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Forum Reference Index AND Thread for Discussing anything related to 9/11, Pentagon, etc.

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posted on Mar, 20 2004 @ 07:06 PM
link 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Master Index prepared by "seekerof", Moderator, Rarely has a historic event capture the attention and interest of "conspiracy theorists" such as the events leading up to, on, and following the tragic attacks on September 11th, 2001. With the possible exceptions of the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and Iran Contra, the 9/11 attacks have become the most discussed and analyzed event by conspiracy theorists. But this event is vastly different from previous historical occurrences of a conspiratorial nature, this one occurred in the "Internet Age", where anyone with Internet access can discuss and debate the issues. The index of links on this page are our effort at to maintain a master list of as many 9/11-related discussion board threads as we can. There will certainly be many WTC and Pentagon conspiracy theory threads that we've missed. And there will certainly be some new theories and thoughts about the attacks that are not yet on this list. However, as you encounter ATS for the first time (or even if your an old-timer), this is an excellent starting point for your journey down the 9/11 conspiracy theory road. If you have suggestions for important threads not appearing on this list, or ideas on how to better organize the giant list of threads, simply respond to this thread and we'll discuss the best ways of managing our knowledge base. Note: cateogories covered within the 9/11 and Pentagon criteria are subject to change and/or further clarification. INDEX 9/11 and Pentagon: Incident and event prior, during, and after, towers collapses, building surrounding, crash, photos, theories, airplanes, intelligence, analysis, Mossad, Osama, PNAC, etc.....: 9/11 Incident Questions about 911, its just not adding up right Who is the FBI Protecting? Car Bomb Explodes Outside Pentagon: A 9-11 Diversion? Widow: 9/11 passengers planned to resist Did a plane really hit the pentagon or was it a missle? Looking for 911 pentegon photo... Was Flight 93 on 9/11 shot down? Where's the evidence?!?! The 9-11 Whitewash Bush Senior Met With Bin Laden's Brother on 9/11 Mossad and 9/11 No Hijackers For 911 Forget what you know about 9/11 9/11 Photos, or Lack Thereof... WTC building #7 9/11 research team PROOF that the pentagon didn't get hit by a boeing 757 TA-HISTORY: German Trial Reveals Pre-911 Warning by Iranian Spy Could 9/11 have been prevented? Tracking the 19 Hijackers - At least 9 of them survived 9/11 TWA flight 800 9-11 Cover Up is Falling Apart 9/11 numerology 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable Did a missile hit the pentagon on 911? Who Benefited from the 9/11 Attacks 911 WTC collapse 9/11 investigitation : "stranger than fiction" govenment's envolvement with 9/11 Overlooked 9/11 conspiracy 9-11's Limited Hangouts 9/11 Transcripts and Police Reports 9/11 alot of conspiracies? Pentagon surveillance cctv 2001/9/11 - Please Read 5th Estate special on 9-11 Planes of 911 Exceeded Their Software Limits Missing wing (911 - pentagon) Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11 9-11: OPERATION PEARL FBI: Moussaoui not involved Where was Warren Buffet on 9-11 and What was he doing? wtc7 collapse analysis U.S. Government Chose Date of 9/11 Attacks. WTC WTC7 is the key to the governments involvement in 9-11 Ex German Parliment member speaks on 9/11 9/11 - The official story contradicts the laws of physics and the most basic knowledge of the behavior 9/11 Mastermind: Plan Involved 10 Planes Sept._11's_Smoking_Gun:_The Many_Faces_of_Saeed_Sheikh Germans lapping up 9/11 conspiracy theories Well since 'they' knew about 9/11... 9/11 Controlled Demo? I dont think so Many questions loom about Sept. 11, 2001 Demolition of WTC - pictures inside! September 11th And The Bush Administration Sept 11th... 9/11 Attack In Bible Codes? 9/11 Hijackers - The ones who got away! Pentagon before 9/11 9/11 Conspiracy Site found 9-11 and cell phones Bin laden died years before 9/11? 9-11 theory..the Russians Report: Flight 77 Exceeded its Software Limits The Real Truth about 9-11 odd photos from 911 Two 9-11 hijackers 'lived with FBI informant' Disgusted FBI Agent Leaking Story Of Government Scandal Related To 9-11 Attacks Pentagon cctv 9/11 : where are the missing frames? Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77 Project for the New American Century. Russian MP claims US carried out September 11 attacks There is a hidden agenda 9/11 FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11 FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11 100% proof 9/11 was an implosion Another 9/11 hijacker found alive (BBC) you have to think the us is responsible for 9-11 if..... Chinese Planners Took Credit for 9/11 9-11 Hijackers still very much alive!!!!! Questions for Bush regarding 9-11 The Government Sponsored 9/11!!! 9-11 HIJACKERS FOUND ALIVE The Jet Fighter Stand Down on 9/11 - THE 9/11, not the anniversary 9/11 Security Failure revisited: Transponders Off, people 9/11 Whitehouse Intelligence Brown Rice Warning (!) 9/11 9-11...DID BUSH KNOW? Bombs in the Building: World Trade Center 'Conspiracy Theory' is a Conspiracy Fact The Secrets of September 11 BUSH-BENLADEN ASSOCIATES! Hilton: 9-11 Hijackers funded by the US Government Kerry knew about lax airport security prior to 9/11 NORAD, Our most beloved enemy THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY 9/11, was it Al-Qaeda? Flight 77 Wreckage Pictures Inside Pentagon 911 facts even Alex Jones doesn't discuss... A hole in the government's story about Alomari and Atta in Portland, ME. 9-11 Conspiracy Theorist Challenge Terror Analysis Special Report: The Flight to 911 video of plane with something attached to it 9/11 Tape DESTROYED? The Real Smoking Gun of 9/11 Complete 911 Timeline: Central Asian oil,Enron,Afghan pipelines Welcome to Terrorland - Mohammad Atta and 9/11 9/11: A Boeing 757 Struck the Pentagon

posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 06:10 AM
A most useful and well compiled list Seeker, something I should have done a while back.

posted on Apr, 3 2004 @ 01:09 PM
Some very intrestings points made in this.......

*North Dakota Air Guard shot down Flight 93
*Missile and/or Global Hawk hit the Pentagon
*Wolfowitz was fragged (by U.S troops?)
*Ex-Joint Chief of Staff Meyers spreads 9/11 truth

posted on Apr, 18 2004 @ 01:08 AM
Finally i have found the thread i was lookin for! Thanks for bringing all this information together! I will enjoy spending the next week or so going thru these posts.

I cant help but wonder when i begin this journey if the ATS crowd has come to the same painful conclusion i have.

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 07:37 PM
These are real CNN and ABC videos of the WTC disaster on 9/11.
Check them out.
They're shocking.
They leave no doubt as to who was really behind 9/11.

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 07:02 PM
I guess I screwed up...but here is the post...
this reeally did blow me away...I hope I`m not being repiticious and this is old news....

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 05:31 AM
The actions of the president upon being informed of the attacks on the morning of the 911 can only make you question if bush was at all surprised by the news, as you will see here. After being notified that the second plane had hit and that america was under attack he felt it appropriate to sit for 5+ min without the slightest look of concern on his face. but i'm just a messenger take a look for yourself,.....keep in mind that the video begings after bush had been notified...clip from

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 10:58 AM
Pour accéder aux pages françaises qui traitent de la guerre en Irak, des attentats du 9/11, de Nick Berg, du faux terrorisme de Zarkaoui, du nazisme, des Nazi, Natives of Zion (Natifs de Sion), des utilisations des prophéties de Nostradamus, du lobby Bush, du pétrole, des conséquences de Sarkozy sur l'antisémitisme, du Nouvel Ordre Mondial, de David Rockefeller, des Bilderbergs, des Skull and Bones, de la (Franc)-Maçonnerie Internationale… Cliquez ici.

Be careful, this is not a hoax:

Mickeal Moore only talks about what can be put in a movie.

