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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by CrusaderOne
I have still more experiences... but yet no room again.

Take all the time and space you need. That's what we're here for. Peace.

-Static Sky

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 01:37 PM
Sat in the bedroom in my old house i saw a woman dressed in Victorian cloths walk past and through the wall into the house next door, 2 minutes later my best friend and neighbour came into mine and said a Victorian woman just walked out of her dads bedroom (which is the other side of the wall to what was mine) and carried on down the hall. this happened on a daily bases at the same time every day. a few days after i first saw this i was standing by the living room door and a cat ran down the stairs and out the front door the thing is the frontdoor was closed once again this happened daily at the same time everyday

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by derangedinsanity

Very strange account. Thanks for sharing. How long ago was this? And are you still anywhere near that house? I wonder if contacting the current residents is posible, if the house is still there, to see if they've seen anything similar. Maybe a chance to catch something on video? Good post. Thanks again.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:34 PM
When I was a child, I had an invisible entity that followed me around. My Dad was in the Army so we moved a lot, but it followed me. It would find things I'd lost - like barbie shoes - and put them on the middle of my bed. Sometimes it turned my radio on while I was in another room. I never saw or heard it, just the results of what it did.

I also had those lucid dreams that come true in every detail, causing "deja vu" experiences. Oddly, they were usually mundane incidents like our English teacher deciding to have class outside one day, and part of questions and answers while we were outside. I would also know who was on the phone when it rang (back in the 70's well before caller ID) and often would know what song would be on the radio before I turned it on. Sometimes I would already be singing the song and when I turned the radio on, the song would be exactly where I was at as though I could hear it while the radio was still turned off.

My mother used to get really annoyed with me because I would respond to her thoughts as if she had said them aloud. I heard them sometimes, and I would get confused because, if she was talking to me and I ignored her, I'd get in trouble. But if she was thinking and I responded, I'd get in trouble. And if I wasn't looking right at her to see her lips moving, I couldn't tell the difference.

I was able to take away pain from people. I could touch my mother and take away her headaches. I would then have the headache for a little while but it would fade in 10 or 15 minutes. One time some boys were playing football and a boy fell and broke his leg. They needed to set it but he was in too much pain. So I took his hand and drained off some of the pain and then they set his leg. He was afraid of me after that and called me a witch.

My stepDad and mother brought me to America when I was almost 4, leaving my grandparents and other relatives behind in Germany. My grandfather and I were very close, and I missed him. When I was 12 or 13, he died. They sent us his obituary in the mail. I must point out there that at this time I had forgotten how to speak German; my parents would often use it to say things they didn't want me to understand. One of my girlfriends and I found my mother's ouija board in the closet one day and were playing with it. The planchette moved all over the place and we wrote down all the letters, but they didn't make any sense. I left the piece of paper laying on the corner of my little dresser where my radio sat, right by the door of my room. My mother was standing in the doorway talking to me and she looked down and saw the paper, then read it and freaked out. It was a message to me from my grandfather in German, telling me not to cry any more and that he was fine and still watching out for me.

When I was 16 my mother refused to let me learn to drive, so I talked my boyfriend into trying to teach me. We were going down a back road in his father's old heavy farm truck, me driving, doing about 20mph. We came to a sharp curve and a bridge over a creek, and instead of hitting the brake I accidentally hit the gas. I didn't make the turn and went off the side of the little bridge. I closed my eyes and waited for the falling sensation and us to land in the creek, but instead I felt a gentle bump and opened my eyes. We were rolling through the grass on the other side of the creek, headed straight for a telephone pole. Then the truck hit the pole and the hood popped up. After a minute I got out of the truck and ran to the front to see the damage, but there was none. The truck had stopped about 6 inches in front of the pole; when I closed the hood there was not even a scratch. The embankment that I felt us land on was HIGHER than the bridge, so somehow the truck "flew" UP to land there, but it wasn't going over 30, not nearly fast enough to do that. We should have ended up in the creek but we didn't.

Continued next post ...

