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Are we really worth saving?

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 05:12 PM
Last December I was sitting in my kitchen feeling a little down with my whole encounter of a third Kind, My space traveling friends seemed to have abandon me, none of what they had projected into my head was of any real uses , my postings on ABT brought more questions than answers and two of the three countries I was suppose to find answer in refused me a visa.

My wife was still at her mothers and the last time she had returned home to collect some things she treated me with the warms one would reserve for a rabid dog. I was watching two of my younger cats sleeping on the couches in the living room close to the fireplace and decided to get up and chuck some more wood into it as I finished this process and was heading back into the kitchen I felt that sudden distortion in the air which lasted only a second or so I glance at my two cats and saw that their ears where prick and eyes open I knew I was about to get yet another visit.

I returned to my kitchen table and drinking my coffee waited, less then 5 minutes later I heard the locks on my back door click and the door opening then this strange greenish glow filled the ceiling of my hallway, then I heard her voice in my head asking me if she could enter my house.

I replied sure Amizarac

She seemed to float millimeters above the ground as she appeared in my kitchen my blue mood was lifted instantly and looking into her face I remember thinking how a more primitive people could easily
have mistaken this race of being for Gods.
She said to me that my doubts and frustration were human straits but for me never to let them turn into anger as this was the biggest cause of our problems.

She towered over me still sitting on my chair and place both her hand on my head and said “have faith in me”

I then felt this very hot glow deep inside my head like a very hot liquid was moving around for an instant then flashes of color took over my mind and this very pleasant feeling from a spot just above my bellybutton, just as quickly it was all over and she had taken her hand off my head and move back a couple of feet as I look at her again I was shocked I now saw that all around her this beautiful energy field as she looked into my eyes and smile I saw a section of this field change from pale green to the brightest of gold.
She told me that she had activated my inner eye and in time I to will be able to see human being as I could see her but only the purest ones would show a field anywhere near intense as her.
Note to readers ( Up the this day I can only see the Auras of people that are really angry or foul mood it must be because the are much darker ,good tool for staying out of trouble)

I then asked Amizarac a question one of the ATS members has ask me about his work and if they could help him she replied that I was the only person she was allowed to work with but would talk to Orzeml about my request.

I then ask her how a race such as hers which is good and decent could allow so many humans to perish should the worst of her predictions arise.

Her eyes and face saddened and her light field flickered from purest gold to gas flame blue.
She then said would you like me to show you why.

I said yes it would help me understand.

She then took my hand and we walked out the house it was at least 5 below zero outside and I only had on a light jumper yet I felt warm while holding onto her hand she then glanced at the strange bracelet on her other arm it glowed for a fraction on a second the this gray beam was around us I felt my tummy rolling like when on a very fast lift and then we both floated up real fast before I knew what was happening we are both inside this very small craft a saucer no bigger than a tennis court and judging from the two stair cases I could see ,one going up on going down about 7 meters high in total.
I ask her if this was her shuttled craft to get her to her mother ship she smiled and said no this will take us anywhere I look around what we would call the control center of this craft and saw nothing but shiny steel and small liquid screen displays there was not even any chairs on board.

She would only tell me that the ship operate on two superconductor one below and one above us and that both produce a huge meissner field these field bend time and space getting us from A to B in near zero time.

I already knew from my other encounters with my friends that this ship was powered by what our earthly egghead call exotic matter.

She also ask me to keep other details of her craft private she also explained that there was nothing on our planet that could detect this ship when the superconductor are working correctly.

She glance at her bracelet again and the whole craft started to vibrate the air felt strange and strange glows started appearing from below and above about ten minutes later the same air vibration I felt in my house less than 30 minutes ago recurred but much more intense.
The craft stabled and Amizarac said we are here ,she again looked at her bracelet and a viewing window appeared in front of us this window was about a meter square I look out and saw we were in orbit
looking at a planet that had oceans and land but seemed different the earth.

I asked her where we were and was this her home planet she replied that we had traveled 237 of Earth light years and that this planet was three time the size of our earth and had 90 percent of our plants and animals and ten percent of new ones.

She also explained that it had two huge land mass and rivers and oceans and the was only a 3 percent weather difference.

She looked at her bracelet again and the craft started to get closer to the planet once over land we hover above a large town the people looked humanoid but on closer inspection I realized they had no hair and their nose were almost flat I also saw they were slimmer and taller than us but apart from that they look similar to us.
The large town looked like something out of old Greek antiquity and I saw horse, cow and other beast of burden I had never seen before.

