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Obama The Sexist: You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by bknapple32
I saddened this thread has survived as long as it has. Take a step back and look at what is going on here. Debate on whether Obama use an age old expression as a sexist remark against Gov Palin.

Moving on to more enlightening threads, whether they be for or against Obama, I dont care... Just not this....

Obama is the person who decided to use his campaign speech to talk about lipstick and pigs and dead fish. He's talked a lot about the ever nebulous "change" too.

And the day before he was doing his "I'm a victim" sketch about how people are picking on him when he made his infamous "my muslim faith" comment.

So who is it that is bringing up these tabloid-like issues? Here's a hint: his initials are B.O.

And Biden is following the same marching orders. If you want to discuss stem cell research, fine. But to bring up parents of handicapped kids in the debate is disgusting, imo.

Look to where these "non-issues" originated.

And then look to where all the racist attacks against Bill Clinton began, and Geraldine Ferraro.

They all lead back to the same source.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by newguyhere2

I'm sure you can see from your self also that the quote is about the Repubilcan's "Change" platform.
No, I can't say I do see that Newguyhere. I saw it as a backhanded insult to Governor Palin like many did. I guess we're all entitled to our our perceptions though.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 08:53 AM
This entire debate is specious. A non-issue. However, it does underscore the idea that, once again, the GOP has hauled out wedge issues in their desperate effort to win an election. Divide and conquer. Thanks Karl Rove for lowering the bar once again.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by kosmicjack

A wedge that Obama himself created can only be considered self destruction. He pretty much gave his opponent(s) a bat to hit him over the head with.
This was an extremely dumb move and it is fair to ask, would he do the same with our enemies?

He shot himself in the foot and I can tell you he'll never say that again.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:04 AM

Originally posted by bknapple32
You have got to be kidding me.

I..... literally am in shock. Im sure some constituents on the other side of the aisle here on ATS will have to agree with me on this one.

How utterly absurd. That is called an EXPRESSION. It's not a sexist remark. The quote from your source is like reading an Op Ed. It was pure conjecture on the part of the reporter to think the ''pig'' in the expression represented a woman or Palin.

You must of glanced over this part of the article.

UPDATE: Obama senior adviser Robert Gibbs insists the senator was not referring to Palin. "That's an old expression," Gibbs says.

There are plenty of things to attack these candidates on. This is not one of them.
I hope this waste of space of a thread topic gets locked and thrown away.

[edit on 9-9-2008 by bknapple32]

You have to really have your head stuck far into the sand with blinders on, to not have Palin first come to mind when hearing such a statement. You are so biased and partisan as to justify a blatant attack, and still act as though everyone else remains so naive and incompetent that they will believe this "remark" had no connection to Palin whatsoever. Forget the idea of "sexism" or any relative matter, this was obviously a cynical remark put forth with only one person in mind, and it was a dirty connotation at that.

Nice job calling this a "waste of space", as I am more than certain the same could be said for many of your Partisan based threads. It is ironic that you pose next to a uniter, yet you fail to follow his example.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by bknapple32

The world is only black and white to you isn't it! There is a gray area, and yes this was a remark toward's Palin. This wasn't a speech written for Obama, this came right out of his twisted head. Sexist, no, calling Palin a pig, yes. Wrong wrong wrong, just wrong. If you look at the gray area you can plainly see right through Obama, but as it seems many people are wearing shades and don't want to see the real truth.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:10 AM
As a woman I don't see Obama's expression as being sexist at all. I interpeted it as Palin being the lipstick and McCain being the pig. How terribly sexist of McCain to assume the pig comment was directed at Palin rather than him and his policies.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:15 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
If this is "sexist", then why did John McCain say it about Hillary?
Is he sexist, too?
I don't think Obama is dumb enough to go after Palin because he KNOWS people are just waiting in the wings to pounce on him.

Where have you been, he has been attacking Palin and people are wondering why he is shooting down when his fight is with McCain.
He certainly is raising eyebrows.

Given McCain's age and the era he is from, you would expect him to be more inclined to be sexist, but he picked Palin, a woman, as his running mate.