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:44 PM
The summer I was about 10 years old, I spent a week or two with Aunt Jean, my stepdad's sister, and her family so that my parents could have a vacation without me. Jean was in her sewing room sewing, and I went to ask her a question, although for the life of me I can't remember what the question was.

The room had a large window through which the sun was shining, creating a bright rectangle of sun on the carpet in the middle of the room. As I walked towards my aunt, I stepped across the line from relative shadow into the sun, and was suddenly in two places at once.

I continued walking, unable to stop myself, and was aware that I was wearing a hot, uncomfortable dark suit with long sleeves over a white buttoned shirt and some kind of tie (which felt like it was choking me), shiny black shoes which were also uncomfortable, and some kind of hat, the brim of which I could just see in my peripheral vision. I had just stepped off of a shadowed curb into a bright sunny street, and was crossing the street in a crosswalk. There were other people around me, a few in more or less regular clothes, but many others in black & white uniforms that I guessed probably looked similar to what I was wearing.

I saw a young man with light brown hair walking away from me, along the sidewalk to the left. I felt my mouth open and heard what must have been my voice call out the name "Danny." The young man turned, but he must not have been who I thought he was, for my left hand came up and waved him off as I shook my head. He continued on and I continued to walk, still aware of myself as a child crossing my Aunt's sewing room in a sort of dual consciousness that I can't adequately explain. As I stepped up onto the curb on the other side of the street, the child me crossed the line from sunlight back into shadow and I was wholly the child again, a bit shaken from the experience.

My aunt could tell something was wrong, so I described the experience in detail but neither of us could make heads or tails of it.

Approximately 8 years later, in late Summer, I was 18 years old and fresh out of Navy boot camp, attending Radioman "A" school in San Diego, California. We had just started two weeks of the midnight shift, which meant that inspections and other military BS were held in the afternoons, after we'd had a chance to sleep.

So, a hot summer afternoon found me in full dress uniform, walking to an inspection. I stepped off the curb into sunlight to cross the street, and suddenly I was in two places again, part of me seemingly transported back to the child walking across her aunt's sewing room.

I saw the man who looked from behind like my current boyfriend Danny, and even though I knew it wasn't him I couldn't stop myself from calling out to him and then waving him off when he turned to look at me. I continued across the street, apparently unable to do anything different, until I stepped up onto the curb on the opposite side of the street and was suddenly, once again, free of the strange dual consciousness that stretched across years of time.

I stood there, dazed, for a moment or two, and then hurried on to the inspection as being late was an automatic failure. That night I called Aunt Jean and asked her if she remembered the earlier incident. She did, and we discussed it. My wearing of a heavy black long-sleeved suit in the heat, as well as the shiny black uncomfortable shoes, now made sense, but we were left with new questions that we couldn't answer even though they were weightier questions.

Was my future predetermined? My course through life pre-set? If not, how could I have experienced an event years in the future, down to the tiniest detail including the name of the young man I was dating? I still don't understand it, but it's never happened again.

My UFO sighting also happened at Jean's house in Los Angeles, here's a link to that:
The Green Light UFO

Two more and I'm getting low on characters so, next post...

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:47 PM
This occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the late summer of 1986. We lived in a duplex located at the corner of two streets not far from downtown Tulsa, only a couple of blocks from the Quiktrip at 11th and Utica. Our duplex was a "shotgun" style. All the rooms except the bathroom occurred in a straight line from front door to back in this order: living room, bedroom, kitchen, utility room, and a small back porch with about 8 steps down to the ground. The small back yard was completely fenced with four-foot-tall "field fence." There was a streetlight on the corner that shed some light into the back yard after dark, and immediately behind the fence a row of brick buildings which were small retail stores began. We had only one window air conditioner, which was located in the bedroom window and provided some cooling to the living room. A heavy curtain separated the "front" (living room and bedroom) from the "back" (kitchen and utility room). The back was not air conditioned, and it was our habit to leave the back door open in the evenings to allow the back part of the house to cool off from the heat of the day.

