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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 12:11 PM

That we’d both felt a presence prowling around the cabin for the better part of an hour went unsaid and when Cim finally ordered me into the cabin, alone, I wasn’t surprised.
In fact it was a drop of luck that couldn’t have come sooner.
I’d yet to find Milli since we returned from collecting specimens and though I'd covered almost the house I hadn’t wanted to go rummaging through Cim’s room right under her nose.

Entering the cabin alone to tiptoe up and sneak through Cim's bedroom door I felt like a thief in the night but my options were limited. Limited to none.
Like a shadow moving through her room I whispered as loud as I dared.
“Milli you in here?”
No response.

Extra eyes or no I was blinded by the inky darkness but I didn’t dare turn on the flashlight yet, not until I was farther from the windows and deeper into the room, I didn’t want the light to be seen from outside the cabin.

Another few steps and I’d be to the bed where I hoped to find the furs Cim had said were left behind by the previous owner of the cabin. If Milli followed any habit it would have gone for natural fibers.

My bare toes felt their way along the hardwood floor until the path was interrupted by a soft course-haired rug that curled up under my feet making them tickle and itch. Cim hadn't told me about a fur rug.
The hackles on the back of my neck rose in foreboding.

Dropping down to all fours I curled one hand into the rug, the other clutched my flashlight, my thumb stumping around for the button.
“Milli, you down here? Come on, answer me!” I whispered sharply when three things happened at once.

I depressed the button - Milli decided to answer me - and I saw what I’d been walking on for half the length of the room.

“Boo!” Milli shouted as my light illuminated a set of huge deadly teeth, eyes reflecting savage continence and a mouth dripping a lolling tongue drooling just for me.

With a horrified scream and one mighty leap I landed on Cim’s bed, melted into the wooden frame, my clothes fell in a heap, the flashlight dropped to the hardwood floor to roll under the bead where it spin around in circles the rotating light making me dizzy.

“That...was...NOT...funny...!!!” I growled at the big bear head grinning lifelessly back at me, the flashlight beam had come to rest casting a smiling shadow across the bears lips.

“I thought it was hysterical actually...” Milli snorted from deep within the bear fur it’s mirth causing the fur to bristle.

“What are you doing in there!” I demanded while making my way out of Cim’s bedstead and back into my panties, teddy and slippers.

“I didn’t have much of a choice. I needed out of Cim’s cashmere and this was the only thing I could find.”

“I’m not even going to ask” I griped while tugging at the knot in the belt of my robe I had to undo before I could slip it back on again.

“Good, don’t, I’d have a hard time explaining it.” Milli replied somewhat relieved.

“Well you better get ready for some big time explaining buck-o you’re about to meet Cim” I snarled while fighting with my grip on the heavy fur.

“NO!” Milli shouted right back.

“Yes! And stop that! I’m not going to leave you here without telling her!“ The fur shivered through my hands and I lost my grip which was just as well I’d forgotten the flashlight

“How did you know I wanted to stay?”

“I didn’t think you’d want to go back to the Yydryl and have to deal with Carpet.” I explained with my head down and my bum in the air as I wiggled my way forward to reach the flashlight that settled just out of reach under the bed.

“Sometimes you surprise me Silo...”

“Yeah right, look who’s talking...”


“WHAT!” I bumped my head on the underside of the bed.

“Your panties are on backwards” Milli said innocently.

I looked. They’ weren’t.

“OH YOU!” Completely exasperated I crawled under the belly of the bear to stand up under it's shoulders wearing the laughing rug like a cape before I made my way down the stairs and back out to where I could hear Cim calling me from the deck.

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 11:40 PM

"Sir, scans have returned some interesting readings on the planet's surface."

Luder walked over to the science station and peered over the lieutenant's shoulder.

"What is it, Varlas?"

"Well, it seems there was something here before. From our best estimates around two hundred earth years or so ago. There is what appears to have been an extensive road system, major cities, suburban developments and post-industrial capabilities. It is all shut down now. We are not able to detect any base lines for power or any working communications systems. There are massive craters dotting the landscapes of the two largest continents and vast swaths of land are irradiated with barely tolerable radiation levels. It seems they wiped themselves out in a massive nuclear war years ago."

Luder rolled his eyes.

"Does that crap show up on every planet? Can the atmosphere sustain human life?"

"Well, the radiation levels are tolerable without suits on, but the center of the blast zones are still far too irradiated for any living being to set foot on without ill effect." Varlas raised his eyebrows. "I don't know if I would go down there... just saying.... sir..."

Luder chuckled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't worry Varlas, I need you in here on that console. I do want an away team sent down in order to assess and catalog this world for our records. Security Chief Nenothtu, I would like you as your first task as a fresh Lieutenant Commander to organize a specialized away team for the purpose of cataloging our new planet here. Choose any personnel you like to lead and undertake the mission......" Luder returned to his station and brought up some more reports coming in from various sections around the ship.

The Penelope was in dire straits. She was listing a bit to her port and the lights in the command center were prone to periodic flickering which seemed to migrate to the computer consoles and back to the lights. The doors between the command center and the rest of the ship would open and close on their own like phantom crewmen were still moving between them. The ship had developed a loud creaking sound as well, like an ancient seafaring vessel. Luder sighed and continued through the reports.

The chronometer ticked over the hour and continued the slow march of keeping time.

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:45 AM

The ominous creepy creaking noises were made more frightening by the flickering lights of the small Jeffery tube that Studious was hiding in.

Wife: "You've really done it this time. You had to go and nearly blow up the ship."

Studious: "Look, there is seriously something wrong here. The Captain promotes a known murderer and I'm the one being hauled away on a gurney. Don't you think that's a little strange?"

Wife: "Yeah so what? He let him keep his post after he destroyed the Nimitz."

Studious: "Exactly and what was happening then?"

Wife: "Mind control?"

Studious: "Bingo!"

Wife: "What do you mean bingo you old koot!?"

Studious: "I mean that a lot of very strange things are happening on this ship and this has all happened before."

Wife: "So what are you going to do?"

Studious: "I'm going to get a message off to the fleet."

Wife: "How?"

Studious:"It shouldn't be too difficult."

Studious began to crawl away through the small Jeffery tube.

Wife: "Where are you....hey get back here....Studious!.......Studious!"

The "Colonel" kept going.

Wife: "At least tell me where we’re going."

Studious: "To engineering I need a few things."

After crawling a for a few minutes the "Colonel" could hear something.

Marine: "What was that?"

Skeptical Marine: "What I didn't hear anything?"

Marine: "No, I'm telling you I heard something.”

Skeptical Marine: “Yeah right, your always hearing things.”

Marine: “Oh yeah! Remember when I said after the first explosion that something bad was going to happen.”

Skeptical Marine: “Anybody would’ve said that. Now if you predicted when and where the second explosion was going to… ”

Studious’ wife bumped into him and he hit the bottom of the Jeffery tube again with a thud.

Marine: “There it was again!”

Skeptical Marine: “That's nothing the whole ships creaking.”

Marine: “I’m telling you there’s something out there.”

Skeptical Marine: “Your just paranoid…..or maybe a little crazy……Come on let’s get moving.”

Marine: “I don’t like this at all.”

Skeptical Marine: “Stop being an idiot. There’s nothing there.”

Marine: “But I tell you someth…”

Skeptical Marine : “Keep it moving crazy.”

