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2009 Depression Validated

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 01:57 AM
Headlines for March 13th 2009

G20 split on crisis response as talks loom

G20 rift deepens ahead of crisis response talks

China ‘Worried’ Over Safety of U.S. Debt, Wen Says (Update3)

China expresses worry over its U.S. assets

More stimulus needed? Possibly

Europeans Could Balk at Geithner's Call for Spending

Global Economy First Quarter Likely to Be `Pretty Bad,' ECB's Wellink Says

Aso Orders Third Stimulus, Explores Stock Support as Japan Economy Slides

Japan Will Inject $1.2 Billion Into Three Regional Banks to Boost Lending

Japan's Nikkei 225 Soars Most in 2009 on Government Support Speculation

Barker Says Bank of England Money-Printing Is Needed as Recession Worsens

Jobless Rate Above 10% Defines Recession Across U.S. as Bernanke Predicted

Goldman Cuts 2009 Global Economic Growth Forecast, Sees a 1% Contraction

U.S. Military Chief `Extremely Concerned' by Pakistan's Political Crisis

Can Pakistan's President Maintain Power?

Pakistan Protesters Vow to Hold Islamabad Rally After Police Arrest 1,000

Japan: We'll Shoot Down Rocket

North Korea Closes Border Posts, Stranding Hundreds of Visitors From South

Calderon Defends Mexico's Anti-Drug War, Countering Claims He Lost Control

Mexico's Drug Cartels May Be Joining Forces

U.S. Troops Requested Along Mexican Border

Long-term GE investors fret, fume over stock slide

Citi doesn't need more government capital: Parsons

Buffett's Berkshire Downgrade Further Thins Ranks of AAA-Rated Companies

Banks Rush Bond Sales as FDIC Says It May Raise Guarantee Fees

KKR Losses Show Failure to Close Loan Gap Raising Bankruptcies

Life insurers may need to raise capital, FBR says

Fed Program to Revive Consumer, Business Lending May Start With Few Deals

Sompo, Nipponkoa Plan $9.7 Billion Merger as Japan Insurance Premiums Wane

South Korea Plans $27 Billion Fund for Distressed Bonds as Economy Slides

Singapore's Retail Sales Plunge the Most in a Decade as Recession Deepens

Billionaire Packer Scraps U.S. Casino Acquisition, Sells Ranches to Hands

Hands's Terra Firma Buys 90% Stake in Packer's Australian Cattle Ranches

Babcock & Brown Appoints Administrator After Opposition From Bondholders

Canadian Banks Lower Their Forecasts for the Economy as Recession Worsens

Canada's Unemployment Rate Climbs to 7.7 Percent, the Highest Since 2003

Lithuanian Government Plans `Radical' Spending Cuts, Finance Minister Says

Swiss Re to Pay 12% Interest on Warren Buffett's $2.5 Billion Investment

Dexia Faces EU Investigation of $8.3 Billion Government Capital Injection

SAS to Sell Shares at 88% Discount as Nordic Airline Slashes Jobs, Routes

BMW, Fiat, European Automakers Find $3.8 Billion Loan Package Falls Short

Ghost Towns Sprout in Finland as Forest-Industry Collapse Threatens Growth

Italy's National Debt Reached 105.8% of GDP Last Year, Central Bank Says

Larosiere's Report on Regulation Disappointed, Bini Smaghi Tells Il Sole

IMF Gives Congo $195.5 Million Loans to Ease Impact of Falling Exports

Zimbabwe Needs Financial Help to Prevent Disaster, Minister Biti Says

American Axle gets "going concern" notice

China Needs Another $2 Trillion of Treasuries: William Pesek

There's No Pill for This Kind of Depression

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 07:42 PM
Headlines for March 14th 2009

G-20 Countries Pledge Sustained Action

Obama Denies Rift Among G-20 Over How Best to Solve Global Economic Crisis

IMF Bailout Pool Will Be Doubled as Crisis Engulfs More Emerging Economies

Another twist for the unemployed: Debit card fees

Cash-hungry U.S. states turn to Web to auction goods

MGM mulling breakup to pay looming debts: report

U.S. museums cutting back due to recession

Pakistan Police Arrest Protesters in Cities, Block Roads as Troops Readied


City Of Springfield MA -89
National Machinery 2 Week Layoff -340
City Of Aspen -6
Mariposa County Schools -20
Toledo Police -75
Michelin -42
Richland County Sheriff's Office -12
Lincoln Paper And Tissue -17
Vallourec And Mannesmann Tubes Corp. -50
Cessna Aircraft Plans Furloughs
Hawker Beechcraft Laying Off
Baker Hughes 2nd Round -1,500
Freightliner Opens a $300 million Plant In Mexico (after laying of 1,200 in the US)
Multnomah County -13
City Of Half Moon Bay -19
BC Ferries -35 Hufcor Inc. -100

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 03:44 AM
Headines for March 15th 2009

White House: G-20 Nations Reach General Consensus

G-20 Pledges `Sustained Effort' Needed to Restore Global Economic Growth

Obama's new strategy: Blaming Bush for 'mess'