Approximately two months prior to this date, our small dog had disappeared from our yard and had recently been replaced with a male silky terrier mix from the SPCA. This dog was somewhat aggressive and normally fearless, showing no fear of cats, dogs of any size, strangers, cars, etc. In fact we later returned him to the SPCA for aggressive habits which included numerous attempts to attack dogs four and five times his size. As a result of the disappearance of the previous dog, we had installed a padlock on the fence gate and it was locked at the time of the incident.

That afternoon I came home from work with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies left over from a luncheon celebration, and they had been placed on top of the refrigerator on an ordinary ceramic (and quite breakable) dinner plate. The refrigerator was too large to fit in the space designed for it in the kitchen, which resulted in it being all by itself on the opposite wall from the cabinets in the space intended to hold a dining table and chairs, which we did not have. No table, chair, cabinet, or shelf was closer than six feet to the refrigerator.

The high temperature that afternoon had been in the upper 90s, and at dusk the ambient outdoor temperature was in the mid 80s. The temperature in our bedroom was in the low 70s and the living room was somewhat warmer, 76 degrees when I checked the thermometer after the incident.

My husband and I were sitting in the living room watching TV, when all of a sudden the dog began to display abnormal behavior. He began to whimper and cower, jumped off the couch, and proceeded to squeeze himself into the tiny space between the back of an easy chair and the living room wall. My husband opened the front door and went out to see if a sudden summer thunderstorm had arisen while I tried to retrieve the dog and calm it. The sky was clear and I had no luck getting the dog out. In fact, when he realized that I was trying to pull him out, he snarled and growled at me and I'm sure he would have tried to bite me if not for the fact that he couldn't turn his head around in that restricted space.

I gave up and stood up, and my husband and I were discussing the dog's bizarre behavior and what to do about it when suddenly we both heard a loud noise, like a clatter of something being dropped, from the back part of the house. Remembering that our back door stood wide open, I took off running first, and he was right behind me. I dashed through the bedroom, pulled aside the curtain to the kitchen, and was hit with the unexpected shock of a blast of icy cold air - so cold that the hairs immediately stood up on my arms. I stopped for a second, but then saw movement at the back door and took off again through the kitchen and into the utility room. I ran out the back door and stopped on the porch at the top of the stairs, transfixed by what I saw.

A large black furry or hairy animal was just leaping over the four-foot-tall fence, and I remember distinctly that it cleared the fence without touching it. It then bounded down the sidewalk and quickly disappeared past the first of the brick buildings behind us. I personally am quite sure that this animal was not a dog or cat. It was very heavy bodied, had small rounded ears, and reminded me of a black bear cub more than anything else. I only saw it from behind and a sort of 3/4 side/back view as it raced off down the street, but it had a heavy, squat body like a bear and a very rounded rump with no visible tail. The legs seemed shorter and stockier in proportion to the body than a dog's would be, and its overall shape was totally uncharacteristic of even the heaviest bodied large cat such as a jaguar. The head also was low in front of the body, not held higher than the shoulders like a dog's is, and if there was a neck it was very short. It ran in the manner of putting both forefeet out and then bringing both hind feet up to meet the forefeet, and then springing out with the forefeet again. In spite of its apparent bulk it moved very quickly and smoothly. My husband joined me on the back porch in time to see it run off down the sidewalk, but he missed its leap over the fence. It didn't really occur to us to try chasing it, and we both returned to our inexplicably cold kitchen to see the plate of cookies, intact and unbroken although the cookies were jumbled about and one had slid off the plate, sitting on the floor next to the refrigerator.


posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:54 PM
We discussed possibilities for a while, but came up with nothing that could explain the cookies going from the top of the fridge to the floor without breaking the plate and the shocking cold of the kitchen (we agreed that it felt like the kitchen was no more than 50 or maybe 55 degrees F when we first entered although it was now warming up rapidly). Neither of us wanted to even think about eating any of the cookies; we threw them away and ran the plate through the dishwasher. Of course we closed and locked the back door, so It took over an hour for the kitchen to reach a somewhat normal temperature, a few degrees warmer than the bedroom. The dog was willing to come out from behind the chair when my husband and I pulled the chair out from the wall enough to allow him to turn around, but he acted unusually subdued for the rest of the evening and did not seem to us to be "back to normal" until the next morning.