Studious could hear them fight as they left. After he could no longer hear them he pressed onward.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 03:54 PM

The explanation Cim gave of her friends the Rootak didn’t surprise me a bit.
Reflectively my explanation of Milli didn’t bother Cim.
In fact she didn’t mind at all Milli wanted to stay behind in her cabin. She even went so far as to pet the head of the great dead bear the milli-being was using as a host.

When the problem came it was from a direction I hadn’t anticipated.
Cim wanted me to go back to the Yydryl, and sooner than later.

“Silo, the cabins location's been compromised. We’re in danger, and more, if the Draco’s catch wind you’re here, well,” She hesitated, “It just isn’t safe!“ Her voice rose as she spoke, the tone tinged with not a little apprehension.

“Cim, please, I don’t have even half the specimens I need!“ I cried as I followed her back into the house.
Cim began pulling dishes and silver from the cupboards, then a huge chocolate cake.
How she’d found time to make the cake I wasn’t going to ask, not when it was the last cake I’d see on Earth, the cake she'd promised to make before we left for the Yydryl.

But I’d be strong. I’d go on a cake strike. I wouldn’t budge. I wouldn’t be done in by cake.
When Cim was finished cutting two large pieces but still hadn’t responded to my pleas I continued.
“Come on Cim, please, I can‘t go back yet! You gotta understand!” I nearly stamped my foot.

“Silo, I don’t 'have to' understand anything.” She replied pointedly her words as sharp as the knife she’d used to cut the cake.
“I’m NOT leaving you here alone Silo. And that’s the end of it.” Cim pushed a plate of cake in my direction. I ignored it for all of three seconds then crumbled and dived in fork first.

“Please! “ My voice came out as muffled moan around a mouthful of frosting as I ate my piece from the top down.
“Cim, come on! I'll just morph if I get in trouble. I’ll be fine!"
I hated to beg but I’d no experience in dealing with this kind of confrontation.

“You’re kidding me right?“ She said pointing her fork at me accentuating each word by making little poking motions in the air.
“Silo, you wouldn’t know trouble if it invited you to go swimming! I mean it’s not your fault, but just look at you!" She put down her fork. You’re dressed in a bear skin and, oh gawd...“ She hung her head, “Your panties are on backwards!“

Throwing up her hands Cim grabbed an ear of the bear head and gave it a fierce tug pulling it down over my eyes causing the hackles on the bear fur bristle in anger.

“And you stay out of this!” She hollered at Milli before abandoning her uneaten cake and walking back outside.

“I told you so...” Milli began smugly and I interrupted.
“If you don’t shut up I’ll give you a case of moths, big mutant moths.”
Milli shut up.

Straightening my underclothing and nearly falling over in a heap under the weight of the bear rug I watched Cim through the plate glass windows as she shrugged out of her clothes and slipped back into the hot tubs churning water.

Suddenly I was sorry.
Cim was my friend and only looking out for my own good.

“It‘s ok Cim, I‘ll go back to the Yydryl.” I told her softly from where I’d followed her out onto the deck stopping at the rim of the Jacuzzi.
"Thank you hun.“ She responded gently with a half hearted smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Heading back inside for the uneaten cake I took a last look at Cim who met my gaze, shook her head, and disappeared beneath the bubbles.

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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 01:48 AM
Asher lay his head back on his heated gel-mattress and stared at the ceiling of his cabin. The Penelope was in bad shape, but holding. As a weaponry expert and tactical operator, Asher wasn't much use for the time being. Slowly, he began to drift off to sleep.

An instant later, his eyes snapped back open.

He was picking up a new NI signal in range of the Penelope's local scan net. It was a single scan return at 500 kilometer range. Asher's implants registered the spacecraft and it's pilots as Naval Intelligence with 100% certainty.

It was an Ishtar Type IV class stealth fighter, a two man long range ship designed for deep scouting and anti-fighter operations.

Asher grabbed for his comm unit and hailed Captain Luder on the bridge.

[Captain, that new hit on the local scan is a Naval Intelligence Ishtar scout ship. We might have a.....]

Asher trailed off as he watched the scan data being relayed through his neural network. In a rough triangle surrounding the scout ship, scanners were now picking up three phase distortions matching the effect of extreme-grade cloaking systems being disengaged.

As one, the three distortions faded away to reveal a trio of matte black battleships. The battleships were sinister looking, each an elongated triangle bristling with turrets, launcher pods, and plasma lances.

[... problem.], Asher finished.

[I'll be up to the bridge immediately, Sir.]

As Asher darted out of his quarters and towards the bridge, his implants were relaying information to him.

The battleships were top secret blueprints the last time Asher had seen them. Not even a working prototype was in operation less than a year ago. NI had designed them originally to supplement Naval battlegroups, but the Naval High Command had turned down the project due to extreme development costs.

The three Erebus class stealth battleships on scan seemed to indicate that NI had reworked its budget. Each battleship was half the size of the Penelope and far more maneuverable. Their armaments, assuming the data he had was correct, were formidable to the point of rediculousness.

Asher skidded onto the bridge moments later to find Captain Luder in his command seat, looking grim.

"Captain," Asher started, heading for the auxiliary weapons control station. "Those are Erebus class stealth battleships. Bought and paid for by NI, if the paint job didn't give it away. I'm reading their weapons as armed and hot, Sir."

Just as he finished, the officer at the communications station spoke up.

"Incoming hailing request..." The officer stopped for a moment, staring at his readouts.
"I guess it's not a request Captain. They seem to have hacked our communications..."

The officer was cut off as the forward view screen went dark. A moment later an image of a tall, gray haired old man filled the screen. His eyes showed no age however, and were as dark as the black NI Officer uniform he was wearing.

He spoke:

[Captain M.F. Luder... Rising star of the Naval Academy... It is wonderful to finally meet you. You would not believe the number of your fanboys we had to bribe or silence to make this meeting possible.]

The NI Officer laughed, a dry raspy cough of a laugh that carried all the humor of a burning orphanage.

[I am NI-Charon, Captain Luder. My fleet and I are here to place you under arrest. Do not worry, we will leave someone competent to fill in for you. We are also here to retrieve a piece of very expensive equipment that seems to have been misplaced... After our tactical recon squad failed to report back, we were forced to do this the good old fashioned way...]

[Your ship is damaged heavily, Captain. If you resist in any way, everyone onboard the Penelope will die. It is too bad that the Navy entrusted such a masterpiece to an Academy boot-licker like yourself.]

[You are to board a standard Albatross dropship and pilot it to my ship, the Khaos. You are to bring the Enhancer, Seeker8241, with you. What say you Captain? The two of you in exchange for every soul aboard the Penelope... A fair deal, is it not?]

The man crossed his arms and smirked at Captain Luder, awaiting a reply.

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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 02:57 PM

Cim did some of her best thinking in water, how different she was from her friend, whom this water would harm. She was reluctant to return to the Yydryl directly from their present time/space coordinates. Cim stands and stretches and grabs her cloths, putting them on without drying, she goes and stokes the fire. Silo is laying on the Milli bear rug star gazing.

“Silo, you and Milli scoot on over here.” Silo complies dragging Milli bear rug, “Ouch careful’ says Milli.
“Oh, sorry, sorry.” Silo strokes Milli’s bear rug head.

