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2009 Depression Validated

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 09:21 PM
Headlines for March 5th 2009

Worst is yet to come for job market

Yen Heads for Sixth Weekly Decline as Political Turmoil, Recession Worsen

Yamaguchi Says Cash Shortage May Force Japan to Buy More Corporate Bonds

U.S. Jobless Claims Exceed 600,000 for a Fifth Week; Productivity Declines

Mortgage Delinquencies in U.S. Increase to Record as Homeowners Lose Jobs

Senate Democrats hit hurdle on $410 billion spending

Citigroup shares dip below $1

Worker Productivity in U.S. Unexpectedly Declines 0.4%, Labor Costs Rise

General Dynamics cuts 2009 outlook, plans layoffs

NY state lost 25 pct of new jobs since last decline

Putin Threatens to Cut Gas Flow to Ukraine in Two Days If Debt Isn't Paid

Scandal at Treasury: Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal

CORRECTED - SEC charges E*Trade, 5 others, for front running

Bank of America Says Merrill Bonus Disclosure Would Result in `Grave' Harm

Geithner Says Administration Will Ensure Banks Get Funds to Avoid Collapse U.S.

Treasury Has Big Plans, but Few People Able to Execute Them

Stimulus Cash to Spur Inflation, Commodity Rally: Chart of Day

General Electric Treated Like `Leper' as Investors Push Down Shares, Bonds

JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America May Have Ratings Cut, Moody's Says

Bank of America Charges May Surge as Hedge Funds Mark Mortgages to Market

Hartford Said to Discuss Sale of Most of Life Unit to Canada's Sun Life

GM: 'Substantial doubt' about survival

GM Cuts Wagoner's Pay as Auditors Question Company's Ability to Continue

Toyota Shock May Spur Japan Supplier Bankruptcies Without Government Aid

Rattner, Bloom Said to Meet Fiat's Marchionne to Discuss Plan for Chrysler

U.S. Auto Suppliers Said to Discuss Priorities for Aid in Federal Rescue

Legg Mason Sells Remaining $1.8 Billion in SIVs From Money-Market Funds

Cemex Plunges on Speculation It Will Pay Rates in `High Teens' on New Debt

Mexico Revamps Currency Interventions, Adds New Sale, in Bid to Boost Peso

Mexico's Peso Declines as Government's Bid to Support Currency Falls Short

Brazil's Real Weakens on Concern Global Recession Will Reduce Investment

Braskem Posts Loss of 2.11 Billion Reais After Brazilian Currency Decline

Chile's Economy Contracted 1.4% in January, Most Since 1999; Prices Slide

Credit Suisse Lending Bust With Resorts Widens From Beverly Hills to Idaho

MGM Mirage, Deutsche Bank Said to Abandon Talks on Las Vegas Project Loan

Darth Wall Street Destroying Distressed Debtors With Credit-Default Swaps

Bank of England Cuts Rate to Record Low 0.5%, Will Buy $105 Billion Assets

Bank begins 'printing money' to fight slump

Trichet Signals ECB May Cut Rate Further After Benchmark Lowered to 1.5%

France's Unemployment Rate Increases to 8.2% as Financial Crisis Deepens

Austria Default Risk Passes Italy as Bet on Eastern Europe Growth Misfires

Swedish Banking System's Outlook Is Negative on Baltic Loans, Moody's Says

European Banks May Need $50 Billion for Bad Loans in East, JPMorgan Says

BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Offer Chinese Steelmakers Iron Ore Price Discounts

Chinese Steelmakers Aim for Iron Ore Price Cuts of 40% to 50%, Anshan Says

Kazakhmys Scraps Dividend; 2008 Profit Slumps 30% as Copper Prices Decline

Australian, New Zealand Dollars Pare Gains as China Stimulus Disappointing

Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Duguay Says Credit Crunch Needs Global Fix

Empty Vessels Flock to Subic Bay as Shipping Lines Battle Plunging Rates

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 12:40 PM
Headlines for March 6th 2009

IMF: Big economies need bigger stimulus

Unemployment Hits 25-Year-High

Job losses could worsen until 2010

Record 31.8 million on food stamps

Dow's Decline Fastest for New President in 90 Years

`Obama Bear Market' Punishes Investors as Dow Jones Industrials Tumble 20%

GOP Forces Senate to Delay Vote on $410B Spending Bill

Congress Passes Stopgap, Avoids Shutdown

Treasury secretary's pick for deputy withdraws

Washington prepares for big bank failure

17th bank fails this year

FDIC chief: Limits needed on too big to fail banks?

U.S. bill would revamp accounting oversight

Volcker Says Commercial, Investment Banks Should Be Split to Avoid Crisis

Merrill Lynch Says It Discovered `Irregularity' in Review of Trading Unit

Undisclosed Losses at Merrill Lead to Trading Probe

NY's Cuomo Wants Individuals' BofA Bonus Information

Cuomo Says Bank of America Has Stymied Probe Into Merrill Lynch's Bonuses

Banks That Shunned Subprime Ask Why They're Paying for Wall Street `Greed'

Do insurers need a bailout?

