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2009 Depression Validated

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:18 AM
Yep, to add to the Germany anger...

Analysis: Germany fears social unrest

He added that the most recent predictions could be compared to the economic situation in the early 1930s, which helped bring Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party to power.

Isn't that great?

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo
Yep...and it's going to get worse before better...

U.S. March durable goods seen falling 1.5 percent

Wells Fargo objects to Charter's bankruptcy plan

G7 touts economic hope, takes heat on bank repairs

Nomura posts 60% tumble in fiscal 2009 revenue
&siteid=b nbh]Marketwatch

China gold reserves apparently doubled

Pound Weakens After Moody’s Says U.K. Finances ‘Deteriorating’

UK economy slumped by 1.9pc in first three months of 2009 as recession deepens

David Cameron calls for 'massive culture change' to tackle debt

Alistair Darling admits he is not certain what will happen with economy after Budget

Tens of thousands to go into exile following 50p tax hike in Budget

Budget 2009: Britain's debt will not be under control until 2032

Taxes 'must rise' by £45bn a year to meet Budget 2009 target

New car production skids 51pc in March

Budget 2009: Health and education budgets face real cuts

Top earners are hit again in Budget raid on pensions

Britain 'cannot afford to send more troops to Afghanistan' because of the recession html

Recession, health concerns get Americans gardening

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 04:27 AM
From China gold reserves apparently doubled...

The U.S. has the world’s biggest gold holdings at 8,134 tons, followed by Germany with 3,413 tons, World Gold Council data show. France has 2,487 tons and Italy 2,452 tons, while the IMF has 3,217 tons, according to the council.

Are these numbers really true? The US holding 8134 tons of gold? Seriously?

Selling all this gold at today's price would mean 237 billions $$... not that much.

China should at least get over 9000 tons of gold. With their huge reserves of $$... they should accelerate the pace of buying useful stuff... Like buying everything in metals and futures in food. IMO that's what I would do. Then convert my industry to something useful to move from cheap stuff to sell to the US. Then when the industry is converted and my reserves of currency in something useful, stop buying US treasuries altogether and let the US fall where they may. Let Japan and the EU buy toxic US treasuries if they want.

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo
Oh yeah...they're buying everything valuable on the side...

Mining company's that do gold/silver/copper/oil you name it...

Rio Tintos the big project now...I think Australia might of recently ok'ed it...

G-7 to Keep `Feet on the Accelerator' in Quest for World Economic Recovery

U.S. may remove Citi's Pandit: report

Bank of America's Lewis May Face SEC Review of Merrill Disclosure to Cuomo

Banks May Struggle to Raise Money After Stress Tests as Bad Assets Triple

Bear Stearns, AIG Dumped $74 Billion in CDOs and Loans on Federal Reserve

UPDATE 2-Volcker urges bank basics, cites 'Great Recession'

