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H.I.M Haile Selassie - Rastafarian Christ

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posted on May, 5 2009 @ 07:51 PM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
I believe I have found the source of the nail imprint on HIM Selassie's hand story which validates the beliefs of Rastas that he was indeed an incarnation of Jesus. The source I believe is the account of Rita Marley.

I was going to add that until I saw it WorldWatcher. I also saw a Doc with Bob telling the same story, At the time it happened he was working in America, pre being a Rasta.

He was well known though on 7 Miles where he was born, the village as being a fortune teller, and spending a lot of time in Nature. he predicted a couple of the deaths of the village people.Later as a young 20ish odd welder, working hard and sending some money home from the US, one day he got a piece of metal in his eye, and spent some time at home when Rita told him this.

It was the beginning of his real conversion and solid path on the road to RastaHood. Rasta's grow there hair as a sign of the growth of the mind as well as the body.

He when this happened had more of a "Cloud" look to his hair, and some of the rare Vid's of him back then with Scratch perry his first recordings he looks so young faced and non Rasta unlike his popular media image.

I don't say I believe H. Salassie was a reincarnation of Jesus, but the parallels between Bob Marley and H S and John the Baptists and Jesus are quite open to discussion, well certainly from the point of view of John the baptist and Bob Marley.

I would be unsurprised if the US killed him, at the time it is known the CIA where all over the Area, look how many times Castro was attempted to be assassinated, and the whole panama thing etc too.

Bob was Shot once apparently by local people though as his outspoken voice against the poverty and colonial western manipulated governments, though if they did this with more persuasion than that would in the least surprise me. He had lots of enemies, a voice that called for an end to world poverty, the breaking of bondage on the worlds poor, change in Zimbabwe as it came to be known, Angola, Mozambique in a continent far away with the known western invasion, meddling, rape and enslavement there through modern history.

A voice with very truthful and wise words, that changed reached and stirred more to unity there than even modern hero's such as Nelson Mandela have failed to do.

Lest us all not forget at his time South Africa was a nation openly shooting innocent children and civilians in front of the worlds press with the world just watching on, those being shot just for being in their OWN country.

Basically he was calling potentially the richest, most strategic, mother of civilisation into life again.

He had many enemies at besides the CIA however if the US did it or not, I know they were glad he was gone.

This is Bob at work, raising some very good energy if you ask me in the Peace Concert where he managed and arranged for the Politicians whose words and actions in the streets of Jamaica create Shanty town's and Gun violence worse than seen on the worst streets of the US today, he brought them together and his prayer at the end and the joining of their hands, brothers not enemies is magic and typical of Bob, he could say to his father the White captain of a ship abandoned, short and halfcaste, though later this I think helped his global reach to humanity, but early on he was disliked by some in his home country, lots of bullying when young, an absent father yet he managed to find a heart of love, not anger, and bring so much to the world not just musically.

One thing I know from both studying Rastarfarianism, and spending time both with White Rastas and Jamaican Rastas when younger, is that they know their bible a lot better than most, id say 90% of western Christians. And anyone who has ever talked about the bible, god or religion to them will see, and also just spending time it crop's up very often.

But that is the real Rasta's not the style warriors

To close Great collection of available sources WorldWatcher F+S from me, interesting topic indeed, the Lion of Judah in the Bible texts does match very closely with HS, he was certainly related to the Queen of Sheba direct blood line to David from old testament
... however For me I always saw Bob of more of a Jesus figure than HH

There is also the UN Speech that HH made, and was probably the only time the truth, and maybe part prophecy when he delivered his address to the UN, Bob based his song "war
" on it:

Very True indeed.
I don't think either of them were Christ, but certainly more positive to mankind than many at the time and now, and with a good message for us all to live by. unrecognised Giants of the 20th C imho.

One Love eh, isn't that Heaven or the goal anyhow?


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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 09:16 PM
Cant believe I missed this thread.
This is info I copied to MSWord some time ago from a random site. Cant remember the link.

Ring Info:

Bob Marley relates to his mother Cedalle while he was living with her in the Unite States of a disturbing dream that he had had. In the dream there'd been a short man dressed in khaki and an old fedora who came through the front door of the house and stood next to the sofa as he had dozed. The man had dug into his jacket pocket and produced a ring, set with a black jewel embossed with some sort of insignia? He took Bob's hand and pushed it onto his forefinger, saying, "This is all I have to give you". (page 214).
Shortly before that "Smile Jamaica" concert Bob and members of his band the Wailers were targets of an assination attempt on Bob's life because of his political involvement. Three days after the concert Bob disappeared, when he resurfaced , he spent a period of convalescence in Miami, New York and Delaware. He then secretly traveled to England. While there, some of the ranking Rasta's in London put him in touch with officials of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. In the course of meeting with a number of Ethiopian exiles, Bob was granted an audience in London with Crown Prince Asfa Wossen, son of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie 1 of Ethiopia.
It was a private audience, the two men speaking for almost two hours. The Crown Prince talked about his father His Majesty Haile Selassie-his life , his betrayal by his own officers in 1974.Crown Prince Wossen went on to describe the situation in Ethiopia since the coup. The provisional Military Council had taken over the government , promising a civilian democracy and, eventually , a new constitution. Fifty-one year old war hero Lieutenant General Aman Andom had risen as chairman of the council. The military had said it planned to recall the Crown Prince from Geneva, where he was then convalescing after an operation, to be crowned King (which was to be a purely ceremonial post). It was just a ploy; no invitation ever came. The government that emerged from the Ethiopian revolution proved to be Marxist, headed by Mengistu Haile Mariam. Crown Prince Wossen regretted that the International Red Cross had not been more forceful in following through on his request to carry out an independent inquiry into His Majesty's death.
As Marley was leaving, the crown prince said he had something for him. "This belonged to His Majesty,' he said. "you are the one who should wear it." He showed the Rasta a ring. Bob was dumbstruck. It was the ring he had seen in his dream in Delaware- a black stone bearing the figure of the Lion of Judah. Crown Prince Wossen slipped the ring onto bob's forefinger, just as the man in the dream had done. It fit perfectly. Noticing the odd mix of terror and joy in Bob's expression the crown prince asked if something was wrong? Bob told him that a riddle he had lived with for a long time had finally been solved. (pages 294-295).
Bob Marley died on cancer shortly before noon on May 11,1981. Prophet Gad head of the Twelve Tribes had let it be known that when Bob Marley died he wanted Selassie's ring, said to be a precious relic containing actual fragments of King Solomon's own ring. From the moment Bob died until the final minutes before he was sealed in his coffin and placed in the hilltop mausoleum in Nine Miles, Gad's campaign to obtain the mystical gift was unrelenting. But it was conducted with such secrecy and cunning that the over-whelming majority of the people closest to Bob never even guessed the significance of the ring. They never knew where it had come from, or thought to inquire about what, if anything, might become of it.
Unbeknownst to those who made their overtures on behalf of Prophet Gad-from Skilly Cole and Pee Wee Fraser to virtually all of the sect's ruling council (including many prominent Jamaicans who reveled their membership in the Tribes to the Marley family solely for the purpose of helping to obtain the ring)- Bob had taken it off just before leaving Germany and had given it to Diane for safekeeping. At first he mulled over the notion of entrusting it to her against the day it might be given to his son Ziggy, but then he decided he had no right to give it to anyone under any circumstances. (Besides Bob 's other three children by Rita-Cedella, Stevie, the infant Stephanie-Bob had seven other children by different woman, who were legally acknowledged: girls Karen and Makeda Jannesta, boys Rohan, Robbie, Kimani, Julian and Damien, the last being his infant son by Cindy Breakspeare. Also, he adopted Rita's daughter Sharon.)
Cedella recalled a visit that Selassie's granddaughter and nephew had paid Bob more than a year before. The meeting took place in the Miami home in which Bob had recently installed Cedella, his half brothers and half sisters. Bob, Cedella and Selassie's kin were sitting in the living room talking when Bob indicated the ring, which he never removed.
"Dis indeed was His majesty's ring? He asked.
The Ethiopians nodded, saying that it was the very ring the emperor had worn throughout his life. Bob was silent for a few moments and then, softly, matter-of-factly, but, in a voice that trembled in a way Cedella had never thought possible, he said, "Ya know. Sometimes dis ring, it burn my finger, like fire".
The ring was on his finger when Robert Nesta Marley, O.M. lay in state in Jamaica, and once the coffin was sealed in a closed-door ceremony, the question of its whereabouts was likewise sealed. At the interment of Bob Marleys remains approached, Prophet Gad was rumored to be in a righteous rage beyond describing.
Finally, when Bob Marley was buried and all Jamaica had bade him farewell, top ranking members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel presented Diane Jobson with a bill for three thousand dollars, telling her it was for ceremonial services rendered by the sect during the funeral services. She was appalled. "Yah nuh get thirty pieces a silver from me, Judases" she spat back. The delegation of Twelve Tribesmen next confronted Cedella Marley Booker and demanded to know what had become of Bob's mystical Solomonic legacy? At first, she didn't quite comprehend what they were getting at.
A recent convert to Rasta herself, she discussed the Scriptures, principally the Book of Revelation, and she talked about Daniel, who was a prophet held captive in Babylon in the sixth century B.C., had predicted woeful events that were to occur between 1948 and the end of the twentieth century, as preludes to the Apocalypse. She also fretted that Bob's godmother, Roslyn Downs, who had never stood by him, had actually had the nerve to phone, saying. "But, Caddy, me never know Nesta was a prophet" Cedella said she pitted the women, and the quoted aloud from Matthew 25:13. "watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour."
The Twelve Tribes leaders were becoming impatient with these musings. Where had the ring gone?
"De ring gwan back at where it come from, same as Bob," said Cedella, still contemplative, her head bowed.
Where? They asked, Where was that? Tell us! Yahso! Exactly where was Solomon's ring to be found?
Cedella looked up, her eyes narrowing as she scrutinized her interrogators. Then her expression relaxed, a smile playing on her lips. She realized that these people, who called themselves Rasta, actually did not know the whereabouts of the ring.
"De ring gwan back from whence it came," she repeated, her voice quiet but firm. "It back on His Majesty's mighty hand. And yuh," she added, still more quietly, "know neither de day nor the de hour."