Obama Reassures Investors

U.S. economy is sound, Obama says

Biden: Economic confidence returning

Geithner Says He'll Soon Offer Details on His Plan for Toxic-Asset Cleanup

Factory Output, Home Building Probably Dropped as U.S. Recession Deepened

Obama Autos Task Force Hires Bankruptcy Lawyer

Fair-Value Accounting Isn't Working, Wells Fargo Chairman Kovacevich Says

AIG Paying Big Bonuses

Iran, China Sign $3.2B Gas Deal

Napolitano: Plan Near for Dealing With Mexico Border Violence

2,000 more troops arrive in Mexico border city

Clinton Will Visit Mexico as U.S. Weighs Using Troops in Border Drug Wars

Japan Says It Has Legal Right to Shoot Down N.Korean Rocket, AP Reports

Russia May Base Strategic Bombers in Cuba, Venezuela, Air Force Chief Says

Pakistan arrests opposition leader

Japanese Bonds Complete Second Weekly Loss on Concern Supply Will Increase

Yosano Says Fiscal Limits Are Biggest Obstacle to Countering Global Crisis

Japan Will Inject $1.2 Billion Into Three Regional Banks to Boost Lending

South Korea to Offer Tax Exemption to Companies Selling Assets to Pay Debt

Russian Dividends May Plummet 57% as China Stock Payouts Show Resilience

EU's Kroes Says Banks Getting Aid From Governments Must Be `More Prudent'

Darling Signals U.K. May Hold Back on Size of Next Stimulus

Tremonti Says He Would Hand All Financial Oversight Powers to the ECB

Noyer Says French Banks Don't Need Further Help Cleaning Up Toxic Assets

French Bankruptcy Filings Are Nearly Double 2008 Level, Le Figaro Reports

SocGen to Shut Down Australia Corporate-Lending Business, Australian Says

Merkel Said to Weigh Plan to Absorb Toxic Bank Debts, Avoiding New Bailout

Merkel Defends Halt to Stimulus, Says First Packages Need Chance to Work

Soffin Head Rehm Urges Rapid Hypo Real Estate Nationalization, FASZ Says

Intesa Sanpaolo May Apply for Italian Government Aid, Chief Passera Says

Canada Trade, Job Reports Indicate Nation's Economic Recession Deepening

Canadian Officials Prepared to Accelerate Asset Purchases to Help Economy

Carney Says Canadian Economic Outlook Has Worsened Amid Global Slump

Bank of Canada's Carney Sees `Further Deterioration,' May Revise Outlook

Brazil Will Suspend Most Hiring as Tax Revenue Declines, Globo Reports

IMF Gives Congo $195.5 Million in Loans to Ease Impact of Falling Exports

Zimbabwe Needs Financial Help to Prevent Disaster, Finance Minister Says

South Africa Seizes Unproductive Farm Under New Land Use Policy, SAPA Says

Churches go from boom to bust

Stop Saving Now!

Donald Trump Is Sued by Condo Buyers Over Abandoned Mexico Luxury Resort

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 09:41 PM
G-20 Turns Sights on Toxic Assets in United Call to Cleanse Balance Sheets

European Banks Desperate To Avoid Recognizing Losses On Their 8 Trillion Us Holding

IMF poised to print billions of dollars in 'global quantitative easing'

Bernanke: Recovery to begin next year

Treasury Premium Triples for Newest Bonds as Pimco Sees Off-the-Run Values

TALF Is Reworked After Investors Balk

Pension Bills to Surge Nationwide

AIG names recipients of its bailout money

Central Banks Gorge on Dollars as Englander, JPMorgan See `Crowded' Trade

Euro Declines Versus Dollar on Concern Region Will Fail to Counter Turmoil

Bank of England's Bulletin Says U.K. Mortgage Bond Markets May Stay Shut

Lloyds Banking Group Investors Form Combine to Counter Bank's `Mistakes'

Ackermann Defends Deutsche Bank's Profit Target, Rejects Government Help

World-Beating China Rally Doomed by PetroChina's 52% Discount in Hong Kong

Foreign Direct Investment in China Falls for Fifth Month on Global Crisis

China's Forex Agency Loses Tens of Billions on Global Stocks, FT Reports

Bank of Japan May Purchase Subordinated Debt Issued by Banks, Nikkei Says

Venezuela Will Confiscate 30 Fishing Vessels After Chavez Bans Trawling

Chavez Deploys Navy to Venezuela's Seaports

Australia Extends Review of Chinalco's Investment in Rio Tinto by 90 Days

Global Mining Acquisitions Plunge 40% to $127 Billion; Decline Continues

Natural Gas Rigs Closing as Short-Sellers Quit Means Prices Set to Double

New Zealand Services Industry Contracted for an 11th Month as Sales Slow

J.C. Flowers, Finance Ministry Officials Meet to Discuss Hypo Real Rescue

Pakistan to Reinstate Judges, End Rally Ban, Free Protesters, Gilani Says

Luxottica to Shut 100 Stores, Cut Advertising Budget for Ray-Bans, Brands

10,000 attend job fair at Dodger Stadium

In bad economy, TV news turns to average Americans

Sun 3-15-2009

Penguin LLC/Iceberg Enterprises -150+
NorSask Forest Products Shuts Mill -40
Art Gallery Of Ontario -100
Celestica Inc. Closing Plant -81
Butte County Teachers -332
Excela Health -70
Dielectric Solutions Laying Off
Eaton Closing Indiana Plant -103
Timken Idles Plant For 2 Weeks -355
Spot Runner -60
Victorville CA Schools -295
Possible Anderson Automatics -23