UPDATE 1-NY fund manager Cosmo indicted on fraud charges

UPDATE 2-Fontainebleau Las Vegas banks terminate loan

KKR Said to Ask Investors for EU730 Million to Aid Companies

U.S. Goods Orders Probably Fell, Home Sales Stagnated After February Gains

Battered U.S. cities buy foreclosed homes to rebuild

Ford posts smaller-than-expected loss

WRAPUP 1-Volvo, Valeo post losses; industry data bleak

Ashland looking to sell Valvoline division- NY Post

Schlumberger profit falls 28 percent, top forecast

Cost cuts help tech giants ride out weak economy

Jewel cuts prices to lure shoppers

Rudd Says Australia Tax Losses Exceed $82 Billion, Won't Extend Home Grant

OZ Minerals Sells Indonesian Gold Mine to China Sci-Tech for $211 Million

Qantas Chief Joyce Says First, Business Class Sales Down 30% on Recession

Clearing Is Top Priority for Default Swap Traders, Industry Guild Says

Japan's Bonds Heading for Longest Winning Streak This Year as Stocks Slump

Japan Plans to Prop Up Ailing Real-Estate Market With $8.2 Billion in Aid

Fuji Heavy Triples Annual Loss Estimate as Recession Sap Subaru Car Demand

HSBC to Shut Stock Research Unit in Japan, Base Coverage Out of Hong Kong

Galaxy Writes Down Macau Casino License by $1.6 Billion as Revenue Slides

Samsung Electronics Says Hopes of Recovery Are `Premature' as Profit Falls

Maruti Suzuki Profit Falls 18%, Lagging Behind Estimates, on Forex Losses

Pakistan's Habib Bank Net Profit Declines 21% on Higher Loan Provisions

IPIC Seeks Up to $5 Billion Loan to Refinance Acquisitions, Banker Says

ECB Demanding More Bank Disclosure on Asset-Backed Debt Pledged for Loans

Hungary Must Cut Spending or Risk Investors' Wrath, Premier Bajnai Says

Czech Republic's Finance Ministry Sees Economy Contracting 2.3% This Year

Eni Cuts 2009 Production Forecast After Oil-Price Slump Reduces Profit 43%

Austria's Economy May Contract 4% This Year, ORF Says, Citing Institutes

`Predatory Shareholder' Suits Test German Companies Already Facing Trouble

Comdirect First-Quarter Net Income Declines 45% on Fee, Commission Income

French Caterpillar Managers File First `Bossnapping' Complaint in Court

Spanish Unemployment Rate Rises to 17.4% in Quarter, Two Times EU Average

Pound Falls on U.K. Credit-Rating Concern; European Stocks Rise After Ifo

U.K. Economy Contracts 1.9%, the Most Since Thatcher Came to Power in 1979

UK GDP numbers trample all over Alistair Darling's hope for 'green shoots'

Rats Feed Off U.K. Recession as Trash Mounts, Buildings Empty

Canada May Advance Next Budget Update, Add More Measures to Counter Slump

Canadian Pacific, Other Bond Holders, Not Getting Interest From Debt Swap

Venezuela Currency Controls Tightened as Economic Clouds Gather

Venezuela withholding production payment


South African Manufacturers Face Possible Credit Downgrades, Fitch Says

BHP Says Viability of its Bayside Aluminum Smelter in South Africa at Risk

Eveready East Africa First-Half Profit Plunges on Increased Competition

This is starting to get overwhelming...

Researchers Search for Link Between Mexican Respiratory Illness, U.S. Flu

WHO concerned at new swine flu in U.S.

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 07:44 AM
IMF in Final Stages of Designing Its First Bond

'Stress test' methodology could roil bank industry

U.S. test banks can turn to stakeholders

UPDATE 2-Regions only major bank that may fail test - analyst

Fed eases back curtain on stress tests

Fed says gov't ready to save stress-tested banks

Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union Placed In Conservatorship

Bank of North Georgia, Alpharetta, Georgia, Assumes All of The Deposits of American Southern Bank, Kennesaw, Georgia

Michigan Heritage Bank, Farmington Hills, Michigan, was closed today by the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation

FDIC Approves the Payout of the Insured Deposits of First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, California

U.S. Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Assumes All of the Deposits of First Bank of Idaho, Fsb, Ketchum, Idaho

Bailout cop: More disclosure now

U.S. manufacturers see no quick economic rebound

Subprime Loans, Corporate-Style, Will Fuel Defaults

Moody's downgrades American Express on revenue
HarbourVest closes secondary fund at $2.9 bln

GM to pull the plug on Pontiac

UPDATE 1-GM draws $2 bln in new aid, US works on Chrysler deal

U.S. home sales drop in March

Orders for durable goods drop 0.8% in March
&siteid=bnbh]Marketwat ch

Big Countries Have Restricted Trade: World Bank

NYSE Delists General Growth Properties
More malls included in bankruptcy; Rogers mall unaffected

