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2009 Depression Validated

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 06:00 PM
Brown snubbed over tax
Germans wreck ‘global new deal’

World leaders urge crisis reform

Only a united front at the London G20 can save the world from ruin

Obama calls major economies climate change meeting

G20 summit: blow for Gordon Brown as £1.4 trillion spending blueprint is leaked

Biden appeals to G20 protesters

G20 summit: Biggest police operation in decade for G20

States relent, take stimulus money

Swiss Talk Tough In Banking Battle

Scramble to save building society

U.S. goes after Mexican cartel guns, cash on border

Latin America likely faces "worst shock ever" - IMF

Newly thrifty Americans go foraging

Sat 3-28-2009

NEC Stops PC Sales in Aisa -270
Daido Metal Shutdown -290
City of Stockton -80
Presbyterian Church HQ -14
Parker Hannifin HQ -20
Rockwell Automation Closes Plant -115
Keokuk Steel Castings -32
Aleris Aluminum Cuts Again -99
Universal Brixius Closing Plant -69
Las Vegas Sands -283
Quincy Compressor -20
Cooper Tire Starts Layoffs -500
City of Springfield Mass. -31
Amazon Closing 3 Distribution Centers -210
Hillsborough County FL -1,000
City of Anderson IN -12
Boston Herald -24

Washinton DC Unemployment 9.9%
FL Unemployment Rate 33 Yr High 9.4%

TOTAL 3,000+ approx

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:09 PM
Headlines for March 29th 2009

States rebel against Washington

If Gordon Brown won't get a grip, we could be calling in the IMF again

Madagascar protesters tear-gassed for third day

Extreme Right gains ground as Ukraine falls into crisis

G20 summit: How not to look like a banker

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 11:45 AM
Double-digit unemployment looms, OECD tells G8

Obama Says GM, Chrysler Not `Quite There Yet' on Viable Restructuring Plan

Canadian Auto Union Says It Hasn't Reached Chrysler Concessions Accord Yet

Geithner Says Banks Must `Take Risks Again' to Hasten Revival of Economy

U.S. Job, Factory Slumps Probably Persisted as Recession Marked 16th Month

China Has Room to Cut Rates as Inflation Heads for Zero, Central Bank Says

Japan to Boost Asia Aid Package by a Third to $20 Billion, Nikkei Reports

Nippon Yusen Declines After Profit Collapses on Lower Bulk Shipping Rate

King Becomes `Political Football' After Warning Brown on British Spending

FSA's Regulatory Revolution Could Cost as Much as 1% of GDP, Turner Says

Government Will Protect Dunfermline Customers as It Seeks to Sell Lender

Canada's Harper Says G-20's London Meeting Should Focus on Fixing Markets

Inflation Slows More Than Forecast to 10-Year Low After Recession Deepens

Draghi Says Authorities Need to Be `More Proactive' in Response to Risk

Italease Loss Doubles to $1.4 Billion After Writing Down Loans, Goodwill

Monte Paschi to Ask for $2.6 Billion of State Aid From Italian Government

Hungary's Parties Again Fail to Break Stalemate on Premiership Candidate

Latin America Need for IMF Loans May Triple in 2009, Hemisphere Chief Says

Andean Development Fund Seeks $2 Billion in New Capital to Bolster Lending

Brazil's Lula Urges G-20 to Implement Strong Measures to Help World Growth

Ecuador to Unveil Detailed Debt Restructure Plan on April 20, Correa Says

Colombia's Economy Probably Entered Recession in First Quarter, S&P Says

Ecuadorean Economy Is Likely to Contract 1% This Year, S&P's Francis Says

Carbon Market With Trillion-Dollar Potential Sparks Early U.S. Turf Fight

Baltic Bust Sows `Panic' Among Entrepreneurs in Europe's Worst Economies

China Coal Energy Suspends $2.5 Billion Project on Weak Demand, Low Prices

Diamond Sales in Botswana to Drop by Half as Prices Fall on Economic Slump

New York to Raise Tax Rate on People Earning More Than $300,000, NYT Says

Ontario May Scrap Planned Minimum-Wage Increase in 2010, Toronto Star Says

G20: If capitalism is 'overthrown', we'll lose our political freedom

London G-20 Demonstration About World Economic Management Attracts 12,000

Charleroi: the most depressing city in Europe becomes more depressing by the day ay.html

White House plays down expectations for G20

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 04:06 PM
Six Bloggers of the Apocalypse

Japan Output Slumps for Fifth Month as Exports Tumble (Update1)

Spanish Unions Want 4-Day Work Week: Report

Brazil builds walls around Rio de Janeiro slums

Streiff Is Ousted as CEO of Peugeot Citroën

Is there any gold inside Fort Knox, the world's most secure vault?