Yesterday night on national TV France2 were too doc, one about “the world according to Bush” by William Karel, and an other about the capture of a terrorist in Afghanistan, “Afghanistan, the war for real”.
Know this:
Bush1, the grand father, Prescott, was Adolf Hitler banker. I don’t mean a banker of Hitler, but the Banker of the war. It means that he controlled (with others) the money of the nazi Germany. In that time, P. Bush was also a weapon seller (just like his sons) and was making work in his firms in East-Europ, people from concentration camps (Jews and else who were gazed) for the nazi army.
In the second doc we could understand that the terrorists they hold in Afghanistan were actors. That terrorist made excuses to the whole world, Islam, America, his friends, on CNN only, he will get free in 20 years, but no one can know were he is and what he made, and for who. Was he an actor only for CNN or till the beginning?

Yes, Bush is doing everything to get the Jews go to Palestine, nothing to stop nazi or nazi-like web sites and may want Jews to get away from America and be killed in Palestine.
You have elected the grand son of the third ball of Hitler, his Banker.
The first enemy of the nazis, the skin heads or the kkk of today are Arabs. In France we saw a lot of Muslims and Jews cemeteries tag with nazi signs made by jews and arabs, only one was made by informed peoples or real nazis. Just one profanation made Jews and Muslims tag cemeteries with nazi signs to each others. This is called the mutual final solution of the nazis. The anti-Semitism of witch talked about Sharon to tell all Jews to go to Palestine the 07/19/04.

It may be interesting also to know that IBM started to count people before 1932. In 1932 IBM came in Germany, in death camps and worked on a new technology, the "cards with holes" and made the first data base they will use in quit every death and concentration camps in 1936-39. The Gypsis are making processes for a long time to IBM because of this, as they were in death camps too.
Strange, nazi Germany was controled by US money (Prescott Bush) and technology (IBM, firmes of weapons).
So what? We can say that big wars are always controlled and made by the same people that don't care about any country (America or Germany) but their money and power. That power may be Religion too as W. Bush showed to the world. In fact, the Vatican was pro nazi since 1932 too and helped them so much to denounce and kill Jews. John-Paul II talked about and made some excuses for this a few years ago. The vatican is no more pro nazi till Pie XII is dead. Pie XII helped also the nazis to go to Australia, South Africa and America in 1944-48. And now that way of thinking is no more Catholic (Vatican) but Roman (American Catholics). America accepted no Jews to emigrate in America after 1944, but wanted to creat Israel in order not to get all jews go their (who knows?), but give a proof of respect of their religion even if American Romans say they are eyes shut for having rejected Jesus and have to become Roman. Israel is also a kind of American embassy in middle east that allow to control much better the pipe lines of Egypt or Iraq and trades with Saudi. It really doesn’t mean that Bush lobby (pro-democrat in 1940), that did all that, cares about Jews. They only care about power, as it could be seen in Germany and with the Boys that were killed the 6/6/44, and also much more Jews, Russians, east country people, Arabs, Europeans, Blacks, Japanese... during that war. After that was the Marshall plan that made of America the most powerful country of the world. In fact, American people are not richer, but the members of the lobby are. Those members were most democrats in 1940 and republican today, but they are the same.

Can we imagine that the war in Iraq may put Israel in danger? Of course! So Why Bush wants so much Jews to go now in Palestine?

Well, this is only a quick summary and the History can say much more about the anti-Semitism that appeared in the end of 1800 and became nazism and fascism in 1922. G.H.W. Bush has inherit of all this and its heavy power over the world economy and geopolitic thanks to the lobby that include also the whole high tech weapons and others of the US army and many others like Saddam army.

Mickael Moore doesn’t appeals to terrorist, but truth. If the truth is that nazis and Bush lobby are linked, so understand who you have elected. A man who talks about Jesus all time (witch mean he is not confident and also brain washer) a man that control minds with good intention that hide the truth about those wars, is really strange.