3M profit down, cuts 2009 forecast

Honeywell Cuts Profit View, Cites Economic Slump

Staff Jobs on Campus Outpace Enrollment

Detroit's youth: We'll leave if we have to

Alistair Darling warns US counterpart to speed toxic clean-up

WHO calls emergency meeting on swine flu

Mexico cancels public events in deadly flu outbreak

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 09:10 PM

Fri 4-24-2009

Carrier Corporation -140
Scientific American Magazine -21
Holland, MI Public School System -30
XL Foods (Canada) -200
Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) Research and Development Group -103
St. Bernard, OH School District -10
Chicago Tribune lays off their recession reporter
Peabody, MA School District -7
International Textile Group -100
Medtronic, Inc (NYSE:MDT) -240
WHYY-FM, Philadelphia PA -17
Embarq Corp (NYSE:EQ) -51
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems -79
L.L. Bean -200
Citigroup (NYSE:C) Private Equity Fundraising Group -45
Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) pink slips i-banking unit -150
Hawthorn, IL School District -23
Convergys Call Center -240
Clearwater Paper Corp. temporary layoffs (NYSE:CLW) -50
Tejon Ranch Corp (NYSE:TRC) -9
Springfield, OH City Schools -26
Lucia Mar, CA Unified School District -56
Bridgewater-Raynham, MA School District -11
TrinityRail North American Freight Car -659
Wauseon, OH School Board -8
National Public Radio -13
Rialto, CA Unified School District -93
Apple, Inc. Retail Stores -1,600
enton, MI School District -14
Cessna -2,800
Columbus McKinnon Corp. -105
Anderson, IN Community Schools -70
YUSA Corporation -200
Wentville, MO GM Plant permanent layoffs -300
Steuben Glass -20

TOTAL - 7,670+

Mass layoffs in Germany could spark social unrest
Unemployed French workers kidnapping their bosses as labor protests spiral out of control
Roubini predicts double digit U.S. unemployment by Q4'09

The threat of no job and the bird, swine, human flu....
What a day ~ What a day ~

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 06:12 AM
Headlines for April 25th 2009

IMF Bond Plan `Insufficient' for BRICs, Better Yields Needed, Mantega Says

U.S. offers strong backing for IMF governance overhaul

Obama backs measure to restore fiscal discipline

FACTBOX-Major U.S. financial regulation reform initiatives

U.S. sketches out bank tests, more capital needed

Regulators May Make Banks Raise Capital Levels With Stress-Test Accounting

U.S. White Paper on Stress Tests Leaves Questions Unanswered, Analysts Say

AIG's Liddy to Testify in Congress on Whether Insurer Needs More U.S. Aid

GM to Eliminate Pontiac, Keep GMC as Cost Cuts Accelerated to Win U.S. Aid

Xerox cuts 2009 outlook as printer sales slump

ICICI Reports Steepest Profit Drop in More Than Six Years as Loans Decline

Weber Says German Economy May Have Shrunk by a Record 3% in First Quarter

Economy suffers worst 6 months since 1948, dashing Alistair Darling's forecasts< br />
Deadly flu strain threatens Mexico and U.S.

Swine Flu Outbreak May Spark UN Agency Review of Pandemic Alert

Rodriguez Says Devaluing Venezuela Bolivar Would Raise Prices, Be `Stupid'

Cemig Sinks Most in Five Weeks on Concern Terna Purchase Price Too `Rich'

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posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by Hx3_1963

Healines at the Market Oracle:

Financial Crisis Opportunities Amidst The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

In G7 capitals and financial centers, Public Servants and their elite Banksters - both central and money center banks and investment brokers - nervously tell their clients to wait for the inevitable recoveries, along with a chorus from the elite media stooges to fool the citizens and investors of their cluelessness. Neither the Chicago School nor Keynes can explain what is unfolding, and in the Austrian School everything is and has been predictable. Why are the first two considered mainstream? Because in both schools of thought GOVERNMENT is the answer rather than the problem. For the mainstream, the problems can always be solved by borrow, print, lend and spend.

What? No way to borrow, print, lend, and spend our way out?

[edit on 25-4-2009 by burntheships]

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by Hx3_1963

Oh and this nifty chart...

As incomes are NOT sufficient to repay the debt, significant debt restructuring must take place and losses realized. However, very little, if almost NONE of the debt restructuring has yet occurred. Let’s take a look at the mountain of debt going all the way back to the inception of the Federal Reserve. The final severing of gold from the US currency at Breton Woods II in 1971 was the LATEST betrayal of the American people by Public Servants at that time since fiat money was constitutionally PROHIBITED and contrary to the constitution:

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 07:02 PM
ATTENTION: Thread on hold due to Flu outbreak...