Singapore May Devalue Currency, Allow 4% Loss, Survey Shows

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 11:03 PM

Trelleborg OH Plant Closing -90
Myers Industries Closing OH Plant -50
Whirlpool Closes Plant -750
Aleris -99
Federal Coach -42
Upper Pittsgrove School -3

Less than 1,000 -

Tomorrow looks like Jag out of London - is threatening to cut 15,000

London: Indian conglomerate Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata has said job cuts will take place at Jaguar unless the British government guarantees loans worth millions of pounds to the car maker. In an interview to Sky News, Ratan Tata said, "Job cuts will be made unless the government can guarantee 500 million pounds in loans to the company".

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 12:26 PM
Headlines for March 30th 2009

EU, U.S. Joblessness to Reach 10% This Year Amid Slump, OECD's Gurria Say

Retail Sales Drop for Second Year as Recession, Joblessness Damp Demand

Japanese Stocks Slump Most in Two Months on Bankruptcy, Car Demand Concern

German Retail Sales Declined for 10th Straight Month in March, PMI Shows

DAX Index Has Biggest Drop This Year, Led by Deutsche Bank, BMW, Daimler

Draft communique for G20 summit

G-20 Targets Hedge Funds, Derivatives as Leaders Agree on More Regulation

G20 summit: what each country wants and why Gordon Brown may be thwarted

G20 Summit: Gordon Brown's 'new deal' dream fades as Alistair Darling warns against optimism

G20: boarded-up London

G20 'terrorist plot' uncovered by police

Global stocks tumble as auto, banking woes deepen

Ireland Loses AAA rating

Spain becomes 1st in euro-zone to post deflation

Japan’s woes continue as economy heads for deflation

ECB refi rate to hit new record low, other steps eyed

Global banks may shrink sheet by $2 trillion more: report

British Banks May Eliminate 15,000 Jobs in Second Quarter, CBI Survey Says

Deutsche Bank's Top Risk Officer Says Global Credit Crisis `Far From Over'

Commonwealth Bank's BankWest to Cut About 400 Jobs as Economy Contracts

MF Global Closes Brokerage Offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg

Nigerian Central Bank Won't Allow Any Banks to Fail, Governor Soludo Says

Banorte Tumbles After Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Recommend Selling Shares

Russia, China to Cooperate on New Global Currency as Alternative to Dollar

Obama Says GM, Chrysler Have One Final Chance to Restructure or Lose Aid

Remarks by President Barack Obama on the auto industry

General Motors Hurtles Toward Bankruptcy

No reason to go back to table with GM, CAW says

GM bondholders face growing bankruptcy risk, loss

GM Bondholders Said to Support Obama's Demand for Deeper Cuts at Automaker

Chrysler agrees on framework of alliance with Fiat

Toyota, Nissan Lead Biggest Monthly Drop in Japan Auto Output Since 1967

Volkswagen Workers Continue `Hunger Strike' for Jobs in Hanover, DPA Says

U.S. Luxury-Goods Sales May Decline 15% This Year, Altagamma Report Says

Corn Plummets 31% as Soybeans Fall 28% in Forecast (Update1)

U.S. soft drink volume decline steepest in decades

Chinese Steelmakers Seeking Interim 40% Cut In Iron Ore Price, Group Says

ArcelorMittal Retreats After Report Revenue Will Decline in Second Quarter

Chalco Plans to Reduce Capital Spending by 34% This Year, President Says

Sara Lee may divest household business

'Half Off' Sale for Boston’s John Hancock Tower

AIG delays funds to some real-estate ventures: report

Mall Owner's Debt Effort Falters

Mortgage Defaults, Delinquencies Rise

Market share of U.S. second-home sales fell in 2008

Azel Files for Bankruptcy in Japan as Recession Drives Down Property Sales

Xinyuan Real Estate Plunges on Revenue Forecast, Downgrade by Roth Capital Xinyuan

UPDATE 2-Manitowoc withdraws outlook; says may breach covenants

Groupe Couach Is Insolvent, Filed for Bankruptcy Protection, Chief Says

U.S. power use tumbling with recession

Comparing the U.S. to Russia and Argentina

China, Argentina to settle trade in yuan: Xinhua

China's Sinopec Targets Africa, Latin America for Oil, Gas Acquisitions

Bush official shifted insurer's billions into stocks just before crash

Mexico rules out joint border patrols with U.S.