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 12:37 AM
Headlines for March 16th 2009

U.S. to Toughen Finance Rules

Bernanke May Buy Treasuries After King's Gilt Purchases Drive Down Yields

Britain showing signs of heading towards 1930s-style depression, says Bank

U.K. Households Lost $2.7 Trillion of Wealth Since July 2007, PwC Says

Now Alistair Darling puts the Mint up for sale

Merkel Spurns Obama's Plea for More Stimulus, Keeping EU's Cashbox Locked


NY Fed manufacturing worsens in March

U.S. Industrial Production Fell 1.4% in February (Update1)

Jobs: Trying to stop the bloodletting

Job worries have tripled, poll shows

FIRST-QUARTER LAYOFFS: Selection Of Job Cuts By Major Companies

Wells Fargo Chief Blames TARP for Payout Cut, Calls Stress Test `Asinine'

China Eases Overseas Investing Rules as Commodity Slump Spurs Bargain Hunt

Yen Falls a Third Day on Concern Investors to Seek Higher Yields Overseas

Banco Popolare Makes Offer to Buy Banca Italease, Plans to Form New Units

Barclays Discusses Sale of iShares as Bank Tries to Avoid Government Stake

Royal Bank of Scotland Faces Lawsuits from U.K. Pension Funds on Losses

Flowers Has to Wait to Resume Hypo Talks Until Germany Passes Seizure Law

Flowers Says Hypo Seizure Would Risk Scaring Investors Away From Germany

Argentine Budget Nearing Deficit on Revenue Drop, Loser Says: Week Ahead

MGM Mirage Said to Offer Casinos as Security to Avoid Default

MGM puts casino on the block

Six Flags Says Debt Holder Refuses to Meet Company, Discuss Restructuring

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 01:14 PM
Depression Fears Subside on Bernanke's Remarks, Rally in U.S. Stock Market

Small-Business Loans to Get Boost as Obama, Geithner Raise Guarantee Level

Retirement Plans Need Overhaul After $2 Trillion in Losses, Advocates Say

White House bracing for a bailout backlash

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Holds Near Record Low as Market Slump Persists

Retail REITs Have Further to Fall as Stores Struggle (Update1)

Now It's Official: Public Private Partnership to Overpay for Toxic Bank Assets

U.S. credit card defaults rise to 20 year-high

EU May Increase $32 Billion Ceiling on Aid to Members Facing Cash Shortage

European Inflation Stays Close to 10-Year Low; Payrolls Shrink by Record

Each UK job 'chased by 10 people'

Serbia seeks IMF emergency loan

Latin America's Economy May Shrink 4%, Most Since `80, Morgan Stanley Says

Mexico to impose sanctions on US exports

California not so dreamy for workers

Corporate meltdown leaves renters in limbo

Free Market Meltdown? Economists Fret Over Return to Price Controls

Alcoa to Slash Dividend 82%, Raise $1.1 Billion as Aluminum Demand Slides

‘Medieval’ U.S. Law Firm Pay Structure Buckles (Update1)

Mon 3-16-2009

Imperium Renewables Biodiesel Plant -24
Idaho Statesman -25
Kaiser Permanente IT Jobs -860
Electrolux Cuts Again
Trussway Ltd. -131
News and Observer -78
Lufkin Industries -77
New Hanover County -27
Rowan Co. -150
Lincoln Industries -60
Boise ID School District -122
Jeld-Wen Cuts Again -50
Daewoo Bus Corp. -507
Jones Plastic Engineering -11
Brookdale Hospital -222

Cambodia Garment Orders Drop 40% -51,000

School District U46 -350
UBS Plans More Layoffs -5,000
Art Iron Inc. Toledo OH -Dozens
Catholic Charities In AZ -18
Eaton Cuts Again -17
R.R. Donnelley Plant Closes -160
Columbia County Schools -100
Huron County Ohio Unemployment 18.3%
Maine Audubon -12
Green Diamond Resources -85
Phoenix Technologies -68

Aldi Inc. Denton TX +400

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 11:46 PM
Headlines for March 17th 2009
Happy St Paddys Day!

