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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 07:49 AM
I used to walk to the gym at night and there was a certain street lamp that would often turn on as I walked past it, I put it down to coincidence. The other day I was Biking to the gym at night and I saw a street lamp that was not working. I imagined it going on as I passed by, I kind of intended it to turn on as I passed it at a particular point. When I got to that point it magically turned on.

Its a very innoying phenomena, I always think it is just chance, and then I start paying attention and then it seems that it isn't, then I forget about it and later on put it down to chance, only to again correctly predict a street light switching on or off as I pass by.

That is not the strangest thing that has happened to me but just the most recent I can think of.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:11 AM
Heres a strange happening, I for some reaon thought to bring up a fairly insignificant incident I had with street lights, which I had never bother to mention to anyone before, then I went back a few posts and read a similar account about street lamps.

I have never heard anyone else talk about street lights turning on or off like this. Again coincidence or ligitimate phenomena

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:41 AM
I did read somewhere years ago about a condition known as Street Light Interfearance by people who described the same type of encounter

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 09:16 AM
^There are only like 3000 posts on here about it, and it only happens to just about everyone, so it's probably some crazy new phenomenon ...

A few years back I was at my grandmas house in bucks county, pennsylvania.

My mom, sister, and I were walking out to the car, when all of the sudden it just started pouring acorns for probably thirty seconds.

It was like when it rains really hard, but with curtains of acorns instead of raindrops, as far down the street as I looked. It was pretty loud, and definitely kind of painful until we got into the car, where it was incredibly loud, and more funny than anything.

I've always just joked that the trees/squirrels were throwing them at us, because nothing out of the ordinary like an earthquake or a strong wind was going on, but I really can't think of why all the trees would just drop all their nuts at the same time.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by StopComplaining

It is pretty wierd though, that there are a few accounts of this bizzar streatlight thing happening on here. I'd never heard of this happening to anyone before this thread. And it seems a few people here have experienced it. Thanks for taking the time to share.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 10:06 AM
When I was really young about 8 or 9 I used to throw little pebbles at our dog (German Shepard) when I got home from school, I don't know why I did this maybe because I was a demon child I don't know

Anyway one day at school lunch I thought why do I throw pebbles at my dog this is a stupid and mean thing and must make the dog really upset and sad and when I would go home I would play with her instead, this was strange because I would never think about home when I was at school, let alone my dog.

That very day the dog died from a blog clot in its heart. Very upsetting and strange. It changed me as a person for the better, a few years later some kid was talking about putting a cat in a show box and burying it and I broke his nose! I was about 11

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by Th0r

Hi Th0r. That's a sad story. I'm certainly glad you realised what a mean thing that was to do. Kids are mean sometimees though. I still feel bad about some of the stupid things I did when I was young. Anyways, thanks for sharing and take care.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 06:14 PM
As mentioned I have had many odd experiences and reading about others sleep disorders etc heres mine (when the experience occurs).

The experience always occurs to me when its near sleep and for whatever reason without me realising I have tricked my brain into thinking I am asleep but I am not yet I am somewhere between.

There is a place that I can visit, I use the phrase visit as if I have a choice but its more like i'm forced there not by anything / entity just that when I realise where I am I know its the place.

The place is here or my immediate surroundings outside of my house or close by however it is completely in darkness and the best way to describe it is when theres a power cut and everything about your familiar humdrum surroundings suddenly take on a slightly nervous feel.

I can see across the road and other buildings and on occasion see other humanoid shapes / people who seem to be able to do extraordinary feats / skills (on one occasion one humanoid appeared to be carrrying a grand piano on its back) now you could say "ah well that was a dream" and yes I could reason and look at it logically however I have been to this place on several occasions.

It doesn't so much scare me as makes me nervous when I realise where I am. I have since the early 1990's when I noticed this have also felt a prescence / weight on top of me pushing me down (on the edge of sleep) and on each and every occasion I have literally had to place both hands flat beneath my chest and physically like doing a push up at the gym pushed back and on each occasion have won the battle.

An interesting event happened the last time whilst in the place I took hold of the situation a little more as I have become accustomed to the place although of course I got a little more scared however I knew I wasn't asleep and also aware of the prescence pushing down on me.

