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Does anyone actually Know what the Soul is?

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posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 02:34 PM
ALL things in The Matrix or Soul come in Pairs so here is the Second "Ring of 8"..

So actually there are 16 Locations in this Ring...

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 03:01 PM
T Reminder this is a series of Drawings Please look bake over the Previous Drawings.

This Drawing shows The Instruction Glyph that Selects the Two Upper Secondary Accumulators in The Running Program...

I will explain All these Drawings in the Future, Regarding what each of them do, in the Processing System of The Soul...

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 03:10 PM
This Drawing Shows "The Ring of 12"...

Known as the 12 Apostles in the Ancient Christian Writings...

This involves the Loading of "The Books of The Apostles" onto the Stage as well as other Functions.

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 03:14 PM
This Drawing Shows; The Ring of 12 and a few Instruction Glyphs...

I will explain this Later on...

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 06:11 PM
What a fascinating thread this is and so many brilliant contributors. It has been an interesting read. You are all quoting Shakespeare and I don't know my ABC's

This quote from the video I found most intriguing: "perhaps the bible is an exo-teric recreation of an older esoteric wisdom"

You say above...
["But the Soul is a Body; What you believe to be your human form and environment (this Little Universe) is actually IN your Soul which is One of a huge network of Souls. The Universe is Not Outside your soul as you have been led to believe. "]

I understand this, in a way. (Still grappling with the concept to tell the truth) The universe is actually on the head of a pin inside our brain. I posted a thread about a Holographic Earth after watching this video
- and so this is already a feasible concept to me.

I respectfully offer these here to provide just a little basic background to what you and others have so generously and I think accurately elaborated on. Anyone interested in part 2 of the videos (and I recommend it at least for Holographic Earth) can find them on youtube.

You seem to be describing computer programming while I am still at an evolutionary stage of stacking blocks one on top of the other. I confess my ignorance and hope to understand innately what you and so many learned contributors already seem to know. By posting these 2 videos in supplement to your more elaborate explanations I hope I can encourage others who may be as "in the dark" as I am regarding such illuminating theories and ideas to stay here and explore your theories and study this entire thread much further.

Thank you for starting and maintaining such a great well informed thread.

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by rusethorcain

Hi rusethorcain

Once again thank you for your contribution to the Thread…

I am still learning C D & E and Millions of letters or Glyphs to go.... LOL

I Know we Never Stop Learning About our Outer Seves.

As I put more and more info on this thread regarding the Soul, you might come to realise that What we are a part of is a huge network of Souls on a Face or Plane... 2D

Each Soul has a copy of All the Programs, involving every human form, every universe, and every world that isn't like a Universe at all....

In the Libraries of the Soul, billions and billions of BOOKS exist that were/are known as the BOOKS of Heaven

What you are experiencing at present, is Two BOOKS interacting with each other.

These are Program BOOKS...

One of these BOOKS produces your Fleshy Body...

The Other Book is a Common BOOK that All the BOOKS that produce each Species INTERCT with which is Constantly being updated as we interact with this BOOK, that produces This Little Universe, and BOOK of the human Form, INSIDE the Soul...

The Soul is Massive in size in comparison to your Human Form which is being Generated by a Program BOOK.

Most of The Soul is allocated to administer the Programs and what we experience as our Body and Universe is in a very small Disc or a hole in the Centre of the Soul.

We could say that the Universe and body we experienced, is Generated through a Story involving BOOKS of The Soul...

The Soul is Reading Interactive BOOKS...

And I will show how this is being done....

I am going to show how anyone has the ability, to search these libraries, and experience other BOOKS of the Soul.

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posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 08:24 PM
I am continuing to follow this and my understanding is growing from continually trying to grasp the concepts. Thank you for your emails I am reviewing them now. And thank you for sharing in this thread I will be checking this periodically.