Before I knew it we left this scene and flew over a very large ocean to another large land mass and I asked Amizarac who are those people back there she answered that they are known as the Klaaq are about 3000 years behind us but have no capability of anger, greed or jealousy.
We hovered over this other land mass near a river and a huge open valley and it reminded me of those old African movies there was huge herd of animals

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 05:19 PM
thousand if not ten thousand and every thing was green and untouched.

I turned to her and asked why have you brought me here.

She look and me and replied The Klaaq are a peaceful people they number about 20 million and the ocean that divides the two lands is over 30 thousand of your earth kilometers they will not be advance
enough to cross the divide for at least another 2500 years so we have thought about bringing all your people to live here the land mass below is nearly twice of the combine land masses of Earth and the atmosphere is the same the night and days are about 16 hour each but you are a good race at adapting .

The only problems our elders have is once you are brought here how long before you all start to break into splinter groups

once you start to discover the wealth here how long before we start to see the class and corruption fester.

The Klaap can be told that they are never able to cross the great ocean and they never will but how long before the explorer or profiteer decides that they land is worth taking.

We can not take this chance on such a gentle people nor can we totally trust the human to keep there words to us as they cant seem to keep it amongst themselves.

We have been sending envoys of peace to your planet for over 3000 years in all forms but cant seem to teach you that the first act of an evolved people is to at the very least stop killing one another.

Your Systems are built on anger and greed and this only leads to disaster your people only have 3 short years to wake up or only the set number I told you would depart to a smaller planet as even those can never come here under the current mind set of human.

I looked at her and said Amizarac are you saying that all my race is not worthy?

She looked at me and said “ The riches countries of your planet have just had the best 50 years in their history and what has that brought to your world apart from an obese self centered, lazy new generation.

She continued a few well meaning people have tried to help the starving people in your third world but
to little of even that donated help gets to those poor souls.

Yet most stand blindly while their elected government spend 5 time the money needed to help those starving and homeless people on weapons to kill and maim more of your own kind in the name of greedy and power.

How can another being look at Earth and understand this madness.
As she finished talking I looked at her and saw she had tears in her eyes and her aura was orange like a flame.
She then said I really care about your race but it is such a contradiction she continued

Before this event accrues in 2012 a very great awaking will start those willing to follow this awaking will survive.

I looked at her and said please take me home.

( dear readers sorry about the spelling mistakes I'm on flu medication and find it hard to focus tonight )
Peace and health

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 05:23 PM

This belongs in the Short Story forum - and it needs a rewrite...

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006

It is true, Sm, our "leaders" would rather bankrupt the world buying technology to give them ease and to make it easier to fight wars than ever try to help those so desperately in need;

Just as even now, if transported to a paradise such as you describe, someone would want more, would try their damndest to cross that mighty ocean and exploit those other people. Simply because they care not about anyone but theirself, and think they have a right to control and dominate.

Homo sapien may be the top of the food chain here on earth, maybe much more intelligent than most of the species here, but are still savage animals when it gets right down to it, greedy, morally bankrupt, and self serving.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 07:24 PM
People are beautiful and beloved, and yet I know that it is imperative completely urgently that we shine our lights. We must do this. Post after post I've given this. It doesn't matter if its a dwarf star, or as Robert Miles says, the Federation brings their planetary ship in and tips this prison planet anytime we get too much technology. Its not the kind of disaster that is the issue. This beautiful planet was given us, and we have the incredible gifts of each other, and we were meant to look after things wisely, and love everyone equally, in the living, and respect women and not overburden them so they can raise healthy children, and make sure each child is living equal to all others, no matter what they family circumstances, you know the obvious stuff 2 year olds get.

We don't have much time. Don't follow the leaders and the wars and the agendas any longer but look out for your neighbor, and ask for help.

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 08:36 PM
Data and amigo this thread is for you guys.

Beamish you are going to flame me on this

Nearly 4am time fore bed peace to all
ps dont know if I wil post again this lastest thread is due to a very special new friend

think about it my beloved fellow humans

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 09:43 PM
You did well remembering, you seem very sad yet with a spark of hope for the possible alternate outcomes that are still possible for those who awaken. Did O give you permission to continue?

How do you see your future in the next 3 years and what are you doing to prepare yourself for the coming times?

Could you ask A. Where all the souls will be going when it happens?