“So, I have been thinking, Milli, you cool with staying here in the bear rug?”
Milli replies “Sure just leave me downstairs, there’s more light.”
“Silo, how about a few stops before the Ship?” she looks to Silo.
Very enthusiastically, Silo says, “More plants specimens?”
“Yes, I think, it would be best to make a few different stops in time and space to foil the Drac’s.” biting her lower lip, in contemplation.
“Yea!” Silo jumps and is dancing on Milli bear rug.
“Easy tiger” says Milli.
“Sorry” Silo stops, Cim laughs.
“Dress for the jungle and send anything else back to Ship, we are leaving in a couple of hours, I am tired and I am sure you are too. Don’t worry the Rootak are watching over us and I am not afraid of the Drac’s, they are more of a nuisance to me than a threat.Let’s get some rest, shall we?”
Cim waits for Silo to get up and carry Milli in.

The next morning early, Cim is closing the cabin and looks as if she has been out in the woods already.

“Silo, you ready, let’s go!” Cim shouts up the stairs.” Silo comes down looking ready
for a safari. Cim hands her a bag. “Here put these in your backpack. There are some fruit bars and nuts, oh and pretzels, in case you get hungry.”

Silo puts them in her pack. “Bye Milli, I hope to see you soon.” says Silo.
“Me too.” say’s Milli.

“I will be back Milli.” says Cim, “We will have to figure out when I feel it’s safe for Silo to visit again. Bye for now.”

Cim and Silo activate the capsule and are gone.

“Ok, Silo this is a beautiful Japanese garden, collect away. We can’t stay long.”
Silo takes her tools and off she goes. Cim relaxes under a Cherry tree.

After an hour had passed, Cim calls for Silo. “Let’s get going.”

“Next stop the jungle.” They disappear from the lovely garden and pop into a thick, dense jungle. Silo’s mouth falls open. “Let’s do this and be very careful Silo” says Cim.

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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 09:57 PM

[Captain M.F. Luder... Rising star of the Naval Academy... It is wonderful to finally meet you. You would not believe the number of your fanboys we had to bribe or silence to make this meeting possible.]

The NI Officer laughed, a dry raspy cough of a laugh that carried all the humor of a burning orphanage.

[I am NI-Charon, Captain Luder. My fleet and I are here to place you under arrest. Do not worry, we will leave someone competent to fill in for you. We are also here to retrieve a piece of very expensive equipment that seems to have been misplaced... After our tactical recon squad failed to report back, we were forced to do this the good old fashioned way...]

[Your ship is damaged heavily, Captain. If you resist in any way, everyone onboard the Penelope will die. It is too bad that the Navy entrusted such a masterpiece to an Academy boot-licker like yourself.]

[You are to board a standard Albatross dropship and pilot it to my ship, the Khaos. You are to bring the Enhancer, Seeker8241, with you. What say you Captain? The two of you in exchange for every soul aboard the Penelope... A fair deal, is it not?]

Academy boot-licker?

Luder rose from his station and clenched one fist slowly and purposefully. He turned to the communications station and took a deep breath.

"Give me fifteen minutes to get a shuttle ready and we'll be along. Luder out."

He pressed a series of buttons on the console and heard a crackle then a minor explosion from somewhere deep in the ship. Communications were down.

He turned to Asher with a semi-crazed glint in his eyes and a creepy smile.

"They want to threaten my ship? Well, they don't know which "boot-licker" they just messed with."

Security Chief Nenothtu, load Horkos and one of the other prisoners onto an albatross and set it on a delay timer to go reactor-critical as soon as she is on board their ship.

Slayer, prepare your teams for damage control, this ship needs to be combat ready in fourteen minutes.

Badger, prepare every flying machine we have stowed on this ship and get them ready for a fight. They need to launch in twelve minutes.

Luder pointed at Asher.

"Keep our weapons and shields powered down until just before the explosion. I don't want them to get any ideas and jump the gun on us. As soon as the reactor goes critical on that shuttle, bring us to Full Alert Code 1 and launch every fighter we have."

Luder took his place at the command station and waited.

The game was afoot.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 01:06 AM

Having followed the conversation with the intruder ship, nenothtu's mind started going over the options. None of them ended well for the NI ships arrogantly making threats against what was alleged to be the most powerful ship in the fleet. As he was stepping through option 7 1/2, the captain issued a series of orders, only one of which was of immediate concern to neno.

Originally posted by mf_luder
Security Chief Nenothtu, load Horkos and one of the other prisoners onto an albatross and set it on a delay timer to go reactor-critical as soon as she is on board their ship.

Slayer, prepare your teams for damage control, this ship needs to be combat ready in fourteen minutes.

Badger, prepare every flying machine we have stowed on this ship and get them ready for a fight. They need to launch in twelve minutes.

Then Luder pointed at Asher.

"Keep our weapons and shields powered down until just before the explosion. I don't want them to get any ideas and jump the gun on us. As soon as the reactor goes critical on that shuttle, bring us to Full Alert Code 1 and launch every fighter we have."

Blow it up? Aboard the NI flagship? Taken with the other commands the captain issued, neno thought he had a glimpse of the captain's plan. Give 'em what they want, then choke 'em with it. It looked like things were about to get interesting.

Nenothtu opened a channel with Sergeant James. "Nenothtu to Sergeant James. Things are about to get very active aboard Penelope. Security and the Marine contingent are on full combat alert, as of right now. Secure all possible points of entry. Organize the Marines into rapid reaction forces, and station them at regular intervals on the ship, per SOP. They know where their assigned posts are. Two of the Marine reaction forces are to secure the docking bays for possible boarders. They've worked with the flyboys, and know to stay out of the way. There's about to be a LOT of activity there. You go to the security center, and direct movement from there. I have another job to do at the moment. Nenothtu out."

Next, he called the brig desk attendant. "Nenothtu to the brig. Get Horkos and one other random NI agent, and make sure they're sedated and on gurneys. Make it a double on the sedation. They're not gonna care 20 minutes from now. As soon as they're prepped, have an eight man escort team take them to the docking bays, and I'll meet them there. Nenothtu out."

Having put his boys in motion, nenothtu took off at a trot towards his quarters. Blowing things up had been somewhat of a hobby for neno, and he thought he might just have the right trick stashed there. Rounding a corner, he trotted up to his door and slapped the access panel with his full palm.

Racing inside, he rummaged around amongst the odds and ends of parts for a moonshine still he kept in his closet, and came up with two little black boxes connected by a rather longish cable. "Timer my Great Aunt Fannie!" he mumbled. "This'll go one better for this occaision!". Snatching up the parts, he took off for the docking bays.

When he reached the docks, somewhat out of breath, he located the Albatross dropship and went to work. Nenothtu disconnected one of the black boxes, and wired it into an external harness for external sensors beneath the Albatross. That part was a "proximity switch", which would trip when it was within 24 inches of the NI ship's docking bay deck. Double checking to make sure it was "off", neno went inside the Albatross and located the other end of the wiring harness, and wired the proximity switch into the input terminals of the other box, which was a standard timer. He then wired the output terminals of the timer to the coolant relays of the dropship's engines, disabled the failsafe shutdown overrides, and set the timer for 15 seconds.

The entire apparatus would first sense when the dropship landed, and send a 'start' signal to the timer. The timer would count out 15 seconds, then shut off reactor coolant. When the failsafes failed to kick in, the reactors would go critical, and 30 seconds after that, 45 seconds total after landing, there'd be just the prettiest mushroom cloud that you ever saw emanating from the NI flagship docking bays.

