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Homosexuality indeed a psychological thing...?

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by Aermacchi

First off good post all together.. You think much like I do..

yeah, what about them and is it neccessary to disclose that about you to us?

What about them? Well we seem to fall threw the cracks.. And are very confusing to most.. I was hoping to shed some light is all...
I made up a huge post.. That was talking about this.. but I chose not to post it here.. As I have no real want to disclose my inner being...

I have no will to shove who I am within into anyones face.. Live and let live. AS like you said.. Im who I am deep down.. NO matter my genders..
I am me.. Deep down under the flesh.. its just me.. Im not 2 people.. And Im very well balanced, and found many great people to talk about this with.
I was just pointing out to Mr. Jelly.. That sometimes.. Theres a very small percent of folks who are born this way..
But we end up making the choice of how we want to live our lives..
But there are some like me, who can not be put into anyone one stero-typical group.. I am me.. and I am free, becasue I can for once in my life feel good about who I am.. And not feel like a freak of nature..
Sure for a long time I did feel that way.. AS it was not the norm..

I agree with alot of what you say.. Im not my genders.. I am me.. Deep down beyond the flesh and the outter shell.. I am me, and IM happy with that.. And I have no fear of what others might think..
Hell, I have plenty of people who adore me for who I am.. And it was in hopes I could help someone in here..
I don't shove, or push who I am upon others.. Unless otherwise asked too.
I was asked to come into this thread and offer my thoughts..
Hence thats what I did.. In the face of being laughed at, and called a freak of nature.. Its okay.. Im fine with that.. and I know your not being negtive to me..
So thanks for your thoughts.. Its always a learning exp for me here..
Ive walked in both shoes.. And seen what its like on both sides of the gender fence.. When not everyone can do that..

I just wanted to share my POV.. And I sertinly have no will to push my ideas or being upon others..
Infact most "gays" bother me.. As they fall into the same pit falls that some straight people do.. WE are all the same under the skin..
No matter what gender we have..
But the point was.. sometimes its not all about sexual desire that decides this for you.. sometimes It goes beyond the norm.. And you have folks like me who are not afraid to step outside the box for any amount of time.
Trust me.. Ive had my share of being picked on my whole life..
So I have no fear.. and people are powerless to hurt me.. And no one will ever understand where I am comming from unless you have walked 10 miles in my shoes..
But atleast you where thoughtful about your post.. and did make sense..
However please note.. I dont push who I am in anyones face..
Nor do I think its important, other than proving the idea that being gay is all a choice when you get older.. Honestly.. Some people are born this way. And some people later decide to be that way..
And its all good.. its not just black and white..
But as a person of some understanding you already know that!!
thanks for your thoughts..

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 07:26 AM

Originally posted by Uniceft17
I guess i'll add my .02

I'm gay and it is most definately not a choice, i've never been attracted to the opposite sex, i may look at a woman and think, oh she's pretty but I don't go 'Damn, I would like to get her in bed'. It's nothing like that, I live in Alabama, a very conservative part, and I tried so badly to fit in, having long term heterosexual relationships, denying my homosexuality to myself, I even had sex with a woman just to see if it would trigger some sort of desire for women that was not showing itself. Then finally I came to terms with it. I was gay, so I told my parents, and they reacted horribly, but still loved me. I ended up dropping out of school in 10th grade because I was litterally getting the # beat out of me just because of my sexual orientation.

I used to lay in bed throughout my teen years beggin God to change me, i cursed him for making me this way. I don't see how anyone could say it's a choice to be this way, it's a lot harder than alot of people think, just being gay.

Eventually I embraced it, i'm glad im gay, I love men, the male body, attitutde etc.

Never fell in love with a female, never thought of them in that way, they make good best friends but that's about it.

You don't choose who to fall in love with, or who you are attracted to. It just happens.

Do you know what an "Objectiphile is? How about a Necrophile or Pedophile? Would you say it isn't about choice for them also?

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 08:07 AM
I personally am of the belief that homosexuality is a choice. The homosexuals I know get all worked up when I say that. "No, no! It's genetic!"

Show me proof. When scientists discover the gay gene, I'll be the first to go like 'Hey, you were right."

There's nothing at all wrong with homosexuality. While I don't practice it, I fully condone and support it. Gays automatically assume that if you believe homosexuality is a choice, or something brought on by societal factors, you're a raging homophobe.

In my case, that's not true at all.

Look at the classical world, homosexuality - or at least bisexuality - was the norm. Men would often make happy time with one another, and it wasn't generally viewed as taboo.

Look at homosexuality in the animal kingdom. It's really just a way to get your rocks off and to release sexual frustration.

Certainly I'm open to belief that brain chemistry may play a roll in homosexuality, or at least the favoring of one sex over the other. There's so little we actually know about the way the brain works that it's impossible to tell.

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