Immelt Meets Buffett in Market Fright Conceived With Credit-Default Swaps

General Electric's Immelt Pays Price for Investments in Real Estate, Debt

NYSE Will Start Rejecting On-Close Orders to Ease Price Swings

GM says still prefers out-of-court restructuring

GM Shares Plunge To 75-Year Low

Guttenberg Says Decision on Government Aid for GM's Opel Will Take Weeks

Crisis is crushing iconic U.S. companies

From Blue Chip to Penny Stock

Dow's Blue Chips Are Akin to Penny Stocks

Last-Ditch $9-an-Hour Jobs Fail Wall Street Seekers as Retail Hiring Tanks

Lower Wages May Be Next Shoe To Drop For Workers

Surprise: Uncle Sam's jobless gift has strings

Euro's Founders Foresaw No Chance of Currency Breaking Up, Verplaetse Says

King `Groping in the Dark' as BOE Expands Money Supply to Rescue Economy

U.K. Profits Will Fall More Than in Great Depression, Morgan Stanley Says

Lloyds Subordinated Debt Ratings Cut to Junk at S&P After HBOS Takeover

Lloyds in talks with U.K. over bailout

Steinbrueck Says 75% Stake in Hypo Real Estate Not Enough for Government

Ireland's AAA Long-Term Credit Rating Placed on Negative Watch by Fitch

German Iron, Steel Output Plunged Last Month as Global Recession Deepened

Italian Stocks Slump to Record Low, as Intesa, UniCredit, Generali Tumble

JPMorgan Chase Asks Stock Regulator Consob to Investigate Market Rumor

Ukraine averts new shutoff of Russian gas

China's hard landing

Yamaguchi Says Cash Shortage May Force Japan to Buy More Corporate Bonds

Japan May Extend Short-Selling Restrictions With Market Near 27-Year Low

Yen May Weaken to 102 Against Dollar Amid Recession, Barclays Capital Says

Australian Dollar to Drop 17 Percent on 2009 Slowdown, Morgan Stanley Says

New Zealand Budget Cash Deficit Wider Than Forecast as Tax Receipts Slide

Australian Bond Risk Rises to Record on Bank Loss Concerns, Economic Woes

Rupee Slides a 3rd Week as Global Slump Fuels Risk Aversion, Fund Outflows

Roubini Says Recession May Last Through 2010 as Efforts Fall Behind Curve

Oil May Rise Next Week as OPEC Output Cuts Curb Stockpiles, Survey Shows

BlueGold Hedge Fund Sees $60 Oil on OPEC's Fourth Reduction, Compliance

Venezuela May Take Over More Rigs to Allow Drilling to Proceed: Ramirez

Chavez Sets Up Showdown With Billionaire Mendoza Over Venezuelan Seizures

Mexico Bonds Fall on Bets Core Inflation Quickened Last Month; Peso Gains

Brazil's Output Plunges by the Most in 17 Years, Boosting Rate Cut Outlook

Bolivia Plans to Seize Land for Jindal's El Mutun Iron-Ore Mine Project

Sun Life Credit Rating Cut by Standard & Poor's as Equity Prices Plunge

Vivendi's Levy Says Recession Just Starting, Slump in Spending Will Hurt

Troops enter border city plagued by drug war

Bullets Fly in Copenhagen as Drug Gang War Punctures City's Safety Record

Tibet Under De Facto Martial Law on Uprising's Anniversary Eve, Group Says

Kansas City May Lose Chiefs, Royals to Budget Deficit

British Airways Debt Is Reduced to Junk by S&P, Remains on Negative Watch

The last movie stores left standing

China Tells Container Lines to End `Zero Rates' Amid Cutthroat Competition

Stimulus Cash to Spur `Massive' Inflation, Commodity Rally: Chart of Day

Thirty-Year Bonds Beat Stocks in `Earth-Shattering' Reversal: Chart of Day

Hugo Chavez Tells Obama That He Should Follow Venezuela's Socialist Path

U.S. and Russia pledge fresh start in relations

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:02 PM
Headlines for March 7th 2009

Analysts: Job losses could drown stimulus

Obama: Ending economic crisis won't be easy

Obama Repeats Bush's Worst Market Mistakes

Stimulus Sparks Fights in States

State says hold on tight for your tax refund

AIG 'Was Going to Bring Down Europe': Lawmaker

Top U.S., European Banks Got $50 Billion in AIG Aid

Chrysler Auto Sales High Enough to Pull Through Restructuring, Press Says

Halliburton lays off workers in Grand Junction

China’s 2009 Diplomacy Must Serve Domestic Economic Needs First

Bank of China to Offer at Least $73 Billion of New Loans to Support Growth

Chinese Companies Will Sell $14.6 Billion of Bonds to Fund Stimulus Plans

China Is Facing `Grave' Threat From Animal Disease This Year, Top Vet Says

Japan's Bonds Complete Worst Week in a Month on Speculation Supply to Rise

Toyota Says Finance Unit Isn’t Seeking Japanese ‘Bailout’ Loan

Malaysian Exports Post Biggest Decline in 15 Years as Asian Slump Deepens

Erste Bank Says Eastern European Debts Are `Negligible' Compared With West

OTP Surges After Erste Says Eastern Europe's Borrowings Are `Negligible'

Lloyds Said to Grant U.K. a 75% Stake for Insuring $367 Billion of Assets

BNP Paribas to Buy Former Fortis Banks With State Guarantee Against Losses

President Puts Defense Contractors on Notice: Crackdown on Costs Is Coming

UN Says Financial Crisis Is Boon for Launderering Drug Money Through Banks

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:10 AM
Bread Lines Seen in California

Sign of the Times: School Gets 700 Applications for Janitorial Job

After Bailouts, Stimulus Packages, Is It Time for a Federal Budget Diet?
With the federal deficit widening from economic relief efforts, could no budget be better than a bigger budget?