Just as he was finishing the wiring, the security detail with Horkos came up. "Alrighty, boys," nenothtu growled "strap 'em in to the flight seats."

The security lead looked at him skeptically. "They're under heavy sedation, boss, no way can they fly this thing" he said.

"I know that, you misbegotten whelp of a Eridanii Swamp Skimmer!" he roared. "Who do you think ordered the sedation? I ain't got time to argue the point. Just strap 'em in like I told ya. Let ME worry about the flying. After you strap 'em in, duct tape 'em too. Wrists and ankles to the seats, and a patch across the mouth for good measure. Wouldn't want 'em to spoil the ride if they was to wake up."

The security detail jumped to their job, and nenothtu set about finishing his. He set the autopilot for an automatic launch, flight, and docking sequence to be command initiated from the flight deck console. Then he shunted the comms console and manual flight controls to the captain's bridge station via an encrypted relay.

When the job was complete, he called the captain. "OK, Cap'n Luder. The packages are safely tucked in for a peaceful ride. Automated launch, flight, and docking sequences have been set for initiation from the docking bay console, and you have manual override dropship controls at your bridge station in case anything goes wrong with the autopilot. Comms have been redirected to your console as well, Through an encrypted relay, so you can speak and appear to be speaking from the dropship. There's a proximity sensor rigged in to the detonation train, so any delays won't cause a premature fireworks display. she won't blow until she's safely tucked in THEIR docking bay, but 45 seconds after that, Katy better have barred the doors. Once she's launched, activate the dropship sensor arrays to activate the proximity sensor, BUT NOT BEFORE! We wouldn't want any mishaps HERE. Nenothtu out."

When nenothtu was finished with the transmission, he ushered the security detail, who were looking a mite pale, out of the dropship, and made double sure the sensor arrays were deactivated, then he snapped the switch off.

Bailing out of the dropship, he sealed the hatch, and rolled under it. From there, he turned the proximity switch power "on", so that it would activate when the sensor relays activated through the sensor wiring harness, rolled back out from under it, and started sprinting for the bridge.

This was gonna look like the 4th of July. But with mushroom clouds.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 07:21 AM

Badger ran down the main access corridor to fighter bay one dodging pilots, crew and marines as he went.
He had just gotten the call from Luder and had hit his remote scramble code that communicated an immediate prep for launch.
He had answered Luders' hail on private frequency and found that they were facing three NI battleships but that was the extent of the detail he was given.

“Freakin blackbirds!” Badger exclaimed. “What the hell?”

His mind raced as he made his way to the flight deck. He commed his key people and gave instruction as they came to mind.

“Petra, Alpha leader, full squadron under your command. Flights one through four, standard formations air cap and intercept.”

“Rodger that.” Came Petra’s’ reply.

Badger continued, “Flights six seven and eight will form as heavy attack group. Flight five will trail as reserve. Nora you get that?”

“Rodger, and don’t call me Nora.” Stilts replied. “What are we shooting at?”

“Caps found three fat piggies wearin tuxedos. They got big tusks.” said Badger.

“You’re kidding.” Stilts called back.

“Nope.” Said Badger. “We got bacon for the makin so max the mag bricks and go heavy on the missiles. We’re gonna have to take out some big guns if we’re gonna have a chance.”

“Will do. Stilts out.”

“Wally!” said Badger.

“Sir, Yes sir, light Commander Badger Sir!” came the bright reply.

“You got any gravediggers down there, you sarcastic old coot?”

“Ahh, Rodger that but we ain't no where near no bunkers or fortified planets last I checked.” Wally said.

“Just bring em Mijo.” Badger out.

As Badger arrived at the flight deck he slowed a bit and looked down the row of fighters. Most of the pilots were already at their birds and the deck crews were pulling away the last of the loaders and support carts. The deck leader pointed at Badger from the clear enclosure in the top of the hanger and gave him thumbs up. They were ready.
Badger climbed into his bird and started his accelerated preflight, he checked the time.
Seven Minutes. They had five minutes left on Luders’ clock.

As Badgers cockpit canopy came down and sealed he looked to his left and could see the rest of the fighters were buttoned up as well. At the end of the bay he could see the isolation walls begin to rise out of the floor and the yellow pre launch lights flashing down the length of the bay.

Badger made a check on his command screen and saw full green indicators on Alpha Squadron status. All of the 337 indicators for Bravo Squadron were green and all of the dash tens showed flashing green which meant they were ready to launch but holding for ordnance change.

“Stilts, your birdies gonna be ready in four?” asked Badger.

“Rodger.” returned Stilts. “We’re set.”

“Wally?” said Badger.

Wally called back. “Heavies racked.”

Badger did one last search of his checklists and indicated all ready on the bay.
The isolation walls thumped into place and the inner bay door lights began to flash red as the atmosphere was pumped out of the launch area. Badger watched the last of his dash tens go solid green and at 11 minutes and fifty seconds he thumbed his comms and contacted the bridge.

“Badger to bridge, whenever you’re ready.”

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The comm crackled.
OK Chief that's the last of it we have the reserve O2 scrubbers back in action. The Chief was amazed at how well his crew had performed. Once again within a few short hours they had done the impossible. The Penelope looked like she could sure use a fresh paint job but she was now mechanically and functionally sound.

He walked over to his station and quickly uploaded the last of the data and made his way to the lift. He was do to have the meeting with the Captain in less than five minutes. The lift opened just outside the bridge. The Chief stood there for a few seconds verifying the data. to make sure nothing was missed.

The Comm startled him....

Slayer, prepare your teams for damage control, this ship needs to be combat ready in fourteen minutes.

The ships Alert status came on without the usual siren, this was never a good sign in the Chiefs book. It meant the Captain was up to one of his crafty tricks. Knowing the Chief was do any minute ensign Horn finished his shift report and loaded it onto a data disc, the Chief walked in and they acknowledged each other. Horn handed him the disc and quickly made his way to the fighter launch bay they were still having some issue with the outer launch doors.

The Chief thumbed the comm...

Callan hows the reactors?

Everything's good Chief we have made all the repairs and they are ready for action.


We have full power and everything looks A-OK...

Ok bring em online. The Engine room complied within seconds all the ships systems came alive.

Dropping everything the Chief made the rounds crawling through Jeffery tubes and climbing up ladders from level to level. Everywhere he looked engineering was humming with activity as every crewmen was checking and securing their stations. All non essential equipment were stored, all emergency systems were checked and rechecked as per the Chiefs orders! Fire control were checked and halon gas levels topped off.

Emergency bulkheads were checked, all firefighting equipment were prepped and stored for easy action. He sent one of his engineering teams to prep all weapons systems. They ran weapons lock diagnostics and checked alignments. System by system was gone over with a fine toothed comb nothing was to be over looked.

If the Captain was going to take the Penelope into combat he will need all weapons systems working in optimal performance. The last thing we need is to have a systems failure in any subsystem while in the heat of battle. They made sure all capacitors were functional at optimal efficiency, there were a few bugs and kinks that needed attention nothing major. Torpedo launch bays were checked. Fighter launch controls were checked and certified.

Trying to anticipate all possible scenarios the Chief also gave orders to have the armory bring up and store some weapons locally in engineering just in case they were boarded. He was proud of these young men and women. They truly were the best of the best. The Chief stood back and watched as his crews threw themselves into their tasks.

The Chief told his crew to hang tight this could get bad. Engineering was set to Alert one status.

