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Missing Lunar Orbiter Tapes Found

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:12 PM
nice, star and flag..will keep an eye on this one

don't really understand the naysayers..i mean geewillakers, we're not talking about an 'alien landing base in a mcdonnalds' or something

stuff like this happens all the time; i used to go to auctions with an old boss and old mainframes, computers, reams and reams of magnetic tape of god only knows what that you find at those things is crazy!! I remember an old IBM mainframe, would fill up a 2 car garage, that went for a few hundred dollars...would have LOVED to been the one getting that, just for historical reasons..anyways...

OT now...thank goodness you guys are in a base, I mean just to protect you from the droves of rubber-necks that would show up or worse people looking to steel or do damage...

Can't believe people have a hard time believing there are no abandoned McDonnalds..that just cracks me up; weak argument if that's the best you can do lol. I mean..get out more

Koodos for the guy that took on this project, its a good thing people in this world are willing to take on stuff like this with their own money! Can't say I'm thrilled about NASA being in on it, but you do have to do what you have to do to get funding....anyways thanks for the updates and keep em up!!

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:12 PM
As I understand it, there are no "missing" images from the 5 Lunar Orbiter missions. All of transmitted images were made into very high quality prints. Most, if not all of those prints have been scanned and are available on the web.

Of what value, other than historical, are these tapes and film? The film was produced directly from a high quality scan done onboard the spacecraft, it is not the original film. The film can be scanned but would the quality be better than the scans of the full sized prints which have already been, and are continuing to be, done? The tapes contain analog data. Are these guys working on a method of converting that data to digital? Would such a conversion necessarily result in higher quality images?

As Doctor X said, there has been no conspiracy to hide these tapes and film. It seems JPL just wasn't interested in dealing with them (again). My feeling is that what is already available is as good as it's going to get and there isn't going to be anything new to come out of it. Cool project though.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:16 PM
I don't think there's anything really strange about these guys being resourceful, and using an abandoned McDonalds for their makeshift workspace until they get some real funding which they mention in the video. From what little research I did I understand the McDonalds is located at Nasa Ames Moffett field which has basically been closed.

I found this on the wiki entry for Moffett field

Moffett Field's facilities available to residents include a pool, post office, golf course, tennis courts, gas station, and several small shops and restaurants, including an on-site McDonald's which closed April 30, 2008.

I bet you could use google maps local live to get a good look at the place is you're really curious

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:21 PM
Important info for sure.
Except this fast food outlet is not on a base (at least outta US)
If it was it would bring a whole new angle, as Mds have shops in bases that do look identical to US shops. It's the ultimate distraction for a soldier unsure why he/she is there. They pump out smells that are from US. And this is not me being crazy conspiracy, they do it so the boyz can chill over a burger and pretend they are at home. It's called psychological warfare. It is used on troops as as a distraction, so they feel that they are fighting for something close to home......
MDs do this for a job. It's why they are so big. They sell # in a # farm. Pardon my french, but there is no evidence this is one of the few MDs located off sacred ground.
And if someone disagrees please bring it on.
If it is a disused McD in Iraq or in a Saudi complex for westerners for example, I can post stuff in 10 hrs that will close this thread...........or open it into something real.

My challenge for truthseekers is the origin of the OP photos, that definately looks authentic.
Like a decent magic trick............everyone is looking in the wrong direction.
BTW I don't doubt there are bases on the moon.
I just don't think we get to see dirt from NASA, let alone a cheese burger that turns out to be a moonbase.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by Phage

Im guessing that you are talking about the Lunar Orbiter Digitalization project run by US Geology Service. Allthough the scans are of very high quality, they are still scans of the negatives, most of which have some kind of damage. Many are covered with white bubbles, have scratches, are over-or-under exposed etc. here is an example:

The damaged images holds data that was lost forever. Now we have the raw data again we can take the data and digitalize it directly, no data would be lost.

What puzzles me is how such old tapes can still be magnitized, a disk only lasts about 10 years before the magnitism is gone. Perhaps we were just lucky.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Shakesbeer
Not sure who's read Richard Hoagland's book Dark Mission, but in there he details an account from particular whistle blower about the top brass at NASA instructing him to get rid of all of the original Moon probe and Apollo film. Not to mention his own 1st had experience shows that NASA is less then honest when disclosing what pictures they have and will show.