Obama: America's budgets have been 'irresponsible, unsustainable'

How will we know when economy hits bottom?

Surging U.S. Unemployment Rate Puts Pressure on Obama (Update2)

Obama Seeks to Reassure Nation as Economy Darkens

Is Obama Breaking His Vow Of Transparency?

Labor Secretary Addresses Grim Jobs News

Menino: City may lay off 700 workers

Bernanke Says Fed to ‘Deploy All Tools’ for Economic Revival

Obama's economic saviour savaged as Keating lets rip

Geithner Can't Keep Up, Critics Say

FDIC, Congress Strike New Deal

Credit unions facing hefty tab

NCUA Assessment Roils Industry ‘As Never Before’

Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of the Taliban
President urges Americans not to “stuff money in their mattresses.”

ICE Trust to Begin Processing and Clearing Credit Default Swaps March 9

CDS update: More pain ahead

Random Musings On The End Of The American Experiment

Hedge fund hotel yields up secrets

Bailout Money - Instead of Being Used to Stabilize the Economy or Even the Bailed-Out Companies - is Just Going to Line the Pockets of the Wealthy

ECB's Stark Says Interest-Rate Reductions Won't `Solve' Financial Crisis

European Bonds Gain After ECB Cuts Key Rate, Forecasts Deeper Contraction

European Stocks Fall for 4th Week, Sending Stoxx 600 to Lowest Since 1996

Merrill Lynch's European Head of Investment Banking Mark Aedy Will Resign

Four banks to begin yuan settlement trials this month

Auto Dealers Plead to U.S. Treasury for Help as Hundreds May Fail in 2009

GM, Opel Hire Law Firms to Advise on Reorganization, Insolvency Options

GM, banks' fate to keep investors on edge

BMW's Reithofer Not Interested in Opel Partnership, Automobilwoche Reports

In crisis, GE finds its deep bench not so magical

Top U.S. Military Leader Offers Help to Mexico

Police break up Malaysia protest

Jail Inmate Escapes for Cigarettes, Tries to Sneak Back In

Commerce Minister Chen Leads Chinese Companies on European Investment Tour

Trump's Mexican venture goes under

Angolan Diamond Industry Is Close to Shutting Down, State Gem Company Says

Vedanta Unit Agrees to Buy Bankrupt Copper Miner Asarco for $1.7 Billion

Principles Stock Bought by Debenhams, Administrator to Close 66 Stores

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:18 PM
World's biggest banks to meet in London

Stimulus raises state sovereignty issues

GE (!) is in trouble

Job Seekers Increasingly Desperate

Economy Tracker

The last days of the oligarchs?

Obama, Mullen discuss violence in Mexico

Israel launches airstrikes into Gaza

"Celtic Tiger" No More

Once sizzling, Toronto feels sudden chill

Venezuela seizes Irish cardboard maker's lands

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 03:33 PM
Headlines for March 8th 2009

World Bank offers dire forecast for world economy

Morgan Stanley predicts economic collapse worse than depression

Your last chance before all hell breaks loose!


Global Economy Will Shrink First Time Since World War II, World Bank Says

Plunging assets cost $50,000bn

Emerging Nations Face $700 Billion Gap for Imports, Debt, World Bank Says

New Fears as Credit Markets Tighten Up

Thanks to the Bank it's a crisis; in the eurozone it's a total catastrophe

Overvalued euro set to plunge 'within months'

The End of the World . . . As We Knew It

Is Geithner Taking Goldman Sachs’ Word That Toxic Assets Are Actually Worth Something?

Mark-to-Market Accounting: Practices and Implications

Pleading for Patience

Boehner: Government Needs To Tighten Its Belt

Obama budget director: We'll cut pork after '09 spending bill

Government Struggling to Keep Up With Job Losses, Analysts Say

Recession will likely be longest in postwar era

U.S. Retail Sales Probably Fell, Trade Gap Shrank as Consumers Retrenched

Investors give up on data, pay attention to fear

European Bonds Gain After ECB Cuts Key Rate, Forecasts Deeper Contraction

Bank Nationalizaton on Large Scale in U.K. Not Inevitable, Mandelson Says

Macquarie May Sell U.K. Infrastructure Properties to Pay Debt, Times Says

GE Capital Hires Banks to Sell Government-Backed Debt (Update1)

'Bury' some big banks, GOP senator says

Top Republicans Call for GM to Declare Bankruptcy

GOP official: No more money for GM without plan

Canadian Auto Workers Agree to Freeze Wages at GM, Extend Contract to 2012

Japanese Regulator May Strengthen Brokerage Firm Oversight, Nikkei Reports

South Korean Won Leads Asian Currencies in Weekly Drop Amid Risk Aversion

Welcome to Landlord Nation

New Zealand Construction Declines, House Prices Decline to Four-Year Low

New Zealand Consumers More Pessimistic on Economy Outlook, Roy Morgan Says

Australian Defense Facing $5.1 Billion Shortfall on Currency, Review Says

Canadian Stocks Fall to 5-Year Low as Research In Motion, Manulife Drop

Flaherty Says Canada's Jobless Rate to Worsen This Year Amid Global Slump

Times Tough for Recession's Walking Wounded

Mexico morgues get crowded

Source: Mullen offers Obama update on Mexico

The One Country That Might Avoid Recession Is...