Know that his lobby control Saudi Arabia and Irak oil now!! This is 55 to 70% of the oil on the world market, depending on OPEP or others estimations. The oil in America seams also not very well registered and there must be much more oil in America. But they empty the Arabian and Iraqian oil so they would have oil in America when the world won’t have anymore in 40-60 years.
Everybody see that the oil is not missing on the market, people and firms use the same quantity of oil, so if there is an oil big price, all benefits go to oil lobby and taxes (governments). So that war and the 911 made oil lobby richer (to pay for the war). Iraqi own also about 1/4 to 1/10 of what they owned under Saddam! Where is the difference, in the oil taken out?

What is the link between Ben Ladden and the Bush family? Years and years of friendship and trade in Saudi Arabia… Ben Ladden family plane was the only, and only plane that could fly over America after 9/11, the 12, in order they go to Saudi Arabia. Since when is Ben Ladden virtual, since Al Qaida have change. Yes, Ben Ladden is wahhabit and the wahhabit way of life was lost and it’s oil too. The Waabit kingdom is Saoudit Arabia Culture. They are Muslim, integrist but care only about Saoudit Arabia and its money, its oil. Ossama Ben Ladden didn’t want Wahhabit oil to go away with such a speed by the American lobby. So he was ejected from bush lobby before 1991 and the Ben Ladden family could continue to make money without the bad traditionalist and protectionist son who denounced the Bush lobby dictat on Saudi.

What is very strange also is that Reagan sold to Saddam Anthrax and botulic strains in 1986 and also weapons that were used in Koweit by Saddam, but Saddam didn’t buy a lot to the Bush weapon Lobby, but do we really know? Don’t imagine that the name of Bush is written on every firm they hold or control with money, trades or laws… In 1991 Bush 2 (the father) could only know that but did nothing to find this and was only there with his oil lobby for the “food for oil” plan as hardly seen. We can imagine that Saddam came in Koweit with the conviction that nothing will be done against the annexion of the koweit that would be good for his trades and the one of the oil lobbies.
In 2001 Bush 3 thought Saddam still have the anthrax and botox and also some big bombs they sold him in 1986 and they could see they were not used in Koweit, but Saddam who didn’t want to lose his country and its oil had really destroy every weapons that were useless, oil being much more useful in an economy that could only feed people with no fun. Was he correct, in fact? This is only what he could do to survive in front of America and its embargo by the Bush lobby and politic.
Yes Arabs are not confident in America and Bush lobby, so they are not opposed by putting them away for real, just like Saddam did in 1979 when he asked USSR and Europe to take the place of the Bush lobby to extract the oil, just like Ossama Ben Ladden did in 1990 to get the same lobby out of Saudi and get the Saudi back to control there oil, trades and Culture.

The proof was given there was no link between Saddam and Ben Ladden, no massive destruction weapons, no terrorism in Iraq before the prepared second war of W. Ben Ladden hate Saddam because of his dissolute way of life (heroin, money, women, murders on Muslims…) and Saddam have never trust in terrorists that he sometime manipulated. So if there was a link between Saddam and Ben Ladden, it would be no Islam and no terrorism, but oil and… everyone in his country.
Saddam came in Koweit because it was Iraqi before the Koweit princes decided to trade only with America and they are very rich for so small a country thanks to the oil. Saddam put away Bush lobby from Iraq in 79 and asked USSR, French and others to get his oil out. He also made no gift but was correct in trading with the world and OPEP.
It is 30 years that Bush oil-weapon-bank lobby is trying to have Arabian and Iraq oil and war.

This is funky true there is no demonstration against the terror in mid east countries.

But know that Arabs are scared by America and they all think America and whites fooled them for so long a time with there oil (Saudi and Al Qaida that want the Wahhabit kingdom and its Culture to come back in Saudi with no American oil lobby controlling everything even politic and economy and Irak now), lands (Palestine and its no sense wall, colons that were in Algeria, Morocco, Saudi, Liban, Libya, Iran and every where there was war against colons…), wars and trade controled for oil or pipe line (Iraq, Saudi, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, most of Arabs countries) and every countries that were given weapons by America but also Europe or Russia to war their neighbours (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi, Israel, Tchetcheny, Afghanistan, each of those countries were given weapons by America).
Can Arabs and Muslims thank America to have given them weapons one day and weapons to the created “enemy” the other? No sense but global war Islam have never ever wanted or did to anyone!
Islam is very Christian in fact and I’ve never seen an Islamist country that wanted to annex an other one, even Iran.
Saddam did it in Koweit, but it was to take the oil back to Iraq as Koweit was Iraqi some 100 years ago before the princes decided to be independent and trade with America to win more money in that time.