Argentine Farmers Prepare More Protests as Government Stands Firm on Taxes

Colombia Peso Falls the Most in Five Months; Chilean Currency Depreciates

Singapore May Devalue Currency, Allow 4% Decline by June, Survey Shows

Russian Economy Will Contract 4.5% on Global Crisis, Oil, World Bank Says

Hungary Credit Rating Cut to Lowest Investment Grade by Standard & Poor's

Commercial Aircraft Use May Drop 4% Globally as Demand Declines, OAG Says

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by Hx3_1963

Hey, Hx3, is it ok to pop in now that the excitement from the day has passed?! ...
Don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I wanted to give you an "up-date" if you'r interested..?

A while back I asked for some "panic-advice", if you remember? Well, last weekend we had more of a "talk" and this weekend I'll probably be going to the "load 'em up" at the store! finally! I have some stocks of my own, and decided to sell some off to get the "basement" stocked. I've been going to all of the major players web sites, comparing prices and feel a lot better about the decision to "sell". The hubby was really having high blood pressure over this whole mess we're seeing, so I did feel bad for him. I had to talk about it though, and soon!

Just got to get through the request with my stock guy now without him talking me out of it!
He told me last week I was the only one he'd heard
who thought stocking up on supplies was a good idea!
Oh well, he thinks I'm a kook now I guess.

Thanks again!

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:40 PM

Mon 3-30-2009

The Daily Progress -6
InSite Vision Inc. -17
Klockner In Gordonsville -38
Boston Globe -50
HP Corvallis -249
Essar Steel Algoma -360
St. Lukes Lutheran Care Center -14
Auto Supplier Medina Blanking Inc. -83
Misc. Layoffs From TN Companies -59
GM -1 (ok - this one creeps me out - Washington in control...?)
Balzout Nitro -7
Genvec -22
Touch and Go Records -23
Another Law Firm -41
JP Morgan/Wash Mutual -8,500
Sun Micro -5,000? (correction 1,500)
UBS -8,000
Mythic Entertainment -60
Elkhart Brass -15
GE Solar -86
San Francisco Chronicle -300
City of Flagstaff -40
Barton Group -15
American Eagle Pilots -75
Tulare County -18
City of Youngstown -34

TOTAL - 19,500 + approx

150,000 Stores Expected To Fail in '09
Economy’s Latest Victim:
Shopping Malls Are Closing The evidence is coming in that it is. The Week reports: Enclosed shopping centers, long the cathedrals of American consumerism, are closing their doors by the hundreds as the recession continues to clobber retail sales. Is America’s love affair with the mall over? The vital signs are not good. Even before the recession hit, consumers had developed mall fatigue, and the classic enclosed shopping mall was in decline. More than 400 of the 2,000 largest malls in the U.S. have closed in the past two years. The last new major mall in the U.S. opened in 2006, and only one big mall is scheduled to open this year—the troubled Xanadu mega-mall in Rutherford, N.J. (See below.) With some 150,000 retail stores projected to fail in the U.S. this year, more mall closings are imminent. Mall mainstays such as Mervyn’s department stores, Linens ’n Things, and KB Toys have already disappeared into bankruptcy, and mall vacancy rates topped 7 percent last year, the highest level since 2001. “It’s an absolute disaster,” says Howard Davidowitz, an investment banker specializing in retailers. “What a mall represents is discretionary spending, and discretionary spending is in a depression.”

Selection Of Job Cuts By Major Companies

More Layoffs For Hamilton County
Stroock Law Firm -10%

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by fullmoonfairy
Hope you didn't just do this on my "Ill winds" comment...

It was something that you and yours, saw and believed in..

I wish you well and good luck in all you do...