The Chief hammered the comm button.
Engineering is at the ready Captain... The Penelope may look like hell but she is in fighting shape SIR. You have full power and the engines are on standby alert status.

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Grim and determined, Asher marched over to his integration unit on the bridge. The white reclined seat gleamed in its corner, looking as innocent as any desk chair.

Asher wasn't thrilled about returning to his Uncarnate state. The last time he had integrated with the Penelope, he had walked away from the experience a slave and a murderer.

Asher sat down and leaned back. No time for misgivings. He only had twelve minutes left.

With a few taps of his fingers, he ordered the unit to integrate him with the Penelope's network. There was a brief pause and Asher glanced down at the screen near his left hand.

It wasn't working. The unit couldn't connect to his implants to integrate him.

Asher ran a quick query through his implants and was informed that the interface modules were still offline, having never been repaired after the EM pulse they absorbed. The dark nanoparticles in his bloodstream hadn't bothered to repair the interface modules, and in fact acted as if those modules didn't exist.

The result was essentially an unarmed ship, which would become a catastrophe in less than ten minutes.

Asher leapt from the interface chair and crossed to a nearby terminal, gently pushing the disgruntled tech before it to the side.

Sounding worried, Captain Luder asked him what was going on.

"Sir, I can't interface with the guns. After Neno fried my implants, they were never reactivated by this," Asher quickly replied, gesturing to his darkened arm.

In a frenzy, Asher brought up the schematics and specifications of the interface chair and its sizable array. He scanned through them as quickly as he could. Several tense minutes passed before he came across something relevant.

Stunned, Asher leaned back from the terminal, his mouth agape. He could feel all of the blood draining from his face as he looked over at the interface chair.

It made him sick to his stomach and nervous as hell, but there really wasn't another option left. The decoy Albatross dropship was already on its way.

There wouldn't be any spectacular recovery from this one. If he went through with it, one way or another, he would die in that chair.

Asher stood, his mouth dry as desert sand.

He walked over to the Captain and offered a hand. Somewhat automatically, Captain Luder shook it and started to ask a question before Asher interrupted.

"It's been a privilege, Sir. Don't pull me out until it's over."

Without another word, Asher hurried over to the interface chair and sat down, savoring every breath of air on the way. For a moment, he hesitated and glanced down at his hands before his determination caught up with him.

Without further delay, he punched a series of codes into the chair's array. There was an inherent problem with the Enhancer Project that NI had encountered early on: An Enhancer in charge of weaponry increased a battleship's damage output several fold, but if something were to happen to that Enhancer, the battleship would be totally disarmed without a gunnery crew.

To counteract this flaw, NI designed every interface chair with an emergency protocol that could effectively allow any human being to interface with the weaponry of the ship in question. The subject would activate the protocol and the chair would drive three spikes through their skull and into their brain. Once embedded in the brain, the spikes would extruded a nanofilament wire cluster that would create the correct pathways in the brain to allow interface.

The procedure, however, was fatal. Once the nanofilaments were seated in the brain, there was no removing them.

Asher leaned back into the chair and watched, terrified, as a three-pronged apparatus slid out of the chair and centered itself around his head. Without warning, the prongs slammed into his head, driving into his brain.

The pain was so intense his vision went white hot. He screamed until he could no longer hear it, as the white faded away to the familiar blue readouts of the Uncarnate state.

He had made it, somehow.

On the bridge, there was a shimmer and a projection of Asher appeared beside the Captain.

"I made it in Captain, we're good to go. Weapons at 100% green readiness. be sure to hold off on the fighter launch until after the initial bombardment. It's going to be like a supernova out there for up to sixty seconds as we use the 'big guns' to bring down their shields and they do the same.

"At around eighty seconds, after the radiation has cleared, launch the fighters and make sure they concentrate fire on any Luminal class torpedoes that the enemy launches. If those torpedoes get a chance to hop into their wormholes, we will all die."

The image faded from view on the bridge, but Asher's voice came from the intercom:

"Ready to open fire on your mark Captain."

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Luder sat perched on the edge of the command station as the seconds ticked down and the shuttle drew closer to the NI battleship hovering in the dead of space on the screens.

Luder watched in mystified horror as Asher was "plugged" into the weapons systems. The young man had acted so fast that Luder had barely had time to utter a word, much less stop him. A collective gasp went up around the command station as the spikes drove into Asher's skull.

A few seconds later, he reported he was okay. Luder checked the screens.

Badger, Slayer and Seeker all reported they were ready.

As soon as the shuttle reached the edge of the docking bay on the other ship, Luder stood up.

Badger, launch all fighters!

The shuttle slid deeper into the NI battleship. A few seconds later, a bright flash issued from the side of the NI ship and the lights on the ship flickered.

Varlas spoke. "Captain! Her shields were just knocked offline."

Battle stations, full alert! Raise the shields!

Luder looked at Asher with a smirk on his face.


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Badger sat in his fighter waiting for word from the bridge.
The entire wing was prepped for launch. In each launch bay the outer doors were magnetically loaded and armed. All launch skids were hot and the launch master had linked them for a full wing launch.

He commed Badger from the launch center. “Sir, six bays linked and ready to launch. Turning control over to your interlock signal.”

Badger called back” Ready.”

The launch master keyed in a code on his console and his bay screen dimmed. He had turned launch control over to Badger. “Doors active sir.”

Badger replied, “Roger that Chief. I have the interlock.”

Inside of each isolated launch area the interior lights went dark and the red launch lights extinguished, dim blue LCD bay door markers were visible from the bay interiors.
Badger checked the command screen one last time.

“Ok kids, watch each others backs out there.” he said on the wing dedicated channel.

He heard Wally reply “Don’t forget to hold hands when you cross the street.”

Badger couldn’t help but grin. He heard a few chuckles on the air but most of them stayed quiet. There was a bit of cross chatter in the dash tens between the pilots and the weapons officers. Their voices were muffled and tinny in their pressure helmets. The newer fighters had no need for pressure suits as they were too confined and cramped for proper operation in a bulky pressure suit.
The dash tens were larger and armored. They went into combat with the interiors under intentional vacuum. They could take multiple hits and massive damage and the crew could still survive as long as their pressure suits held.
The 337s were not as sturdy. They were high performance and flew the edge of available technology. Their flight suits were advanced and helmets were designed for breathing but they could not be relied on in the vacuum of space for more than 15 minutes in optimum conditions.
When they failed it was spectacular. There was rarely a survivor if a 337 was severely damaged or destroyed.

Badger tried not to think about that now. He knew his younger newer pilots stood a greater chance of being casualties. He knew they were good pilots but he was still worried. He wished he’d had more time to evaluate and train them.

He glanced up at the outer bay door to the front of his fighter. He wondered what was happening. He didn’t have to wait long.

”Badger, launch all fighters!” sounded on Badgers comms.

Badger broadcast to all fighters. “Wing launch is a go. Full launch.”

He flipped up a switch cover on the left of the command display and toggled the master interlock. A half second later each outer bay door slammed opened simultaneously. Badger settled his helmet against the headrest on the back of his seat, braced himself and took a deep breath. He released half of it and locked his eyes on the heads up image in his cockpit canopy. He pushed his throttle to full and punched the launch button with his thumb. Badger was pushed back into his seat by high g forces as the launch skids maglev system launched the fighter through the bay door. As the fighter cleared the bay the fighters’ full throttled engines burst into life with a roar.
All 48 of the 337 fighters were launched within a few seconds. They flew at high speed away from the Penelope and accelerated to attack speed immediately. They maneuvered smoothly into combat formations.