Venezuela's Chavez turns to confrontation in crisis

Venezuela Is Still Negotiating Takeover of Santander Unit, Rodriquez Says

North Korea Orders Army to Be Combat Ready Before U.S.-South Korea Drills

Credit-Default Swaps Converge in Asia-Pacific as Risk Shifts: Chart of Day

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Headlines for March 9th 2009

World Bank: Economy worst since Depression

Japan gloom deepens, U.S. urges coordination

Jim Rogers Says Fed Will Buy Treasuries, Delaying Bear Market

Goldman Sachs accuses India of $20bn in 'withdrawals' from ONGC

SEC says money manager invented big accounts

Dodge & Cox’s Assets Cut in Half by ‘Breathtakingly Bad’ Bets

North Korea Says Troops Ready For "War"

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 03:33 PM
Depression Dynamic Ensues as Markets Revisit 1930s (Update2)

G20 must agree big increase in IMF funds: UK's Darling

Specter: Nation Is on 'Brink of a Depression'

Roubini Says S&P 500 May Retreat to 600 This Year as Recession Intensifies

Warren Buffett: Economy Has 'Fallen Off a Cliff'

U.S. to Push for Global Stimulus

U.S. To The World: Open Up Your Wallets

States debate plans for stimulus cash

Straumur-Burdaras Seized by Icelandic Government After Funding Dries Up

Obama’s Farm Budget ‘Dead on Arrival,’ Peterson Says (Update1)

Obama Wants Review Of Signing Statements

Bernanke Maintains Cautiously Optimistic Tone

Geithner, With Few Aides, Is Scrambling

FDIC: We've Got You Covered

]Lawmakers introduce bill to approve loan products

Fresh pessimism sweeps over credit sector

Cleveland's Commercial Property Delinquencies Signal Coming U.S. Declines

UN's Procurement Business is Managerial Disaster, Report Reveals

AIG Told U.S. Failure May Cripple Banks, Money Funds

Japan's exports halved in January

Asian Stocks Decline a Second Day on Mounting Capital Concern; HSBC Slumps

Malaysia May Spend $8 Billion in Second Stimulus as Export Slump Hits Jobs

HSBC Falls to 13-Year Low in Hong Kong on Bad Loans Concern, Late Trades

HSBC Falls Most in 23 Years on Concern Loan Losses at U.S. Unit Deepening

Finance Ministers Resist Calls for Additional Aid for Europe's Economies

Record Bond Sales in Europe Reduce Reliance on Bank Loans for EDF, Siemens

Aviva, Scor, ING Lead Surge in Insurers' Credit Risk as Assets `Hammered'

Pound slides as bank shares hit

Yen May Extend Decline Against Dollar on Japan's Current-Account Deficit

Ten-Year Yields Are Near One-Month High on Concern Debt Supply to Increase

Currency Defenses Dropping for Rupee, Ringgit, Won as Asia Exports Tumble

U.A.E. Faces $30 Billion Gap Between Loan and Deposits, Central Bank Says

Worst Is Over for Australia's Dollar After Record Drop, Derivatives Show

Canadian Banks Should Consider Suspending Dividend, RBC Analyst Hardy Says

Latvia Faces June `Bankruptcy' If IMF Loan Delayed, Premier-Designate Says

Slovenia's Economy Headed for Recession After Fourth-Quarter Contraction

Kazakhstan May Be Forced to Seek Chinese Funding, IMF Loan, Citigroup Says

Romania Will Need External Financing This Year, Basescu Tells Parliament

Serbia Considers Four-Day Public-Sector Working Week to Prevent Job Cuts

Worst Mexican Peso to Fall Another 15% as Deficits Expand, Says Ramirez

Brazil's Bovespa Falls as Plunge in Auto Output Deepens Slowdown Concern

Ecuador Reserves Drop 13 Percent on Week to $3.48 Billion on Trade Deficit

IMF Will Boost Africa Loans on Crisis, Stability Threat, Strauss-Kahn Says

Citi spends $3.5M to reward Smith Barney brokers

Bank of America, GE Capital Sell $16.5 Billion of FDIC-Guaranteed Bonds

General Electric's Immelt Says `Armageddon' Will Leave GE, and Him, Intact

]Dow, Rohm & Haas shares halted; CEO Gupta says no deal

Dow Chemical Will Complete $15.3 Billion Rohm & Haas Buyout to Settle Suit

What Would Happen If GM Went Bankrupt?