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 12:01 AM
Headlines for March 31st 2009

Financial Rescue Approaches GDP as U.S. Pledges $12.8 Trillion

U.S. recession seen not yet bottoming

U.S. consumer confidence barely above record low

Fed's Stern: Inaction raised financial crisis costs

World Bank offers trade boost, OECD casts G20 shadow

OECD sees bleak global outlook, soaring job losses

G20 summit: 'Unprecedented' police operation to protect world leaders

G20: Dozens of banks to shut branches in London in fear of summit protesters

Sarkozy threatens to walk out of G20

Department store chain Gottschalks to liquidate

Chicago Sun-Times parent files for bankruptcy

Chile announces crisis measures for small business

Ministers ready to take over rail franchise amid recession

UPDATE 2-DryShips gets going concern notice from auditors

UPDATE 2-Pacific Energy Resources files Chapter 11

US Refinery Status: Lightning Shuts Motiva Port Arthur Units

Fortis plunges to 28 billion euro 2008 loss on banking

Fortis outlines insurance future after $37 billion loss

Wagoner's exit puts BofA CEO Lewis in hotseat

RPT-UPDATE 1-GM Europe head says to fight for state aid

UPDATE 1-Ford to cover payments if customers lose jobs

U.S. home values sink at record pace in January

Lennar reports wider quarterly loss

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by Hx3_1963

"Not at all! I thnk there is plenty of information out there if one would only choose to look/read/see!

I have been wanting to prepare for a long time now, it just took me a little longer to convince him I am rght!
I MAY be wrong, but the consequences are too great to just hope it will all go away ....good luck today, I'll be keepin' up with you all, watching and reading!

Thanks a lot,

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 10:01 AM
SUMMIT-UPDATE 1-G20 should double or triple IMF funds - Rudd

Obama Meets Hu Amid U.S., China Stimulus Plans That May Fuel More Clashes

EU Preview: ECB to Cut Rate to Record Low, Announce Extension to Refi Operations

S&P fears debt crisis for Europe's companies

US Midwest business shrinks more rapidly in March

Recession Hurts Social Security Trust Fund

Japan’s Jobless Rate Jumps to Three-Year High of 4.4% (Update1)

Japanese Corporate Bond Risk Jumps as Jobless Rate Climbs to a 3-Year High

Yen Falls, Heads for Quarterly Loss on Speculation Japan's Slump to Deepen

Japan's Debt Ratio to Surge to 197% of Economy Next Year, OECD Estimates

Aso Says Third Stimulus Needed to Prevent Deterioration of Japan's Economy

Australian Central Bank Abandons Growth Forecast, Says Recession Is Likely

UK manufacturing failures seen up 52 pct in 2009

Societe Generale Sees Further Asset Writedowns in First Quarter on Indices

Unemployment Rose in March for Fifth Month; Jobless Rate Increased to 8.1%

Commerzbank to Cut 2,200 Jobs at Headquarters to Help Integrate Dresdner

Central, East Europe `Most at Risk' in Crisis, World Bank's Zoellick Says

Ukrainian Premier Timoshenko Promises Bank Bailout Plan Within Two Weeks

Hungary's Debt Rating Lowered by Moody's in Second Downgrade in Two Days

Mexico Ready to Take IMF Credit Line of Up to $40 Billion, Calderon Says

Peru Stocks Go to First From Worst in Latin America on Copper, Zinc, Gold

Ukraine Capital Controls Spook Investors as Kazakhstan Threatens Exporters

Mack Warns Morgan Stanley Brokers of Difficult Year With Recovery Deferre

GM CEO sees more plant closings, job cuts

GM CEO: Bankruptcy Looks "More Probable"

GM bondholders brace for a reduced offer, new terms

Toyota Will Cut Annual Dividend for First Time Since 1995, Nikkei Reports

Fiat Debt Rating Is Cut to Junk by S&P as Chrysler Strives for Partnership

S&P cuts Fiat to junk status, may cut again

BRIEF-Italy PM hopes for US financing for Chrysler-Fiat

Porsche Might Delay Increasing Volkswagen Stake as Debts Mount, Sales Drop

IRS agent admits cheating on his own taxes

French workers take hostages at Caterpillar

Four Caterpillar Managers Are Held Hostage By Workers at Plant in Grenoble

Bosses send workers on holiday to save costs

Company bosses are allowing their workers to take longer holidays in an attempt to save money in the recession according to a survey of leading managers.

