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Fox News knows the outcome early!!!

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 02:23 PM
In looking at other voter turnouts, the popular is interesting to note.

Last election with Kerry showed the following:

2004 George W. Bush at 62,028,285 and John F. Kerry 59,028,109

Similar numbers to this election. Not a huge margin overall.

It appears that the closest was gore, and more appear to be 1 million person differential on the popular vote to around 8 million.

Looking at the link I posted, its pretty clear to see, that with a computer, and historical averages, that the numbers fox posted weren't too hard to calculate.

This link, shows that all 13 major polls picked an Obama win. From +2% to +11.

The average was 7.6% to Obama which is roughly 8 Million votes.

Its not a mystery. Its just math.


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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 01:48 AM
Maybe you should try emailing Fox, they could explain it best, no?? Maybe they won't answer, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 06:44 AM
reply to post by fromtheheart66

even if they are counted, they don't matter, at least in terms of who becomes president, that isn't up to us, that is up to the electors that are nominated by the parties themselves, often as repayment/reward for long term loyalties etc, and who's candidacy is financially sponsored by the parties they are nominated for. When you vote in a primary, you are voting for the DELEGATE who is put forward by the party pushing your choice for prez...but your vote only elects that delegate, not the nominee or the president. So, you might ask, why all the fuss about cheting and stealing elections? WEll what would YOU do if we all voted one way and the electorate didn't ? They need the pop vote to come out similarly to prevent us throwing out hte electorate, wherein they remain in control...

All this election crap is just a distraction from the fact that you really have very few rights and no control over this election or your national destiny...

1.covert political census, down to the neighborhood . I can see how that'd be handy

2. a gigantic transfer of wealth,voluntary even, from the poor and middle class directly into the pockets of the rich. All that money we donate is given over to gigantic media/news corps owned by bigger corps owned by a small handful (1-5%of pop) of filthy rich thieves sharing 95% of the global wealth between them, while the other 95-99% ,poor slobs us, share the remaining 5% of the global wealth with all the other not rich folks out there....So theree are our NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations to our fav campaigners...into fat deep not pass go...

so there's that and the FOR PROFIT< PRIVATELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE scam and of course with the help of its bag/hit man...the IRS... who turns the entirety of our income tax collected over to the Fed Res even though that entire amount no longer even meets the entire INTEREST PAYMENT anymore and we just handed them another 850 billion dollars to keep their crooked companies you know, your personal destiny might be up in the air now too..the market will not recover permanently again. Its in a dead cat bounce, not a bull or bear market...4-5th bounce by my count...I hear they get 9...

Our sovereignty is under attack...we are a pain in the arse of the New World Order, an obstacle that must be removed. We can't be removed easily, we won't go quietly into the night, so they are making us powerless on every front. Expect religion to start getting a little spooky too.

Its a racket. You and I have absolutely NO SAY in who is PLACED in that oval office...embrace it, that's the law....either that or wake up and start reading all the rules and regs before its too late. You think people are scared now...pfff...wait til they get a load of operation garden plot et al...

In fact, might as well just put on that holster with the bullseye on the behind and KY in the slings...we're so screwed. they've almost got it all now you know...soon as they do, our economy and dollar will collapse, and world government will appear on the horizon to save the day...til we which do the math...and don't lose that KY whatever you do!!! WEG.

Ever heard of a wild boar trap? You should google it...its basically shorthand for what is happening to us now.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 11:54 PM

Originally posted by tator3
This was on fox news website under election tracker this a prediction or do they know the results before the voting even begins?
I could be really off here, but I thought I would post it just in case this election is rigged. I was on the page and if flashed up there for about a minute and then it went back to zeros. I copied it very fast and I sent it out to a few peoples emails. I think maybe I 'm a little paranoid...but you never know. neways. Heres what it read:

62,641,286 for Barack Obama 51.13%
58,569,725 for John McCain 47.81%
451,672 for Bob Bar 0.36%
245,688 for Ralph Nader 0.20%
35,861 for Alan Keyes 0.02%

They had other results for the amendments and stuff but I didnt have a chance to copy those.


Is this thread still going?

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 08:55 PM
yes, they where posting their 'FOX Predictions'

They had them on the sky news, (uk FOX)

Saying things like, Obam wins! then, Fox news Prediction...

if you ask me its the old guy, cant remember his name. But the now owner of fox is an Media tycoon, And was once quoted saying 'Obama will win, he's a Rockstar!'

He has backed the winners of the Pres nominees for about 15 years. before they even win.

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