W is not idiot, he say he is idiot and was a bad student and a drunk. But he knows very well that he is making a war prepared for years and years, with all its hoaxes. He really believes in Jesus, pray him but mistake everyone, the people of America and the world, with lies that are made to eliminate Islam and Israel or format them and control the world to become Roman. He is a Roman integrist of the nazi cause. This is sure. He’s method of propaganda are nazi and also soviet. Patriot act is no sense because every one can say in a democratic country that his neighbours are terrorists or nazis, but it allow to control much more things in obscurity and fake them.
With Walker Bush, it is Adolf that is resuscitated and his grand father Prescott Bush. He doesn’t work for oil, weapons or banks only, but for an ideology that became “conservatism-like” and not nazi any more, but it is the same, the only difference is that nazi became Christian sionists, just like the very nazi and American kkk or the WASPism!! And they hold weapons, oil, banks, some very important roman churches, politic, high technology (a scientific from Karelyle, a firm of bush lobby very high technology based in europ said the only thing missing is money, not tech or ideas, but they could do much more if they had money like those in America, this was not in the same doc)…
Germans were mistaken in 1924 and became nazi with good intentions of a perfect world. Are you doing the same, with the same people, G. H. W. Bush whose grand father was the nazi Banker? I am scared because if Bush lobby have to prove again the war is still necessary, people are to die in a non common way and 9/11 will be nothing. I don’t think it would touch America but Europ, may be Paris, or Israel.

See and understand that the whole white house is virused by the Roman sionist Church of the Bush lobby (60 million of Americans) that believe that the world have to become roman or we will all go to hell, that W. saw God that helped him to stop drinking and told him he will have a mission for him that will save the world (war against Islam after 9/11) and also that Satan was photographed in the sky of Mogadicio according to what a the general Boycan, chef of the inquiries of the pentagon said to the whole US army (who also said: “it is not Ben laden (the devil or Ben Ladden himself?), the evil is invisible, our enemy is in the kingdom of the sky”, this is a translation but it still have a double meaning!!), and of course that Mohamed (Mahomet) is a terrorist and Islam have never seen or talk to God and are killers only (Jerry Falwell, James Robinson). Bush also explained to Protestants high members in the white house that he saw God.
Just before being elected (in a non common way, strangely) he said that only Jesus believers will go to Even. He said he is promoting a biblical vision of the politic of the USA. Ashcroft said there is only one king, Jesus.
Bush, Pearl, Cheney, Wolkowitz (all in Bush lobby and some of the same sect) said that it was a crusade against the devil, Satan and Islam that is not a real religion, on TVs and on a religious roman TV (Tele Evangelist, James Robinson)
The white house has become a praying room and every morning Evangelist talks to every member before starting the day.
Wolfowitz and Pearl said that getting Saddam away is good for the American economy.
The church of Bush lobby say that Jews are eyes shut for having rejected Jesus and that they will become Christian.
Cheney is the vice president of US and the president of Karelyle (high tech, weapons of the US army) that allow any action in Iraq.
Let me tell you that the Pope didn't accept the fact that W claims God (or Jesus) talked to him and give him a mission that appeared to be warring against Islam, as seeing God is a miracle and God can't say to go to war and destroy a religion, this is not Christian, no more Christian, this can't be true (delirium tremens).