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 01:27 AM
I havent been on ATS in awhile, but i somehow happened upon your first thread about first contact, and after google searching 'Amizarac' managed to find this one (do you like football by any chance). Its nice to read something like this, knowing theres more to life than the messed up system we live in. The only anger i feel is toward the ones that lead us astray. I would really like to believe what you say, i really do, but 90% of the stories people post about similair encounters on this site are garbage, and im sick of trying to decide whats real and whats not, its not worth the effort anymore. Is there anyway for this being to contact more people of good intentions, could you please ask her on your next visit?

When i read your post, i feel a genuine feeling towards it, it all makes sense(about why we suck as a race). Is their anything you could say to me to make me believe alittle more, im sure you've been in my position before, what would you need to be told to believe? i dont want to base my life on false beliefs.

Its late and ive been feeling extremely strange(almost 2 weeks) lately, hot sweats, shivering, and general disorientation (no fever, temp is 98.5 on the dot) so im going to keep it short and concise(a little late for that). Im going to make an account on here, and pm you(you can personal message people on this site, right?) tomorrow hopefully.

PS: do you spell bad because of flu medication, or is it because english is not your 'mother' language?

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 06:29 AM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
Data and amigo this thread is for you guys.

Beamish you are going to flame me on this

Nearly 4am time fore bed peace to all
ps dont know if I wil post again this lastest thread is due to a very special new friend

think about it my beloved fellow humans

Cheers for the mention Mate, say hi to your friends for me, The trip you have described would've been a real eye opener for sure, Sometimes I wish I could have a lift on a UFO just to low orbit so I cn see the whole Earth without looking at it on a screen or in a book. Must've been impressive to see another world entirely.
As for the Klaaq , 3000 years behind us and no anger , greed etc?
Sounds like pure heaven, having to work for your food and home, having to sustain the community and not just yourself.
But like Amizarac stated we Earthlings ,if dropped onto this other Eden would likely try to 'expand' But if we had to survive first maybe then mankinds attitude would change to that of a more benficial one, especially if we could start from day one with no money , we just asked and we got, or at least bartered or swapped.
Keep up the contacts SM.

Thinking about what people want when ET's or UFO's are involved is something akin to StarTrek, to ride around in ships, meetng exotic alien lifeforms exploring but I know that if the technology was just dumped on us like that then , sure we'd get into space, but then we'd have trouble, because we cannot accept another human beings belief or way of life on Earth that we try to change it ( for example the missionary work in Africa by the Christian Church over the last 2 centuries), such an encounter out in space would result in combat, We don't have and we're not learning about tolerance or humility now, no matter how much we want it, we can't get it , TPTB will not allow it and we are forced to endure with no sign of letting up.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Why start another thread that is dealing directly with the same subject as two others?

And this answer to amigo's suggestion in one of your other threads:

I then asked Amizarac a question one of the ATS members has ask me about his work and if they could help him she replied that I was the only person she was allowed to work with but would talk to Orzeml about my request.

was predicted before you posted it.

No, I'm not going to flame you, in fact I never have flamed you. If I wanted to do that, I would have joined GLP. But I still believe we are reading fiction.

Embellishing and expanding the story with touching detail does not bolster your claims. To be honest, and even though I have sympathised with your current illness, telling us that you're ill, and how your wife treats you, is irrelevant to the story. If you want to glean an empathic following, then off you go.

ps dont know if I wil post again this lastest thread is due to a very special new friend...think about it my beloved fellow humans

What? Is that it, then? Who's the friend?

Hey, you haven't asked Amizarac to move in, have you? Have you pulled a Pleidian?

[edit on 14-1-2009 by Beamish]

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 07:46 AM
Hey, you haven't asked Amizarac to move in, have you? Have you pulled a Pleidian? lol


your are wrong yet again the request came from Citizenc a couple of month back.

I am very surprized that no-one has commented on saucers power source and if this mode of transport can be disproved
The would surely validate my story.

[edit on 14-1-2009 by smokingman2006]

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by smokingman2006

Hey, you haven't asked Amizarac to move in, have you? Have you pulled a Pleidian? lol


your are wrong yet again the request came from Citizenc a couple of month back.

I am very surprized that no-one has commented on saucers power source and if this mode of transport can be disproved
The would surely validate my story.