US car sales plunge in February

Ford workers approve UAW contract changes

Cemex in Talks to Renegotiate $14.5 Billion of Debt After Bond Sale Flops

Food banks struggle in "wealthy" California county

In Mexico's drug wars, fears of a U.S. front

Oil at $50 Looms as OPEC Plans Fourth Cut, Complies With Production Quotas

Gold Falls as Demand for Haven Wanes Following Two-Day Rally; Silver Drops

Looking for Security in a Cube of Steel

Stock Crash of Banks Surpasses Dot-Com Collapse of 2000: Chart of the Day

SNAPSHOT - Financial Crisis - 0320 GMT

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 11:54 PM
Headlines for March 10th 2009

Developing world may need $700 billion -World Bank

UPDATE 2-Europe rejects U.S. call for more fiscal stimulus

Bank of England Sets Pricing for Bond Sale to Finance Currency Reserves

Seattle Bank Misses Capital Requirement

UPDATE 2-Japan Pacific Holdings seeks bankruptcy protection

Failure of Wall Street's Auction-Rate Bonds Bills Taxpayers $211 Million

Pimco's Gross Raises Government Debt Holdings to Highest Since July 2007

Bernanke Urges Overhaul of Financial Regulations to Stem Buildup of Risks

Geithner Asks Democrats for Patience Over Grim Economy

SEC Has No Plans to End Mark-To-Market Rules

Treasuries Fall Before Record $34 Billion Three-Year Auction

FDIC's Bair: Bad assets plan can jump-start U.S. economy

U.S. weighs further steps for Citi if needed: report

Pandit Says Citigroup Having Best Quarter Since 2007 (Update2)

U.S. Stocks Rally as Citigroup's Profit Outlook Drives Bank Shares Higher

Time to kill the big banks?

Too big to fail? 5 biggest banks are 'dead men walking'

Banco Popolare Becomes First Bank in Italy to Ask for Aid From Government

United Technologies Plans to Cut 11,600 Jobs Worldwide

Hedge Funds May Eliminate a Record 20,000 Jobs in 2009 as Losses Cut Fees

Jobless Rate in U.S. Will Reach 9.4% This Year, Economists Say in Survey

Whitney Sees Credit Cards as the Next Crunch: Report

Counting cards at American Express

Credit-Card Losses Raise a `Canary in Coal Mine' Alert for Canadian Banks

New Zealand Consumer Debit, Credit Card Spending Rises as Gas Prices Gain

Moody's lists companies at debt default risk: report

Kodak, Lear Among 283 Companies With Highest Risk of Default, Moody's Says

U.S. Employers' Second-Quarter Hiring Plans Hit Record Low, Manpower Says

Canadian Hiring Plans Drop the Most Since 1983, Manpower Survey Reports

U.K. Factory Production Declined Most in at Least Four Decades in Quarter

US Recession Could Last Up to 36 Months: Roubini

Graham Shows S&P 500 Still Too High as Buffett Loses (Update4)

China Consumer Prices Fall for First Time Since 2002 as Economy Falters

Yuan Needs 3% Gain to Stop Exit of `Hot Money' From China, Researcher Says

Singapore's Temasek Said to Have Sold Entire Stake in China Minsheng Bank

TOPWRAP 3-Govts split over stimulus, IMF warns on recession

Total's Planned Refinery Job Cuts in France May Be First Step, Union Says

China Slump Threatens $6.4 Billion of Australian Iron Mines, Bureau Says

HSBC Rises in Hong Kong, Reversing Yesterday’s Last-Minute Drop

HSBC Stock Plunge Prompts Regulator Probe of Trade (Update2)

Nobody Says Mark to Market Doesn't Matter After GE Shares Drop 54% in 2009

Dow Chemical Counts on Asset Sales, Job Cuts After `Rich' Rohm & Haas Deal

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:06 PM
Citi CEO Says Bank Operating at Profit

Citi Lifts Wall St. To Best Day In '09

AIG investor Broad abandons hope of recovery

Another Stimulus on the Way?

Senate Passes Spending Bill

Schumer, Durbin Propose New Consumer Watchdog Agency (Update1)