That was Ken Johnston he was referring to. And, what his bosses at NASA told him to do was to destroy the extraneous copies of the Apollo pictures. He asked if he could give a set to his college alma mater, and their response was "I don't care what you do, just get rid of them." I think he gave a set to the college, kept a set and I think gave another set away to someone else maybe. Can't remember exactly. I'd have to listen to the interview again.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by BRQuick

Yeah that's the guy. I guess he kept a personal copy too which is what Hoagland used for his own research etc. So that makes you think, if that happened to that guy; what else could have happened in all the other compartmentalized imagery processing departments?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:53 PM
Where was this Mcy dees located, if by chance a closed down base of some sort I would understand maybe the tapes were put thier for temp
reasons and just forgot?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by housegroove23

Greetings housegroove23,
Thanks for the help, but I think your advice is for pictures already posted on the 'net. I need to know how to upload or attach pictures from my hard drive to my posting.


~ Dr, X ~

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by BlasteR
Wouldn't these guys have to explain to NASA how they got the tapes?

Okay a lot of questions here...


These ARE NOT THE MISSING APOLLO 11 TAPES, Though they are about the same quantity and size...

THESE are LUNAR ORBITER images... apparently from a SPANISH satellite station, not Gold Stone or Honeysuckle Creek in Australia

The Apollo 11 tapes missing are reported here...

The Saga Of the Lost Space Tapes
NASA Is Stumped in Search For Videos of 1969 Moonwalk
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

They are even BIGGER tapes...

John has been saying for YEARS that the Apollo signals went to Australia FIRST... then Goldstone... then Houston where we got to see it...

This article was the first mainstream media confirmation of what he has been saying was true...

In 2002, one of the men who had worked at Australia's Honeysuckle Creek ground station in 1969 -- and who had seen the high-quality Apollo 11 video originals back then -- found a 14-inch reel of tape in his garage that seemed to be from that period. He brought it to a Honeysuckle Creek reunion and passed it around.

The tale of the missing Apollo 11 tapes is made all the more awkward because televised images of subsequent Apollo missions were greatly improved. It was only for Apollo 11 that an unusually configured video feed was used. It was transmitted from the moon to ground sites in Australia and the Mojave Desert in California, where technicians reformatted the video for broadcast and transmitted long-distance over analog lines to Houston. A lot of video quality was lost during that process, turning clear, bright images into gray blobs and oddly moving shapes -- what Lebar now calls a "bastardized" version of the actual footage.

We NEVER saw live real footage... the news crews filmed to scene from NASA's view screen... and THAT was showing the "bastardized" version of the actual footage

Since we first mentioned this Honeysuckle Creek Station has put up a website detailing all this

Also the BBC under Sir Patrick Moore... also lost all THEIR copies of the Apollo 11 broadcast...

BBC Apollo 11 Missing Tapes
Sir Patrick Moore

During the Apollo programme, he was one of the presenters of BBC television's coverage of the moon landing missions. The tapes of these broadcasts no longer exist: conflicting stories have circulated as to what precisely happened to them, or whether the broadcasts were recorded at all.

Now THESE tapes are the original scans received directly from transmissions from the Lunar Orbiters and were tracked in SPAIN

It is really fascinating that once again while looking for more information on this I once again found this image..

This historic image is the first view of Earth taken by a spacecraft from the vicinity of the Moon. The photo was transmitted to Earth by the United States Lunar Orbiter I and received at the NASA tracking station at Robledo De Chavela near Madrid, Spain. This crescent Earth was photographed August 23, 1966 at 16:35 GMT when the spacecraft was on its 16th orbit and just about to pass behind the Moon. NASA image # 67-H-218

So these tapes then would be those that were from this Robledo De Chavela tracking station near Madrid, Spain.

Now in the video he says that he has already contacted NASA and they promised the 30,000.00 to replace the liquid nitrogen cooled bearings and he says they plan to fund the whole project...

So it would seem that the tapes are NOT currently NASA property...

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Acharya

The film was processed on board the Lunar Orbiters and what you see here are processing defects that occurred there. The system then transmitted the images, warts and all, to the receiving sites. Thus the blotches will be on the recovered data from the tapes.

As for how long magnetization lasts on tapes:
It depends on the strength of the magnetization and the material on which it was impressed. The longest lasting are digital tapes which were recorded to saturation. The LO tapes are analog however, but good analog tapes exist from back in the fifties and wire recordings before that, so this is not a surprise.

~ Dr. X ~

~ Dr. X ~

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Dr. X

I see, in that need to go and setup a flickr account here: or you can use Photobucket if you would like. Both are free and simple to setup. Once you have one of those accounts and log into it there will be an easy to use interface that you can use to upload photos from your hard drive. Once uploaded you can copy and paste the URL from the photo into a post here.