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 03:55 PM
As everything exists in Pairs this Drawing shows the Other 12 Octagons in The Octagonal Ring of 12.
So there is actually 24 Locations in Total.
These 24 were known as the 24 Elders (Previous Ones to the 12)

Each Location in the Ring of 12 (Groupe) has a Different Punction and a Different Set of bOOKS...

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 03:58 PM
This Drawing shows All 24 (Elders as referred to in the Ancient Writings)

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 04:01 PM
And these Octagons (Containg Instruction Sets) can be Compressed into an Octagonal Frame...

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 04:06 PM
And The Above Octagon is a Component of This Drawing Shown below..

Does this Look Familiar ???

Referring to the Square on Edge inside another Square...

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 04:11 PM
So getting back to the Magenta Coloured Octagon...

Three Squares are contained within it.

a. The Square on Edge... The Running Program.

b. The Square (0ne of 2) Rotated Left in The Octagon.

c. The Other Square Rotated Right in The Octagon.

I will explain about These Registers Later...

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 04:15 PM
These 2 Drawings, show The Sub-Registers In the 2 Rotated Squares...

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 09:03 PM

107:0.1 Although the Universal Father is personally resident on Paradise, at the very center of the universes, he is also actually present on the worlds of space in the minds of his countless children of time, for he indwells them as the Mystery Monitors. The eternal Father is at one and the same time farthest removed from, and most intimately associated with, his planetary mortal sons.

107:0.2 The Adjusters are the actuality of the Father's love incarnate in the souls of men; they are the veritable promise of man's eternal career imprisoned within the mortal mind; they are the essence of man's perfected finaliter personality, which he can foretaste in time as he progressively masters the divine technique of achieving the living of the Father's will, step by step, through the ascension of universe upon universe until he actually attains the divine presence of his Paradise Father.

107:0.3 God, having commanded man to be perfect, even as he is perfect, has descended as the Adjuster to become man's experiential partner in the achievement of the supernal destiny which has been thus ordained. The fragment of God which indwells the mind of man is the absolute and unqualified assurance that man can find the Universal Father in association with this divine Adjuster, which came forth from God to find man and sonship him even in the days of the flesh.

107:0.4 Any mortal who has seen a Creator Son has seen the Universal Father, and he who is indwelt by a divine Adjuster is indwelt by the Paradise Father. Every mortal who is consciously or unconsciously following the leading of his indwelling Adjuster is living in accordance with the will of God. Consciousness of Adjuster presence is consciousness of God's presence. Eternal fusion of the Adjuster with the evolutionary soul of man is the factual experience of eternal union with God as a universe associate of Deity.

107:0.5 It is the Adjuster who creates within man that unquenchable yearning and incessant longing to be like God, to attain Paradise, and there before the actual person of Deity to worship the infinite source of the divine gift. The Adjuster is the living presence which actually links the mortal son with his Paradise Father and draws him nearer and nearer to the Father. The Adjuster is our compensatory equalization of the enormous universe tension which is created by the distance of man's removal from God and by the degree of his partiality in contrast with the universality of the eternal Father.

107:0.6 The Adjuster is an absolute essence of an infinite being imprisoned within the mind of a finite creature which, depending on the choosing of such a mortal, can eventually consummate this temporary union of God and man and veritably actualize a new order of being for unending universe service. The Adjuster is the divine universe reality which factualizes the truth that God is man's Father. The Adjuster is man's infallible cosmic compass, always and unerringly pointing the soul Godward.

107:0.7 On the evolutionary worlds, will creatures traverse three general developmental stages of being: From the arrival of the Adjuster to comparative full growth, about twenty years of age on Urantia, the Monitors are sometimes designated Thought Changers. From this time to the attainment of the age of discretion, about forty years, the Mystery Monitors are called Thought Adjusters. From the attainment of discretion to deliverance from the flesh, they are often referred to as Thought Controllers. These three phases of mortal life have no connection with the three stages of Adjuster progress in mind duplication and soul evolution.


