anger and growing impatience at being forced to stand at attention.

Badger looked back at her impassively as if he didn’t recognize his former boss and ex-wife. He waited for a very slow ten count before speaking.

“As you were.”

Everybody took seats.
Even though the angry chief warrant stood for a few seconds to let Badger know she would sit when she was damn good and ready, she too slowly sat, rigid and tense.

Badger sat on the edge of the desk at the front of the room.

“I am Lieutenant Commander William (Badgerprints) Chase.”

He got a few surprised looks at that announcement. He was wearing subdued rank on his flight suit and it had not been that obvious.

“I am your Wing Commander.”

He gave them a few seconds for that statement to sink in. Most of the room sat in silence.
A few of his old friends had dropped jaws or shocked looks.

Badger glanced at the woman sitting in the front row. She rolled her eyes and put her face into her hands as if she had a very bad headache.

He continued,” Those of you who hold the rank of chief warrant, or above may call me Badger.”
“Those of you who are active flight officers or weapons officers may call me Badger during flight maneuvers or when we are both off duty. At all other times you will call me Sir or Commander.”

A warrant officer in the back snickered.
Badger looked at him and said, “Question, Mr. Hill?”

The pilot was Badgers age. He was broad faced with a red haired crew cut that was turning grey at the temples. He cleared his throat and took a breath.

He suppressed a smile and said. “No Badger. No questions.”

The group around him all looked at their laps or away.

Badger gave them all a glare. It was hard to do. They were the old gang.
He wanted to laugh out loud and call Hill a rotten old ‘so and so’ but that would have to wait. He was boss now and it had to be that way, at least on duty.

Badger went on with his speech.

He spoke for about twenty minutes about the current situation. He had Petra give a short review of command structure and they went over shortages in people.
They needed three weapons officers. An XO who was of sufficient rank as Petra was not, and a few other key positions filled.

After the main portion of the briefing was complete Badger asked for questions and answered them as best he could. He released the main portion of the group and had a handshaking and backslapping session with the people he knew and had worked with.
For the most part it was smiles and jokes all around. Badger caught the angry chief’s eye and said, “Nora, how are you?”

She looked back and said, “I’d prefer to be addressed as Chief or by my call sign. Sir.”

Badger smiled. “Not a problem, Stilts.”

Badger excused himself and asked Stilts and Petra to accompany him to the flight HQ. He headed back to his office with a big smile and feeling better than he had in a long time. This job might turn out to be ok after all.

Petra followed Badger looking tired and uncomfortable.
Stilts followed Petra looking like she was chewing on glass.
Hill followed the bunch of them from a distance looking like an oversized twelve year old with mischief on his mind.

When they arrived at his office Badger turned to Petra.

“You’ve done a good job as acting XO. You are being relieved of that duty. You will be in charge of all birds and personnel assigned to Bays one and two. Any questions?”

“No sir.” said Petra.

“Ok. Get going.”

Chief Stilts stood in front of Badgers desk with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

Badger sat down at the desk.
“Have a seat.” He said, pointing to a chair.

Stilts stepped to the front of the desk putting both hands on the edge of the desk and leaning as far forward as she could.

“How in the hell did this happen?” she said in a quiet voice.
“You don’t belong in charge of a wing. You shouldn’t be in charge of a sanitation detail.”

Badger smiled and shook his head. “Always were honest and straightforward weren’t you Nora.”

“Don’t call me Nora.” she growled.

“Ok, fine. Just have a seat.”

She turned and walked to the office door. Chief hill was standing in the doorway leaning against the jamb. She glared at him and he stepped back giving her a half bow and a big grin. She slammed the door in Hills face and walked back over to the chair and flopped backwards into it. She sighed.

“How?” she said.

Badger shrugged.
“Well, I was assigned here and had been put into the computer as a pilot. The acting Captain put me in charge and the actual Captain upped my rank. You are listed as a weapons officer. You could have been given this job but you aren’t a pilot. They don’t even realize most of you are here. They don’t know that they have 24 attack aircraft instead of fighters. They don’t know that fleet is interfering with their T O and E and they definitely don’t know we used to be married. Whoever did this was not working in the best interests of the ship and has no idea of what they’ve put together here. We’re going to keep it that way, at least for a while.”

Stilts shook her head.
“You’re exaggerating right?”

Badger shrugged and held up his hands. “Come on Nora. Look who they put in charge of the wing. I think they've lost it but what can I do?“

She shook her head. “Ok, so the powers that be have lost their collective minds. What now?”

Badger reached into his desk drawer. He tossed his recently worn Majors leaves onto the desk in front of her.

“Congratulations.” He said. “You are my new XO.”

"Hell no."
She shook her head and crossed her arms staring at the rank as if it were a pair of snakes.

Badger picked up the oak leaves and walked around the desk. He leaned over and took her hand. He placed the leaves in her hand and closed her fingers around them.

“It wasn’t a request Stilts. You’ve got the duty.”

“I hate you.” She said.

“I know.” said Badger.

He stepped back and smiled at her. “Coffee?”

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