I said to my GF in bed "you have to help me I can't get back out just yet" (indicating i wasnt in trouble just ready to be pulled out) She said my name several times as she wasn't the most level headed person (we have since split) so I told her again "just be ready to shake me when I tell you" she shook me of course and again I said "wait" I forget what happened next but at that point it was sufficient for me to leave the place and asked her to shake me which she did and I was "awake" throughout all these experiences though I have never felt or been paralysed like others have mentioned and yes I have also felt the catlike crawl across the bed of the prescence (as I own a cat) however when I feel the weight pushing down it is extremely heavy and larger than a cat and seems to cover my entire back region.

I sleep on my front I wish I could sleep on my back but I get nightmares when I do that so go figure !

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by excelents

Excelents, I've ejoyed reading your posts. Thanks for taking the time to contribute.
Much appreciated. Be well.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 08:16 PM
Some of the opinions in here.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by mhc_70

mhc_70, have you got the wrong thread, maybe? I mean, I'm not sure that's much of a statement.

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by Static Sky
reply to post by mhc_70

mhc_70, have you got the wrong thread, maybe? I mean, I'm not sure that's much of a statement.

[edit on 9/2/2008 by Static Sky]

Maybe that was a little over the top..Im just saying the anonymity provided by a public board can bring out the strangness (word?) in a person and some here have the strangest political opinions.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 09:09 PM
I've had quite a few experiences over the years, but here's two of the weirdest...

When I was 11 I was knocked off my bike by a car doing over 40mph. I was hurt quite seriously, but thankfully no permanant damage was done. The weird thing is that I dreamed this twice before it happened for real, in such detail that I recognised everybody who witnessed the accident and thought that I was dreaming it a third time. This wasn't a deja vu thing as I'd talked about the recurring dream before it happened for real.

The other one happened about 8 years ago. My wife and I had invited two friends for dinner. The four of us were sitting round the table talking (well, I was talking - no change there
) and to my left about 5 feet away, while I was still talking I became aware of a large (football size or slightly bigger) very bright glowing ball about 18 inches off the ground that 'burst' the moment I became fully aware of it.

I carried on talking as my mind digested what I had seen and my speech ground to halt. I looked at my friend who was sitting diagonally from me as her eyes were darting from left to right and had an astonished look on her face. I said "Did you see that?" She said she had, but wasn't going to mention it! All four of us had seen it. It certainly livened the conversation that evening!

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 09:25 PM
Thanks SalvationJane... talking about them always gets me a little choked up.

Another strange occurance just happened a few days ago....

It was around 10-10:30 at night and i had gone outside for a smoke when I could hear our cattle in the field mooing like something was chasing or spooking them so I grabbed a flashlight hopped on my four wheeler with my .22 rifle in case there were coyotes or wolves out there and headed back to see what was going on. When I got back there though all the cattle had stopped and were all facing in the same direction like they were all looking at something. Now this wouldnt be too weird but when I come out to the field to check on them on the fourwheeler the hear the sound and are always watching me when i roll up to them. So when they acted like i wasnt even there i was a little more on gaurd. I got off and walked around them to see if any of them had been hurt and they werent but still wasnt really paying too much attention to me. So i started to investigate in the direction they were looking in starting about 10 or 15 feet in front of them and working my way out while flashing the light side to side thinking that i'd see the glow from some eyes of a coyote. Well after walking out about 50-60 meters i figured whatever was here was gone so started on my way back to the four wheeler. I was about 15 meters from the 4wheeler when i could hear what sound like a snake hiss but then it turned into what i can only describe as a deep laboured breath.. so somethign like ssssssssaahh.... My first thought was to get back to the fourwheeler and get the gun incase it was a predator so when i got there i picked up the gun turned and i thought i could see something running away probably less about 30 meters away. which woud not have bothered me so much but i had just been walking out there not even two minutes earlier. I was out of there. I didnt get too much of a glance of what it was but it seemed like it was 3 or 4 feet high judging by the grass that was out in the field in the area and really couldnt see the colour whether it was black or brown. but it was definitly a darker colour and it seemed like it was on only two feet as it fled becasue I saw the outline of what looked like arms... When i got back to the barn I saw that the cattle were not too far behind me and decided it would be better to keep them in the barn that night just in case. It was a pretty scary ordeal and dont have too much of an idea of what it couldve been.....

anyways lets hear some more encounters/happenings folks..