Bernanke May Need `Massive' Asset Purchases to Counter Deeper Contraction

&dist=hplatest]Foreig n debt purchases fall sharply in January

Treasurys Are 'Disaster Waiting to Happen': Dr. Doom

FDIC Boosting Fees for U.S. Lenders Tapping Debt Guarantee Plan

Obama scraps governor's plan for stimulus cash

Poll: Frustration Growing Over Bailouts

Justice Thomas Says Americans Self-Indulgent, Don't Sacrifice

Whitney: Banking Woes Likely to Get Worse in 2009

Credit Card Issuers Choke U.S. Businesses With Higher Rates, Credit Limits

Citi, Morgan Stanley look to sidestep bonus caps: report

AIG Faces Pressure From Obama, Subpoena From Cuomo on Worker Retention Pay

AIG Plans Retention Pay for Staff Facing Dismissal (Correct)

AIG likely won’t be able to pay taxpayers back

Royal Bank of Scotland pulls out of project financing

Iowa Senator Says AIG Executives Should 'Resign or Commit Suicide'

Banks Giving Back Bailout Money?

Goldman Offers Loans to Stretched Employees

Jim Rogers Says U.S. Government Bailouts Add to Risk of Global Depression

Housing Starts in U.S. Probably Slumped to Record as Foreclosures Climbed

Ackman Seeks General Growth Seat, Expects Bankruptcy (Update2)

General Growth gets some lender consents on waivers

MatlinPatterson Exits Thornburg Stake, Cites Possible Bankruptcy

MGM Mirage, GM Lead Wave of Filing Delays as Valuations Plummet

Airports’ Homeless Resist Moving

Mexico Retaliates With Tariffs After U.S. Bans Trucks (Update1)

China Economy is Key to Japan's Recovery Hopes, Mitsubishi UFJ's Saji Says

Japan's Bonds Decline as Rising Stocks Damp Demand for Safety at Auction

Bank of Japan May Make Loans to Banks to Replenish Capital, Spur Lending

Hong Kong Jobless Rate Climbs to 32-Month High of 5% as Recession Deepens

Ukraine Faces `Bloodbath' as Investment Funds Can't Exit, Prosperity Says

Romanian Leu May Decline to Record Low Following IMF Bailout, Merrill Says

Bulgaria to Borrow More From EBRD to Cope With Effect of Economic Crisis

German Investor Sentiment May Drop in March on Signs of Deeper Recession

UniCredit's Fortunes May Sour as Economic Growth Falters in Eastern Europe

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E. Economies to Shrink This Year, Merrill Says

Mexican Banks' `Party' May Be Coming to End as Economy Falters, Fitch Says

Ecuador's Reserves Slide to $3.31 Billion, Extending Plunge to 47 Percent

Bermuda's Credit Ratings May Be Downgraded by Moody's as Economy Falters

Rio's $19.5 Billion Chinalco Deal Threatened by Australian Senate Inquiry

Libya May Seek to Buy Verenex, Block China National Pact for Oil Explorer

Nokia to cut 1,700 jobs in sinking phone market

Cathay Pacific's Tyler Says Outlook Is `Big Worry,' Bottom Not Visible Yet

Task Force Open to Auto Aid, Avoiding Bankruptcy, Rattner Says

Auto delinquency rates rise nearly 9 percent in 4Q

GM bondholders: Our plan best chance for automaker

Chrysler Seeks More Aid for Finance Arm, Chief Says (Update1)

Ford Forecasts Russian Sales to Plunge 50% as Oil-Fueled Economy Falters

Mazda Will Seek Japan's Aid After Losses Shut Automaker Out of Bond Market

Coca-Cola Sacrifices Low Rates for Safety as Money Markets Prove Perilous

North Korean Human Rights Conditions `Dire and Desperate,' UN Envoy Says

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:44 PM
Frank Calls Regulatory Effort Biggest Task Since ‘30s (Update2)

Merkel, Sarkozy Urge G-20 to Make Overhaul of Financial Rules Top Priority

Brown Takes Steps Toward Apology, Not Blame for Crisis as Criticism Mounts

Guttenberg Warns Against `Finger Pointing' Over Different Stimulus Steps

Bank of Italy Chief Draghi Urges Banks to Strengthen Their Capital Ratios

Ruling LDP Members Call for $150 Billion in Economic Stimulus Measures

AIG's Employee Bonuses May Face Excise Tax From `Outraged' U.S. Senators

Caterpillar cuts another 2,454 jobs

Chrysler Said to Study Pulling Out of Canada Should Talks With Union Fail

Nissan Plans to Sell $1.3 Billion in Auto Bonds Through Fed's TALF Program

Paulson & Co. Acquires $1.28 Billion Stake in AngloGold Ashanti

German Shipbuilders Face Cancellation of Orders Worth $1.2 Billion in 2009

MGM Mirage Says Auditors Question Ability to Continue (Update2)

Tue 3-17-2009

Ramtron -17%
HiRel Systems Closing Plant -50
Food Word -431
Road Home Program -500
More Layoffs At American Funds
Garlock Cuts Again -17
WestPoint Home Inc. -12
Resurrection Healthcare -125
Stanley Tools -36
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Up To -1,200
GE Healthcare -175
University Of Maine Layoffs Inevitable