'Neighbour from hell' blew up his own home before bailiffs could evict him

Boston's Hancock Tower Sells at Half Price to Normandy, Five Mile Capital

Milford theft toll: $1M in cigarettes

North Korean Government Threatens War If Japan Tries to Shoot Down Missile

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 01:41 PM

General Motors Unveils Unprecedented Customer Protection Package - "GM Total Confidence"
* Payment protection for first 24 months of ownership... lose your income and we'll make up to nine payments for up to $500 per month
* Finance a new GM vehicle we'll help protect its retail value at trade-in time on your next GM vehicle
* Safety and security of one year of OnStar standard
* Fully backed, 5 year/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation... provides the best coverage in the industry
* website launched with program details

DETROIT - General Motors today announced the most comprehensive customer protection in the industry with "GM Total Confidence," a plan that protects a customer's paycheck, investment, vehicle and family. "Our Total Confidence plan is an unprecedented offer that reinvents the ownership experience in an extremely positive way," said Mark LaNeve, vice president, GM North America Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing. "Unlike other programs out there, 'GM Total Confidence' provides comprehensive coverage for new vehicle owners - from protecting their new vehicle investment to protecting their family's income. GM Total Confidence provides customers peace of mind in uncertain times." (Note: See accompanying chart) The 'GM Total Confidence' plan:

More here -

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by spinkyboo

I agree, this cannot be blamed on Obama, he is only the tool used to accelerate our decline and spread the wealth of the world ‘more evenly’. He was picked because he alone could spark the participation of the victims of outcome-based education into the mind numbed force that the powers that be needed to bring down the old world order adult supervision of the United States; controlling the focus of the easily deceived. Witness Acorn’s bussing in protestors to AIG executives' houses with the staged outrage of congress and the President to bonuses they knew about and authorized: “Watch this hand while in this hand…”

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 05:15 PM
Bailed-out banks show auditors the money trail

Mall partly owned by Simon Property defaults on payment

US property prices down 29pc and still falling fast

Fannie, Freddie Are Pressured as Homeowners Fall Behind

GM Tells Dealers It’s 36% Short Consumer-Sales Goal (Update1)

Obama Said to Conclude Bankruptcy Best Option for GM, Chrysler

California may tap U.S. Treasury, Europe for credit
Lockyer: Trouble getting bank credit may prompt need for federal bond aid

U.S. companies feel government pressure to save U.S. jobs

Honda cutting U.S. production, salaries: WSJ

Turkey's economy contracts

South Korean Exports Decline 21.2% in March on Global Slump

Cities and States Plan Strange New Taxes on Pretty Much Everything

Federal cigarette tax increases by 62 cents Wednesday

BREAKING NEWS: Hundreds of Iowans thrown out of public hearing

Rio building walls around slums

OZ Minerals agrees to new $1.2 billion Chinese offer

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 12:05 AM


Washington State University -400
Cygnus Business Media -30
John Deere -40
Robinson and Cole -30
Disney World Update -450
Canaccord Capital Inc. -75
Chrysler Financial -58
Franklin Resources -85
Osiris Therapeutics -80
Reed Smith Law Firm -100
BP Solar -140
VCU Health System -30
Microsoft Aftermath -1,400
Corning Closes Plant -400
Forbes Media -50
Federal-Mogul In Lake City -53
Fargo Assembly -34
Winston-Salem Journal -23
Sandvik -490
Kinetic Concepts Inc. -300
FL Communications Group -53
King 5 TV -15

TOTAL - 4,300 + Approx

Underemployed freelancers and involuntary part-timers are hidden casualties of the deepening recession As a self-employed contractor, Bender is not only ineligible for unemployment benefits; she doesn't even get counted in the government's unemployment statistics. "It's scary to think that I'm completely not tracked and have no access to benefits," says Bender. "And it's scary as hell to think that I'm at risk of falling through the cracks."

Rumors confirmed -
Halliburton in Duncan hands out pink slips Posted:
March 31, 2009 03:06 PM

The Halliburton corporate office e-mail says, "We can confirm, unfortunately, that there were some Halliburton personnel reductions in Duncan today. While 7News doesn't know how many employees were let go, one worker said they were laying folks off right and left. When Jason Pruitt arrived at work, he said he knew it wouldn't be business as usual. "As I pulled in, I was walking inside, I saw two police officers coming out of the car," he said. "They kinda looked at us, and I said, ‘It doesn't look good, does it?' They just kinda smiled at me, and I walked in."