SEC may reinstate limits on short selling

G-20 Should Investigate Banks Corrupting Poor States, Global Witness Says

Libor Creep Says Credit Markets Risk Freezing on Distrust of Policymaking

Paulson & Co. May Have Made $428 Million Shorting Lloyds Before Bailout

GM May Sell at Least 50% of Opel to Investors With German State Guarantees

UAW Members Await GM Retiree Health-Care Deal After Ford Contract Ratified

GE Capital Credit Swaps Fall to Seven-Day Low After $8 Billion Debt Sale

China May Sell 10-Year Government Bonds at Yield of 3.075%, Survey Shows

Japan's Bonds to Rally as Recession Worsens This Year, Morgan Stanley Says

Nikkei May Bottom Out After a Further 11% Drop, Citigroup Analyst Says

Wholesale Price Declines Accelerate as Commodity, Energy Prices Tumble

Pacific Holdings Collapses as Japan Recession Drives Down Property Values

Japan's Machine Orders Drop for Fourth Month as Exports, Earnings Collapse

Ukraine Orders 17 Banks to Keep to Central Bank's Currency Exchange Rate

Romanian Government Says It's in `Preliminary' Talks With IMF, EU on Aid

Finland Likely to Buy Company Shares as Valuations Decline, Minister Says

Industrial Production Slumps in France, U.K., Threatening Deeper Recession

Government Mulling Alternative Strategy to Bank Seizure, Guttenberg Says

Banco Popolare Applies to Take Part in $15 Billion Government Bond Program

Enel May Sell Shares, Assets to Cut Debt After Increasing Endesa Holding

Prime Minister Berlusconi Plans to Meet Bankers Tomorrow to Discuss Crisis

Bank of England's Bond Purchases Open New Front in Fight Against Deflation

Canada's Harper Says U.S. Bank `Fix' Needed for World Economic Recovery

Cemex's Credit Ratings Cut by S&P, Fitch After Company Shelves Bond Sale

Brazil's Economy Shrank 3.6% in Fourth Quarter, Biggest Decline on Record

BNP Paribas Lowers Forecast for Brazil Economy, Sees Contraction of 1.5%

Russia Says `Aggressive Rhetoric' on Korean Peninsula Threatens Stability

Mexican drug gangs dump human heads in ice coolers

Progress in Mexico drug war is blood-drenched

UK, Ireland vow to contain Northern Irish violence

Bank Debt Is Stressed at Bear Stearns, Lehman Peak Levels: Chart of Day

Food caravan stops in hard-hit Ind. county

Recession leaving some couples without work

Our Economic Crisis: The View From the Real America

Already frugal get extreme during downturn

Wed 3-11-2009

Sony Pictures -350

Coachmen Industries Idles Plant -90

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools -500

Eaton Corp. Furloughs -450

Pepsi Bottling Plant Closing -66

Grand Junction Steel Closing -100

Kadant Closing Plant -32

Wonderbread Closing 2 Plants -187

Armstrong Flooring Closing Plant -172

AOL -700

LA Schools Face Cuts Up To -8,000

Tahoe Truckee School District -95

Toro Company -235

RTI International Metals

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 01:24 AM
Headlines for March 11th 2009

Bernanke says regulatory overhaul needed

Bernanke Proposes Money Fund Regulations Less Restrictive Than Volcker's

Geithner May Use Capital Injections to Help U.S. Banks Sell `Bad' Assets

Geithner Says Toxic Asset Plan Nearly Finished

Pelosi: Congress Needs to 'Keep the Door Open' to Another Stimulus Package

Greenspan: Fed Not to Blame for Recession

SEC may reinstate limits on short selling

Citigroup, Bank of America Bondholders May Be Next to Share Bailout Pain

Citigroup Will Have To Sell More Assets: Whitney

Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle short of capital

New 'Bear Trap' for Markets: Credit Is Tightening Again

Pimco Predicts Inflation Will Return, Joining Warren Buffett, Marc Faber

Dropping GM From The Dow 30?

China's Investment Surges 26.5% on Stimulus; Exports Decline by a Record

China's Stocks Decline After Exports Fall by Record; Shipping Lines Slump

Japan's Regulator `Pulling Out All Stops' on Loans to Avert Bankruptcies

Macquarie's `Satellite' Fund Model Questioned as Analysts Predict Losses

UBS Has $18 Billion Loss for 2008, Wider Than Reported, on U.S. Settlement

Hedge-Fund Withdrawals Fell to $11 Billion in February, Eurekahedge Says

Australian Finance Job Losses Approach 7,000, More Cuts Likely, Union Says

Newspapers plan more cuts to cope with downturn

Russia's One-Company Towns Suffer as Demand Plummets, Workers Grow Restive

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by Hx3_1963

Uh, well stated. I get it. I can read the poop on the wall. Although your last posting had only one link. Wow me. Wow plucky. Just de-Borg yourself first....

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by pluckynoonez
Star 4 U!

My "Scrapbook" contribution to this Meltdown!

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 01:49 AM
worst to come?????????
people are allready walking out in the streets killing each in Alabama yesterday.

Everyday you go back the better it was. Thats global........

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by GEORGETHEGREEK
Star 4 U!

It's does seem to be getting worse...the headlines don't lie (to much hopefully)

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by GEORGETHEGREEK

That's global...and? I know you purposefully trailed-off, but please finish.

reply to post by Hx3_1963

A star for you too! I must say, this is why people do not pay attention to the news, but--as I stated--the poop is on the wall, before it was egg, but now, things are just circling the drain.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:54 AM
At least 10 killed in Alabama shooting spree

Food caravan stops in hard-hit Ind. county

Already frugal get extreme during downturn

Recession leaving some couples without work

If recession lasts for years, how will you cope?

[edit on 3/11/2009 by Hx3_1963]

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 06:04 PM
Obama Says ‘Concerted’ G-20 Action Needed on Economy (Update2)

Geithner Urges `Forceful' Action by G-20 Nations to End Worldwide Crisis

U.S., Britain urge more stimulus to break recession

Global Confidence Drops as Economies Contract, More Companies Need Rescue

Obama Signs Omnibus Bill - With Objections

Dems to Obama: Hurry up and fix the economy

Budget Deficit Reaches $765B In 5 Months

U.S. "in a deep mess" but we will fix it: Geithner

Special relationship? Obama's people won't even answer the phone, whines Downing Street

Why has Obama neglected Treasury?

