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Don't be Stupid. Disclosure is Dangerous...

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by qmantoo

Yeah but how else are we gonna have a galactic cantina with Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes playin that one song over and over.

I say the risk is worth it for that alone.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 06:33 AM
Goddamn it people.. This is what is potentially dangerous dont you see! If the aliens were bad dont you think we would be more enslaved than what we are. Come on get real if we had disclosure HUMANS FIRST!!! Instinct would be invasion!!!!!! WAR!!!!!!...

That wouldnt be a species instinct thats far more evolved than us! If it was to be let out, people would start loosing their heads and running around like idiots (like the stupid animals most are)!

Why do you think we are not in space (in the masses) because we cant be trusted we ON THE MAJORITY are to dumb and dangerous. It dont mean that more intelligent creatures are dumb and dangerous!

I think its really stupid to even write messages saying

"Don't be Stupid. Disclosure is Dangerous because it will mean the aliens can be more open" AND WHY ARE THEY NOT?

- Because they get shot down and chased of - please read my next bit of text and really think about it, its true.

[B](Man onlys feels comfort in the understanding that we are the most intelligent species there is, and anything smarter poses threat which that threat should be dealt with)[/B]

I think i rest my case

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 02:30 AM
Hyperdimensional Characteristics – Aliens are sophisticated nonhuman entities. Technological superiority is their least important advantage; what matters more is their dimensional superiority. Their native state of existence transcends the limitations of space-time. Whereas our existence is constrained by linear time, aliens can see and manipulate our past, present, and future possibilities simultaneously from a position outside linear time. They can also temporarily project themselves into our universe, taking physical form according to what archetypes in our collective unconscious best approximate their higher dimensional essence. The assumption that aliens are three-dimensional beings like us who have flown here in mechanically constructed spaceships from planets far away covers only a small subset of the entire alien presence, and it is severely insular to examine only the hardest physical evidence of the alien phenomenon in the name of science. The alien presence is mostly hyper dimensional and therefore nebulous because its true nature far exceeds the boundaries of popular assumption.

Positive vs. Impostor Aliens – Whether aliens are benevolent or hostile depends on whether they foster an expansion in our freewill and awareness or if they seek to undermine these. It is not enough to judge alien intentions according to transient social, political, religious, or scientific standards. Covertly hostile aliens could easily pander to our insecurities and wishful thinking by offering stunning scientific knowledge, religious answers, political unity, and the promise of global peace and prosperity in exchange for our unquestioning obedience. Thorough investigation of the alien presence reveals that preparations for just such a scenario are currently underway. In times of desperation, people tend to sacrifice liberty for security. Should mankind accept such a Faustian bargain the end result would be complete assimilation and enslavement. To prevent this possibility, we must ask the most important question of all: how can one distinguish between positive aliens and cunning impostors? Mankind has everything to gain in exercising its discernment this way, and doubt is cast on the sincerity and wisdom of anyone who persistently refuses to explore the full depth of this question.

False Dichotomies – Offering two false choices is the surest way of manipulating someone into making a bad decision. We must be on guard for false dichotomies, opposites that only appear to be so on the surface. Alien impostors have used this method of subterfuge to hide their real agenda and shape public opinion. Examples: aliens vs. paranoid military cabal, nordics / grays vs. violent reptilians, or good reptilians vs. renegade negative reptilians. If the truth were that grays, certain nordics, human military factions, and reptilians were actually unified participants in the negative alien agenda, the motivation for these false dichotomies makes perfect sense. Should mankind falsely perceive some of these elements as “good guys” due to their seeming opposition to obvious “bad guys”, then the deception succeeds. Therefore we must thoroughly examine the basis of any claimed oppositions.

Mind Programming – Alien abductions are more common than assumed because their primary purpose and procedure is generally too subtle for abductees and researchers to notice, while the less prevalent but more tangible functions get the attention. Abduction literature often mentions medical testing and genetic experimentation, but not the bigger purpose of widespread behavioral modification through implantation and posthypnotic programming. This involves temporarily extracting a person from the physical plane and programming his subconscious with commands that later bias his choices toward those beneficial to the negative alien agenda. An abductee may go to sleep one night full of enthusiasm for a fruitful endeavor only to get abducted and over the following days acquire an irrational aversion to pursuing it further. Unless they are aware of their own irrational impulses and listen to reason and intuition, people can be programmed to sabotage themselves or others, to follow unwise paths in life, enter into artificially arranged relationships, or turn off suddenly to promising business or social relations.