[edit on 14-1-2009 by smokingman2006]

Not sure if anyone HAS asked about the ET's power source but surely it would make NO difference if it would validate your story or not.
Surely we currently have no need as individuals to know?
Ok I admit it would be nice to know what powers it but if we can't utilise or copy it to power what we need then theres no point to knowing if you see what I mean.
And I think Beamish is right, I would've liked to have this thread on the other just to keep it all together.

But in reply to the headline , sometime's I have thought it would be better if we as a race were extinct as we are not very pleasant and seem to be getting worse, but then I realise there's the capacity to change for the better but unfortunately we all want the change now , but we're not prepared to actually WORK for, quick fix society, that's what we are right now.
Let someone else sort it out mentality we people have at the moment, we need to change a little at a time, it'll make it sweeter to appreciate the end result, whereas the quick fix breeds more laziness.
There is so much good in the world but , in my eyes, there's more negative emotion than positve, too much greed, anger, selfishness, and it dawned on me that no matter how hard we try as individiuals , we cannot change the world overnight as a single entity . we all need to change.

And as for the 'cataclysm' that is supposed to befall us everyone seems to think that its the end of the world and we'll gonna get mushed by asteroid impact or sucked into space,or lined against a wall and shot by Alien warlords or TPTB.
Has no-one thought maybe something along the lines of Niburu ( for example only - no flaming) or some large spacial object causes yellowstone to erupt, causing a worldwide ash storm/ nuclear winter for decades, something like that could be the cataclysm everyone's worried about , it would be the end of our 'world' as we know it as we are used to comfort and ease, if the cataclysm was to change all that would we be able to adapt quickly enough to survive it?
My answer is no hence the few billion lost.
Oh woe is me. I intend to keep my family and myself alive .....

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Ah, citizenc. I wondered where he’d been.

your are wrong yet again

Err, no. Until you prove you are not hoaxing, then my opinion is as valid as yours. Can I once again mention the proof you said I had to wait for? Is it forthcoming yet?

Proof, by the way. Not stories and rhetoric.

I am very surprized that no-one has commented on saucers power source

That’s because the Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect, or antigravity, are well known and have already been suggested as a theoretical motivational sources for UFOs. By the way, your not confusing this with the Biefeld-Brown Effect, are you? Lifters? I know you mentioned super conductors and all that, but you know how it is when collating an article. Things get confused.

The earliest modern discovery of antigravity belongs to Dr Alfred Biefeld, professor of physics and astronomy at Denison University. According to an old article in FATE magazine, in the early 1920s Dr Biefeld performed laboratory experiments involving capacitors charged with high voltage alternating currents. When charged, these capacitors would violently “twist and lurch” before burning out. This indicated that charged high voltage capacitors exhibited self-propulsive effects.

Now, if you are talking about the MO effect, here’re some links for you; as I said, it’s well known:

The Meissner effect (also known as the Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect) is the expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor. Walther Meissner and Robert Ochsenfeld discovered the phenomenon in 1933 by measuring the flux distribution outside of tin and lead specimens as they were cooled below their transition temperature in the presence of a magnetic field.

Here’s a thread on the same subject here on ATS:

And here another article:

Another interesting and potentially important propulsion development are the so-called "gravitational shielding" experiments. In these experiments small weights are suspended by extremely sensitive strain gauge devices. Placed closely underneath are rapidly rotating superconducting ceramic discs, which in turn are in a state of levitation due to the superconducting Meissner effect. It has been found in a number of different experiments that a significant fraction of weight is lost from the suspended materials. The effect was first discovered by Tampere University of Technology physicists E. Podkletnov and R. Nieminen, and published in paper entitled "A Possibility of Gravitational Force Shielding by Bulk YBa2Cu307-x Superconductor"(Physica C 203, 1992, pp 441- 444).

This one is very enlightening, especially as to how long the US have been researching AG:

And lastly here if you’re feeling particularly nerdy:

and if this mode of transport can be disproved…The would surely validate my story.

How can you disprove something that we’ve been openly working on for over seventy years? It exists in theory, is still being studied, and can be demonstrated in a small experimental stage.

Grasping at straws again, smokinhman2006. No wonder citizenc has been called in again.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:26 AM
Beamish the one I saw worked very well

Not Citizenc is very busy doing his own kind of work doing his bit in this awkening process I do not need him helping me out very capable of rolling with the punches so to speak.

you would be suprized by what amount support and views these topic are getting from the amount of U2U I recieve from people not even posting on the topic.

have to see if I can send you a nordic to change your mind.

[edit on 14-1-2009 by smokingman2006]

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

And why should Amizarac’s ship not work well? She is from an advanced species, after all.