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 12:37 AM
This video is quite stirring

Engdahl: Obama must confront the oligarchical power of Wall Street to solve crisis

From Engdahl

I've examined Tim Geithner's career when he was president at the New York Federal Reserve, and that's not a basis for me to trust someone to manage this crisis. He caused a good part of this crisis. He was in on the decision with Paulson and company to let Lehman Brothers go belly-up back in September, and that took a contained crisis and made it into a global, systemic crisis, and mushroomed the losses into the trillions of dollars worldwide. And now it's much, much more difficult to deal with this. This is Geithner's track record. This man is incompetent to be Treasury secretary. He is representing the interests of the Wall Street money oligarchy.


It's a band-aid measure to staunch a hemorrhage of losses that these four or five big institutions are having. Those losses are going to exponentially increase over the next two, three years as the mortgage losses, the loan losses that those banks have made, explode into a deepening recession/depression. I call it a depression. It soon will be acknowledged to be that. And this thing is going to be worse than the 1930s, the way things are going, because they refuse—the Obama administration, Geithner, as well as the Bush administration, refuse to touch the inner sanctum of the holy of holies called Wall Street and the money oligarchy. And until you do that—you know, I don't like to use terms like "money oligarchy" to refer to American banks, but that is literally—if you look up the dictionary definition of "oligarchy," it's money defining the political control. And that's what we have developed into in the US banking system over the last 15 to 20 years. And that's what has to be cleaned up. That's what Geithner is not going to touch with a 10-foot pole because he knows that's taboo.

[edit on 1-4-2009 by pluckynoonez]

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 01:04 AM
Regardless of what our government is telling us, the European Media is telling Europe that the US is in a depression. I met someone from the netherlands the other day to said that everyone in Sweden knows that were in a depression- thats what they call it there.

US will never declare an actual depression, theyre not that stupid. To do that would set chaos to every city in america.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 01:26 AM
Headlines for April 1st 2009
April Fools' Day

U.S. plans to ease GM into bankruptcy - NY Times

Bankers Are Dubious on G-20 Plan for Global Finance Overseer, Survey Shows

G20 protests: Rioters loot RBS office after clashes in City

G20 splits surface as Obama calls for unity

Obama sees G20 consensus, France unhappy

Sarkozy Says Tougher Financial Regulations Are a `Non-Negotiable' Target

G20: Country by country stimulus funds

Nassim Taleb Says Geithner’s Bank Plan Will Fail (Update1)

Ford's U.S. Sales Plunge 41% as Job Losses Further Depress Vehicle Demand

UPDATE 1-Parts shortage idles Chrysler Canada plant

New York's Proposed Income Tax Increase Larger Than Originally Described

U.S. private sector axes 742,000 jobs in March

Construction Spending Drops for 5th Straight Month

U.S. Manufacturing Shrinks for 14th Straight Month as Factories Pare Costs

Home Prices in U.S. to Drop Through 2010 as Recession Cuts Jobs, PMI Says

UPDATE 2-Thornburg Mortgage to file bankruptcy, close down

CDOs Become `Unmanageable' as Contract-Trading Costs Surge, Fitch Reports

China's Manufacturing Contracts for Eighth Month Amid Global Trade Slump

China Resources Power's Profit Slumps 47% to $22 Million Due to Coal Costs

Japan's Tankan Shows More Workers Face Job Losses, Prolonging Recession

Japan Offers $22 Billion of Trade Aid, Warns Against Protectionism at G-20

K-Line to Slash Car Carrier Fleet to Least in 6 Years as Auto Sales Slide

Aflac Declines as S&P Downgrades Hybrids of More Than 60 European Firms

Australian Retail Sales Fall 2% in February as Recession Concern Deepens

Australian Infrastructure Stocks Plunge After Macquarie-Sparked Rally

Fitch Sees `Severe, Abrupt' Economic Recession in Eastern Europe This Year

Emerging Markets Most at Risk From Protectionism, Capital Economics Says

Bosnia-Herzegovina May Seek up to $1.3 Billion IMF Aid to Weather Downturn

Serbia Government Must Make Tough Decisions, Central Banker Jelasic Says

Slovenian Central Banker Says Economy to Shrink 2% in 2009, Grow in 2010

Britons Pay Down Mortgages at Record Pace as Property Slump Curbs Lending

Daimler Plans $2.7 Billion in Savings by Reducing Salaries, Workers' Hours

German February Machine Orders Slump 49%; VDMA Cuts 2009 Output Forecast

Vivacon Drops Most in Two Years After Full-Year Loss, Property Writedowns

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Decline on Job Fears After Unemployment Climbs

