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Sumerian tales versus the bible

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by autowrench
The Bible was WRITTEN long before any sumerian tales were published or written.

OP, refuse to listen to this tripe. Just another religious nut who will do anything to keep you in the cult, even tell big fat lies.
Christians are frantically grasping at straws these days, and saying anything to maintain their power over the people. Well, the People of the World are waking up at long last to the lies of the Church, and religion is on a downhill slide to destruction. Enjoy it while you still can. You simply cannot dumb down people forever.
Even the Biblical God Yahweh was an Annunaki, as were the other Gods and Goddesses in the Bible. The bible is simply a retelling of an earlier tale, with some differences to reflect religious dogma. How this has helped you on your quest for truth, OP.

Your bias is showing. In your first sentence, you show how negatively you feel about Christians - "tripe", "religious nut", "cult", "lies". I sincerely hope the OP is smart enough to see that you would rather he lose the faith he's trying to hold onto.

There are lies, indeed; told by all who refuse to admit that there is a very real God, and that they will one day be held accountable. No, God is no "annunaki", no false petty little-g god, who were either invented, or demonic. But I am not her to convince YOU of that. Your decision is between you and God.

For the OP, this is the sort of nonsense that is causing you to doubt. For your faith, spend time in prayer, reading your Bible, and in counsel with strong Christian friends. Remember, misery loves company, and there are too many willing to tear you down.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Yup... that's right PO, stay in the circle of you Christian friends. Then you'll NEVER hear about the true lies that have been spread by the leaders of the Christian faith. I lost my faith in religion a LONG time ago! I prayed and prayed and prayed some more to have my father get the strength to overcome his addiction to alcohol. When he got worse, I stopped believing. Any god that is willing to let a child grow up without a father is not a god I want to pray to, nor do I see how this is showing that god is loving in any way!

Like I said, I lost my faith in religion... not in God, with a capitol-G! I don't care what religion you fall under, unless your religion has the ability to accept every action a person makes and still be kind and nice to that person, then your religion is not for me. Don't even try to say that Christianity is like this. If I decide to kill myself, I am damned for eternity (by the church and men, not God). If I feel like I don't want a child after getting my significant other pregnant, I have committed a terrible sin by convincing her to get an abortion. If I do anything the church says is a sin, I must repent. WHO made up these sins? Not God, but rather a god-figure or someone that speaks on behalf of god: i.e. The Pope. Trust me, I believe in God, I just don't believe in the truth of the Bible or any other creation of man. That includes man's conceived preconceptions of what god, heaven, and hell are.

This is my final post on here for a while. This should give you some sort of guidance as why organized religion is inherently evil. Hopefully you can see through the guises that people have put onto the ALL of the churches of the world, and then you might be able to open your mind and heart to a greater idea of the REAL GOD and not this crap that is regurgitated out of the mouths of the "faithful" about how 'this' is good and 'that' is evil.

Oh, and I will end by this saying I remember from Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is something like this: No man can tell another man what is good and evil nor right and wrong. The only person that can determine these things is the man, himself. What is right and wrong for one man might not be right and wrong for the next man.

This means that no two people will ever have the same views on good and evil. So even trying to ask others for help is a waste of time, because in the end you are the only person that is going to be able to choose that for yourself OP. Take some time and go soul searching. You will reach your own conclusion over time. Whether that is to go to church and be a good Christian is up to you. I, personally, will never believe in the church again... but I will go to support my girlfriend (future wife) because it gives her hope. Hope is the driving force, and if you need religion to give you that hope then it is a good thing for you indeed. If you don't, that simply means you are a stronger person that the average person.

(To LadyGreenEyes: I hope you didn't take what I was posting as a personal assault on your religious beliefs. I get riled up over the topic of religion. Not because I think it is bad for any one person, but only because in the world of organized religion I see a lot of abuse of power. If I did offend you, I really do apologize. That was not my mission. I was only hoping to get you, along with everyone else that may stumble upon this threat, to think for yourself; don't let other people make you feel you MUST believe in what they are saying to get into a nice afterlife. If that were really the case, needing to believe in Jesus as the Savior and Messiah, then you must realize that over 1/2 of the world is going to hell without even as much as a trial. Most of the world is not Christian... if I am remember the numbers correctly, the majority is Muslim, and that is followed by Hindu I think. That is just another thing I wish you to think about before passing judgement on people that don't believe in Jesus. You are personally condemning all of these people to hell because of their beliefs. Is that what you truly believe is going to happen to them? I sure hope not... that would be a terrible way to view the world.)