We watched the news and read the paper carefully the next day, but the circus was not in town and there were no reports of animals escaped from the zoo (which in any case is more than 10 miles from where we lived) or any private owner.

So I ask you, because in all these years I haven't been able to figure it out: What terrifies a fearless dog, drops the temperature of a room 30+ degrees, can move a dinner plate from the top of a 66-inch tall refrigerator to the floor without breaking it, can jump over a 4 foot fence easily, and likes chocolate chip cookies?

(Copied here from where I first submitted it)

And finally, about 4 years ago we bought a mobile home in a suburban area of West Tulsa that needed some work. One of its problems was a hole in the floor that had to be patched, but that was something my husband would have to do. I went over there quite often to paint and do other things that I could do, and I kept seeing a small black animal out of the corner of my eye, darting from one place to another. We knew the previous owners had had a small black cat that they left behind because we'd seen it outside. I assumed this cat was getting in through the hole in the floor and figured when Hubby patched the hole, that would be the end of that.

But it wasn't. After the hole was patched I continued to see this small black critter, always from the corner of my eye and always moving quickly, and always when I was there alone. By this time I had checked the place carefully and knew the cat was not inside, so it began to bug me. After we moved in I continued to see it every few days, always when I was alone. Finally I told Hubby about it. He did something .. I don't know what, he's a Celtic practitioner .. and made it go away. I asked him what it was and he said he didn't know, he just made it leave. He wouldn't tell me HOW he made it leave, either. Very frustrating.

Okay, I'm finally done. Hope y'all enjoyed.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:10 AM
Heike, it's great to see you on here! Thanks for stopping by and giving us your time. These stories are great! I read it all twice over my morning coffee here at work. I've starred each one. My favorite has to be the time leap/uncomfortable shiny black shoes story. That's movie worthy in my opinion. Kind of reminded me of "The Butterfly Effect", or "The Jacket". Great stuff Heike! Thanks again. Be well my friend.

-Static Sky

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 04:13 PM
The strangest thing that has happened to me is something I can't remember, and i think the strangest part is not remembering. Something strange happened that frightened me badly, and I told my close friend about it. She's the only one i told, because I do know its not the kind of thing you go around telling people about. I didn't think about it again, or remember it really, for a long time. A couple years later, she mentioned it to me, and I remembered the whole incident, and I was thinking about how strange it was that I could have forgotten it so completely. Now, reading this thread, I can remember the conversation we had about me forgetting, and I remember being certain I wouldn't forget again. Unfortunately, thats all I can remember. This feeling that I've forgotten something important is really making me uneasy. It's funny how the mind works.

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 09:43 PM
A quick update about the creature that i saw in the field which i posted about a page or two back. We had a dinner on the weekend with the other local farmers around the area and i was talking with a fellow that lives two houses down. which would be over a kilometer away from my farm. I told him my story and immedieatly I saw his face get serious. He then proceeded to tell me that he had 2 seperate encounters. One the same night as mine, In which he lost 2 lambs that had their necks slashed almost all the way through. But he said when he found them the were still in the position that sheep are in when they are sleeping. The other one was 2 days later when he was finishing raking hay just before 8 so dusk . He said he was coming over a nole when he saw a creature start running out from under a windrow of hay. He continued to say that it started out on all fours but then after about 5 meters rose on to two feet and dissapeared into a creek bed. He also noticed it to be a dark brown or black colour and he thought it to be no more than 4 feet tall... so I am not the only one around the area to see this creature, and i think that some of the other farmers have probably sen it too but just dismiss it to tricks of the eyes....