Merkel's Opel Delay Jeopardizes Unit If GM Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Merkel's Bavarian Heartland Turns Against Her as German Election Nears

Sweden's Economy to Shrink 4.2% in 2009, Most in Half a Century, Borg Says

UPDATE 1-Mexico economy to shrink 3.3 pct in 09-cenbank poll

Mexico to Seek $47 Billion IMF Credit Line to Stem Outflows, Shore Up Peso

Cemex Unlikely to Get Government Rescue in Debt Refinance, Santander Says

Brazil's Industrial Production Declined 17% in February From Year Earlier

UPDATE 1-Brazil's Independencia shuts units, lays off 1,400

Cesp Has $1 Billion Annual Loss on Writedown Amid Brazil Accounting Change

South Africa's Budget Deficit Reaches 1.2% of Total Gross Domestic Product

South African Manufacturing Index Hits Record Low on Weak Export Demand

South African Transport Workers to Strike From April 7, Labor Union Says

Nigeria Becomes World's Worst Performing Stock Market as Bank Losses Swell

Ivory Coast to Get $3 Billion in Debt Relief From The IMF and World Bank

Caterpillar Workers Agree to Release Four Managers They Detained Overnight

Israel May Take `Preemptive' Military Action Against Iran, Petraeus Says

Nicolas Cage Sells His Bavarian Castle, Mittelbayerische Zeitung Reports

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 01:42 PM
Moody's downgraded $1.76 trln U.S. corp debt in Q1

Analysis: Crisis may lead to new world order

U.S. seen facing danger of 2nd recession next year

G20 protests turn violent

London police charge to disperse G20 protesters

Ousting bailed-out U.S. bank CEOs an option: Geithner

Bailout watchdogs: We want more info

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Receive $46 Billion From Treasury

Credit card write-offs hit record high

U.S. regulators bracing for bank stress test battle

Citi CDS costs hit fresh high ahead of FASB vote

Mack calls on Obama to demand UAW Chief to resign,2009-04-01

How AIG Is Driving GM Into Bankruptcy

Acres of imported cars parked near port

Babcock & Brown's Troubles Down Under Hit U.S. Apt. Market

Moody's cuts Gray Television CFR to Caa1

Why small companies keep shedding jobs

Strife In The Big City: Jobless Rates Up

NY lawmakers clash over bailing out mass transit

Off-the-cuff suggestion prompts discussion on what to do with abandoned neighborhoods in Flint

Total sells Canadian oil sands stake to Sinopec

North Korea begins fuelling rocket: report

Wed 4-1-2009

W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery -78
Sub-Zero Cuts Again -35
Cardinal Health -1,300
Gottschalks Closing 58 Stores -5,200
Exide Corp. Update -500
City of Vista -15
Alcoa NY Plant -170
Frisbie Memorial Hospital -24
International Paper Closing Mill -160
Stroh Die Casting -12
Sacred Heart University -18
Veoh -80 N.
Kaiser Permanete -700
Salinas Police -6
Gehl Another Round -48
Press and Argus -10
ATK Launch Systems -225
Schering-Plough Closing Plant -240
American Woodmark Closes Plant -600
ArcelorMittal Closes Steel Plant -285
MiMar Food Group Closes Plant -177
Exide Technologies Idles Plant -38
Hydro Aluminum Closing Plant -100
Shindaiwa Inc. -37
Verizon In Little Rock -18
Thilmany Papers -30
MEMC -200
3M Update -1,200
Evraz Inc. -225

TOTAL - 11,700+

East Michigan Unemployment 17.4%

ADP Says U.S. Companies Reduced Payrolls by 742,000 (Update2)

Whiting Door Files WARN Notice

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