If Obama isn't a sexist, then why didn't he pick Hillary?
In my book that was strike one.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:17 AM
Has anyone bothered to look into the entemology of the phrase?

Urban Dictionary: Lipstick on a pig.

Lipstick on a

This is an old expression, to be used as to say that the product or service no matter how well packaged is still useless.

both sites I have listed I would like to point out were listed WAY before this speach.

I am sorry but let's deny ignorance please, were above this. This remark was not directed at Sarah Palin, it is an old phrase to denote that the oppositions ideas while packaged well still aren't good ideas. Nothing more. This is just more political
coming from either side. Personally I cannot wait till this election cycle is over so that this
will finnaly end on ATS and we can get back to some real issues instead of being torn apart internally by this election.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Lilitu

That's fine and dandy, I get thereference too but you have to break it down step by step and read between the lines.
Let me break it down for :
"You know, you can put lipstick on a pig",
[audience cheers]
[he smirks]
[he knows the audience knows what he's talking about]
"but it's still a pig"

Extremely dumb move, especially for someone of his education.
Perhaps a non issue but all I can say is the hockey Moms will speak.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:28 AM

Originally posted by kosmicjack
This entire debate is specious. A non-issue. However, it does underscore the idea that, once again, the GOP has hauled out wedge issues in their desperate effort to win an election. Divide and conquer. Thanks Karl Rove for lowering the bar once again.

Obama's the one who started with the pig and lipstick metaphor, and the old fish metaphor, talking about what?

Who's more about "change"?

It doesn't get any more specious than arguing about "change."

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by Alxandro

Calling a woman a pig is not sexist. For the remark to really be sexist it has to align with a common mis-perception or be a partial truth, either true for a majority of the group, or a minority that is hard to ignore. Like "Women are overly emotional" or "Men can't multitask" are good examples of sexist remarks.

Try this experiment, mix it up.... "Women can't multitask" "Men are overly emotional"... all of a sudden they are not offensive, they just make no sense at all, because there is no partial truth to the statements.


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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by rickyrrr

Well, let's not forget context.

" know Sarah Palin is an interesting story."

The crowd booed.

"No, she’s new!" Obama said. "She hasn’t been on the scene, you know, she’s got five kids and my hat goes off to anybody who’s looking after five. I’ve got two and they tire Michelle and me out!"

Nothin' sexist about that at all.

What was his point?

And incidentally, what 'scene' did he mean?

[edit on 10-9-2008 by loam]

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by Lilitu

Palin is the lipstic, McMelanoma is the sexist pig.

Yup. Change we can believe in.

You do realize approaches like yours actually hurt your candidate?

[edit on 10-9-2008 by loam]

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:52 AM
OK folks....lets be realistic. I will admit I am somewhat of an Obama supporter. I will either vote for Obama or not at all. So far it is looking like not at all.

Any clear thinking human understands that the "Lipstick on a Pig" is a widely used "saying". However, you have to be an idiot if you think Obama wasn't referring back to Palin's famous Hockey Mom quote.

Do I think he meant Palin is a pig? NO
Do I think he is sexist? NO

I DO think he meant it as a slam to Palin in some form and now it is backfiring against him. There truly is no debate here. Obama made a goof! It will probably go away in a day or two, but please stop debating!!! Obama goofed....end of story. His reply this morning was pathetic! Obama now looks like a bigger fool trying to play stupid as if he wasn't referring to Palin. I truly am starting to think he is NOT qualified as he can't even cover up his silly little mistakes. This guy is slowly losing my support! I very seriously doubt I will be voting this year!

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Alxandro

Let's assume your breakdown of the comment is correct. As the OP, can you please explain why this comment is sexist?


posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:53 AM
Jam, Jamie, Lloyd...thanks for keeping this topic alive!

SO MANY people are trying to turn the focus of this election to petty issues like the economy, war, and how lobbyists buy and sell our government every day. It's great to see you guys keeping it real!

As for Obama and this SEXIST remark. What irks me so much is how cryptic he was about it. Using a common expression that has been around forever and is used a thousand times a day ...An expression in which MCCAIN HIMSLEF HAS USED as one poster demonstrated here. Maybe we should start a thread about how OBAMA STOLE that sexist expression from McCain? That sounds awesome...Obama steals sexist expressions of speech! PROOF! What do you think?..