Hope that helps.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:40 PM

Originally posted by ANoNyMiKE
Well it'll come crashing down soon enough; all someone has to do is demand they play one, games over... Though I'm sure they will come up with many fancy reasons why they cannot just play one of the films

You DID see the video yes? The one that shows the one and only machine being repaired that CAN play them?


posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by housegroove23

Photbucket takes seconds to set up an account and is very fast to upload. You dont need to activate by email, wich is handy.

To upload directly to the site:
-Click Memebr Upload space, on the left
-Click [Browse] Find the file, and Then press the Upload button

Once uploaded, there will be A filename, just click on the name, and it will take you to it online.

To Insert a clickable image here, just Copy and paste the url in between [im,] [/im,] (remove the commmas)


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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:42 PM
Well I tried to login but I keep getting an error message so I guess this will have to do. Oh maybe I never registered, I'm more of a lurker. LOL Going to go register now.

While reading the last 6 pages I had a thought, maybe retarded and way out there but just a thought.

I read somewhere that aliens are supposed to make themselves known to us sometime in October, the 18th if I am not mistaken, but don't quote me on that.

What if this is just a way for Nasa to say, "Hey, we didn't know, this stuff was lost to us too!"

Not that I believe that, but what if?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:49 PM
So, as far as I can see, one merely has to post, with some nice pictures in the OP...and then exclaim the most outlandish things....for what??

For points?

Or, just for amusement???? Because, points ain't worth it, no more....what's the point??? (pun intended)

Done with THIS thread, is is baloney....and it has a first name....O-S-C-A-R.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by Electro38
Also HD photos back in the 1960's were actually photographs taken with kodachrome film. Although we didn't call those photos "HD" back then, they were just "photographs".

For someone making so MUCH NOISE on critical thinking I am totally amazed at you COMPLETE IGNORANCE on how the Lunar Orbiter images were aquired.

The 70 MM film was processed on board the Orbiter and the original negatives were destroyed when all FIVE Lunar Orbiters were DELIBERATELY crashed into thee moon...

The image data was scanned by video on board the spacecraft and then transmitted to Earth where it was recorded on video tapes like the ones you see in the cannisters and required a video tape machine to play them back... like the one in the store in the video...

I find it totally amazing the sheer stupidity presented by some people in their rampant effort to debunk... while shouting DENY IGNORANCE at the top of their lungs...

Yet never once applying ANY thought to what they are talking about

Makes me wonder who paid you to come in here and scream at us?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by observe50
Zorgon I like your new Avatar but then again I liked your old one.

My old one will return when I decide its worth my time to hang out here again

I will pass on regards to John

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by serpentine
-Film stock must be kept in the fridge.

Come on people lets show some BRAINS here huh? Not FILM.... VIDEO TAPES


posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by Acharya

The blobs and scratches are neither from bad negatives nor scanning errors. They are on the original data transmitted from the spacecraft. Everything on the scanned images is on the analog video tapes (understand that the original film was developed automatically on the spacecraft). Any lost data will remain lost.

Notes about Image Artifacts
Artifacts of various dimensions and occurrences may be observed in some of the photographs. These artifacts are directly related to the methods of film development, the readout system, the video data, or the ground reconstruction electronics (GRE). Processing performed by USGS does not attempt to remove or correct these artifacts. Examples of such artifacts can be seen in global sub-frames 085H3, 053H3 and 143H3, as well as in very high resolution LO III frame 145M and LO V sub-frame 067H3.

The source of the photographs used for the currently available scans:

At the completion of the Lunar Orbiter program, the NASA Langley Research Center (LRC) produced an improved set of 20- by 24-inch negatives from which high-quality copies could be made and disseminated by the NSSDC. The video tapes were used to generate a new set of positive framelets which had generally improved tonal qualities over those secured during the missions. These positive framelets were made by electronic preprocessing of the video signal prior to input to the GRE. (However, because the video signal was intentionally distorted prior to input to the GRE, the 35-mm film exhibits density variations which are not accurate representations of the true lunar reflectance properties and should not, therefore, be used for densitometric or photometric analysis.) The positive framelets thus obtained were reassembled and contact printed on to 20- by 24-inch sheet film to make first-generation master negatives.

There is a chance that conversion of the analog data to digital (if that is what is being attempted) will result in somewhat better quality images. I'm not convinced, but it will be interesting to see the results. Hopefully any enhancements would be kept to a minimum.

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