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Attack America Now

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:43 PM
how can USA be stopped from destroying the world

i was wondering , that will the economic collapse of USA , stop the american warmachine

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posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by magicmushroom

The great evil is not America. It is radical islam. Not sure if you knew that or not but I figured I would set you straight. Get your facts straight.

Radical islam is the one who decides it is ok to stone people and kill them because someone thinks the are an infadel.

Only this my friend is evil. Shall I post some videos to prove it. I can found like a million if you need some evedence.

I think that if any one is intolerant it is radical islam.

I think I have taken about as much tolerance as I can take.

How about all the crap that is said and done about the bible.

Someone burn a book and that justifies killing innocents people.

Like I said a religion of peace.

Not to label all uslims terrorist because I know them and this is not the case.

But so far all recent terrorist have been I repeat RADICAL muslims.

If your calling the us evil it may be because it is run by an extremly eradical muslim right now.

2 pennies inserted here.

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 09:44 AM
I fear for my country. I fear that I will, in the end be a casualty of that which I have no control. My vote is meaningless. America has become home of the ignorant, arrogant and the fool. Americans are no more than “consumers” pigs at the trough for the makers of reality.

Radical Islam is a pipe dream invented by the oil companies so the weak minded in the name of patriotism will support their corporate interests. I can not believe that anyone with any degree of education would accuse radical Islam of our woes. Let me ask those who believe this radical Islam B.S. a question or two. What would motivate the average Muslim in Afghanistan to wake up one day and single out America for an attack? WHY? Why would the average Afghani even have a clue about America? What is their contact with us? Did they allow too many American tourists in their country and they left too much money behind? Or, perhaps those who do “think” have seen and understand the deeper impact of corporations (or countries that are doing their bidding) on their countries and people? If these fanatics, wanted to spread their crazy version of Islam why would they not start in their own back yards? Seriously they have Russia and china right there one communist one reforming but still fertile ground.

Usually the dim bulbs retort at this time saying it is because they crack down hard on these radicals. Hmmm so let me get this straight, the evil commies are too harsh and kill their brethren so they take it out on us? Why fly a plane into a building here then? Why not just fly here plop your self down on a street corner and preach your version of crazy all day long? It is perfectly legal to do so here. What I am trying to say is; it defies logic that a neighbor would go to another state and attack an unknown before cleaning up his own neighborhood in the name of “insert deity here.” But of course this is America where the deception starts at birth, A place where you are taught from the beginning to believe in something that offers no proof to support itself, and to question that lack of proof is considered heresy.

Yeah America, the can do country, well we are the can’t do country if you ask me. Can’t improve fuel economy drastically, can’t find a safe alternative to fossil fuel, can’t stop meddling in other countries affairs. You really need to keep the general population completely and totally ignorant to pull off such a feat.

Look over this list of what is considered to be the 14 points of fascism, and see how many describe our present situation. This was the first link I found when I googled. Feel free to find them elsewhere as it is not site generated propaganda.

If you have not read what a TRUE PATRIOT had to say about things. Try this on.

How about another hero and a fine republican.

How about A president?

And for the faux patriots out there, things I am not. I am not a commie, or a Marxist, or whatever. I believe in capitalism. I DO NOT believe in corporatism or fascism as a viable sustainable form of governance. I believe in the solid line between church and state and feel it should even be a further divide to assure that no single religion can ever hijack our government. I believe that special interest groups and corporations should not have a larger audience for their grievances than any one man or woman, IE: television commercials. I don’t think we should allow legislation to have “patriotic” names, or use acronyms whose only purpose is to incite divisiveness.

What I am. A patriot from a long line of patriots, quiet unassuming people who rarely pipe up until they can no longer sit by and watch the B.S. any longer. I served our country, my brother, my father, and my sisters’ husband all served. And now my son is proudly wearing the uniform. We are past the tipping point. The sheeple will take the path that is wide, clear, and easy to traverse, good luck to them. There is nothing of this earth that can convince them to do otherwise.

Christians are not without guilt. I pretty sure it was Christians who decided it was ok to burn woman alive at the stake wasn’t it? Oh that’s right that was then, it was different. Do you suppose the burning sensation felt different too? Was it not the lord himself who said let he who is without sin cast the first stone?

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