107:1.1 Since Thought Adjusters are of the essence of original Deity, no one may presume to discourse authoritatively upon their nature and origin; I can only impart the traditions of Salvington and the beliefs of Uversa; I can only explain how we regard these Mystery Monitors and their associated entities throughout the grand universe.

107:1.2 Though there are diverse opinions regarding the mode of the bestowal of Thought Adjusters, there exist no such differences concerning their origin; all are agreed that they proceed direct from the Universal Father, the First Source and Center. They are not created beings; they are fragmentized entities constituting the factual presence of the infinite God. Together with their many unrevealed associates, the Adjusters are undiluted and unmixed divinity, unqualified and unattenuated parts of Deity; they are of God, and as far as we are able to discern, they are God

107:1.3 As to the time of their beginning separate existences apart from the absoluteness of the First Source and Center, we do not know; neither do we know their number. We know very little concerning their careers until they arrive on the planets of time to indwell human minds, but from that time on we are more or less familiar with their cosmic progressions up to and including the consummation of their triune destinies: attainment of personality by fusion with some mortal ascender, attainment of personality by fiat of the Universal Father, or liberation from the known assignments of Thought Adjusters.

107:1.4 Although we do not know, we presume that Adjusters are being constantly individualized as the universe enlarges, and as the candidates for Adjuster fusion increase in numbers. But it may be equally possible that we are in error in attempting to assign a numerical magnitude to the Adjusters; like God himself, these fragments of his unfathomable nature may be existentially infinite.

107:1.5 The technique of the origin of the Thought Adjusters is one of the unrevealed functions of the Universal Father. We have every reason to believe that none of the other absolute associates of the First Source and Center have aught to do with the production of Father fragments. Adjusters are simply and eternally the divine gifts; they are of God and from God, and they are like God.

107:1.6 In their relationship to fusion creatures they reveal a supernal love and spiritual ministry that is profoundly confirmative of the declaration that God is spirit. But there is much that takes place in addition to this transcendent ministry that has never been revealed to Urantia mortals. Neither do we fully understand just what really transpires when the Universal Father gives of himself to be a part of the personality of a creature of time. Nor has the ascending progression of the Paradise finaliters as yet disclosed the full possibilities inherent in this supernal partnership of man and God. In the last analysis, the Father fragments must be the gift of the absolute God to those creatures whose destiny encompasses the possibility of the attainment of God as absolute.

107:1.7 As the Universal Father fragmentizes his prepersonal Deity, so does the Infinite Spirit individuate portions of his premind spirit to indwell and actually to fuse with the evolutionary souls of the surviving mortals of the spirit-fusion series. But the nature of the Eternal Son is not thus fragmentable; the spirit of the Original Son is either diffuse or discretely personal. Son-fused creatures are united with individualized bestowals of the spirit of the Creator Sons of the Eternal Son.


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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 03:04 AM
This next set of Drawings deals with the Loading of Programs dealing with the Gaming Rooms
Inner Face.

The First Set of 16 octagons and the Sub-Octagons that rotate about the Stage.

This drawing just shows the Red Octagons and their Position on The Yellow Octagon of the Programming Stage.

This shows The first Pair of 16 Octagon Sets aligned along the Magenta Octagon on its Flat.

The other Set of 16 Octagons to this Pair.

Here is the 16 Octagons of the Second Magenta Octagon on its Flat.

And its other Set of 16 Octagons of this Pair.

The Outer Set of 16 Octagons that Control the External Libraries that contains Programs that can be Imported Into the Gaming Room from outside this Little Universe.

And this Drawing shows The “Running Program” for the “Outer”.

These Octagonal Registers, are often used in programming Transport systems
within the Universe you know at present.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 03:20 PM
This Drawing shows The Ring of 20 Octagons that are used to Sellect any Control any Gaming Room or other Programs related to any Gaming Room in The Soul.

I will explain about these Instruction Registers at a Later date.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 04:47 PM
This Drawing shows Groups of I/O Ports (2 Two Angels) on the “Programming Stage”, of the Soul.
The Larger section is to do with the Libraries of The Soul.
The Inner Section is to do with the “Running Program”.
The I/O ports were named as Angels because they are like a messenger.