Layoffs Coming To MySpace

Caterpillar Update -2,454
Panasonic -130
Potash Corp. -940
Trail King Trailers -75
Caterpillar Engine Plant -439
Caterpillar Closing Fuel Facility -89
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of MI -1,000
Nokia -1,700
Taylor Made Closing FL Plant -24
Wilton Armetale Co. Closed -15
Ramtex Closing Plant -205
Paper and Printing Companies On The Ropes
Food Co. Kings Delight Closing Plant -78
Catawissa Closing Plant -100
2 More Auto Suppliers Close Plants -80
Texas Hydraulics -117
West Aurora School District -169
The Body Shop -18
Zambia Copper Mine -1,321
Clarksville Gas and Water -22
Harris Interactive -90
Smurfit Stone Container -83
TRW Cutting More -42
Merillat -35 Merkle Inc. -34
Corning Cable Systems -200
News Tribune In Tacoma -30
Caterpillar In Pontiac Rolling Layoffs -40
Scopus Video Networks -100
Applied Materials In Austin -50
Getty Images -110
Hawker Beechcraft In Salina KS -41
The Olympian -15

Mutual Of Omaha +100

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 01:31 AM
Headlines for March 18th 2009

Fed resumes meeting, focus seen on existing plans

UPDATE 1-IMF sees 2009 world GDP down 0.5 to 1.5 pct -report

AIG Bonuses Will Be Recovered, 'Wind Down' Accelerated, Geithner Pledges

AIG Firestorm Raises Alarm For Other Firms

Freddie Mac: The Government's Next Black Hole?

Trump: 'AIG has politicians right where they want them'

House committee scrutinizes Merrill bonuses

Fed Wrestles Over How to Inject Credit Into Economy (Update1)

Fed scopes out options with key rate near zero

Crisis having "major" impact on central bank reserve management

FSA Report Promises a `Very British Revolution' in Financial Regulation

U.S. money funds may choose safety over yields: report

Hedge funds may benefit from government cash to AIG: report

Nearly 15 percent of hedge funds closed last year

Report Says 163 Banks Could Be At Risk

Analysts: Next bailout will be a tougher sell

Goldman seeks backers for new fund

Chicago Fed Jan Midwest factory index at 15-yr low

GE Capital Loss Lurking in Moscow Loans, U.S. Cards (Update1)

GM CEO says Ford/UAW agreement won't work for GM

Chrysler Is Said to Prepare for Pullout From Canada Over Union Labor Costs

World Bank cuts China 2009 GDP forecast to 6.5 percent

Bank of Japan to Buy More Government Bonds to Spur Lending, Revive Growth

UniCredit Fourth-Quarter Net Falls; Bank May Seek $5 Billion in State Aid

U.K. Government Is Looking For More Ways to Help Stabilize Housing Market

Unemployment tops two million

U.K. Readies Turks & Caicos Takeover on Finding of `Systemic Corruption'

Australia's Leading Economic Index Declines to Level Indicating Recession

Russian Will Have Budget Deficit of $86.5 Billion This Year, Interfax Says

Latvian Economy Will Shrink More Than Previously Forecast, Swedbank Says

Praktiker to Shorten Work Hours for 4,000 at Third of Stores, FAZ Reports

Owners skulking away from "underwater" U.S. homes

Indiana Town That Was Obama's Poster Child for Stimulus Waits for Relief

Where have all the cars gone?

Parked Rail Cars, Blight To Small Ind. Town

Germany Still Waiting for GM's Opel Plan, Economy Minister Guttenberg Says

Honda Credit Rating Cut to A1 From Aa3 by Moody's as Auto Demand Tumbles

BMW gives no profit target for 2009, focus on cash

Sony Cuts Dividend Payment 15% as Recession Triggers Record Operating Loss

Sony Plans U.K. Job Cuts as Part of Global Reduction of 8,000 Positions

N. Korea may initiate surprise attack on S. Korea: ministry

SNAP ANALYSIS: In blocking Coke, China sends chilling message

Higher gas, clothing prices push up CPI

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Dollar plunges on Fed Treasury-buying plan

Dollar Falls Most Since 2000 Against Euro on Fed's Plan to Buy Treasuries

Treasuries Surge as Fed Expands Asset Purchases to Include Government Debt

Fed to Buy $300 Billion of Treasuries, Keeps Interest-Rate Range Unchanged

Wed 3-18-2009

Truck-Lite Cuts Again: Tally is now -148
Cerus Corp. -31
Ingram Books -30
University of Missouri Press -7
Gates Corp. Cuts Again -68
G.W. Lisk Co. -30
Brands Direct -147
Knapheide In Quincy IL -158
Dana -5,800
New Process Gear Closing Plant -1,400
SierraPine -75 J
Eagle Precision Technologies Closes -72
Trelleborg Closing Plant -90
Sonoco Closing Cardboard Plant -58
Weyerhauser Closes Dallas Mill -78
Misc Auto Suppliers Chopping -280
Star Tribune -24
Ford Stamping Plant Temp Layoffs -50
St. Mary's Innovis -19
Clifford Chance -35
Universal McCann -55
Railroads Chopping -1,678
Columbus Newspaper -20
Crane and Co. -70
Drug Fair HQ -50
Delaware River and Bay Authority -14
Talbots Shutting 20
Stores -370
PC Connection -100
Asarco Temp Layoffs -55
Ledger-Enquirer -20
Amex Closing Halifax Call Center -87
Sea Ray Boats Cuts Again -35
ChaCha -25
Belleville News Group -30
Hawaii Superferry -106
Eagle Point School District -29
Hartford CT Schools -122
ICM -98
Swanson Group -112
Pyco Oil Mill -30
Eramet Marietta -110