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 04:02 AM
Heres another of mine about nothing more than a mundane deja vu / dream / precog.

This occured in 2004 6 months prior to the real event. I "dreamt" and I say "dreamt" because the sensations / noise / touchy feel sense was so real.

I was sat in a very large communal area lots of people milling about lots of tables and chairs, wooden floor decking very well lit area. Seeing the scene from my POV In front of me from left to right in a semi circle were several people 8 or 9 that I didn't know at all but they were interacting with me and very friendly so I didn't feel in any way troubled.

I looked over to the right and at the end of the group there was one person who I did know as a personal friend.

I'll explain here the reason for this oddity, I am self employed and have been since 1997 I run an entertainments company doing amongst other things Disco and Karaoke so as you can imagine I visit quite a few pubs and at one particular pub I have been resident DJ there for the past 7 years (2004 I had been there 3 years) so by that time I had learnt a few faces and friends etc and one lad was a saturday night regular called Stewart.

Now the personal friend I described was Stewart so as you can imagine in the "dream" I was trying to rationalise why Stewart was in my "dream" which contained me and this group of people that I didn't know, in the end I put it down to my brain using someone I knew as a familiar element.

6 months later because quite frankly I was bored I applied for a job at a call centre and sure enough got the job. Now at that time Stewart also worked at the call centre but the two building where we worked were separate.

During ther initial training period as noobs we were allowed longer breaks etc than the regular workers and the call centre had many things including quite a large canteen area (this of course was the communal area) now being noobs our group just about sat in every seat in the canteen so I didn't recognise it for what it was until one day Stewart rang and asked how I was getting on and that out dinner breaks coincided and that he would come over to our canteen.

So you can now know what came next I sat down in the position in the dream and the group of people who were now friends gathered and still I didn't recognise the scene from my dream, Stewart walked in and settled in t he exact position as I looked up from the floor everything converged the sudden feeling of deja vu began I panicked a little I looked across at the group of friends and to my right there was Stewart.

You can imagine I freaked a bit and they all asked me what was up I explained everything but that was an interesting day.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 04:22 AM
I used to walk home from work at night here and street lights would always flick off as I passed them which I didn't consider that unusual just sensors or something but there was one night when it happened with several in a row and it freaked me out a little.

That's not my strangest experience by a long shot though I somehow turned a electric fan on across the room with a witness there while thinking about it to this day the guy who was there thinks I set it up somehow I didn't though it freaked me out as much as him yet I knew instantly I did it.

Only explanation I can give for it is it seemed very important to me at the time and it's not something I've ever been able to duplicate although I can't say I've tried to either. The fan was a manual one one with solid buttons that needed to pressed no timers or anything just so you can rule timers out.

That's without a doubt the most unexplainable thing I've seen there have been a few others but the fan stands out as it's something I know I did and it was witnessed by someone else.

Never thought I'd tell that story online actually I'm not the type whose into all the paranormal stuff but completely true story.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:36 AM
I've starred the last 4 entries. Great stuff guys! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work! Cheers.

-Static Sky

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 12:02 PM
Ok I'll spill... and in case Thrashee is reading, these are the honest to god truth!

1. When I was 3, my mom was drawing me a bath one saturday afternoon. I was sitting naked in the living room watching the Smurfs, My mom said that my bath was ready so I said to my invisible friend: "Ok PeeWee, take me to my bath." At that moment, I levitated about 4 feet off the ground and floated to the bathroom door before I freaked out and screamed "Put me down!" My mom had her back turned to me and asked what I was screaming about and when I told her she just said "You and your big imagination." I still have no explanation for this.

