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RAND Corp urges war with superpower to grow economy

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:01 PM
This information is verifiably being printed in Chinese newspapers.
However there is no other publicly available source.
All Chinese sources are referencing the one Chinese paper.

This leaves the possibility open that the report is propaganda which originated in China.

Now why would the Chinese government write a story like this and plant it, knowing it was bound to spread like wildfire and stir up anti-American sentiment?

Look at the trouble China is now in:
Every one of their dairies is proved to have been knowingly selling milk that has purposefully had melamine, a kidney poison, added to it.
This milk has been used in thousands of different products, worldwide.
It is known that the top dairies had a "relationship of trust" with the relevant politicians, and thus knew they would never undergo checks.

And folks, that's not all!
This follows on the tail of '___' coated toys, lead paint coated toys, and many of our pets dead or ill because of melamine laced pet foods.
(Btw, American pet food has been using urea in pet food to cheaply up the nitrogen count.)

And there's more to come!
Melamine has been used in chicken food, and now all eggs and and egg products from China are suspect.

Like some sauce on those eggs?
Three Japanese run soy sauce factories in China have been producing contaminated soy sauce.

And we're not finished yet! (Although perhaps the Chinese economy is.)
It seems that all livestock feed in China is also contaminated with melamine, opening the possibility that all Chinese meat is contaminated too.

Now people world-wide are likely to be so pissed off with China that many will refuse to buy anything carrying a Made In China sticker. This huge slave-labour machine, which has survived by undercutting all other countries' prices, is now losing customers fast.
Add to that the general loss of buying power in America, and the fear that the devaluation of the USD, (caused by printing trillions of dollars for "rescue packages",) will mean that if America ever does pay back the enormous sums owed to China, the money will barely pay for another sack of melamine.

China is in trouble, China hates Japan and is pissed off with America, so what does she do?

Many posters have pointed out that there is one name that doesn't fit on the document; Japan.
This is the clue to the whole propaganda piece. China wants Japan to believe it is threatened by America. Any trouble sparked up between the two countries will help China survive this debacle.
The RAND corporation are smug, hateful string-pullers, but they would not write this because tensions with Japan would not help them.
If apparent attacks do happen between Japan and America, it will be China's doing.

China is desperate.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:08 PM
The only reason infowars pounced on this because of a Chinese speculation and propaganda that the U.S. would be in a war to help the U.S. economy. If the Chinese were involved in such plan, then Alex Jones doesn't give a dam since the U.S. is not involved.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:03 PM
Big Picture.
War would Only create Jobs , that Americans would have to Pay for anyway.

And if Rand Haden't Notice WE ARE AT WAR.With at least Two Nations.

And that hasen't Helped. If that was indeed the Plan

The Money Given to the Banks will be mostly paid by people who themselves, coulden't get a loan.

And now the banks have Our money to Buy up more Banks. to Kill all there compitition..Can't you see this?
To stimulate the economy the Government should Have Given the Money to the Americans..Instead of to the companys that support there election funds..

Our Nations founders did not Have this any of this in Mind when they created The United States Of America.

From Heavy TAXES to Loosing our constitutional Rights

Our Democracy is a sham.

200 years ago( In the Horse and Buggy age,) we needed representation because we didn't even Have a telephone.

Americans Have been abused and used for far to Long .

We can now each vote and each of our votes could be counted for a EVEN BETTER democracy.
After all It is US that Pays the Bills. I would trust my Neighbors integrity more than any politician who was supported by any Big Industry.

I guess we are too STUPID to Make the "hard" decissions.
You Know the Ones that we are all smart enough to pay for.
And with todays media we know things before the government tells us.

So tell me why do we need most of them any way?

It is Our Own Fault for NOT holding our "ELECTED" Leaders accountable.
Are Americans Being lazy or scared. Or does the Tax system work us so hard that we do not have the energy to fight.

Wake up america We do not need them any more.

If america does not act fast it will be too late. And we are all becoming modern day slaves.
Or even worse, countless more Human lives will be lost.

If any working american worked like our government ,they would be IN JAIL or Jobless . In a heart beat at the very Least.

Time to Wake up and Act AMERICA. NOW

This Election will not save you. And you should Be very scared.

NEWS FLASH No Matter who wins this Election The (horse and Buggy System) Has way too many Loop holes to serve U.S. anymore .
It only now serves the Powerful Industries. If you Haven't Paid Attention.

No Candadate should ever have more campain money than any other.
Because Favors will eventually be owed.( Favors that have made our votes NOT count) And it is thoes favors that have us where we NOW are at.