Total today - (estimate ) - 11,816

and not including -
GM Idles Pontiac Plant For 3 Weeks -3,200

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 02:12 AM
Headlines for March 19th 2009

Dollar Rally Crumbles as Fed Ramps Up Printing Press (Update2)

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

Nobel-prize winner backs world currency

Two GOP Reps Call For Geithner's Resignation

Poll: Americans fear losing their quality of life

Role and value of U.S. dollar set to fall: Asia think tanks

Bernanke's Grand Experiment Continues

Naked Short Sales Hint Fraud in Bringing Down Lehman (Update1)

Dodd admits role in AIG bonuses

Why AIG Wasn't Allowed to Fail

Citi, Morgan Stanley eye more shares to aid staff pay: report

Moody's may cut $241 billion jumbo mortgage debt

Four Fannie Mae execs to get big bonuses

Auto suppliers to get $5 billion in aid

Some bailed-out companies owe U.S. taxes: lawmaker

New nationwide strike hits France

G20 Protests London April 1st, Alternative conference, and print your own money

UPDATE 1-EU to resist extra stimulus calls despite Fed move

UPDATE 1-Merkel says Germany has done its part on stimulus

RPT-Q & A: What can the EU do to help E.Europe?

Japan's USJ to go private in Goldman-led buyout

UPDATE 3-S.Korea plans to spend $3.5 bln on 550,000 new jobs

Wal-Mart awarding $2 billion to U.S. hourly employees

Loss-making Sony freezes wages; others may follow

China's factories get desperate as orders drop

Operator ordered to sell UK airports

As recession deepens, more Americans go fishing

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 04:33 PM
Fed plan may lower rates, but at what cost?

FDIC: U.S. Needs New Bailout Model

Geithner says responsible for AIG bonus flap

Will Geithner Survive The AIG Scandal?

U.S. jobless rolls swell to record 5.47 million

Wilbur Ross sees more banking failures

UPDATE 1-Half of top auto suppliers face bankruptcy-study

U.S. throws lifeline to distressed auto suppliers

Fund firms run out of ideas as crisis bites

U.S. unemployment rate likely around 9.5 percent: think tank

Sarkozy under pressure as French protests hit streets

Thousands in Argentina protest crime

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 07:47 AM

3-19-2009 -18
Claremont Resort -77
BP Amaco -52 Kaneva -25
NY City Public Health System -400
Kirby Risk -41 OneAmerica -114
UTC CEO: If F22 Is Canceled -3,000

Tenaris Laying Off Almost All Workers
Nearly 800 Sault Ste. Marie steelworkers will be riding out the global economic meltdown on the unemployment line by this weekend.

Mueller Brass -120
Wood Structures Inc. Closing -180
Siemens Energy Closing Plant -75
Weastec Closing Plant -185
APC Closing Plant -75
GE Energy Closes Plant -70
Belden Closing Virginia Plant -45
Lorain OH Firemen -7
New Albany-Floyd County Schools -15
Barrington Community Schools -13
New Lenox SD Teachers -122
S and K Menswear Liquidating 30 Stores
Unilever Plant Closing -110
Ustream -4
Armour-Eckrich Meats Closing -400
Commercial Vehicle Group Closing -71
MeadWestvaco Corp. Closing Plant -171
Marathon Equipment Closing -71
St. Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids -43
Uni-Solar Idles Plants 2 Weeks -400
Morgan Olson Corp. -170
U.S. Olympic Committee -54
GE Pittsfield Plant -100
Timken Since Dec -155
City Of Baltimore -153
Naples Airport -9
Oshkosh Truck Temp Layoffs
Polsinelli Shughart Law Firm -25
U.S. Steel Corp. In Alabama -200
Dura-Bond Industries -180
Golden Moon Casino -77
ThyseenDrupp Waupaca -160
Beth Isreal -150
Graco Cuts Again -180
American Steamship Warns of Layoffs
Aventine Renewable Energy -25
Lawrence County OH -6

More layoff listing and charts

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:11 AM
Headlines for March 20th 2009

AP: Budget deficit to hit $1.8 trillion this year

U.S. Budget Office offers darker economic and deficit outlook

USA has two options to save its economy: declare default or trigger off war

U.S. Injecting Billions Into Foreign Central Banks

Bernanke Says Fed Trying to Oppose Forces Countering Rate Cuts

Do away with Geithner, Bernanke: Forbes to Obama


Bair Says FDIC's Deposit Reserves May Fall to Zero Without New Bank Fees

FDIC Closes Sale of Indymac, Loses $10.7 billion

3 Banks Fail:
TeamBank, National Association, Paola, KS March 20, 2009
Colorado National Bank, Colorado Springs, CO March 20, 2009
FirstCity Bank, Stockbridge, GA March 20, 2009

U.S. seizes 2 big credit unions

SEC probes insider trading at subprime lenders

US calls on Sweden's "Mr Fix It" Bo Lundgren

U.S. Postal Service to Close Some Offices, Offer 150,000 Early Retirement

General Growth loses some malls after defaults

California unemployment hits 10.5% in February

California Jobless Rate Climbs to Highest Level Since 1983

States: We'll take stimulus - our way

State, local watchdogs to keep eye on stimulus spending

Can we bail out of the bailouts?