The 24 dash ten attack fighters were not on launch skids and left the bays under their own power. They took longer to clear the Penelope due to their size and mass. They formed up and accelerated away from the Penelope and away from the three battleships as well. Once they were all in flight and configured Stilts contacted her 18 bird team.
“Heavy one, inertial link.”
She heard the affirmative responses from her team and charged her inertial generator. Her ship lurched sideways as the inertial generator came online and the 18 inertial fields connected to each other like rubber bands.
Sticks was the team leader even though she was not the pilot. The dash ten hierarchy was different from most fighters. The weapons officers had more responsibilities than the pilots who did not need to be as quick as the 337 pilots. The dash tens were slower and usually less maneuverable. They were designed to carry heavy loads and take punishment. The weapons officers were responsible for the massive rail guns, multiple weapons systems and intricate targeting systems. They also had to control the huge inertial dampening generators that prevented the ships from being torn apart when they fired the rail guns. These fields were strong enough that when flying in formation the dash tens could link fields and use their combined inertial energy to maneuver more tightly and change direction more quickly than many of the latest high tech fighters. The rail guns fired at speeds beyond any atmospheric weapons. The small one gram projectiles were harder than diamonds and denser than depleted uranium. They were loaded in 100 kilogram bricks and each D10 carried ten bricks minimum. The weapon fired at rates up to one thousand rounds a second and at velocities in excess of 10,000 meters per second. At full speed a one gram slug could tear holes in armor feet deep. The combined number of slugs in this 18 fighter team exceeded 24million. A good dash ten team could work as one, link targeting, and use their combined firepower to deadly effect. Even on armored ships.

Sticks team linked fields and then performed a high gee turn linking to the mass of the Penelope behind them. They pulled around the Penelope as they turned using centripetal force and inertial manipulation to slingshot them at high speed towards Badgers group of 337s that were already heading for the enemy.
A few seconds later Stilts heard Wally holler out a woo-hoo as his six ship team of D10s made their high-g slingshot maneuver from around Penelope and roll in onto the attack vector with the rest of the team.

Badger addressed the group. “OK boys and girls, bad guys to the front. Designate from nearest ship as targets x-ray, yankee and zulu. Our goal is to destroy the forward heavy weapons array on target zulu. The 337s will cover as heavies take targets. Stay away from x-ray and yankee for now Penelope will handle them.”
“Petra, you’ve got any birds that they throw our way. High speed runs only on the main targets. Don’t give them a shot at you. Keep an eye on the big picture and let the flight leaders handle the details.”

Petra replied,”Rodger that sir. Alpha squadron rolling in.”

As the battleships loomed closer in the canopy Badger watched the bright lights and explosions that were taking place in the battle that had already been joined by the Penelope and the black ships. Shock waves buffeted his ship. His visor brightened and darkened instantly in reaction to the blinding flashes and plasma discharges.

He keyed his mike. “Bravo squadron, open fire.”

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Finally reaching an engineering storage room Studious he approaches the opening of the the Jeffery tube.

Exiting, he crouches and begins to sneak around the room searching in vain around the storage area.

Wife: “What are you even looking for anyway?”

Studious: “Wire coil……and it should be here. I don’t understand, it has to be here.”

Wife: “Well this place is pretty Spartan, maybe repair teams used it all.”

Studious: “Darn, your probably right. I guess I’ll go for Plan B then.”

Wife: “Plan B?”

Studious: “Yes you see I’m….”

The battle stations alarm suddenly sounded.

Wife: “Have they found you!”

Studious: “No that’s the battle stations alarm not Full Alert Code 2. It’s not me.”

Wife: “Great let’s get back in the Jeffery tube.”

Studious: “No, there’s something wrong here.”

Using some of the medical supplies he had taken during his escape he cleans up the blood on his forehead and makes himself as presentable as possible.

Wife: “Wait….wait STOP!!!”

Using the “borrowed” intern’s ID card he Opens the door and finds several medical staff running about. The “Colonel” stops one of them. Give me an earpiece.

“Uh, yes sir” the intern fumbles for an earpiece and gives it to Studious asking “What happened to you?”

Studious: “That explosion took a lot out of me, but I’m alright now.”

The intern leaves to catch up with the others.

Studious listened intently over the earpiece and became horrified by what he heard. The Captain had ordered an attack on three NI ships.

“U” appeared saying “This IS just like Norfolk isn’t it.”

Studious said through clenched teeth “Are you doing this.”

U: “Little old me? Please, your Captain has gone off the deep end and the crew instinctively obeys. It’s another Norfolk……..Now’s your chance Studious.”

The “Colonel” begins to run as he had done so long ago when he boarded the Saratoga.

Over the earpiece he hears Lt. Jones readying a rapid reaction force near the sickbay.

No one the “Colonel” passed seemed to notice him at all. They looked scared and confused and had foolishly believed their Captain.


The Lieutenant still assembling the Marines heard someone call his name.

Lt. Jones: “I’ll be right back, Charles keep these guys focused.”

As he rounded the coroner a door to a supply closet suddenly flew open and two hands landed on his shoulders. He was pulled sideways into the closet.

Lt. Jones said shocked “Colonel?!”

Studious coldly said “Give me your sidearm.”

Lt. Jones: “Uh…sir?”

Studious: “Lieutenant give me your sidearm.”

Lt. Jones: “Colonel, if you’re going to do what I think you’re going to do…”

Studious: “We don’t have time for this….give me your sidearm”

Lt. Jones: “It’s mutiny!”

Studious: “The ships we are engaging are?...”

Lt. Jones: “Friendly sir.”

Studious: “What does that make the Captain?”

Lt. Jones: “Rogue sir.”

Studious: “Then it isn’t mutiny, is it Lieutenant?”

Lt. Jones: “No sir.”

Studious: “We never had this conversation. Do you understand me? I will accept full responsibility for this.”

Lt. Jones: “But sir!”

Studious: “That’s an order!”

Studious takes the sidearm and Lt. Jones leaves the closet. As he turns to around to speak to the “Colonel” again he sees only an empty room. Studious had already left through the air duct and was heading for the bridge.

Once close to the bridge the “Colonel” dropped down out of the duct and into another supply closet. After Opening the door he approaches the bridge. Using the ID card he had “borrowed” from the intern who tried to defibrillate him the large doors to the bridge slid open.

Studious raised his sidearm and aimed at the Captain.

Then he had a flashback approaching the Captain of the Saratoga in a manner most similar.


Glancing at the viewscreen he saw the damaged UEF ship it was burning just like the Syntiro at Norfolk.

Then the Colonel declared “Captain, you are relieved of duty……….permanently.”

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The warm humid air of the jungle swirled around us like a live thing, its misty fingers touching our skin, beads of moisture glistening on our hair and clinging like little diamonds off our eyelashes.

“It‘s not what I thought it like at all...” I whispered as soon as I could catch my breath.

“What do you mean” Cim’s bent over, her head hung down to her chest her hands capped her knees, elbows locked.

“I thought I was going to love the jungle...” I stepped closer to Cim when a bird let out with a cry from the jungle canopy above. “But, it’s so...”
“Alive?” Cim tilted her head up and supplied the word I was at a loss for.
“Yeah, alive.” I repeated.