What are those obscurity about 9/11, about the planes, the pentagon one that is not a 747, the second in the Tours that have no windows and is a merchandise transporter, the president that didn’t move a finger when he learned “America is under attack” when in a school that might be attacked too. He is too much confident and is a bad actor. Also, there is too much absurdities with Zarkawi and its terrorisme, especialy in Nick Berg beheaded. It must prove us that he has enter the coalition and the Iraqi police, juste like the pacifists or the terrorists that took false abuse pictures of the English army with weapons in England, taken to the army...

People, please if you speak about Mickeal Moore for example or any one else, know much more about your president, its oil-weapons-bank-church-high technology-politic-.rm real media, skull and bones… lobby before speaking about anything. Your threads are not alsways very informed, I’m sorry to say that.
I’m French and I only see Christian-like integrist propaganda and obscurity that are already debated in France and anywhere else.

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 10:17 AM
This is a Nostradamus quatrain I translated in English. It is one of the most important and known. This quatrain have always been used to denounce USSR (till 1920) or Islam (till 1950) to be the country of the antichrist who will attack New York when Israel will be a land and a new century is to come (Orson Wells and many others about Nostradamus and the apocalypse):

Quatrain X, 72,
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roi d'effreyeur :
Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmoi,
Avant après Mars régner par bon heur.

The year thousand nine-hundred nine-ten nine seven months,
From the sky will come a great king of scaring:
Resuscitate is the great king of Angolmoi,
Before and after Mars is to reign by a suitable prediction (or a will).

In July 1999,
By the will of God (or with a divine mission) will come the king of terror :
Born again from the big chef of the English Mongol land,
Before and after (1999), the war will reign by a suitable prediction or will.

Angolmoi is a word made with the worlds Angloi (English in old French) and Mongol and may be Almoign: Allemagne, Germany. The lands where live the Mongols are Mongolia (Asia) and America that was colonised by them 10000 years ago. Those people from Mongol English land are called Indian of America. The English Mongolian land is north America.
Who was said to be a future president in July 1999?
Mars is the God of War of Latin’s.
Bon: Suitable, don’t have the meaning of good/bad in old French.
Heur: foreboding by chance or logic.

I don’t know what it does in English but in French it is very clear!!!
The same person is also called the MENDOSUS (the crazy-dangerous in Latin). He is to make the war to the Selin (the Muslim moon) and Mesopotamia (Irak) and make his own kingdom far from justice courts. He is said to create such a false antichrist that every one will be in the scrum (mêlée).
The man who will be opposed to the MENDOSUS is CHIREN CHYREN (in old French en=ac) so, Chirac, the man who fight against the Islamo-hate of Bush and Sarkozy (French minister of economy), the sionist propaganda of Sharon and Bush, the diffuse and not understood anti-Semitism in the world and in France, the same return of the nazi signs and tags…
Strange isn’t it?

As so many people could see, Nick Berg was killed in Abu Ghraib and the 2 first scenes he introduce himself are taken from a police interrogation, Berg is in front of something he knows, don't understand why, but seems familiar and bored. When we see the terrorist, he is dead and it's a montage made frame by frame as it has been showed. We have to understand that the terrorists are also in the coalition, just like they did with the abuse picture of the English army. The terrorists have robe Nick Berg in an Iraqi jail, made a room to look like Abu Ghraib, made bad info-graphy on the movie, to curse the US and were also in England to robe un-(adequate) weapons to make false abuse picture of the English army. And of course they have a web on the web the NSA can’t know, but terrorist can also robe the Heathrow defence plan.

Everything show us that Bush can have control the 9/11, it can explain so many absurdities about the 9/11, but he has sure control the terrorism of Zarqaoui (who will be find dead) that created the violence in Iraq today, so American soldiers can stay and the oil taken out in obscurity for 5 years now (It is 14 yaers they get the oil) and the geopolitic of the region controled.
Remember that no pretext was good to go in Iraq but oil. Their is no massive weapons, there was no terrorism, no relation between Ben ladden and Saddam and Iraq is now less democratic than anytime since Babylon and Babel.
I mean that Islam is not what we are shown. Islam have problems, just like every religion, with violent people, but the most violent is Bush himself and his mission of killing Islam, as his church said.