Not Citizenc is very busy doing his own kind of work to due his bit in this awkening process

Ah, my mistake. I thought you were calling in the big guns. Not that you need them, to be honest, you’re doing fine without. Though, if he chooses to return, then the more the merrier.

you would be suprized by what amount support and views these topic are getting from the amount of U2U I recieve from people not even posting on the topic.

No. I am not surprised in the slightest that you have support. That is the crux of this thread, isn’t it?

have to see if I can send you a nordic to change your mind.

We’ll, as you’ve already said that you have no sway over how the Pleidians operate how could this be arranged?

But if youcan do it, then do it.

I’ve already said, way back in this thread, that if you can convince me of your veracity then I will be one of your greatest supporters.

Unfortunately, I’d have to leave ATS, but that’d be a small price to pay.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Nice story dude. Some of it matches up with other things i've read recently. Are we worth saving? Hmmm, I'd say the human soul is worth saving but... yeah, something. I'm gonna go think for a while. Thanks for sharing your experience.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 11:00 AM
Just look at the Scandinavian countries and their proportional democracy and meshing of female and male energies that create cooperation and commerce.
We are not write offs! This is not nature, its the conditioning and control of renegades. The leaders are hybrid renegades. They've run this planet since antiquity. Humans have had their dna messed with and used as a slave race by these bloodlines, and the ones controlling even them.
Despite all this, the proportional democracies keep shining their beautiful collective lights.

There are many exercises for learning telepathy and remote viewing that would help communities of civilians develop empathy and political smarts as well. Gl2 has a new thread about this as well.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by DataWraith
Some very good insight, Data; Yes,we all do need to change, and it is strictly up to each individual here to work for change, starting with change of self;

we are suffering from information overload when it comes to 2012, paradigm shifts, pole shifts, evil aliens secretly running the world affairs with the illuminati, and a plethora of more, armageddon, hidden hand's soul harvest, christian rapture, Kireal's great shift, and so on and so forth;

it has been a part of our societal programming for millenia to expect a cataclysmic event, i.e. the flood of the bible and epic of gilgamesh, atlantis and lemuria, et al, so it is a part of each of us;

look also at the teachings of the masters, jesus, buddha, many more; treat everyone, starting with yourself, well; be good, be helpful, be loving in all you do; very few pay any heed at all to any of it;

we are all one people; we are born, we live, we laugh, we cry, we smile, we breed, we die; with a few different experiences thrown in along the way;

yet, if I was a visitor from afar, it would be hard to make out a real significant difference between man and the animal kingdom, for we still hurt and kill each other just as they do; add in the fact we know the difference, do not have to kill for food, and to me it makes us a lower life form because we do know the difference.

to me it doesn't matter if the visitors are real or ficticious; we do suck as a race in general, and the fact is unchangeable that we need to change before we destroy everything, our ecology, ourselves, and our world.

smile at everyone you meet, have a kind thought or word for all, even if they are ill tempered and dark; each little point of light we bring does make a difference, if only you try; roll the tiny snowball downhill each day; it might grow larger and turn into an avalanche if enough people keep rolling them.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 03:51 PM
If I might comment, I think the only way to really enjoy life on an alien world would be in the body and mind of a native alien. Most of what makes humans evil is related to their primate brains blinding their judgment, most don't have the willpower to resist what their inner monkey tells them to do. If those souls/consciousnesses willing to shed their humanity were transplanted into new lives, I think they would be fairly safe and possibly worth saving. Contactee lore is full of souls being temporarily shuttled to and from other realms, so why not on a long-term basis? Putting their souls into a peaceful klaaq brains would probably calm them down. Besides, human bodies would be very uncomfortable on a world 3 times the size (and 3 times the gravity) of earth.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 06:42 PM
Hmmm... Maybe when he says "The Human Race" hes really only saying "White People." HAHAHA!!! Kidding, but seriously. We white people killed most of the peacefull civilizations there was and are currently doing a good job of conforming the others. Who invented money? Im going with white people, but this is not a race war and Im by no means trying to start one. There is a genocide in Africa right now, but actually I think it was started by a white man. RRMMM... right white people are not from planet mars sent to destroy us.

The only bad thing about humans is that we seem to need a leader. Whether or not that leader is good or bad will determine the society. Its really bad and thats why I am 100 percent for Anarchy. We need to learn how to function without a leader. Govern ourselvs and each other. Its the only way to live.

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