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Why didn't the Soviet Union land a man on the moon?

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by pikestaff

Originally posted by Nohup
Are we absolutely sure they didn't? I wouldn't put it past them Commies to have landed a couple of guys on it, only to have them die there and not tell anybody.

Back in the day there were rumours that up to five cosmonaughts had died in orbit or during re-entry, only rumours, but no smoke without fire, anyway, perhaps that discouraged the Soviets from going to the moon?

There were such rumors of 'secret deaths' [two were acknowledged, in 1967 and 1971] and an intrepid international band of amateur 'space sleuths' dug into them, and over the years determined they were baseless. A fascinating new book has just been published, chronicling their decades-long invesigations and successes.

Cold War Space sleuths – The Untold Secrets of the Soviet Space Program.
Dominic Phelan, editor // Springer – Praxis, New York, copyright 2013

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