In new dilemma, banks cite 2 paths to disaster

Anti-AIG demonstrations draw small, animated crowds

AIG Bonus Crusade Spreads

AIG at 'center of the web,' Eliot Spitzer says

Probes of AIG Bonuses Started by Officials in New Jersey, 18 Other States

Goldman Sachs, Welfare Queen

Booming Business For Car Repo Men

In American crisis, anger and guns

Financial fears grow
More consumers are just a paycheck or two away from ruin

Americans fear home price drop accelerating

San Francisco Bay Area Home Prices Dip Below $300,000 (Update1)

Highest State Foreclosure Rates

California "tent city" for homeless to be closed

GM, Chrysler May Need `Considerably' More Than $21.6 Billion, Rattner Says

General Motors' Wagoner Says Collapse Forced 'Re-Invention' of Automaker

World economy 'to shrink in 2009'

OECD May Cut China Growth Forecast to as Little as 6% on Global Recession

China to Develop Derivatives, Interest-Rate Options, Central Banker Says

Russian Economy Will Probably Contract 7% in First Quarter, Ministry Says

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus Currencies May Drop More, Deutsche Bank Says

Weber Says ECB to Cut Interest Rates Further, May Offer Longer-Term Loans

EU Leaders Agree to Double Assistance for Stressed States in Boost to East

EU agrees new IMF loans, eastern aid top-up

East European Rates Head to Record Lows as Central Banks Ignore Currencies

European Industrial Output Plunges by Most on Record (Update2)

Geneva Private Banks Face Creative Destruction as Swiss Secrecy Gives Way

Intesa to Seek $5.5 Billion of State Aid After Posting Fourth-Quarter Loss

Chavez May Announce Devaluation of Bolivar Tomorrow, Goldman Sachs Says

Chavez Runs Short of Cash for Takeovers, Contractors as Oil Prices Slump

Update: Israel's chief of staff comes home early after doors close in Obama's Washington

Desperate Japanese head to 'suicide forest'

Greenwich's `Rodeo Drive' Abandoned by Customers as Hedge Funds Collapse

Paralyzing Paris No Longer Goal as France's Strikes Put Crowds Above Fury

Violence sparks conversation on decriminalizing drugs

Fri 3-20-2009

Certainteed -55
Gibson Guitar -50
Orange County Bus Drivers -400
First Data Closes FL Call Center -105
Temp Layoffs At Finnair -1,600
Tri-Rivers Schools -15
Pacific Capital Bancorp -300
Boeing Issues Layoff Notices -900
Day-Brite -45
Motorsports Authentics -40
Wausau Homes -79
WH Transportation -49
TyssenKrupp -3,000
Areva Uranium Mine -100
Wisconsin Public Service Co. -310
Lam Research -375
Swanson Group Cuts Again -43
Georgia Pacific Dubuque Plant -12
Manitowoc -86
Flight Options Pilots -105
Trimaco LLC -10
International Paper Mount Vernon Plant -58
OptiSolar Shuts Down -200
Timken Honea Path Plant -65
University of Rochester -40
Katten Muchin Rosenman -69
Acciona Wind Turbine Plant -58
Anchorage Daily News -45
Jenner and Block Law Firm -34
TOTAL - (apprx) 8,318

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 12:13 AM
Headlines for March 21st 2009

