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Horiscopes/Zodiacs signs!

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:04 AM
Who will be president in America using exact astrology???

John McCain
Birrth Date: 08/29/1936 (Aug. 29, 1936)
Birth Place: Coco Solo Air Base, Panama Canal
Latitude / Longitude: 9 N 22 / 79 W 53

McCain Asc. in on 15th degree (Gemini) of Libra, got Jupiter in Sagitarius in 3rd house (normal astrologist will say success in transportation LOL) but he was taken down over hanoy during Vietnamese war in airplane.

Neptun in 12th field tells he was prisoner (12. isolation).
Uran (break down), ) in 7th house (marridge) means this person is divorced.
Second wife (9th house) which starts in Gemini on 15th degree (again
Gemini) brings much younger second wife.

Father was millitary, top of 4th house on 13 degree (Aries degree - millitary).

His 10th house (on 13 degree (aries - war) Cancer (homeland)) where is Sun in chart of America, means his decision is to become president to show his millitary power and bring America into war.

Hillary Clinton
There is no birth hours data for Hillary Clinton, but analysis of her husband and daugter Chelsy chart shows she will lose.

Barack Obama
Analysis of America's birth date and Barack Obama means he will win.

So you can check out Barack Obama chart. He have got moon (peoples) on Algol (people dies), mars on 22nd degree (be killed, assassinated), Sun (main decisions) on 12th degree (hidden shadow gov) square (constant action) Neptun (secret organization). What mean he got support from hiden organization.

His Mars in on 22ND DEGREE (assassination) in Virgo (place where we work, during work)

22nd degree in charts HAS EVERY PERSON which killed someone or was/will be killed , assassninated
22nd degree analysis
in 10th house (top position during life) as president. What means when he become president (10th house) he will be shot (mars - firearm, explosive) and assassinated 22nd degree by "shadow man decision".

If there is any question?

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 04:53 PM

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 02:05 AM
I'm a Sagittarius and the descriptions match me perfectly.
My best friend also happens to be an Aries, which is supposedly the sign that gets along best with Sagittarius. I always thought it was funny how we just seemed to click as soon as we met. Maybe our signs had something to do with it? Either way he's stuck with me now.

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