Obama is so sneaky using an obvious expresion like that, but those of us with an imagination and agenda really understand what Obama meant!


Like the JOKE he tells about women getting BEATEN and RAPED!..
John McCain Thinks Rape is Funny


The time he told his wife in front of several reporters.."At least I don't plaster on the makeup LIKE A TROLLOP, you C*&T."

I like that JM is honest about what he thinks of women.


McCain was still married and living with his wife in 1979 while, according to The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof, "aggressively courting a 25-year-old woman who was as beautiful as she was rich." McCain divorced his wife, who had raised their three children while he was imprisoned in Vietnam, then launched his political career with his new wife's family money.

Or how he just recently VOTED AGIANST EQUAL PAY Legislation!


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[edit on 10-9-2008 by maybereal11]

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 10:04 AM
He didn't help himself with his comments this morning, as he completely dismissed the complaints and did so in a mocking fashion. It was definitely not an apology.

He should have been a little more diplomatic about this one. That's not to say he should have gotten on his hands and knees and begged forgiveness, but I don't think that the polar opposite route that he took, one of defiance and arrogance, is going to help him at all.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by bknapple32
There are plenty of things to attack these candidates on. This is not one of them.
I hope this waste of space of a thread topic gets locked and thrown away.

The OP in this thread is just the same sort of thing that the OP here is talking about...Blatant political clap-trap using the media & the internet for promoting mud-slinging at a person's/group's least favorite political candidate of the moment, while at the same time widening the social gap between people: You know the old saying, "Divide & conquer" is exactly what all of this mud-slinging is about...The more that articles like that linked in the OP get promoted (& people actually believe it), the more our country gets divided.

The real enemy of the People is the status quo in a government that routinely violates the very same Supreme Law of the Land that they all swear/affirm an Oath to obey...To conquer the real enemy, people need to unite, not divide. The only real enforcement mechanism for the Constitution lies in the hands of a People United, with most of the enforcement mechanisms being mentioned in the Bill of Rights.

The government status quo has a real vested interest in keeping us divided, because the whole key to the power they wield originates from & is granted by the People of this nation...And the vigilance against such corruption that the People can maintain on the government itself. The government can only maintain their power through lies & deception designed to keep the People divided--And back it by the selective use of force, which is currently directed against our very Bill of Rights. You see this in the news every day, how "The Man" violates Human Rights on the streets, against the Press, against other sovereign nations...They feel so confident & secure that they're not even bothering to hide it any more, just "justify" it with more lies & deception.

The truth is that their confident & secure attitudes is in itself another lie...They know that the People are waking up to the deception, in greater numbers, day by day. It scares them & they still keep using the same tools of deception & force to prop up their crumbling empire--Deception & force. It's people like the author of the article linked in the OP who act as tools (willing or unwilling, knowing or unknowing) to keep the lies going.

Originally posted by bknapple32
My goodness, politics has clouded peoples rational judgement.

Since I view "politics as usual" as a disease that takes on symptoms similar to that of Alzheimer's, I'd have to agree with that statement.

Originally posted by jamie83

"No, she’s new!" Obama said. "She hasn’t been on the scene, you know, she’s got five kids and my hat goes off to anybody who’s looking after five. I’ve got two and they tire Michelle and me out!"

Not only is that a sexist swipe at Palin, it's a misleading portrayal of his own lifestyle in which he admits to rarely being around his kids.

Also not to mention that his Congressional voting participation is slipping rapidly...Why is that? Because he's spending so much attention on the campaign for a new job that he's ignoring his current job. The truth of the matter is that this is the same attitude that predominates most of our "elected representatives," in that they're more concerned about being a "career-politician" that they lose sight of the job they're supposed to be doing right now. Hey, we have to look at the truth, don't we?

By not buying into the lies, I usually just see what they're saying, shrug it off, start using my own brain again & move on. I've already gotten tired of the political mud-slinging before I even got all of the way through the first page of this thread & didn't bother reading the rest. I will say no more in this thread...Ever.

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