Freddie Mac to Draw $30.8 Billion in Treasury Capital After Losses Deepen

Germany's HRE bank faces bankruptcy without more aid: report

Merrill may have misled Congress on bonuses: Cuomo

EconWatch: Is This A Depression? Maybe

US foreclosures at highest level since homes crisis began

South Carolina: Jobless rate soars

You Can't Inflate A Burst Bubble

Billionaire Investor Wilbur Ross Says More Regulation Won't Solve Crisis

Dimon Says Banking System Can Be Saved If Corporate `Vilification' Stops

Number of U.S. millionaires falls by a quarter

Recession Pushes Tightwads To New Extremes

Ticker: State could leave the union, actor says

Oil drops 7 percent on weak demand

Failed or Cancelled Sovereign Bond Auctions

Bonds caught between supply surge and deflation By David Oakley and Michael Mackenzie
November 13 2008 19:56 | Last updated: November 13 2008 19:56

For any government looking to raise money in the capital markets in the next few months, there was an ominous development in Germany this week.

A German 10-year bond auction failed – something more or less unheard of until this year – as cash-strapped banks and investors snubbed the government offering.

It is a clear sign of straitened times when a benchmark bond in one of the most liquid markets in the world cannot attract enough bids to reach its target amount... Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008
SPAIN July 11, 08...Spain has suspended an auction of sovereign bonds as investors take fright over the country's property crash and accelerating slide into economic crisis.

The treasury pulled an expected sale of 15-year bonds after probing the market informally, saying it would wait until credit conditions began to calm down. "We are not facing financing problems. We placed a successful three-year note on Wednesday," said a spokesman
HUNGARY , which has been forced to turn to the International Monetary Fund to shore up its crisis-hit economy, also scrapped an auction for short-term government bills after only attracting Ft5bn ($22.5m) in a Ft40bn offering.

Analysts said AUSTRIA had dropped plans to launch a bond next week because investors wanted bigger premiums to offset the credit worries and fears over lending by its banks to eastern Europe. The Austrian Federal Financing Agency did not give a reason for the move.

Spain, another triple A rated country, and BELGIUM have cancelled bond offerings in the past month because of the turbulence, with investors demanding much higher interest rates than debt managers had bargained for.
While I have no links for them, INDIA, NZ, JAPAN, CZECH REPUBLIC and BRAZIL canceled auctions this month too, wonder when we will enter this group....
CORRECTED! Japanese investors sold a net
331.7 billion yen ($3.26 billion) of foreign bonds last week,
capital flows data released by Japan's Ministry of Finance showed
on Thursday

Japan's Economy Shrank 12.1% Last Quarter, Less Than Initially Estimated

Investors in China Opened 20% Fewer New Accounts to Trade Stocks Last Week

Latvia's Economy Shrank 10.3% in Fourth Quarter, Most in European Union

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Headlines for March 12th 2009

TOPWRAP 1-World economy seen shrinking as G20 meeting looms

G-20: Can They Find Common Ground?

The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt

Survey: Obama Failing on Economy

Blaming Obama

Geithner Is Said to Push G-7 to Ease Criticism of China's Currency Policy

Treasury seeks $100 billion to aid ailing nations

Geithner: Spending hikes are short term

House Dems say no new stimulus in the works

Obama, Biden caution states on stimulus cash

U.S. unemployment to near 10 percent as slump worsens

New Unemployment Claims Rise More Than Expected

5.3M Americans Getting Jobless Benefits

Foreclosures Up 30 Percent in February

CNNMoney: Rise in foreclosures 'a shock'

The US dollar shortage in global banking

Congress Holds Hearings On Border Violence

Obama Considering Deploying Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border

Stock Market Pessimism Grows in Survey on Bank Losses, Dividend Reduction

Buffett Says Berkshire Hathaway Will Continue to Sell Derivative Contracts

Citigroup Executives Score $2.2 Million Betting on Own Stock

Freddie Mac Seeks More Aid, Says Dividends to U.S. May Bury Future Profits

GE Loses its Triple-A Rating from S&P

Pound Drops Against Euro and Dollar as U.K. Buys Gilts, Stocks Decline

FSA Make Take Action Against Managers of Collapsed, Bailed-Out U.K. Banks

Fidelity's Bolton, FSA Chief Clash Over Who's to Blame in U.K. Bank Crisis

Barclays May Limit Asset Insurance to Avoid Handing Stake to Government

Trichet Approaches Zero Interest Rates by Stealth With New Deposit Weapon

Japan’s Funding Crunch Deepening, State Lender Says (Update2)