Hybridization vs Epigenetics – The alien hybridization project is justified on the grounds that by combining our physical hardiness and emotional flexibility with the intelligence and psychic prowess of alien grays, we can ensure a better future for both our species. It is said that only through hybridization can mankind advance to its next evolutionary phase. But this is among the greatest deceptions of all. The emerging field of epigenetics strongly suggests that changes in our consciousness, in our beliefs and awareness and perceptions, cause corresponding changes in our personal DNA. This means that a great spiritual leap in mankind will automatically create a great genetic leap through an entirely natural process. Why, then, are grays so desperate in artificially merging our two species? The best hypothesis is that hybridization actually hijacks what should be a natural progression and further locks the human soul matrix into an even more adulterated gene pool, as has been done before. Greater intelligence and psychic power does not necessarily mean we become more empathetic, discerning, or connected to our higher spiritual guidance, it simply means we become more capable tools, especially if hybridization comes at the price of individuality.

Layered Screen Memories – Screen memories are false memories given by abductors to cover-up anything that could not be entirely erased from recollection. These are well known in abduction research, but not so well known is that screen memories come in multiple layers. For instance, one might falsely remember a deer staring through the bedroom window when in reality it was an alien during the onset of an abduction. With the aid of hypnosis the abductee may penetrate this screen, but the abduction account that follows may itself also be a screen designed to cover-up what really went on during the abduction. What in reality may have been a torturous programming session and the harvesting of lifeforce through inflicted suffering can, through a secondary screen memory, be remembered as a wonderful experience. But hypnotists do not typically probe farther than the primary screen memory because they are unaware how deep the deception goes, thus they become unwitting accomplices in the propagation of disinformation.

Human Abductors – Aliens are not the only abductors; human factions are also involved. Abductees have independently reported seeing alien and human personnel working side by side in underground military bases. The line between alien and human abductors is blurred due to technological and genetic fusion between the two over recent decades, especially after the human element lost its autonomy to the superior alien element. The purpose all along was to acquire control over the vast resources and manpower of the black-ops military infrastructure. Abductions by these groups involve not only further hybridization projects and mind programming, but also the utilization of abductees as psychic assassins, remote viewers, and programmed sleeper agents. It is doubtful that any positive aliens are working in collaboration with human military groups considering their truly opposite philosophies. One need only examine the full spectrum of abduction research and published experiences to recognize this.

Objective Standards of Positivity – Without spiritual awareness one easily succumbs to moral relativism. Identifying “positive” aliens would then appear to be futile exercises in projecting our subjective human standards upon nonhuman life forms. But we must remember that while social morals are indeed subjective, there is an objective spiritual core within us that, via its capacity for empathy and longing for freedom and happiness, knows universal rights from universal wrongs. The virtues of compassion, humility, service, wisdom, strength, discretion, and courage are not limited to the human domain, for they are truly universal. Positive aliens are those who have transcended the vices and limitations that still challenge us, who have attained the heights of spiritual chivalry and serve Creation in the name of freedom, truth, and love. They value spirituality over physicality, respect the freewill of others, and subtly guide us toward fulfilling our spiritual potential without smothering us into becoming dependent on such guidance.

Temporal Feedback Loops – Because aliens can operate outside linear time, those originating from our perceived future can also observe and interact with our past and present selves. By accessing and manipulating the past, continual timeline revisions arise of which we only remember the most recent version as the true history. Our present choices also initiate a forward cascade of effects that alter the future and thus limit or expand what future insertion points aliens have available. Thus a dynamic feedback loop exists between ourselves and hyper-dimensional entities. Negative aliens from our perceived future can reinforce their own existence and supremacy by altering critical moments in history and biasing our present choices to create those probable futures where they have greater power. Positive aliens concerned about such tampering would engage in a timewar to counter these interferences. We would perceive this timewar as highly improbable setbacks being countered by equally improbable miracles and vice versa, or perhaps a strong impulse to make bad decisions competing with an inner intuition to make the right choices. Fear, paranoia, gullibility, reactivity, and passivity reinforce our feedback loop with negative aliens and increase their tangibility in our lives. Yet the more we heed spiritual impulses and live by what is noble and true, the more we rise into kinship with positive forces. The fulcrum of this timewar rests within us.

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

interesting post not sure if i agree with it though

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 09:24 AM
Wow and they talk about the pro-disclosure people making assumptions...

Originally posted by qmantoo
It would mean that the aliens have to come out into the open and then the fun would REALLY start. Currently they are behind the scenes and things are 'relatively calm' and balanced.

You are assuming that if our Government discloses their knowledge of aliens and UFOs, aliens would just come out of their hiding and make themselves known publicly. You have no idea what their intentions are, not to mention the information the Governments have.

Maybe the Government doesn't know that much about them. Maybe the Government doesn't know what they want, or where they're from. Maybe the aliens have a reason to be covert and not even a public admission from Governments would change that.

Disclosure would mean the governments would find out that they were really not in control of their countries.

If you assume the Governments have the power to 'disclose', it means they know this already.

Of course I'm not sure how valid the "they are not really in control of their contries" would be even assuming aliens are among us. It all comes back to what their intentions are. Maybe they don't want anything to do with our world and political affairs. We just don't know.