Cim pushed off her knees and raised her machete hacking a path before her as we went.
“Come on, get back to work, I want out of here as soon as you’ve got everything you need.”

Creeping forward we began collecting and tagging specimens while sounds of the jungle filled our ears its strange invasive music, at once a chorus of animal insect and elements reminding us just how out of our element we were.

“Finally!“ Cim sighed and took a last chop at a strong vine baring our way from a small clearing beside a running stream.
Cim made her way to a fallen log uncapped her canteen and took a long drink, the water running from her mouth to soak her shirt front already wet with sweat.
Following her lead I unstopped my own, drank, then dribbled the last drops of water over my hair and face.

“So, when we’re through here it’s back to Ship?” I knew the answer but needed to hear Cim’s voice. As much as I’d wanted to come the jungle, it’s very wildness made me feel small.

“Yes, but, I want to show you something first.” Dropping her backpack on the ground between her legs she rummaged around until she found a battered and stained wrapper from which she produced a card, pristine and crisp and quite at odds with the envelope it came from.

“Here take a look at this. I want you to keep your eyes open for it.” I exchanged a bag of pretzels I’d been munching for the card and was glad to see Cim eat a few of the salty snacks.

“What is it?” I asked after giving up trying to figure out what I was looking at.

“You ever heard of Ponce de León?” She stared at me intently as the hairs on the back of my neck raised for no reason I could pinpoint.

“Sure, he’s that old Spanish guy who traveled all over looking for the Fountain of Youth, I learned about him on my memory discs, why?”

“Well, that’s where he started out, but, the story goes, this is where he ended up, here in the Amazon.” She pointed her chin at the jungle surrounding us. “I figured while we were here you cold keep your eyes open for this portal.”
“Yeah. The Fountain of Youth is a misnomer. It isn’t even a fountain, Ponce just told people that to confuse thm. The Fountain of Youth is a river, a river through time. And this picture?” She took back the picture and returned it to it’s filthy envelope. “It’s a picture of one of the FOY portals.”

“What good are they to you? Why would you need one?“ I queried wondering why someone like Cim who could go anywhere she wanted with the power of her mind would need any kind of portal at all.

“Wellll...” Cim’s mouth pulled into a crooked thin line as she repacked her backpack and stood, “Think of it this way, someday you might need to go from here to there when I’m not around. As for me, the Fountain of Youth, it’s different than my tele-tabs and how I can manipulate time and space with my mind. Something tells me this portal can take me someplace I’ve never even imagined, somewhere no one’s ever been. Someplace people might think only exist in peoples minds and hearts. There’s that too.”

“Come on,” she motioned for me to follow, “Let’s get this over with,” she commanded holding out the machete with it’s tip thrust into the jungle like she was holding open a door.

Passing in front of Cim into the dense undergrowth I dropped a little curtsey but she failed to pick up on my humor.
I caught her eye but couldn’t read the expression in it at all - all I knew is I didn’t like what I saw.

“Silo...Don’t Move” Cim whispered raising her machete slowly her eyes never leaving a spot where they were trained just above my head.

Not daring to even use my antenna I froze fast and waited, my eyes never leaving the machete raised above my head.

I didn’t see the swipe of the machete.
What I did see was a humongous serpent go flying thought the air like it had sprouted wings to land far from the path in a tangle of undergrowth.
Cim had caught the serpent with the flat of her machete sending it on a one way trip to a headache but doing nothing that would damage the animal permanently.

“Welcome to the jungle!” She chuckled before beginning again to chop away at the jungle before us.

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Lieutenant Commander nenothtu hurried toward the bridge at a jog, hoping to get there before the fireworks started. He hadn't stopped any where en route, and was nearly winded by the time he got there. The spectacle before him was not to be believed. The viewscreen displayed burning ships, explosions, and fighter craft buzzing around like a swarm of angry hornets. There was a young war going on out there, but that wasn't what grabbed his immediate attention.

THAT honor belonged to Studious. The man, obviously insane, stood there with a weapon drawn on the Captain, in the middle of a fight for Penelope's life.

"Aw DAMN! Not AGAIN!" muttered nenothtu to no one in particular, as was becoming habit with him. Just then, he heard Studious speak.

Originally posted by Studious

“Captain, you are relieved of duty……….permanently.”

As if the weapon pointed at the Captain in the middle of a desperate fight wasn't enough, that pretty much pushed neno over the edge. Not only was Studious threatening the lives of the entire crew by his actions, he had just made an audible threat against the captain. Taken together with the weapon in Studious' hand, neno had to assume it was a deadly threat.

Drawing his sidearm, nenothtu grabbed it by the barrel and charged forward towards Studious. As he went, he bellowed at the top of his voice " I'll KILL a goddamned LIEUTENANT for far less than that!". The scream had the desired effect of startling everyone in the room, not the least of which was Studious. Just as Studious started to turn to meet this unexpected threat, and as soon as the muzzle of his weapon had swung out of line with Captain Luder's body, the but of nenothtu's sidearm made a rather violent contact with the back of Studious' skull, and dropped him like a pole axed steer.

For the space of a few seconds, you could have heard a pin drop on the bridge. Shortly, a female yeoman at her station stammered out " he... DEAD?"

Nenothtu clenched his jaw and growled "I can't rightly say that I give a rats hindquarters if he was, but naw, I don't think so. He ain't twitchin' like a deader should be at this point, anyhow." He looked around the bridge at the gaping mouths and wide eyes directed his way.

"Ain't y'all got a damn WAR to fight or something? I'll take care of this heap" and he prodded Studious' inert body with his toe. Opening a comm channel, neno called security. "Nenothtu to security. Bring a guard detail and a stretcher to the bridge. We have a guest to transport to the sickbay, under guard but immobile. Nenothtu out."

Then he bent down and picked up Studious' weapon. Reading off the serial number, he called security again. "Nenothtu to security. Trace weapon number" -he read off the serial number - "find out who it was issued to, and arrest that individual immediately. I'd prefer to charge them with stupidity, but since that ain't illegal, the charge is conspiracy to commit mutiny. I might add more charges later, after I think about it some, like mutiny, aiding and abetting, and a few others, but for now the one charge will do for detention. Nenothtu out."

Then he turned to captain Luder, making sure he could keep Studious' inert form in his line of sight. "Cap'n, why is it every time I come onto your bridge, I gotta whack somebody? You reckon I have a personality defect, or what?"

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The opening volleys were absolutely horrendous, As if space itself was set ablaze. Penelope's fighters flew into a maelstrom of flak as they began their attack runs on one ship while Penelope and the two remaining ships closed and exchanged a horrific amount of fire power.

The Penelope Rocked violently. The incoming rounds slammed into the hull repeatedly. Their rounds were getting through Penelope's shield generators. How the Hell was that possible? The Chief thought to himself... The Chief knew the armor would hold, but for how long?
Callan Yelled out.
We have a blow out on a secondary power conduit in section 8 deck 5.

The Chief brought up Horns station, He and the Chief quickly exchanged updates.
Horn take care of it.

Aye Chief

Callan interjected.
We are reading some mild power fluctuations in the primary power conduits to our phase cannons and Plasma Lance Turrets

Realign the converters and maintain power.

Aye Chief

Right then some panels blew out as the ship shuttered from further incoming rounds. The Chief typed in a few commands and brought up the weapons power grid schematics. He quickly typed in a reroute command and transferred more power from the evacuated outer sections of the ship to bolster weapons and defensive systems.