Japanese GDP Shrank at Sharpest Quarterly Rate Since 1974, Revisions Show

Mitsubishi UFJ to Raise $1 Billion as Tumbling Stocks Erode Investments

China's Minmetals Seeking Metal Assets in South America, Southern Africa

China Banks Told to Boost Bad Loan Coverage to 150%, 21st Century Reports

China's Tumbling Agriculture Prices Threaten Rural Incomes, Official Says

Malayan Banking Has Longest Losing Streak in 22 Years, Drags Banks Lower

Swiss Central Bank Cuts Interest Rate, Buys Currencies to Push Down Franc

Non-Farm Payrolls Drop Most in 40 Years as Employers Brace for Recession

German Economy Is Industrial `War Zone' as Global Slump Throttles Exports

Latvia Cuts Benchmark Rate to 5% as Economy Slides Deeper Into Recession

Russian Reserves Slip $3.8 Billion on Euro Weakness, Conversion of Funds

Ruble May Plunge 20% vs Basket as Government Funds Converted, Alfa Says

India Reports First Back-to-Back Decline in Industrial Output in 16 Years

Dubai Government to Begin Disbursing Funds in `Week or Two,' Shaikh Says

GE Shortens Work Week to Four Days at Hungarian Plants, Reports

Saab Axes 750 Swedish Jobs as Demand Sags Following Bankruptcy

BMW Has Fourth-Quarter Ebit Loss on Debt Provisions, Job Cuts

Singapore Press Cuts Wages of 3,000 Workers, Freezes Hiring to Pare Costs

Steel town trying to rebound from bottom

Northern Ireland Dissidents Are Planning to Detonate Bomb, Guardian Says

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G-20 Shifts Focus Off Regulation With Global Economy `Battling For Life'

Nobel-prize winner backs world currency

Darling Calls on G-20 Nations to Back Plan to Curb Excessive Bank Leverage

Britain Set for Worst Fall Since 1930s

South Sea Bubble Survivors Say Lloyds Banking Must Break Up Along With RBS

Aso to Prepare Second Stimulus, Discuss Japan Stock Purchases, Yosano Says

Upbeat Wall St. Jumps Back Over 7,000

Obama defends economic plans to business leaders

Obama Declares: Economic Crisis 'Not as Bad as We Think'

Global Geithner Backlash

Europe's Message on Economic Stimulus: Enough Already!

Geithner gets tough questions from Senate panel

Another Top Treasury Deputy Pick Withdraws Bid

Fed chief to take message to public via TV

Household net worth sinks $11.2 trillion

To Halt Slide, Apply Debt or Control?

Dems Backpedal on New Stimulus

Texas Governor to Obama: Keep the Stimulus Change

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Loses Top AAA Credit Rating From Fitch

Buffett Says AIG Asked for Berkshire's Help Twice Before Government Rescue

General Electric Advances on Investor Relief S&P Rating Cut Wasn't Deeper

General Electric May Lower GE Capital Profit Forecast After S&P Downgrade


The Auto Industry's Other Crisis

Chrysler Requests $2.3 Billion Loan From Canada, Seeks Worker Concessions

Going Once, Going Twice: Foreclosed Homes

Town faced with mobile homeless

4-day school week gains momentum

Schools turn to mass layoffs to ease deficits

Shirakawa Says Japan's Economic Conditions to Remain Severe for Some Time

U.K. Loan Guarantee is Failing to Help Small Companies, Lobby Group Says

Lagardere Plunges in Paris on Outlook for Growth and Analyst Downgrades

Austria Pinched by Eastern Europe Woes

Italian Economy Contracted More Than Originally Reported in Fourth Quarter

UniCredit's Bank Austria Unit Is in Talks to Receive Government Funds

Number of Italian Workers Receiving Temporary Unemployment Benefits Surges

Polish Central Bank May Weigh Zloty Aid If Decline Resumes, Citigroup Says

Canadian Banks Lower Their Forecasts for the Economy as Recession Worsens

Vapores Sinks to Six-Year Low on Cash Concern; CEO Says Nothing to Report

South African Factory Output Drops Record 11.1% as Recession Cuts Demand

Official: Mexican Drug Cartels Pose Threat

Calderon Defends Mexico Drug Battle, Urges U.S. to `Assume' Responsibility

Obama Considers Request to Deploy Troops to Mexican Border

Homeland Security Plans For Violence On US Border

Pakistani police clash with lawyers as protest begins

Cathay Pacific Says Travel Market Has Collapsed, Fares Are Unsustainable

Thur 3-12-2009

Greene County Jail -10
Advanced Energy Industries -330
Two North Dakota Newspapers -33
Bay Area Medical Center -16
Sea Ray -140
PC Connection -100
PPG -2,500
Fresno Bee -63
Toronto School District -150
South Carolina Unemployment Hits 10.4%
Excel Polymers 3rd Round Of Layoffs -80
Woodward Communications Inc. -24
ATT Eau Claire WI -20
AOL Fires Everybody In China -100
Hawaii Proposed Budget Includes -374
Grady Hospital -150
Philadelphia Orchestra - 12
Owens Corning Guelph Plant -50
City Of Denham Springs LA -10
Saab -750
Elgin School District -350
Tween Brands Closing 30-40
AG Closing 2 European Plants -1,900
Frank Chervan Inc. Closing Lumber
Mill -60
Siemens Energy Closing Plant -174
Workers Cut At Gap Distribution Center
Kronenke Sports -27
Whistler Backcomb Ski School -100
Denver Sheriff's Deputies -11
Salinas School District -70
Layoff Rumors At Google
Marion County SC Unemployment Hits 22%
UJA-Federation Of New York -52
O'Brien Steel -32

CNBC Under Fire: Sticking Up for the Big Guy?

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