The aliens have been here for decades preparing for this and we would be just speeding up the inevitable.

Ignoring your assumption that they're here and preparing for something, if you say it's inevitable what does it matter if their presence gets disclosed?

That's like saying we're all gonna die someday so let's not talk about it.

We all know there are aliens here.

We do? I believe they are visiting us, but I don't know they are here.

We all know that they are not 'friendly'.

We do? I don't see how this can be anything but your personal opinion.

How much more unfriendly could they be, if their existence was threatened

If they have the capabilities of coming from somewhere else, apparently at least outside of our solar system, how is their existence threatened? They could just go find themselves another planet.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by qmantoo

To the OP - where are you coming up with your big theory of disclosure?

I think you should read this:

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 12:45 PM

Why do so many people think that aliens are so dangerous? Not all aliens are like that.

It's a logical deduction.

If we are to accept the idea of alien visitation we also have to accept and consider...

1. The aliens are secretive
2. The aliens have not made any overt gestures of friendship or assistance
3. They evade any attempt to intercept
4. They have often been sighted over military facilities
5. There are cases of interferring with military weapons

So, just going from our own intentions as the only example available, they seem to have a hidden motive, and the reason for hiding is likely because they don't want us to likely not a good thing for us...

I'd love for that deduction to be wrong...but I have to agree, that whatever the reason for alien visitation, they either:

1. Care as much for us as we do lab animals
2. Have more diabolical goals in mind

However, there's also the fact that in over 50 years of intense sightings, they have yet to invade us, so either it isn't their goal...and/or the military is at least effective enough to offer some kind of deterrent (such as atomic weapons)...

My personal feeling is that we (man) stumbled upon atomic energy and weapons as a fluke, and earlier than other existing space cultures...the first blast sent out a wakeup call throughout the Universe, and they came to investigate...watching us to see if we blow ourselves up, and ensuring we don't spread out before we're ready to. The idea of ET containment is the only one that just 'feels' right to me, and would explain many of the variables...

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 11:44 PM
The last 50-100 years our technology has exponentially exploded, and I often wonder if this is as a result of some people being given technological advances from aliens?

Looking back, I wonder if it will seem as if we have taken a giant leap forward in the recent past and whether future generations will be able to say that was when we were 'helped' to evolve.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 12:07 AM
I think you underestimate the human's ability to take in, process, and deal with information, even if it's amazing or tragic.

I think non-disclosure is simply two things, and neither has to do with their worrying about how we'll 'take it.'

For one, if there is nothing they can do about it, there is no reason for disclosure. Our military hardly wants to admit there is an aerial phenomena that they can do nothing about. There is no point. "Yes.. there are aliens or some craft we can't contact, nor stop... no, there is nothing we can do about it."

And in light of that reason, they hardly want to admit they've been lying to Joe Public for 45 + years.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 12:45 AM

Originally posted by qmantoo
The last 50-100 years our technology has exponentially exploded, and I often wonder if this is as a result of some people being given technological advances from aliens?

Looking back, I wonder if it will seem as if we have taken a giant leap forward in the recent past and whether future generations will be able to say that was when we were 'helped' to evolve.

^I like this. Sorry but I don't agree with 90% of the posts in this thread. I think being "secretive" is no big deal at all. There are cultures here on earth that keep to themselves from other cultures. It's normal, imo. They might be having fun! Did you ever think of that?

I like how people say our minds are clouded and that aliens are way more advanced than us, and are higher in the food chain.

That might be true, but there is a possibility, if they are from this universe, that we have more in common than you think.

A lot of people think the aliens are evil due to abduction claims. Well you know what, you get abducted by aliens, and what are you gonna do? Nothing. Just live with it and don't cry about it. For example, maybe the aliens don't understand that we hate getting abducted.

I think we will "discover" some type of life on Mars, and people will be slowly introduced into the idea of other life in the universe besides us. So there will never be disclosure. There might be a 100 year plan to "discover" things in space.

Because if aliens are here and whoever on Earth they are in communication with, the aliens have taught them about space, and brought them up to speed and on the same page of the aliens, then why aren't the common people privy to this knowledge? If some secret gov't has learned everything there is to know and is not sharing this information, then why are we wasting our time with NASA missions and such?

Now, to me disclosure would be forced, by another massive sighting. If there is another massive sighting that the government cannot cover-up then there will be no choice but to say, "yes that was an alien craft from another planet."

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by qmantoo

That's too funny! As if the government doesn't know there are UFO's and aliens. As if you believe that. Oh so we all know but the government doesn't?
The government has known for decades. Yes the aliens can take over when they please and don't think they won't or haven't already. They are all; evil and corrupt, government and aliens! Wake up!

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:27 AM
Disclosure would be dangerous for the health of people who refuse to even consider extraterrestrials could be a reality. When forced to confront reality, I can see some of those people jumping off buildings...

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