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Sumerian text vs The Bible:

In my opinion, from my personal studies of both, they walk hand in hand with each other. The Sumerian texts were written first, the bible came later. The Bible has been through the canonization process as designated by Constantine, as most are aware. Beyond this, The Bible has been written in a manner to put Christ and God in the best possible light. I think that this is all set up by those in the "know" to keep mankind docile and playing by the rules, easy to control. This is my take,

If you read the Sumerian texts and then the Bible, (With the understanding that the Sumerian texts came first) it becomes obvious (to me) that the bible is a plaigarization of the texts, with twists. The Annunaki came to Earth for Gold and man was created by them to do their dirty work. (Gold being needed for their survival on their planet) In the Earth where they mined, the mines became became Hell, for obvious reasons. It was two Annunaki that first said, "Let US make man in our own image." and thus was man engineered via DNA. In the Bible, God says, "Let US make man in our own image." Biblical scholars say that God was speaking to himself, the divine trinity, a word that neither exists in the bible nor came into belief until (ahem) "Ordained" by Constantine. In Genesis 2:11 ( Or thereabouts) There is a passage that is talking about the lands around Eden (E.DIN) One passage says: (Paraphrased) such and such a land WHERE THERE IS GOLD. Why would this be important in the bible or to Adam and Eve at this early point in mankind's "history"? Because Gold is IMPORTANT to the Annunaki! If you read the Sumerian texts this also explains the duality of OT God and NT God. Two Beings working on the same beings in direct opposition to one another. One being harsh and judgmental, the other kind and benevolent.

The flood: The Gilgamesh Epic/Noah's Ark. First off, even though the Ark was massive, there was NO WAY it could have held 2 of every creature on the planet, let alone several of every species of bird. NOW, if you placed DNA samples of all creatures in this Ark...Well, you do the math.

Christ is comparable to Osiris, both born of a virgin, both sons of a God, yada, yada. Being born of a virgin REALLY isn't that far a stretch if you look at test tube babies and genetic engineering. A woman can be a virgin and still produce offspring with this thought process.

Let's skip ahead to Revelations. I'll let you work out the betweens on your own time.

Signs of approach/end times. Floods, earthquakes, volcanos, planets trembling in the heavens. Anyone watch the news lately? Anyone read NASA's reports on Venus and Jupiter lately?

If you were a being that engineered a race to mine gold for you and wouldn't be back around for 3600 years; but you needed to keep that race in check, how would you do it? Yep, accountability to a supreme being! Revelations talks about God's GOLDEN KINGDOM descending from the sky. Sounds like a spaceship to me. Couple that with the "spaceport stones" to land a "city" of that magnitude upon that exist around the world that we can't move with our machinery and technology today and you have (Again...ahem) a firm foundation to set the Sumerian beliefs upon. Delve a little further into revelations and you have The Rapture and the war on Earth. Of course mankind will fight, and the losses will be massive, the good slaves will be "caught up." and "the meek SHALL inherit the Earth." Welcome to slavery... Again...

Gold, why is it so important to us? Why do we find it so fascinating, beautiful, desirable? Programmed into our DNA? And will the ones with all the gold get the easy ride? Ahhh... the mind boggles with variables. All of this post just scratched the surface, but my humble opinion is this. The Sumerian texts and the Bible walk hand in hand, you just have to read between the, lines.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by illece
I don't know if i have posted in the right section,but i really would like to know which was written first Sumerian tales or the bible ,i am really struggling with my christian believes due to this subject!!

After taking most of the day to read through this post I feel compelled to reply. I too think the Sumerian text and the bible walk very much hand in hand. Rather than on the Sitchin level, I tend to believe they both describe a period in history but from opposite perspectives. To date the the Sumerian texts are older, BUT who knows what documents have not been found, sacked, destroyed, hidden, burned or kept locked up in the Vatican archives. The Sumerian text are older than the written Bible, but the written Bible gives us more history that pre-dates the Sumerian period and explanation. I DO NOT think that the Sumerian religion, nor the Biblical account of the day were written in real time as to the events that they portray of the so called "gods" of Sumeria. Rather, they were handed down by either oral/written works and the so widely debated tablets are only a remnant that has been discovered and deciphered. I cite the earliest "known" period as the Ubaid period preceding the Sumerians.