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by awerdna

That's very bizarre, awerdna, and thanks for the update. Might you try to talk to some other people in your area and see how many have seen it? Then maybe plot the site locations out on a map of the area and try to zero in on it's path? Just my 2 cents. Anyways, thanks for your time and keep us posted on any more updates/sightings. Be well.

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 10:41 PM
(Not including usual precognition, visions, omens, ghosts etc)

I saw a sphere UFO that seemed to be "staring back" at me.. shared an OBE with someone and another incident was nearly getting pulled into a black time/space (chaos) vortex. That one I did not remember till a while afterwards but it explained alot of other things.

edit. and seeing a neighbours cat taking a midnight stroll with a wild gutter rat. I had to go get witnesses as I knew I would not be believed. They had a white pet rat that this cat used to play with that couldn't explain why a wild rat would befriend it. It was like it's own personal bodyguared.

[edit on 8-9-2008 by riley]

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by riley
....and another incident was nearly getting pulled into a black time/space (chaos) vortex. That one I did not remember till a while afterwards but it explained alot of other things.

Hi Riley. I like the cat and the rat story. On tv, I recently saw a hippo in the wild, charge a crocodile to try and save an antelope of some kind. Didn't make much sense to me but that's why I love animals. They will always continue to suprise you.

Anyways, might you take a moment to elaborate on the portion of your post I've quoted? I find it interesting and would like to hear more.

Also, I'd just like to say, this thread continues to amaze me. Though it's 'glory days' are past, good stories continue to pop up every now and then I love it! And thanks again for any stars and/or flags you give this thread. Keep them coming, folks.
And be well.

-Static Sky

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:59 PM

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 08:13 PM
Well. My family and I had bought a piece of land next to a good friend, and we had plans on building. While during construction, I stayed in my buddies basement across the street. In this house I had witnessed drawers open by themselves, I have heard whispering in my ears I could not understand, and Have awoken from a dream parallel to my bed, as in, in the air, laying flat in the air above my bed. And when we were younger, a girl who would occasionally come over to play hide and seek in the dark would not play after a short amount of time, because she claimed to have seen a man in the dark.

But I do not claim for this to be paranormal. I'm a skeptic to other stories, as well as my own. I've become sure that their is a way, maybe as of yet undetermined, to explain most everything. Also, after making a joke to a friend about it once, as we left my neighbors house, she claimed to have seen something run by her vehicle, and her radio would not work. After she called me, My tv had a white screen that night, and would not work.
I hope you enjoy hearing of this.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by Nighttynightt

Hi Nighttynightt. Thanks for taking a moment to share. I think the things you described would make an excellent horror movie. Spooky to say the least. Thanks again and be well.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:16 PM
In 1990 an ex girlfriend and a mate of mine visited Chingle Hall in Goosnargh, Lancashire, Englands most haunted house. While standing on the drive looking across the pond at the chapel window we suddenly saw the phantom monk appear who is believed to be the shade of the blessed John Wall. He looked as solid as an ordinary person as he wandered across the chapel and out into the great hall. Those who where standing in the chapel didn't see him yet us outside could see him as clear as day!
Incidentally, a week or two earlier the halls owners had held a fete and dog show in the grounds. Several people asked where the monastery was. When they were told that there was no local monastery some of the visitors asked where the monks who had been seen walking in single file across the carpark had come from. . .

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Mintwithahole.

That's a pretty cool one. Very mysterious to say the least. I wonder if a camera would catch anything. I think I'd go back and try if I where you. Although lots of people would cry hoax anyways, I'd love to catch a glimpse, you know?

Anyways, thanks for sharing. Take care.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 02:17 PM
I have experienced a lot of weird things. But honestly, all joking aside.. Child birth. THAT was the weirdest and most amazing thing ever.. Sorry guys, your left out on this one. I doubt you mind though lol

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by KaginD

Fair enough. But as I guy, I think you'd have to agree, if I were to experience delivering a child myself, it would take priority in this catagory over your experience of it. LOL.

Be well and thanks for taking a moment to contribute.

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