2. In 5th grade, the scool district sent the entire 5th grade class (from 4 schools) to Camp Swatara for an overnighter at the end of the year. I had fun the whole night, even lost one of my last baby teeth (which my dad "Tooth Fairy" gave 50 cents for). Anyway I woke up at 1 in the morning with the strongest urge to take a leak, so I grabbed a flashlight and headed to the bathroom (they were in a separate building, down a hill and to the left of my cabin). When I left the door, my flashlight died... I couldn't smack it hard enough to get the light back again (I watched my chaperone put a fresh pair of 'C' cells in right before lights out). So I began walking to the light that hung from the bathroom doorway. The walkway to the bathrooms was paved, and as I walked along I could hear something walking behind me. I stopped and yelled "Who's there?" No reply. So I walked faster and again, footsteps keeping pace behind me. Again I stopped, "Who's there?" No reply. Now I just flat out sprinted to the bathrooms, I could hear whatever it was sprinting behind me. I went into the first stall and pulled out my business, but squeezed incredibly hard on it trying to pee without making noise. I heard the bathroom door open (it was like those doors in a resturant where they swing both ways) then I heard loud stomping steps. I looked down and behind me and didn't see feet, then I heard 3 loud bangs on my stall door. I screamed bloody murder and peed all over the bathroom stall as I ran in circles in the tiny space, fearful of what was on the other side of the door. One of the teachers came into the bathroom, hearing my screams, and calmed me down he asked me why I was screaming and then said "Oh wait I see!" I never told my story but I'd aparently cut myself with my fingernail. I told my story to the nurse while she found me a band-aid, and she refused to belive me.

I have more stories, just not enough room.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by CrusaderOne

The camp story was particularly spooky. I really enjoyed your post. A star for you too. Thanks for taking the time, CrusaderOne. Be well.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 12:58 PM
ok for some more spookiness:

3. When I was 14, my then GF took of to Michigan to go to a vacation home on Lake Huron. I began to miss her as we'd grown quite close by that time of the summer, so I sat in my backyard beneath the shade of a maple tree and slipped into deep meditation concentrating solely on her. After what felt like 5 mins, I was tarnsported to Michigan on a particular stretch of highway where her car (her parents' car to be precise, since she was 14 like me) was driving. I was riding along beside her car, staring through the passenger window at her as she sat in her seat listening to her CD player (I could see the headphones clearly placed on her ears). It was raining and I could feel the rain hitting me. The vision continued for what seemed like forever and then I finally drew out of the meditative state. When I opened my eyes, my clothes were all soking wet as if I'd been in the rain. But it was still 90 degrees outside and sunny. When I went inside I turned on the TV and Saw the Weather Channel national radar pictures, it was raining in the area of her vacation home. I wrote down the time of day on a sheet of paper and when my GF returned from Michigan I asked about her trip. She told me that at the time I wrote down, she'd pulled off the highway to eat at a resturant before going home. She said she was listening to her headphones (CD player) and that it was raining. I'm still unbelievably mistified how I was able to see such a clear picture of her.

4. My freshman Year of High School, I went to an assembly during Homecoming. I was sitting in the back with 2 girls whom I'd had really big crushes on (neither of whom wanted anything to do with me and would scream at the thought of touching me). Anyway, they turned the lights out and projected a video onto a white curtain on the stage. The movie was really boring and I began thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if Kate held my hand?" Not 10 seconds after that thought crossed my mind, Kate grabbed my hand like it was a $100 bill. It perplexed me at first so I tried something crazier, I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if Kate kissed me?" An instant later, she kissed me on the lips like she was magnetically attracted to them. Now I was convinced I'd somehow gained mind control over them, so I looked at Andrea and thought "Wouldn't it be awesome if Andrea gave me her number?" She instantly reached into her backpack and wrote her phone number down on the top of my hand with a pen. I continued, getting wilder and wilder as the video played on. When the lights came back up, I had my hand in Kate's lap and my arm around Andrea. They both screamed and ran out of the auditorium like I'd tried to kill them. I was curious if maybe I'd dreamed everything up and they just played along to my hands in the dark because they felt like making me look stupid. But Andrea's number was still clearly written on my hand and when I called it, she picked up the phone. She screamed and hung up shortly after I said hi, but it was still weird that I was able to do these things.

I have still more experiences... but yet no room again.

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