(Just as we express ourselves through a human form, generated by a Program BOOK in the Matrix, the Angels also have their natures, and are also able to express themselves through BOOKS generating any Species. This included what were known as The Watchers, or Children of Heaven in the Ancient Writings.)

But note; the Angels are Components of our Soul within the Construct of The Matrix.

These I/O Ports are Made up of Masks, that produce what is known as the Labyrinth .
The Labyrinth is a series of Tunnels.
Sometimes referred to as the Catacombs. But what is known as the Catacombs today, was named after this part of the Mind because the Labyrinths of the Mind, appear when the Eyes are Closed and accessed. The Christians hid in the Catacombs i.e. tunnels in the Earth to escape being murdered.
As for the Labyrinths in The Soul there is No end to them as they are Conceptually Generated by/through the Mind.

This Drawing shows The “Library” Masks, with the 4 I/O ports opened.

This Drawing shows the Labyrinth Masks, ((these cover a Square Tunnel or Mount (as described in Ancient Christian writings.) as I have mentioned that all comes in pairs.. So the operations within the Soul are Bi Directional, i.e. the Labyrinth and the Mount, these 2 are Opposites.))

The Mount has to do With the Processing System of the Mind, while the Tunnel or Labyrinth has to do with the “Libraries” of The Soul and as well, the experience you believe to be the Universe.
But more on this Later.

Note; if we look down on a square Pyramid it appears like a Closed Labyrinth.

And when we Look down on a Square Ziggurat (Flat topped Pyramid) it has the same Geometry of a given layer within a Labyrinth or in this case of a room, seen with the Mind in the Matrix of The Soul.

There are 7 Layers as well as 2 Title Layers giving a total of 9. The 10th was known as the Head in the ancient writings.

But mention of the other layer being the other end of The True Mind has been removed from the Writings.

In this Drawing is shown The Labyrinth Mask, and One of the Diagonals has been opened, forming the Wing.
This then becomes the Program Register I/O Port (which is the Upper Left Wing of the Angel in question).

The Blue Seraphim, Archangel, Angel, Cherub are Importing I/O Ports of the Soul.
There are many different Colours of these I/O Ports having Different functions.

They also come in different sizes and Colour Coded Components.
I will write about all the angels, how they work and what they are used for later in this thread.

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 05:45 PM
A 5 Pointed Star, is a Component used in the Matrix of the Soul.

The Head of the Star, in this case the Top or Upper, accesses a Register of The City of 9 Gates.

The Left and Right hand points, give access to BOOKS in these Locations.

While the 2 Lower points give access to the “Picture” or “Data” Library in the Lower Left.
And The “Scratch Pad” Library on the Lower Right.

The 5 Pointed Star, can be Rotated to any one of 4 Positions, depending on what you want to access in the Soul.

The 6 Pointed Star, is another Component, used in the Soul, to access Registers of the 24 Elders, through the Ring of 12 i.e. The Apostles.

This Star can also be Rotated around the Ring of 12.

The 4 Pointed Star is another Component, that access 4 Registers of both The “Running Programs” and The “Libraries”.

Each of these Stars have a sub-Octagon, that are placed in one of the points of the Star, that Identifies the Register being selected, that the other Points of that Star relate to.

This Drawing above is the 37 th Drawing of this series, so please also look at the Drawings before this post, if you want to understand the workings of the Soul...

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 05:49 PM
I think, therefor I am.

THAT my friends... is a soul.

A stone does not exists, if it can not convince you it in fact it is a stone.

Check the signature...

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Sover3igN

Thank you for your Post Sover3igN.....

The Stone exists as the Result of a Story your Mind is Reading Through the Soul....

Hence "THE WORD" which is a String of Letters or Commands...

All is Created from "Nothing" including what we call energy THROUGH reading a Story that is Being told IN each Soul.

I will show You later in this Thread How everything Comes From NOTHING...

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