War is not a game for money and power as we can see by the hands of Bush. Roman can’t kill anyone, even if it is to get free, Jesus said.

Bush lobby might be the one who did the 9/11, just like the spectre in James Bond, and it hold everything... Even you.

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 06:52 AM
Friday, July 2, 2004 - the U.S. network National Public Radio will feature a segment spotlighting 9/11 conspiracies on their All Things Considered program. Check your local stations listings for times or listen on the WWW when it is archived after the show.

The commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is preparing its final report. But in the meantime, theories are multiplying about what happened on that day. On the Internet and on the radio, conspiracy theories abound. We report on ideas of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The audio for this program will be available at approximately 7:30PM ET, 4:30PM PT.

All Things Considered
I don't expect any revelations, but it will be interesting to see what has made it into mainstream radio.

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 04:13 PM
That very secret society, but most the Bush chapter (loge), that can look like freemassonery but is not may be what is under the 9/11 and many things like wars or genocides and the world geopolitic. You should look for web pages to know more about.
Prescott, George Herbert and George Herbert Walker Bush are of a strange Satanist chapter of that society. The Bush, the Reagan, Clinton, Goodyear, Rockefeller, Heinz, Kellogg, Walker are “Skull and Bones”. But also the Whitney, Perkins, Stimson, Wadworth, Gilman, Payne, Davidson, Pillsburry, Sloane, Weyerhaeuser, Harriman, Lord, Brown, Jay, Lovett Pinchot, Vanderbilt, Phelps, Taft, Russell, Dupont (de Nemours?) and Young (Brighman, prophet of the Mormons who have list the world and every genealogic trees). Other families are very linked with the Skull and Bones societies and are the richer of the world: Rothschild, Windsor, Ford, Carnegie, Roosevelt, Bundy.

It is a very old society that style exists under other names and the same generic name of Skull and Bones till 1776 (MJ12, Majestic 12, Autority 10/05, groupe 54/12, comity 303, Chapter 322, society of Jason, Illuminati Germaniae, les illuminés de Bavière, Russel trust, Phi Bêta Kappa, Spartacus…). They say they were existing with the templiers in 1100. The financial groups of the Skull and bones appeared in Yale first in1776 and Harvard, and any high school in America and elsewhere (England…).

That society is sometimes horrific with apocalyptic theories of a clean occidental world that appeared with the Yale Chapter in 1776 with anti Semitism (Bush family was Jew but convert to Romanism). They have a Satanist-like (death, resurrection, sciences, massive sex…) tradition (bush chapter is the traditional one created in Yale) and very bad intentions about the non wasp or roman in some chapters. People of that society like Prescott Bush and his friend George Herbert Walker (Mr Walker whose niece is well known to have married a president) financed Hitler and wanted to take his power and the one of Tyssen, an other German friend of Prescott who was acting only for Germany and the third Reich of Hitler, not for lobbies.

In a few words, the Skull and bones are the very important, occidental and rich persons of the world and have consanguine marriage, marry their money and marry the old cousins to keep the money in the families of the Skull and Bones societies. They all have for ancestor Henri I de France and the royal family of England. Every American president is Skull and Bones. But Kennedy doesn’t seem to have the genetic profile of the S’n B with two or three others presidents. This legitimates their divine right to the American (and other countries of course, may be France too) presidency with God bless.

In fact, it is the chapter of Prescott Bush that wanted to make a putch over all others Skull and Bones in 1924-1944, trying to make a peace with Hitler to legalise him in democracy before having his power. Prescott Bush mad his business in Auschwitz with free workers (Jews), was denounced in America in 1940-41, but no sanction was taken and he continued his apocalyptic work with Hitler he also tried to fool. He made the Bush family inherit of hundreds of billon dollars thanks to this to control 100 times more money and trades. The Windsor family, or the Spanish king, has not understood it already. Hitler attacked UK thanks to Prescott Bush but Hitler was not confident at all with him and survived in many attacks of non German politics and financers…

They are said to have activities in the Vatican (Illuminati group of priests) and a ridiculous machine to see the past, too dangerous because of the truth of History. The truth is that they squat the Vatican, waiting for the last Pope "Peter (stone) the roman" and organise the world with the prophecies they manipulate (Bush chapter), waiting for people to be OK to war and make an occidental world with clean touristic areas. The Pope, John Paul II is hate by them as he told the world to wait before being really free and that the Vatican is virused with sects that want to reform Jesus message.