IMF: Global economy to shrink for first time in 60 years

Layoffs spreading across sectors, bankrupt supermarket looted in north

In Israel, recession pressures boil over into looting

As global economy contracts, IMF urges action

Red ink rises in U.S.; EU eyes bigger IMF war chest

EU seeks doubling of IMF funds: final draft

Federal Reserve's Wider Regulatory Role in Doubt as Frank Retreats on Plan

Weber Says ECB to Cut Interest Rates Further, May Offer Longer-Term Loans

Darling Has Little Room for Fiscal Stimulus as Borrowing Soars, ITEM Says

British House Prices Face `Utterly Unprecedented' Decline, Bernstein Says

U.S. jobless rolls swell to record 5.47 million

U.S. unemployment rate likely around 9.5 percent: think tank

Dollar caps worst week in 24 years

GM bondholders appeal to break impasse in talks

Sportsman's Warehouse files for bankruptcy

Famed Greenbrier Resort Files for Bankruptcy

Canada parts makers seen facing cash disruptions

People's Bank of China to Deposit $2.9 Billion Cash in Commercial Lenders

Sony Ericsson to Post $534 Million First-Quarter Loss as Sales Evaporate

Singapore's economy to take at least 3 years to recover -paper

Hong Kong's Bankruptcies Climb to Five-Year High Amid Deepening Recession

Russia May Agree to Belarus Currency Swap After Denying $3 Billion Loan

Fitch Withdraws Tech Mahindra's Credit Rating Over Satyam Computer Bid

Hungary Prime Minister Gyurscany Offers to Resign to Fight Economic Crisis

Weavering Capital Files for Administration Amid Probe of $637 Million Swap

Koehler Warns Merkel Eastern Europe Crisis Could Hit Germany, Bild Reports

Billionaire Merckle Family Seeks Bridge Loan Extension as Deadline Nears

Hypo Real Estate Seizure Law Passed by Bundestag Amid Growing Misgivings

Daimler Trucks Cuts Pay, Marketing Budget to Save $1.3 Billion Amid Crisis

Opel Workers to Oppose Any Move to Cut Basic Pay, Union Leader Franz Says

Italian Unemployment Rate Climbs to 6.9%, Highest Jobless Level in 2 Years

Generali Cuts Dividend After Full-Year Net Drops 70%, More Than Estimated

Venezuelan Bolivar Sinks to 16-Month Low as Devaluation Speculation Mounts

Colombia Central Bank Reduces Rate by Full Point to 7% on Slowing Growth

Argentine Farmers Plan Roadblocks, Suspend Sales in Week-Long Tax Protest

Manufacturing Confidence in South Africa Almost Halves on Slide in Exports

Guinea President Shuts AngloGold Mine After Managers Fail to Go to Meeting

Pamodzi Gold Mine Gets High Court Liquidation Order; Shares Are Suspended

Tanzania May Adopt Most of Mining Review Panel's Suggestions on Revenue

Angola Plans to Buy Domestic Diamonds to Help Support Mining Companies

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 10:11 AM
Thanks for all the work you have put into this thread,wow!

I have a few questions. First has anyone found out who made the drawdown that Kanjorski told us about? I think its really a key to this whole deal and would love to know who done it. Second, do you think this was all carefully planned and by whom? This would explain two other events of 08 namely the 3rd id coming home for civil defence purposes and the event that Biden and other leaders warned us about.
The third question I have is did the bankers themselves plan this in order to purposely collapse the dollar or was the Fed caught in a trap which kinda seems that way to me being as they're desperately trying to save themselves by droping interest rates to near zero.
Even though I'm not an invester and I've been very fortunate not to be personally affected by this yet I'm still trying to figure out the who, wheres and whys and what may be in store for us in the future.
Through sheer personal financial prudence I was in a good position to weather this. I'm wondering should I take advantage yet and maybe buy a better house at this time with the fed rate so low or should I wait and spend all my money on a food store for the shtf scenario? I'm so uncertain now what to do, will the dollar even survive this? Does anybody know? I know I cant figure it out and I sure dont want to invest now with massive inflation appearing emminant but on the other hand there may never be a better time to buy than now. Maybe I should just try to refi whats left of my existing mortgage and hold tight. I dunno gives me one big headache,thanks again for the great thread.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by nickoli
Star 4 U!

I get very few visitor on this thread, but, I carry on...

Well as far as I can tell, there are 1 or 2 things going on...

1) US declared Bankrupy in 1933 and was "granted" a 75 Yr receivership

The $550B drawdown at the Fed...looks to have "originated" anywhere from the Middle East to far as I can trace can follow my train of thought with the link in the above thread...

or this thread...

2) It really is all about the CDO/CDS blowing up and then it's all you're hearing come out now...

It just could be the "Wizards of Wall St" built a "Bomb" years ago, and are only now setting off the Trapwire...a big accident/coincidence...

...or...a NWO move...on purpose...

I don't know what's going to happen...I wish I had the answers you seek...

I can amass all the info in the world (if I had the time/assistance) and make inferences, but, that's about it...

It would be nice, if someone was involved, sometime in the future, would spill the beans either after TSHTF and had nothing to lose or on a deathbed...

If I can be of anymore assistance feel free (for as long as possible under these circumstances) to ask...

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 05:31 PM
Obama says would not accept Geithner resignation

Credit union victim of soured mortgage market

Iceland takes over country's top two savings banks

Washington Mutual sues FDIC for over $13 billion

UPDATE 2-WTC developer seeks government financial aid - WSJ

UPDATE 1-Venezuela Chavez announcing economic measures

Venezuela announces 20 pct minimum wage hike

Venezuela ups '09 financing to $16 bln from $6 bln

Venezuela's Chavez increases sales tax to 12 pct

Venezuela's Chavez cuts '09 budget by 6.7 pct

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 06:27 PM
Also want to say 'great work!' for all of these headlines.You must never get any sleep.

A question I have in addition to those you just tried to address is, do you have a list of banks that are in danger, or are weak?

I have looked around, but have read that the FDIC won't publish their list.

Thanks a lot!

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by fullmoonfairy
Star 4 U!

...Just fer askin'...(I'm giddy!!! most traffic on this thread in ???)

Unfortunately, if there is one, it's unpublished...

I'd try one of these...not really a problem bank list, but, ratings to access health...

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