The Government Lies and Cheats it's people. AND Enslaves them with taxes all to stay in controll.

Controll Your Government or it Controlls You ...Period

A President should Be a Good diplomat and Mostly a Puppet of the People!
Get on the tv and say ..The votes from every american on IE
Going to war,abortion,same sex marrage,Taxes,Borders,ECT. Have Ben counted .This is the new Law.Because the American People Have Spoken And I serve the Votes.

In closing,
We are no longer free.
I am Moving My Self my children and Grandchildren to another country that gives US More for my Money.

I have stayed this long out of appreciation of thoes who gave there very lives to give us all the freedomes that we used to have. They were so strong.

Honor them. Fight Now America or plan to Move Like me.


posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:07 PM
I'd like to put in my vote for Iran.

Come to think of it, World War Two did pull this country out of the Depression and post-war, we enjoyed an explosion of economic growth.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:21 PM
Good lord, they sound like pleasant people
Believe it or not, World War II is what restored economic stability to the United States during the Great Depression.

But, honestly, starting war with China probably isn't a wise idea - especially when the communists can afford to purchase a vast amount of arms and recruit millions of citizens. Unless you want the Red Flag flying over Washington, I'd advise RAND to relax just a little.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by infinite

I would say China would easily wipe the floor....but do they have the nuclear submarine force the US has? That's the real power.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:37 PM
there is nothing odd about companies making huge profits in times of war.
War and drugs have financed our "modern" times.

Its absolutely disgusting the way they see the general populace, to them we are nothing but cattle, cattle that makes them money.

What would happen if we were all killed? well, thats what they want, just look at the Georgia guidestones, link its been debated that those are their plans for us, keeping us under 500 hundred million so we can be cheaper to control...

we have famine, infections and war to keep us in check, disease makes money by selling drugs, war by moving huge amounts of money...

Companies are the government, where once our brave leaders brought us peace and stability, now they sell, outsource and over exploit the populations of the world.

What happens when companies move their cash assets from the economy?
what can the government do to prevent that from happening??

nothing at all...

great times to be living in.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by Lucid Lunacy

Well, I wouldn't like to end up in the Taiwan Strait. I know that for sure. The coast line is covered in Chinese SA-10, SA-20 SAM systems and potentially the S-300PMU2 too.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 11:15 AM
No doubt possible: they are completely NUTS!
They all are INSANE !
There is no other expression/explanation for this Bullsh..!

Hey, they really think about starting a war just to save the US industry?
I could (sarcasticly) think, ok, Germany is not on that list, but what would the price be for a nuclear war?
I doubt those criminal insans can think at all!

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 12:29 AM

Originally posted by hotbakedtater
Doesn't RAND mean research and development? Anyway, I am curious. Did RAND have this or a similar urgeurge in the months leading up to 9/11, 2001?

And how does Infowars know this, anyway? I would think this would be highly classified.

When you see names that worked for RAND like

Scooter Libby
and Condoleeza

You start to get the picture.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 12:37 AM
Give the World 6 more months and there will be no real superpowers!
Just us chickens

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Did anyone know that the Jehovah's Witnesses own a large share of Rand Corporation. I find it highly odd that an alleged religious organization would own stock in the war machine, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 01:36 PM
War is NO LONGER good for the economy.

In the days of WWII, when companies employed Americans, it helped us get out of the Great Depression (and it's after-effects).

Today, companies send all the work overseas and they buy their materials there too.

Anyone who thinks war will still fuel the economy needs only look at the two wars we're already in and our current economy. Have they improved our economy? Absolutely not. If anything, they've ****ed away all of our tax dollars.

It's a no-brainer. As simple as 1+1=2. The folks at RAND need to take a math and logic class. What dopes!

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by Grumble
War does not build economies. War is another form of Keynesian stimulation that benefits some but destroys more than it creates. If we have X amount of resources to invest,

should we invest them in things that go boom (disappear) or in things that are capital which we can use to build more things? The answer is obvious. War is like burning your wealth.

The answer is both ........

Those who build the $$$$ Bombs .......... now receive the reconstruction contracts after their weapons have done their job.
Yeah there`s money in blowing things up, but there's even more money in rebuilding what you destroyed ....after , even if its a shoddy rebuild !

So war is profitable , even more so than before , as reconstruction etc is now run on a "for profit" basis.

With the continuing "hollowing out" of U.S government ,private companies now do a lot of jobs government use to do. These monies will continue to flow into private corporations providing everything from toilet rolls to tanks.
All the while , these corporations fund the Think Tanks that advise ........ you guessed it ............more wars.

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine / worth a read !

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