Chief I'm reading a rise in temp on the engine manifold intakes. The Chief quickly thumbed the comm to ensign Jackson's station. Jackson I need you to lock down that spike and run a bypass try venting it into space through the waste dump valves if you have to

There was no reply

Jackson are you there?

He's not responding. Callan take a small team and get down there. It's absolutely critical that we don't loose that pump.

Aye Chief

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Studious was carried out of the bridge by several medical staff on a stretcher and several guards accompanied them.

They took the unconscious "Colonel" to a small solitary "cell style" room in sickbay.


Upon hearing that Studious had been shot Lt. Jones takes Charles Dougherty aside and whispers “I need you to talk the Colonel. Find out what he needs us to do.”

Charles approaches the small room where Studious was placed in a corner of sickbay.

Charles: “Step aside Tommy”

Tommy: “The Lt. Commander ordered.”

Charles: “The Lt. Commander ordered? Isn't he the one that killed those prisoners?”

Tommy: “Hey we don’t know that, it’s just a rumor.”

Charles: “Look the Colonel's been hit and I’m going in to see the him….now stand aside.”

The two security guards don’t move.

Charles: “STAND ASIDE!”

The guards move out of the way and Charles enters the small room.

Charles: “Colonel?…..Sir.”

Studious: “How bad is it…..uh….” he searches for a nametag “Mr. Dougherty?”

Charles: “It’s bad sir, There’s a rumor among security that we’ve killed sedated prisoners.”

Studious: “Dear God…….The Captain’s lost his mind.” Under his breath his whispers “God I hope this is just mind control.”

Charles: “Lt. Jones sent me. Give us an order sir”

Studious: “As quietly as you can you contact Badger and get to the Chief Engineer.”

Charles: “What about Neno?”

Studious: “No, you won’t be able to talk to the him he’s sided with the Captain. But you can get to the Chief. We gotta have the Chief he’s the key. He can shut down the whole ship. You get me those men, a small security force then come back and get me.”

Charles: “Ay sir”

Studious: “Don’t get overzealous now and try to recruit the whole ship….I don’t want a bloodbath.”

Charles: “Yes sir, right away”

Charles leaves and heads for engineering. Arriving he searches for the engineering chief.

Finding him in all the chaos he asks “Commander can I speak to in the passageway? It’s urgent sir.”

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At the Captain's command, Asher brought the combat shielding and the weapons to armed status within three milliseconds. Seventeen milliseconds later, he unleashed a small apocalypse.

Quantum Buster diverted energy missiles and fusion warheads streaked towards the Erebus class Battleships, and they launched in kind.

For the next sixty seconds, that particular quadrant of the solar system ignited like a second star.

The Erebus class Battleship that had been the subject of their initial surprise attack was consumed by the heat and ultrahard radiation less than twelve seconds in. At sixty four seconds, the heat and residual exotic matter had began to dissipate back into its neutral state.

The Penelope's shield systems coughed out their last gasp and collapsed as the remaining enemy battleship's shields did the same.

Asher mused that Chief Engineer Slayer must be frantic. The entire shield generator array must have been a pile of molten slag after that barrage.

At seventy-seven seconds, the second phase began. The goal was now to cause as many hull breaches in the enemy as possible now that the shielding was offline.

With all warheads spent, it was now up the the "Luminal" Class torpedoes and the Mag-Rail batteries. Without a second's hesitation, the batteries began to pound out enormous iron slugs at the enemy battleships, which retaliated with a vengeance.

Asher opened up coms with Fighter Lead "Badger".

[Ok Flight Lead, everything's cooled down out there. Begin your attack runs. They have no fighters or boarding craft it would seem, so concentrate fire on any torpedoes that the launch. Godspeed.]

With the fighters armed and on the case, Asher reviewed the damage they were taking. Hull breaches were starting to spring up here and there, with increasing frequency.

Suddenly, a flight of cloaked Ishtar-Class Stealth fighters emerged into real-space and began attacking the Penelope's fighter squadrons.

Asher could do nothing but sit back and watch the pitched battle and let his guns do what they could. Already he had lost thirteen of fifty.

He hoped the Penelope could hold together a little longer...

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 06:17 PM
As the battle raged outside the ship, nenothtu's comm unit buzzed, nearly sending him outside of his skin. "DAMMIT! My nerves just ain't set up for that!" he exclaimed. Slapping the comm unit, he spoke. "Nenothtu here. Speak."

The voice on the other end seemed hesitant, but stammered out, "Si... uh, Chie...umm... BOSS, that weapon you called in is registered as being issued to Lieutenant Jones, of the Marines."

"Okay, so PICK HIM UP ON CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MUTINY! If he resists, deadly force is authorized. Repeat, Deadly force is authorized in the event of resistance. We WILL regain command of this ship from mutineers, or by all that is unholy, I will find a way to BLOW HER UP WHERE SHE SITS! This vessel will NOT fall into enemy hands intact! Protecting Penelope and her crew is second priority now, protection of the UEF is FIRST priority as of this instant. Do you realize what a gang of pirates could DO with this ship? GET LT. JONES, AND GET HIM YESTERDAY! Since the weapon came from him, and he's still on the loose and Studious' right hand man, triple the guard on Studious. RIGHT NOW. If a contingent of Marines attempt to break him out, lay waste to the herd of 'em. AM I CLEAR?"

"the voice on the other end SOUNDED like it snapped to attention. "YESSIR! RIGHT AWAY SIR!" then, some what more timidly, added "Boss, is it true... the rumor about you blowing up prisoners...?"

Nenothtu nearly exploded. "WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A YOUNG WAR, WHERE WE"RE ALL GONNA DIE, AND YOU WANT TO SORT OUT MARQUIS OF QUEENSBURY RULES NOW? That question can wait 'till we're not up to our collective asses in alligators! I'll stand trial for whatever I need to. The fact that you are alive to ask that question means my methods work. RIGHT NOW WE HAVE JOBS TO DO! GET TO WORK ON YOURS! Nenothtu OUT!"

A few minutes later, neno's comm unit buzzed again, causing him to jump as usual. "Nenothtu here. SPEAK!"

"Uhhh... boss... this is the guard reinforcement for Lieutenant Studious. It seems that Charles Dougherty has been here and gone."

Neno thought for a moment. "Good to know my boys are on the job. Since he's gone, I presume they turned him away BEFORE I issued the arrest order for his boss, right?"

"Umm.. well,... nooo... they didn't turn him away at all. He's been in to visit Lt Studious."

"WHAT? DO YOU THINK I'M RUNNING A SOCIAL CLUB HERE? Those guards are relieved of duty, as of now. Leave a heavy guard on Studious, escort the guards who don't understand their chain of command to the brig, they can contemplate just WHO commands them from behind bars. Then return to Studious and leave a triple guard at his door. NO ONE, NO ONE, other than Command staff of the Penelope is to get in. I will SHOOT the next subordinate who disobeys me during this emergency. Detain Charles Dougherty as a possible accessory in the crime of mutiny. If I AIN'T understood, you better figure it out quick! Nenothtu out."

Nenothtu sunk down into his comfortable chair that was all that was left of the bridge from the LAST time it had blown up, and shook his head.

"KIDS these days! Everything is fun and games until somebody gets an eye put out! We got all hell breaking loose outside, and they wanna play this SILLY junk inside! Must think they're immortal or something." he muttered, shaking his head some more.

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