The ring is said to have been the very same one that King Solomon gave to Sheba before he sent her off in case she bore his child. Then came Emperor Menelik I "David II" - First Emperor of Ethiopia.
"2000 years of history could not be erased so easily"-Bob

An evil jinn is described as being imprisoned in a copper bottle for 1,800 years by this ring.

A magic ring called the "Seal of Solomon" was supposedly given to Solomon, and gave him power over demons. The magical symbol said to have been on the Seal of Solomon which made it work is now better known as the Star of David. Asmodeus, king of demons, was one day, according to the classical Rabbis, captured by Benaiah using the ring, and was forced to remain in Solomon's service. In one tale, Asmodeus brought a man with two heads from under the earth to show Solomon; the man, unable to return, married a woman from Jerusalem and had seven sons, six of whom resembled the mother, while one resembled the father in having two heads. After their father's death, the son with two heads claimed two shares of the inheritance, arguing that he was two men; Solomon, owing to his huge wisdom (according to the tale), decided that the son with two heads was only one man.

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 10:52 PM

With the passing of Zewditu, Tafari himself rose to Emperor and was proclaimed Neguse Negest ze-'Ityopp'ya, "King of Kings of Ethiopia". He was crowned on 2 November 1930, at Addis Ababa's Cathedral of St. George. The coronation was by all accounts "a most splendid affair",[52] and it was attended by royals and dignitaries from all over the world. Among those in attendance were George V's son Prince Henry, Marshal Franchet d'Esperey of France, and the Prince of Udine representing Italy. Emissaries from the United States,[53] Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, and Japan were also present.[52] British author Evelyn Waugh was also present, penning a contemporary report on the event. One newspaper report suggested that the celebration may have incurred a cost in excess of $3,000,000.[54] Many of those in attendance received lavish gifts;[55] in one instance, the Christian Emperor even sent a gold-encased Bible to an American bishop who had not attended the coronation, but who had dedicated a prayer to the Emperor on the day of the coronation.

On 28 August 1975, the state media officially reported publicly that the "ex-monarch" Haile Selassie had died on 27 August of "respiratory failure" following complications from a prostate operation.[116] His doctor, Asrat Woldeyes, denied that complications had occurred and rejected the government version of his death. Some imperial loyalists believed that the Emperor had in fact been assassinated, and this belief remains widely held.[117] One western correspondent in Ethiopia at the time commented, "While it is not known what actually happened, there are strong indications that no efforts were made to save him. It is unlikely that he was actually killed. Such rumors were bound to arise no matter what happened, given the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust prevailing in Addis Ababa at the time."

The Soviet-backed Derg fell in 1991. In 1992, the Emperor's bones were found under a concrete slab on the palace grounds;[117] some reports suggest that his remains were discovered beneath a latrine.[119] For almost a decade thereafter, as Ethiopian courts attempted to sort out the circumstances of his death, his coffin rested in Bhata Church, near his great uncle Menelik II's imperial resting place. On 5 November 2000, Haile Selassie was given an Imperial funeral by the Ethiopian Orthodox church. The post-communist government refused calls to declare the ceremony an official imperial funeral.
Although such prominent Rastafarian figures as Rita Marley and others participated in the grand funeral, most Rastafari rejected the event and refused to accept that the bones were the remains of Haile Selassie. There remains some debate within the Rastafari movement as to whether Haile Selassie actually died in 1975.

That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained and until the ignoble but unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique, and in South Africa in subhuman bondage have been toppled and destroyed; until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and goodwill; until all Africans stand and speak as free human beings, equal in the eyes of the Almighty; until that day, the African continent shall not know peace. We Africans will fight if necessary and we know that we shall win as we are confident in the victory of good over evil.


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