2nd line...

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:05 AM

Swine flu epidemic fear grows, world on alert

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Governments around the world rushed on Sunday to check the spread of a new type of swine flu that has killed up to 81 people in Mexico and infected around a dozen in the United States.

Mexicans huddled in their homes while U.S. hospitals tracked patients with flu symptoms and other countries imposed health checks at airports as the World Health Organization warned the virus had the potential to become a pandemic.

The epidemic has snowballed into a monster headache for Mexico, already grappling with a violent drug war and economic slowdown, and has quickly become one of the biggest global health scares in years.
More at Link...

WHO's "war room" in high gear after flu outbreaks

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 08:45 PM

Sun 4-26-2009

Hard times, 25% unemployment hit Imperial Valley, CA
- (the swine flu hit them too)
Slovakia's unemployment hits 10%, expects 12.6% by year's end
Krugman: no letup in job losses anytime soon, 12% unemployment possible
Gang members celebrate Toledo, OH police layoffs - oh my -

Timken Aerospace -45

Sat 4-25-2009
Cannondale, last major US bicycle manufacturer, outsources to Asia -200
Stanley Works (NYSE:SWK) -500
Four Million people now unemployed in Spain - 17.36%
Norfolk Southern (NYSE:NSC) -58
EMI Music CD Plant, Jacksonville, FL-103
Kansas House considers mandatory furloughs for 42,000 state employees
Riverside County, CA proposes 1,000 job cuts
Volvo Group (Sweden) -1543
Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI -19
Sandvik -50
Fort Wayne, IN Community Schools -100
Gardner Museum, Boston MA -13
Redmond, OR School District -57
Brookings, SD regional job cuts -119
TRW Automotive plant closure -75
O'Neal Steel Inc. -110
Gresham-Barlow, OR School District -115
Shawnee, OK regional employers -102

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 06:37 PM

Mon 4-27-2009

Boise, Inc. Newsprinting facility -105
First Student, Inc. -660
Hundreds of coal miners laid off
Rainbow Play Systems -74
Hanes Brands (NYSE:HBR) -500
Lockheed martin (NYSE:LMT) -225
GM Canada will Slash Jobs, Close 395
Dealerships - up to -14,000 jobs may be lost
Franklin-Springboro, OH Public Library -4
Ottawa Valley Railway (Canada) -30
Timken (NYSE:TKR) Announces additional cuts -4,000
Monahan Filaments -54
HSBC lays off 100 bankers in Hong Kong -100
Legg Mason -24
Portfolio Magazine -80
PPG Industries -110
Allegan, MI Educational Service Agency -20
Magna International (Canada) temporary layoffs -725
Industrial employment in Alabama fell 4.5% in 12 months
Lakeside Steel (Canada) -29
General Motors (NYSE:GM) announces cuts, kills Pontiac brand -21,000
Heifer International -68
Vancouver, BC (Canada) School System -80
Sutton Bros. Lumber -12
Exide Corp Update - 567

TOTAL - 43,062 est.. -

...includes other parts of the world. Because - we are certainly all in this together...

Swine Flu and The Economy: Disconnect or Tipping Point?
Layoffs imminent at First Bank of Idaho after FDIC seizure
Russian jobless rate hits 10%, 3.5 million out of work
Recession has forced nearly half of all hospitals to shed staff

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 08:56 AM
Can someone please tell me why there is no info on the last few years Tokyo motor show?? I thought it was the biggest in the world but it looks as though it's vanished.

Why is this being censored. Perhaps the electric car was perfected and they don't want us to know? Is this why they hit Japan with the earthquake?

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by nmyfthst

If there was a way and a reason, that would be one that I would buy.

I think the banking oil PTB conglomerate sees the electric car as the end to their current reign of terror over the common man.

If people only knew the real cost of oil. If people only knew the real cost of our disposable society of planned obsolescence.

If the U.S. was to experience widespread bankruptcy, a hole lot of billionaire would lose all off their money.

Wipe out all debt! Heck, most of it was created by nothing but deceptive con jobs.

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