Both readings and religions tell of either "gods" or fallen angels. I think and feel it is not a stretch to correlate them as possibly and most likely one in the they gods or fallen angels. The account as I see it to me is a historic account of Cain's people who left the tribe after he killed Able and started his own "Nation". The other, the descendants of Adam and Eve and their linage to include Noah and his family who did not mix in with Cain and his ilk. This is derived from the apocryphal Second book of Adam and Eve.

Second Book of Adam and Eve

It was during this same time period the fallen angels..."gods".....Annauki or whatever you prefer to call them were active among the people(s) of the earth. Personally I consider them fallen angels due to the works they performed. In my reasoning it is not a far stretch that the fallen angels would proclaim themselves to be "gods", emulate god like mannerism, and preform a few tricks to convince the people into their wishes and conform to their will. You don't have to combine the texts to get the picture of what these beings did. If you do combine the texts of the Bible, Sumerian religion, and Apocryphal works you get a very clear picture of the day. Thus the Flood brought on by the account of Genesis and also the Epic of Gilgamesh.

After the flood mankind was reduced to a handful. Not unlikely that they were nomadic in nature for a period of time or even "periods" of time eventually growing in numbers to create the empires we know today. The remembrance of such an event and the circumstances leading up to the destruction would would have been forever etched in their memory. If you survived the world being destroyed would you forget what led up to it and how it happened and not tell it to your children and grandchildren?...I think not!

In my humble opinion, the reason Sumeria rose to great heights and produced the supposed earliest documentation while the Biblical account "slept" for such great period of time is this. Just as in Apocryphal work of Adam and Eve, very few held to the fundamental beliefs that Noah and his previous linage held so steadfastly to which required faith. Instead, a separate sect, religion, broke off based on the events that were physically able to be touched, felt, seen and perhaps remembered ..... thus and therefore "real".

I fully realise that I have filled in many blanks here with "opinion". I have been in search of hard fact and solid evidence to this and many other questions. Without the availability of such information, one has to fill in the blanks with the best possible explanation based on all information to reconstruct the most likely events of the day. These are the conclusions that I have come to at this time

For myself I believe the Bible is divinely inspired and hold true the it's truth's. History not science once again supports the writings.

Should this thread continue, I am open to questions, comments, information leads, suggestions, and other view points. Sharpshooters will be ignored as they should be, they only take threads on a wild ride from where they were meant to go.

illece if your still following this thread I hope this is some food for thought.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 01:11 AM
The Sumerian tales ARE the stories of the bible. They derived from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and they are real.


The bible has been greatly misinterpreted....there is no 'magical' god in the sky to pray to.

The Sumerians talked about the 'gods and angels' that visited and interacted with the humans that they had also created (genetically engineered).

Today, with modern vocabulary, we call beings that may be more advanced and are not of this planet ALIENS.

Back in the biblical era, they called them ANGELS....and the leaders/commanders of the angels GODS.

Chariots of fire=UFO/spacecraft
Virgin birth= artificial insemination
fire breathing dragons= rocketships
miracles/blessings= advanced technology
whale that 'swallowed' Jonah= submarine
two of every animal= collected DNA
creation of mankind = genetic engineering

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 01:14 AM
They are the same, read my Ancient Aliens The Truth? Thread I go into detail in it.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by illece

Sumerian can still keep your christian belief. After all.....We can pretty much bank on the fact that Adam and Eve did not write....and that writing only came later (after Tubal, Jubal and Tubal-Cain were born) this being the would be very easy and common sense to realize, that the story would have been written on a stone tablet first and then later recorded by Moses (who is believed to be the author of the first 5 books of the OT, even though, there is really nothing to support this claim.) Another reason you can keep your belief is due to another common sense.....if....the bible is true, and we all come from Adam and Eve..then guess what!? WE WOULD ALL HAVE THE SAME STORY OF CREATION! Imagine that! how crazy is that to believe right? I mean how would it be possible to descend from one mother and one father...and have the same exact story?????? why..thats just nuts to think about! (insert sarcasm wherever you feel is the right place

It astounds me..that people constantly want to state that the biblical story cannot be true..because other groups of people had the same story..and the bible was simply copied from it..therefore its not true...really? seriously? so, your telling me...that if we all came from the same two people..we should each have a different story?!

I guess that means....that each person who wrote an account of the Twin Towers, simply copied it from an earlier can't be a true story.

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