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Are we really worth saving?

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 06:40 AM

Originally posted by Beamish
reply to post by Harman

Worth saving, yes. Do we NEED saving in the cosmic sense of it all? No.

So do you follow the logic of smokingman2006’s story that his contacts are to physically remove 144,000 odd people from Earth before this “mass” he predicted destroys the rest of us?

No, i do not follow his logic at all, even if this whole planet gets blown into little pieces, wich would definitally be very bad and stupid ofcourse, as long as the consciousness survives it is of no consequense relative to the whole of existence. But on the other hand i do think those alien guys will not be hard pressed to find 144.000 volunteers for this kind of expedition, and i say; let them.

If we are eternal, what difference to our continued spiritual existence does it make if we all undergo corporeal death?

Indeed, it would even be something to learn of, bigtime. Like a kid doing something majorly stupid like eating rat poison, he won't ever do it again if he survives ofcourse. The ordeal of getting the stomach pumped and who knows what. Only somewhat grander in scale for us.

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:04 AM
From an et geneticist point of view, they would be taking a large enough group of people off planet to ensure the human race continues, but a well selected, more peaceful and intelligent, or enhanced group. Because advanced life isn't random in the universe any more. Every planet is a well thought out project, and experiment in evolution even for the sentient life to join the cosmos, providing, they're not under a slave system. I just spent hours researching the red haired mummies found all over the world and the lost tribes of Israel, including Dann. There is very detailed information on And we ordered the day the earth stood still on pay for view because the kids wanted to see it. The points of this I will bring up in a moment.

As geneticists, not only are planets and life upon them projects, and agreed upon by higher organizations, such as federations of various kinds, but they put purer or more valuable strains of dna into the populations that they continue to harvest. The planet is serves both the interests in evolution, hopefully the race if successful to join the cosmos, but also is a seed bank of items they continually harvest for other projects. So they will continue the ark of both natural species and dna of humans elsewhere if a major disaster is heading our way. They may not rescue our planet if we're deemed a failure.

The movie was idiotic, some kind of pablum fed to masses. A sole et, who is not telepathic (yet they all are and monitor our thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as all the details of our planet) comes and has to be convinced that an aggressive and dangerous human race has another side and is worth a second chance. The leaders don't know theres ets living here already, this is a unkown circumstance for them, and they're not seen as evil henchmen and the reason for the populations downfall. I shook my head throughout it.

The research on the stunning similarity of archaelogical evidence throughout the world and the red haired mummified remains found everywhere, not to mention the actual history, including human and animal sacrifices to God or gods, the search I was on for the Annanuki, the Sirians, the Orions, in addition to that movie brought up some worries about the nature and motives of ets.

No matter what happens on earth, we are not our bodies and to me, its their existence, which I've experienced, and the light they shine for advanced civilizations on well cared for planets that are moneyless and equal, that gives us something to reach for. If the entire universe is a system of of competing slave drivers, however, with rampant unbalanced patriarchal energy, and a suppression of all things equalizing, freeing, cooperative, then the whole thing is a failed project, not just us. And theres not as much to look forward to is there. And while many of us are experiencing something different, our history and the evidence and myths left behind, that support each other in all the far corners of the earth, from Egypt, to New Zealand, to Easter Island to Peru and many countless others as well, paints a grimmer picture.

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by Harman

Harman I love the way your mind works keep up the good work.

You understand what many dont.

at the end of the day we account for little in our present mindset?

peace& hope

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