In the tradition of the Skull and Bones are Satanist components about the eternal life thanks to science and religious symbols (nano technology, molecules that look like characters of some alphabets, micro machine to replace blood cellule…), reformed sex (they sometimes have the very same symbols as “Eyes Wide Shut” of my friend Stanley Kubrick who died during this movie) with Madonna for ambassadress. Sex is the new opium of people that make people buy thanks to frustration and easy girls shown every where that make guys so creasy and violent sometimes.

Those are the legends and methods they talk about in some chapters (loge) and there is much more to prove they will do everything to make the world as they want it to be with radical methods… You have to search English pages or books.

Kennedy said that fascism will appear in America with the national security…

With Love, I’m Aryan and Christian.

NB: Did I tell everyone that I’m talking about facts and their theories about the political aspects of the 9/11? I’m not on poppies or GHB (liquid ecstasy)!

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posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 02:06 PM
At present there is an audio interview with Jim Marrs available on Whitley Strieber's website in his Dreamland radio show.

Jim Marrs takes on the 911 Commission and most of the rest of the beltway boys in this hard hitting examination of what they HAVEN'T told us about the most terrible sneak attack in American history.


posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 06:34 AM
Check this site there are Breaking news and videos of Twin Towers demolitions. Missile fired tower 1 and 2. Also there is someone on camera on that day at the pentagon that says he saw a missile with wings that strug the pentagon.

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 06:50 AM
I've posted a question here about cell phones being used on the 911 flights no one has said they were able to use theirs, the ones who have responded all said that they unable to use theirs when they have flown. The 911 report said that cell phones and the airplane phones were used on the flights. This brought up an interesting thought whatever type of phone they used, somebody had to get a bill for it, somebody had to pay for it. If its through the use of the phones on the plane, where are the charges for this on their credit cards, cell phone bills? With all the questions floating around about the issue of whether they could have used their cell phones and if it was actually them who made the calls, it would seem to me that somebody would have stepped forward and said, heres proof they made the calls. Has anyone seen the bills? Has any family members come forward with these bills? Where are the paper trail for these calls?

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 01:50 AM
ALL the posts are great.

I don't know if I believe any of them, but they are great.

Keep it!

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 06:34 AM
The real smoking gun would be to figure out where they crashed the actual passenger jets. That one audio tape of that stewardess makes it sound like they crashed them in the [atlantic] ocean. If you could locate them the jig would be up.


posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 07:07 AM
concerning " a feeling" that an attack may be coming consider this-

If the goal of al queda is califate and the withdrawl of western forces from arabia the next attack must be massive such as a nuclear or biologic attack
on a major city/cities resulting in severe damage to the United States economy and way of life. Only such an attack could cuase a sea change in the willingness of the American people to fight these terrorists.

An example of this was the U.S withdrawl from Vietnam.

If the next attack is via conventional weapons al queda will show it's hand that they cannot obtain WMD (they must have tried to obtain them in the past 4 years). They certainly did not have them prior to 9-11 or the initial attack would have used them.

There will be another attack. If it is soon, hopefully it is a conventional weapon. Then we all can sleep easier knowing that they can't seriously
hurt us.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 07:21 AM
I just saw this little film that was sent to me. I thought I'd share.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 07:44 AM

Very impressing video, I never would have imagine that it was not airplane parts to be found at the pentagon.

Has any question been arise about this fact. Has anybody question the Government about this? I am curious.

And another thing the ATS files on the 9/11 in the days after the attacks, and what the government has now as evidence should be a quite good case for independent study.

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 07:46 AM
I don't know. One thing that is so wrong is that those videos were immediately confiscated and never released. What are they hiding? Hmmm?

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